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Ashford University, Clinton, Iowa Complaints & Reviews - Class Action Law Suit

Ashford University Contacts & Informations

Ashford University

Posted: 2011-05-25 by    JesusLoveMe

Class Action Law Suit

Complaint Rating:  91 % with 22 votes
Contact information:
Ashford University
Clinton, Iowa
United States
To whomever this notice may concern:

I have experenced issues with Ashford University, and I am currently in the process of filing a class action lawsuit against the company, notice I did not refer to them as an educational institution, because their primary goal is to obtain funding, and then education falls very low on the spectrum.

As I was researching information and complaints against the company, I noticed that there are several of you out there who have had issues with Ashford University, particularly their Financial Aid Department, and Collections.

In seeing this I realized something has to be done. Immediately.

But before we can do that I need your help...

Perhaps, you enrolled in Ashford and they misled you, like they did me by promising me a teaching certificate with the state of Iowa immediately following graduation -- then after enrollment you realized that the company was nothing more than a big scam.

I want to hear about your financial aid stories with Ashford, please email them to me at: BobbyRuffinJr@gmail.com.

Too often companies think they can push over on consumers, but we as consumers have recourse.
Not to mention because Ashford is an accredited university, this can stop you from being able to enroll at other universities due to holds on your account i, e. they won't release transcripts.

Together we can achieve Justice.

PS. The US Government and other Agencies are currently investigating Ashford, so we need to act quickly while we have prominent agencies looking into their history.
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 23rd of Jul, 2011 by   sandiegocal2011 0 Votes
ask what is happening in aug 10 2011 with their AC
 5th of Aug, 2011 by   NOYB-CA +1 Votes
I used to work for Ashford in the enrollment department and I can honestly tell you that yes, they are a bunch of crooks, they only care about getting people to enroll so they can obtain more government money. Now on the surface of course they deny all of this but once you are an Enrollment Advisor (Salesman is a better word) you're taken aside by the so call "Team Lead" and told how it really is. You're expected to lie to students, tell them what they want to hear, make it sound like they are getting it for free without saying free, tell them financial aid covers it all, or in my case, the military students were to be told their GI Bill or tuition assistance pays for it all, which was not true, one of the students I enrolled ended up with over $6k of debt owed because GI bill did not cover it all. The school is losing is accreditation from the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, they applied for accreditation from the Western States accrediting body because they were losing it with NCA (which covers the actual physical college in Clinton, IA). Another lie is they made us say the school was founded in 1918. Nope, it was founded in 2005. They bought a nearly defunct christian college and changed the name but sell it to people as the same school since 1918...it is not. I was fired because I refused to lie to students to get applications, and it was about 10 days after filling a complaint with HR about all the lying. I never once mislead any of my students but now I feel horrible that those that did enroll really wasted their time. The teaching program is a waste of time and money as well. My wife is a teacher and her school district will not accept any degree from Ashford or other school like Phoenix. The reason is online education does not teach you how to manage a classroom or how to actually teach a class, you only get that in regular classes on a campus as they make you get up and teach lessons and such. Also, numerous fortune 500 companies do not recognize online degree programs from such schools as Ashford as legitimate education, the reason, you do not get the Team Work aspect of education. There is so much more I can go into including how executives with the parent company have been resigning in droves over the past few years, the reason, they are bailing out before the ship sinks. If anyone does get a class action going, i will be willing to testify in court to my experience as an Enrollment advisor and how the school manipulates students and the government for their money.
 16th of Aug, 2011 by   LillyFlores 0 Votes
I also owe Ashford money because I became very frustrated with the fact that they wouldn't tell me how much my financial would cover and they kept "losing" the information I faxed over. Needless to say they began to call me to collect and I've just have been very upset because all I completed was their pointless introduction to college course. All I would like to do is go back to school but I can't because I have to pay an undeserving school for an education I didn't receive. In part I'm glad others had the same experience but it's heart breaking to know that they have taken advantage of a lot people who only want to better themselves.
 31st of Aug, 2011 by   paulthemusician 0 Votes
I was told that I would have to pay back the loans after graduation unless I continued to attend school. I have not had anything similar to the experiences listed here in complaints. I find it hard to take this seriously. I have found the staff to be courteous and professional.
 10th of Nov, 2011 by   Treetonic 0 Votes
Ashford is a huge ripoff and is terribly mismanaged. I was enrolled and funded (unbeknownst to me) as a 1st year student. When I relalized I was not going to have enough aid to get me to the next year I contacted the school. It took them months to come up with an explanation. Shortly thereafter I found myself un-enrolled. I was advised to schedule my next course and that would trigger a review of my financial aid, resulting in the correct amount of aid. But, in the meantime because I was now unenrolled they had recalculated my Financial Aid for the credits I had completed. As a result they returned $1200 that they had received for the courses I had completed, and then sent me a bill. Eventually I was able to re-enroll and they did get the funds back from the agencies, but I am now about to go through the same process as I transfer to a non-profit university. The courses at Ashford are crap and they don't care how many lives they destroy.
 30th of Dec, 2011 by   Jo$hua 0 Votes
My name is Joshua I live in Joppa Maryland. I just completed a Job corps program in Coeburn VA on Aug10, 2010. After being home for a while not being able to find work in the trade I was in at job corps, I considered college. While at home (my parent's house) I seen a commercial " Education Connection", at the time I would also think of sucsess stories like Judge Mathis talking about how he changed his life for the better, and I wanted to do the same. So I went online to eductionconnection.com to see what they had to offer. I put my info into thier data base and after that I recived tons of calls from college recruiters trying to get me into there school. The reason my tone changed in the last sentence is because, I noticed that I did not probably really want to get set up for failure which I really did, with Ashford University. I'm sorry my story might come off as a little discombobulated because I have a lot to say about this situation. I also belive that I was the only person going through this. I tried talking about it in the "Ashford Cafe" in my PSY 202 course, but people seemed as though it was differnt strokes for differnt folks, but the fact of the matter is what can effect me can eefect you so we should all talk about it, which they have led me to belive that was somthing they were not interested in doing. As I was giving my information to my admissions counselor she enrolled me into the college without my approval or request. It's so much crap going on over there it's amazing it's not illegal. The School is not even a non-profit college, which as I just recently discovered is A BIG DEAL sorry for the caps I just wanted to put the imfases on the fact that the people at Ashford University knows they are a for-profit college and their degrees are not really a valueable asset in the job market and they try to front as though it is. What they and other for-profit colleges are doing are leagally robbing people. They figure they cant get arrested for it, it's legal why not get paid, and they go for it, and we fell for their scam. Jesuslovesme please leave me a email at joshuacheatham73@yahoo.com about all this and what we can do about what Ashford University has done to it's students. Even if I cant get the money back that I have wasted on attending there online I would still love for them and other for-profit colleges to go out of business for misleading their students.
 24th of Jan, 2012 by   kimchafin 0 Votes
I am currently battling a credit agency stating that i owe Ashford for 2300 bucks and my student loans suggests otherwise, that they received all of their monies owed to them on my behalf. I have tons of paperwork and proof that i do not owe this money. Every time i try to call Ashford or Caine & Weiner they hang up on me or they refuse to give me information. I am at a loss!!! I don't know what to do. kimchafin@gmail.com
I am willing to do whatever it takes!!
 31st of Jan, 2012 by   tbryson 0 Votes
Although I do not make snap judgments on what I hear, I have to agree with all of you because I'm just now beginning PSY-202, and according to what is written in my Financial Aid Account, I already owe someone over $9, 000.00, as well as $1, 900.00 of a Pell Grant, which, thank God, I won't have to pay back. Anyhow, I was promised a lot when I enrolled, but; the most important thing I was promised was a Stipend while attending Ashford to pay for all the paper and ink it was going to cost to copy the Text Books, or, buy an e-book, plus having to buy expensive Computer Programs to use some of the features of the classroom. I could go on, but; I've been writing all day trying to find someone to help. I'm 54 years old, on Social Security, and a Disabled Vet trying to win a long and hard fought fight with the VA for my Benefits. I went to School to have something to fall back on in the way of easy, "sit-at-a-deck" job, now it see's I may have to drop my VA claim and return to work, which will probably take at least 15 of the 20 years my Doctor figured I had left to live if I took it easy. my e-mail is anbrys6776@hotmail.com or blueeyedpoppa@yahoo.com. Please, if you know of any of the Federal and State Agencies that are Investigating Ashford, please let me know so I can call them and beg them to help me out of this mess.
 17th of Feb, 2012 by   jcthecutie1 0 Votes
My friend recommended me to Ashford University. As a military spouse, I was looking for a supportive and better class structured then from my previous college.
I started attending Fall 2010 in Ashford. I sent all the correct documents and followed all procedures in order to attend Ashford. I applied for aid and loan because aid was not enough to cover all costs especially even after the military discounts.
My last class ended December 19 2011. I choose to go back to University of Maryland College because they had a better program for psychology and counseling then Ashford. They also had better certification programs that fit my needs. I never had any major issues with University Maryland but the longer courses. Obviously they changed it to shorter courses that delighted me. Ashford I had a hard time contacting via email and phone with the advisors. I understand they have so many students, but trying two weeks to withdrawal from the College University is unacceptable.
I signed a cancellation form for ALL future loans and disbursements. “Since the loan amounts are scheduled to come in tentatively at the end of January, you would want to fill out a loan cancellation letter that is attached above. You will want to make sure everything is completed that is necessary on the form and submit it back to me at your earliest convenience. You can review the amount of loans that you would like to cancel by reviewing your award letter that was sent out to you via email for this award year, ”-By my financial aid advisor.
I thought I was in the clear not owing in any money because this form was for future loan amounts and aid amounts that would be obtain 2012. I withdraw led and did the correct procedures. I even checked my balance and in fact it did state I owe any amount.
On February 17, 2012 I received an email from the Ashford’s collections stating I owe 8, 895 dollars. Last time I check I did not owe anything. Come to find out they took upon themselves that they cancelled the FALL 2011 loan and pell grant after I received it. My classes were paid for and yet took it upon themselves to cancel the previous aid/loan that paid for my classes in the fall. What I don’t understand how can they cancel a loan or aid that I did not cancel in Fall 2011 when in fact I was still in school. I did not even request a loan or aid cancellation until Mid-December for FUTURE sources. Secondly I finished my last course in December, which ended the 19th 2011. I was also told I did not meet the academic quota for courses and aid/loan and had to retrieve the loan/aid back. I called the lender and they said they received refund from the Fall 2011. I told them I did not cancel funds for Fall 2011, I only cancel funds for future resources. He told me they refund 6, 000 something dollars. Pell grant was only 1, 170 or around there. That means what was the “other” money for? .
What upsets me more, that BEFORE anything Pell grant should be used and yet, they did not used the Pell grant before the loan. Also, the loan and any aid cancellation was for FUTURE disbursements but yet, they took back the Fall 2011 when I was actually attending Ashford at that time.
I had not emails or notifications of owing any money. I have checked and been told I did not owe any outstand balances. Then when I retrieved this collection email, this has become news to me.
I feel Ashford has abused and committed fraud in the system. I believe because I withdraw I am being punished.
I have NEVER had any issues with aid/ or loans with any college or university before until Ashford.
 28th of Apr, 2012 by   joburn1391 0 Votes
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To locate an organization that may be able to provide you with legal assistance, please consult the following pro bono providers:

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 21st of Jul, 2012 by   PloySci1973 0 Votes
This article is not surprising to me at all. I am currently enrolled at Ashford, ironically enough, have been debating transferring out of this school. The controversy surrounding this institution has strengthened my decision.

When a one makes the decision to enroll in college, they should have the expectation of challenge, critical thinking, and be expected to put forth effort. Ashford offers, nor expects, any of these standards from there students; even though they postulate these as there code of ethics. One should also expect some stress to be associated with college; if it is too easy, there is something wrong. I often see on their Facebook page, students making statements about how easy a class is. Making a class ignorantly easy is handing someone a diploma they do not deserve. It is also very easy for many to pass these classes when many are buying their answers on line, for example, http://studentoffortune.com/user/TopAStudent/blog. This student (whom I might add is claiming to tutor cannot even spell tutorial accurately) even posts her name in the blog, does not provide “tutoring” but specifically states she “has the answers for the quizzes.” These are issues I have had concerning Ashford, voiced these concerns with them, which have been either ignored or responded with, “we will send to the department that handles this.”

I have stress on a different level with Ashford that has nothing to do with course material. My stress has to do with other students, Instructors, Student Advisors, Assistance and “so-called” educational texts. I see other students with grammar, etiquette, and vocabulary skills on a 5th grade level; yet they are still being advanced into their next classes. Grammar, syntax, and other pertinent English skills are to be graded in discussions and responses, as well as research papers. When surrounded by individuals posting comments such as, “due to my strick backing in belive sytem …” or “congradulashun on good postin” (not exaggeration, these are actual posts), it makes for a very frustrating learning environment. Another example would be the research paper due in Anthropology 101, grammar was only assessed a .5 ratio towards your final grade. Shame on them. As I do fully understand proper English is not the sole basis of education, having a a good comprehension in your subject matter is equally important, how is one to comprehend their subject if they have no comprehension in English. This also make discussions difficult, constantly having to explain everything in “crayola style” so many can understand meaning. It also causes misunderstanding and bantering that could be avoided if remedial English courses were provided. With this school, remedial English courses are definitely necessary!

As stated in an article from Forbes,
“HLC has asked Ashford to elaborate on student monitoring and education goals, as well as its spending habits.”

This is an absolute must by the HLC. Ashford is not worried about what happens to the student when they enter the classroom. Once the “papers are signed”, their pockets are padded and you are now just a dollar sign. The only time communication has been received is if something has been missing from my FAFSA paperwork. A telling sign in my eyes. I have sent several communications to them since enrollment in October about Instructor issues, student issues, and questions; I received emailed generic messages with the response that nothing could be done and I had to take it up with the Instructor. If the issue is with the Instructor and unfair grading (points taken off for requirements that were not in the directions), nothing is ever resolved. I never have a problem with grades, as grades are there to provide guidance and feedback to show you where you went wrong and how to improve, but when you are graded wrong, who is helping us; no one at Ashford. It does not fit their profit pocket handbook. To have some one to help us means they have to employee people, a chunk out of the profits!

Which also takes me to their supposed “educational” textbooks. The HLC would do a great service to look into this aspect of Ashford also. These texts add up to nothing more than 30-50 (when printed) pages of, biased, persuasive, op-ed, basic, middle school pamphlets of crap that they are charging $75.00 a piece for. I have seen my children bring home better textbooks from Elementary school than these supposed “highly educational” college texts from Bridgeport. How are claiming these as college materials when they do not induce critical thinking and rational thought? How can you postulate education by only reflecting one side of the story and giving education on the alternate theory, this makes people think. Making people think increases knowledge.

I could not agree with these accreditation issues more, I hope the HLC sees this school for what it is, an abuse of people, government funds and a diploma mill. There are many other aspects to this whole fiasco that coincide with Ashford, but that is another debate on different issues. A “just” decision all around for investigation.
Respectfully, A woman who knows better.
 2nd of Sep, 2012 by   James H Baker 0 Votes
There are Law firms out there that will be glad to take a case like this. I have a lot of proof about this college alone with the instructors as well. Just do not set here and talk about the university, but do something about it. Some people picket collegesjust like they did here in this state a few years back about their FA.
 2nd of Nov, 2012 by   RRG 0 Votes
I as most of you also took online classes with Ashford University I finished 2 years with them and then I wanted to take my Elementary Education Classes in the State that I would be teaching in only cuase I did not want to finish my education with Ashford to find out I needed more education in order to Teach. When I went to get my transcripts from them they would not release them because I owed them money. They are saying I owe them about $1, 000.00 before they will release them. I would like to know if they could really hold your transcripts for not paying off this money that I feel like I do not owe them cause I had Grant's and loans that was paying for my education.
 2nd of Nov, 2012 by   James H Baker 0 Votes
Yes they will and like i said, you have to have proof.I have an email that says i owe $2575.00 to them and now i got one that said $311.00 to clear with them. As i see above your reply that is before yours there are Law Firms that will take these cases, show the links if they will let you post them to get things rolling. If not then lets find another site that will let people post.
 13th of Nov, 2012 by   Liana Basley 0 Votes
Please stay away from Ashford University they are a freud after 7 months of studying online I have not reieved any money they have pushed my disbursement back to february 2013 i was finacially packged for 2010 and 2011 and did not get anything from them at all .
So now when i talk to them today i hear that I am now owing them the money. What kind of money loitering they have going on is beneath me but i know its not legal. And i know they are stealing federal government money. I did not receive my pell grant and I know i was suppose to receive 1500.00 at least twice this year. This school is not legit i advise anyone to please consider and not go there because i owe them thousands of dollars.
 13th of Nov, 2012 by   James H Baker 0 Votes
I received 1, 756.00 within the first three months and three months later i got a check for 2, 547.00 but yes they do fraud the money from the State and all.Not only the money but their grading system for one, if you get one word misspelled in which you still should have made an A- but they will give you a C or below. Anyone in your class can say something bad about you, your friends or even family and they are not suppose to do that and if a student does then you are suppose to report it. If you do the instructor will email you back and tell you that it is between you and the student but the instructor is supposed to take action as well as Ashford but they do not and one instructor emailed me and his email would make you want to have him locked up and all and i got the proof in an email as well in class. I could say more but they would not let you place it on here but talking about actions, we do not need to just talk about it but show Ashford we are tired of it all. I know there are Lawyers out there that would love to sue them but no one will step forward with a case and in the State i live i cannot find one lawyer would take it unless it is out of State and someone starts a suit.
 23rd of Dec, 2012 by   Natashe M 0 Votes
I transferred from University of Phoenix to Ashford University April 2011 and have had nothing but problems. I rarely received call backs or emails from my enrollment adviser or my financial adviser, my academic adviser. I went through my entire enrollment and financial aide process by myself. I have passed all my classes, I have turned in all the necessary documentation and I have revoked Ashford from having anything to do with my financial aide however every time my loans and grants would come in the school would take money and send me the amount that was left over. When you revoke a school to be in charge of your funding then that means that you are to receive the money and then pay your own tuition. Coming from another school I knew what I should have been getting from loans and grants and what should have been disbursed to me. Attending Ashford I was getting less then HALF of what I was getting at University of Phoenix. I have had a credit sitting in my school account for a month now yet no one can seem to tell me why it has not been released to me. Not only does Ashford charge more in tuition, their financial department is a complete joke, the advisers give the same canned answers when you can even get them to respond. No one says the same thing, the pass the buck to the next person and some of them are just flat out morons. I would never recommend this crap school to anyone.
 19th of Mar, 2013 by   AllisonMa 0 Votes
I too have been wronged by Ashford University. Two months AFTER completing my degree requirements a charge and hold was put onto my account. It took several months and several phone calls (initiated by me) to find out why. Everyone that has been wronged somehow by Ashford University/Bridgepoint Education please contact me via http://allyslifelemons.blogspot.com/. Or contact me via the message feature on this site. What the school is doing is fraudulent and illegal and we need to band together to put a stop to them. I urge each one of you to contact me.
 15th of May, 2013 by   tutor2student 0 Votes
There is another site which is doing the same homework help. See www.mall18.com
Also www.americanessayonline.com
 21st of Apr, 2014 by   Rskl 0 Votes
Need help! I started classes six weeks ago. I was told my aid was being packaged and now, still waiting on aid. I know they say up to eight weeks, but I questioned them today about it and they said they would put a rush on my aid. Then, the supervisor called and said I needed more information and my aid has not been processed. What do I do? I have never had this problem with any school, before. She told me I never filled the paper work out and I told her I have the paper work right here, saying otherwise. I can't believe I got myself into this mess.

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