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Ashford University, Clinton, Iowa Complaints & Reviews - Financial Aid & Loans/Advisors

Ashford University Contacts & Informations

Ashford University

Posted:    Britt Smith

Financial Aid & Loans/Advisors

Complaint Rating:  89 % with 45 votes
Contact information:
Clinton, Iowa
United States
Phone: 877-241-9893
I have had horrific customer service through Ashford University. I only switched to Ashford because of the customer service I did receive and was assured that everything will go smoothly; and I wouldn't need to send any information for the questions I has asked the enrollment advisor back in June 2008.

Since the end of June, I began the process of the run around concerning the financial aid. I sent Ashford the information requested; and again the informed me all is well. Every month it has been something else. Then I ended up FAXing, emailing, and telephoning the same things repeatedly. Each time all was fine; when reality it wasn't. Every month turned into every week to every three days.

Today is the 2nd of December 2008, and still the financial aid issues not resolved. I was threatened back in October that I will be blocked from taking classes if I didn't cooperated. I've been cooperating in sending them the same information more than three times.

I've called, emailed, and FAX with these people about the situation. I repeatedly requested the University's presidents name and communication really stopped with the advisor. Nobody seems to ignore the fact that I want to contact the president of Ashford to voice my complaints.

I was tired of the run around. I've had this same issue since June 2008 and here it is the beginning of December 2008. I also want Ashford to refund me the time I spent fighting with them over the same issue and for the ink and paper I used unnecessarily. The financial issue still hasn't been resolved. I want it resolved and correct. I've been more than faithful to these people.

I informed them as many times I've emailed, telephoned, and FAXed, they would make sure my issues would be top priority and resolved. The processing department has been too many people involved with my personal information and this really concerns me. I have requested for a supervisor to take over months ago and still nothing. So I hope this will be resolved once this is posted. It's not fair to me at all.

Ashford University has taken all the excitement away for returning back to school. I really need this issue resolved. I also better receive better customer service and more concern. Only one person apologized to me; but it's not enough anymore. I want to see actions. I also informed Ashford that I should be treated as if I was there in person.
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 24th of Jan, 2009 by   proudparent77 +3 Votes
"I have had horrific customer service through Ashford University. I only switched to Ashford because of the customer service I did receive and was assured that everything will go smoothly". This is just one example of how you are an idiot. I was looking for an online school to advance my career, and thought browsing forums/boards would be helpful. When I read your complaint, it made me research Ashford more extensively. After further research, I decided to enroll at Ashford. I have been a student there for over 5 months, and am loving every minute of it. There was documenation I submitted in the beginning, but after about a month everything was finalized and disbursements were coming in. I don't have to worry about anything. I have attended onground schools before, and registering for class, among other things, is a pain in the a$$. I don't have to worry about any of that B.s here. I have all my courses laid out, and hardly ever have to contact an advisor for help. I enjoy being able to focus entirely on my studies.
 29th of Jan, 2009 by   N Peterson +2 Votes
We are in a battle with being charge for fee that we don't understand...because we withdrawn from classes anybody with this problem?
 10th of Feb, 2009 by   Don +2 Votes
I am also in a battle with being charged for attending school for 5 or 6 months with no financial aid or student loan. I have been to several different colleges 5 to be exact, before coming to Ashford. Out of all the schools that I attended in the pass, Ashford is the only College that allows a student to attend school without processing financial aid or a student loan after being enrolled for 3 or 4 months (unheard of)...Business that operate in this manner, is the reason why the economy is in the situation it is now. How could you allow a person (student) to attend school without dropping them after a certain time frame for no pay? This business is not run like any college I have ever attended in the past, its run exactly like a horrible business not a school. I was deceived from the time I started here. I was given a code for the enrollment application so I would not have to pay for it, but when things started sound shaky...I pulled out of the school, I was called back by my advisor, told some good things(lied to again) and decided to give it another try. This time I was told that if I paid for the enrollment fee, it would be reimburse back to me after I attended my first class for 2 weeks. I'm still waiting on that reimbursement today... need I say more... I would never advise or tell anyone to attend Ashford, due to its dishonest way of business.
 16th of Feb, 2009 by   Lil Timp +2 Votes
Not only has Ashford taken their time processing my financial aid, now they are holding me from being able to process financial aid with my current school. On top of that, I have to pay for a class that I have taken and the classes that I am taking with my current school. I must know that there is something that I can do or someone that I can speak with because none of this makes sense what so ever. I am constantly trying my best to remain professional and dignified, but doing so is growing old. Is there anyone with suggestions???
 26th of Feb, 2009 by   Britt L Smith -1 Votes
I would like to give you all an update on my financial issues. After writing to the president about my long drama back in December 2008; the representative from the student grievance department contacted me through email. She took care of my situations and from this time forward, I haven't had any problems since.

I have enjoyed my classes at Ashford since enrolling there; but my issue was with the financial aid department. I did have a slight issue with my advisor. My situation has been resolved. I plan on doing a double major with Ashford.
 14th of Apr, 2009 by   janice newcom +2 Votes
I feel so fortunate...I had ask for information regarding enrollment at Ashford University...From the very beginning I was adamant that I could not attend if I did not qualify for grants...The advisor assured me that would be no problem. Immediately I was sent 3 different applications to fill out and sign. The enrollment...something regarding FASA and a MPN ( Master Promissory Note) to sign. Immediately after filling out the enrollment I got a e-mail advising me of an increase (money) in the classes...This caused me to be suspicious because they were not the same prices that was on the enrollment...form...I applied for Aid...and I was contacted by the FASA (government) and they informed me that I would not qualify for grants: however I would be eligible for student loans...I immediately call the adviser (on the week-end) and voiced my cconcern...again I was reassured that it would be o.k. and that she would take care of it when she got back in the office on Monday...The first thing that I was adviced to do was to finish the forms and sign the MPN...which I refused to do...I feel like I would have been another victim...I contacted a Shari Rodriquez who is listed as director of public relations for bridgepoint...Corporation that owns Ashford...I did not talk with her but I left a voice mail...That afternoon she sent an e-mail telling me that I was "de-enrolled." She explained that because I wouldn't call her or return her e-mail's she didn't know what to do...That is a LIE! I have copies of e-mail's where she acknowledges that I am not going to finish the enrollment. I have offered to copy those for her. I feel very fortunate not to be involved with this University...I could have been going through the same situation that many of you are experiencing.

Janice Newcom
 24th of Apr, 2009 by   L A +1 Votes
I too enrolled at Ashford U only to be disappointed in many ways.
I would not recommend this school to anyone. I received no constructive criticism but only directed to areas of the APA manual that I clearly followed. I took a diplomatic approach with a professor only to receive a lower grade. I politely refused to argue with him.
That was my first slap in the face.

My employer pays most of my tuition. I've never had a problem with the payments. Ashford allows 120 days per course to be paid. Ashford called me on the 119th day to tell me they had not received payment. Had I known Ashford never sent the letters of credit to my employer (although I have proof I faxed them twice), I would have contacted my employer to find out why the tuition wasn't paid. Ashford automatically ripped me out of my second week of my fourth course without any notification! This is customer service?

Unfortunately, this took all the wind out my sails to continue. I dislike the impersonal and unprofessional behavior my advisors demonstrated.
 27th of May, 2009 by   Funinthesun1980 -1 Votes
I have had an amazing experience with Ashford University. I will be graduating this fall with a Bachelors of Arts in Business Administration. I am overwhelmed with excitement and have had no complaints with my Advisor or with Financial Aid. I received my stipend checks on time with overpayment on my grants and my loans DID cover all of the tuition like it had been explained to me. I don't agree with what you are saying and I think you are probably as much to blame due to your incompetence then the advisors at Ashford. There is a reason why you are not successful in life and it sounds like you complain to often and are completely negative. Grow up and get your head out of your ass and you will see a difference in your life as well as your attitude. Good luck with your future endeavors as I fear you are going to need it.

A very satisfied student at Ashford University!
 29th of May, 2009 by   Proud of my degree 0 Votes
I'm majoring in accounting at Ashford and love it. Some of the classes are extremely hard (and I am a very smart student, transfered in with a 3.95) and others are not as hard. All except one of my classes required many many hours of studying, researching, staying up past midnight and beyond to complete the assignments, just like I experienced in a traditional brick and mortar college. I've experienced both, and I think online is actually more difficult. I have a 3.4 GPA (got lazy and got a C in one class), so I am pleased and will be damned proud of my degree. I've earned it!!!

From my experiences, financial aid at all the institutions I've attended have been the worst department in the schools. And, mine took a long time to process, but it did get processed. I'll be graduating within a year and will continue with Ashford to get a master's degree.
 29th of May, 2009 by   Proud of my degree 0 Votes
I'm majoring in accounting at Ashford and love it. Some of the classes are extremely hard (and I am a very smart student, transfered in with a 3.95) and others are not as hard. All except one of my classes required many many hours of studying, researching, staying up past midnight and beyond to complete the assignments, just like I experienced in a traditional brick and mortar college. I've experienced both, and I think online is actually more difficult. I have a 3.4 GPA (got lazy and got a C in one class), so I am pleased and will be damned proud of my degree. I've earned it!!!

From my experiences, financial aid at all the institutions I've attended has been the worst department in the schools. And, mine took a long time to process; I had to make several phone calls; they called me several times about the same issue; I had to fax the same thing several times; but it did get processed and I'm graduating soon. I will continue with Ashford to get a master's degree.

By the way, I've had three different advisors, with the last one being the worst so far. He takes three days on average to return my calls, but he's helpful when I do speak with him. Everyone else returns calls promptly.

My opinion is that many times those who complain the loudest are tpically the least prepared and least informed, and are oftentimes busy-body, troublemakers. Overall, I'm very pleased with Ashford, the education I'm receiving, and would and already have recommend the school to others.
 11th of Jun, 2009 by   mskim 0 Votes
I am currently enrolled at Ashford and will agree with the problems with the financial aid rep (FAR). I had to wait and wait for questions to be answered and problems with the stipend...AT FIRST! Recently the FAR I had is no longer my rep-not sure if she is still there, but the new one assigned to me, well, this one is amazing! Responses...Knowledgeable responses within 24 hours.
All the other reps there are great, friendly, and well, make you feel as if you are not alone. Help will always be around the corner. I have had the same academic adviser since I began and I tell you she is better than the one I had when I started school many years ago.
So far Ashford has been pretty good to me. I give it my best effort and in return I am getting a pretty good education and feel very proud of it.
As with anything in this world, nothing is handed to you. It is what you make it, and making it requires effort. So what you put in to it is what you get out of it-stay on top of YOUR OWN business, don't leave it for others to handle. Life just doesn't work that way anymore.
Good luck and Ashford University, so far, is a pretty good school! My Opinion.
 11th of Jun, 2009 by   Angie +1 Votes
If you have financial aid, don't attend this online school. After much research, I was referred to this office. You can receive mediator help through the OSFA Ombudsman. This is an outside organization that helps resolve issues with schools that the student cannot resolve. Their number is 1-877-557-2575. This is the only organization that I have found that will contact the school on your behalf to resolve your issues. Good Luck!
 16th of Jun, 2009 by   Todd +1 Votes
I have had problems with the financial aid at Ashford...I started there and after many calls and faxes, I was assured that everything was ok. I took one class and completed it, then I withdrew because I was told that my books would be around $50 per class and it was over $120 and I would need to buy a new book every 5 weeks. I have never had to buy my books out of pocket...Anyway I am starting a new school now and need my transcripts and I was told that I owe Ashford $800 and until that is paid I cannot get my transcripts. So I call the financial aid contact person, he doesn't answer his phone, and his mailbox is full so I can't leave a message...
 19th of Jun, 2009 by   Happy Student 0 Votes
I totally disagree with the complaints in reference to Ashford University On-line. This is a very good school. I have taken 7 classes so far and no complaints. I think University of Pheonix and American Intercontinental University are a joke. GO ASHFORD!
 1st of Aug, 2009 by   kelyl 0 Votes
I have been attending Ashford for about a year. I have had three academic advisors, two enrollment advisors, and now THANK GOD; I have received a NEW FINANCIAL AID ADVISOR. I was told to submit a copy of my 2007 taxes, worksheet cerification forms ...within a couple of days I was told that they did not received them. I faxed them again (about four times within a two hour frame). Now, two weeks have passed and I was told that they had been trying to get in contact with me and they were not able to. That is a lie. I have five contact numbers listed on my portal. I was told t hat I did not inclose a copy of my 2008 taes. I was not told that by the original financial. I was blocked for five days form starting my class back in March.
To sum it up. I do love going to Ashford and I do not want to give it up. I have been doing my research in the area that I live; and I was offered a position (with a Doctor) to do my intership. I am majoring in Psychology. I will start working with him in October of this year (2009). This will help me to get some experience within my field of study.
I just received a stipend check. I do not know exactly what it is. I called the school and left a message. No one ever explained this to me.
I will continue with Ashford.
 9th of Sep, 2009 by   M. F.G. +1 Votes
I am an advisor here and I will tell you that this school sucks!!! Our financial aid department is under fire for holding student loans in an interest bearing account, from what I learned today...WOW, I hope we lose our Title IV funding...I am outta here anyways, they ripped us off as employees enough times too...
 18th of Sep, 2009 by   STEELMAN9999 +1 Votes
I here alot of complaints against Ashford University, but no one ever gives information on how too correct them. There has too be a number that you can call or someone that will take your complaint. There's something that can be done if all theses complaints our true.. Lets start placing a point of contact on your posts so others will have someone to talk with in case theses problems arise while they attend ASHFORD UNIVERSITY
 29th of Oct, 2009 by   TheRealDeal29 +1 Votes
To all readers:

I myself have had tons of problems with the school. With evidence that I have provided, the Department of Education is currently investigating both Ashford University and Bridgepoint Education for fraud and falsification of evidence. DO NOT ATTEND!!! YOU COULD BE OUT TONS OF MONEY DUE TO THE SCHOOL POTENTIALLY LOSING ACCREDITATION!!!
 26th of Feb, 2010 by   Don D Johnson Jr -1 Votes
 2nd of Mar, 2010 by   Sharry Johnson 0 Votes

I started classes in May 2008 was told I would have my Bachelors in May of this year. GET EVERTHING in WRITING. Sales staff are very unethical all they want is to make money and that they do. If your try to find someone to contact, it is impossible. Try to find the Dean of Schools? When you find this person let me know. sjsbphotos5@gmail.com.

I made a post earlier and cannot find it?

Tuition just went up again!! Is that covered in your contract, get a figure in writing!
I ask for mediation, well I am a mediator and there should be a resolution from both sides, not so much, they tell you how it is going to be. Ashford has waisted two years of my life and 20+ thousand. Thank You

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