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Aaron's Sales and Lease, Tampa, Florida Complaints & Reviews - Stolen Property

Aaron's Sales and Lease Contacts & Informations

Aaron's Sales and Lease

Posted:    Cylita Harris

Stolen Property

Complaint Rating:  25 % with 40 votes
Contact information:
Aaron's Sales and Lease
Tampa, Florida
United States
I recently leased a laptop computer from Aaron's back in February. The following month my residence was burglarized and the laptop was stolen along with some other things. I filed a police report and everything just for Aaron's to say that I was still responsible for paying on some merchandise that is no longer in my posession. Aaron's makes you pay about $9 extra which is suppose to be insurance. I find it hard to believe that this company would still hold a customer liable for something that was beyond their control but at the same time the same so called insurance covers fire, wind damage and etc.
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 14th of May, 2008 by   letty 0 Votes
I've ordered from Aarons a few times before and until recently have i realized how terrible they are. The products that they 'sell' are used and over priced, and they spend alot of time harrassing you if you get behind for a little bit. There people are crooks, plain and simple! don't buy from these bastards!
 28th of Aug, 2008 by   jessica douglas 0 Votes
i currently am renting a desktop computer which i been paying on now for about a year and it is almost payed off. well i fell behind not even a week due to transferring jobs and they didnt want to hear it and wait the extra week for me to cover the funds instead picked up my computer and i lost all together about 1400.00 i had payed into it not to mention the same computer i am renting is in the paper for 600.00 and includes everything. these people are crooks and i strongly agree.
 20th of Oct, 2008 by   unknown 0 Votes
Your lease agreement states that THEFT IS NOT COVERED!!!

Also it is not insurance it is called service plus and does not cover theft or abuse. Please carefully read through your lease agreement again and follow up with management if you fell the need.

They are there to help you not hurt you. This information should have been coverd with you and you also signed the lease agreement, in which you agreed you are responsible for theft.

Call your home owners or renters insurance company if you have it. It may be covered there.

I wish you best of luck. Hope that I could help.
 29th of Nov, 2008 by   Josh 0 Votes
Theft is not their problem, that is why you should always carry homeowners or rental insurance.
 12th of Mar, 2009 by   fred arno 0 Votes
I recently moved and after the move I was misssing several boxes. In these missing boxes were two items I am leasing from Arons. A laptop and a PS3. I was reluctant to file a police report due to the fact that I'm really not sure if it was lost or stolen, but the bottom line is that they ae not in my possesssion. I' am filing a police report tomorrow due to the fact that even though I called Arons and let them know what was going on. I let them know I would keep making payments to pay the merchandise off but it would have to be in small increments. I was planning on returning the merchandise anyways due to the fact that i'm on disibility and my checks go directly to a trustee and they are the only one who can cash my check and pay me bills. This is clear on the copy of my income they took when i entered the agreement. I showed them a letter saying i receive 799.00 a month and the checks are not payable to me they are to be deposited and dispensed as my caretaker deems fit. The same medical reason disibility wont give me my money directly, is the same medical reasons I so easily overcommitted myself without even consulting my caretaker. nonetheless now Arons is threating to have felony charges against me even though I offered to pay them $40.00 a month on the eqipment until its paid off, or found and returned. My question is can Arons file felony charges against me for eqipment I have already filed a police report about, and any ideas what I should due.
 21st of Feb, 2010 by   IgotTHIS -1 Votes
They tell you they cover everything EXCEPT THEFT AND CUSTOMER ABUSE that's why you have HOME or RENTERS INSURANCE. You're obviously just to stupid to read the lease agreement! And to the other dumbass yes Aaron's will file charges on you and yes it is a felony.
 29th of Jul, 2010 by   kimladyoffaithgiles -1 Votes
 28th of Nov, 2010 by   joeystheone 0 Votes
There laptop that I got from them, buy it now price of 1400, besy buy has it for 629.99, I owe them 2 years on the laptop for a total price of 2460, didn't realize at the time of getting it how big of a rip of it really was so I took it back went to best buy and bought the same one for way cheaper, arrons made me believe I was getting the same deal other stores would give me if I went to buy it out right (around 1400) so I believed them they were really nice, but everyone needs to do there research first, I didn't, and had to pay one month and lost lil over 100 bucks bc of it before I realized what a rip off it was, but oh well shit happens learn from ur mistakes
 15th of Dec, 2010 by   Aaron's Employee 0 Votes
Hey retart they dont lease computers for two years they are on lease for up to twelve months for laptops unles it is a touch smart hp which góes for 18 months and the total 120 dáys same as cash price is 899.99 i know cuz i work for this wonderful company we call aarons.
 18th of Jan, 2011 by   ForSuchATimeAsThis 0 Votes
To "Aaron's Employee" ... you may work for Aaron's, but I currently hold 3 lease agreements with them.. and I am OVERALL SATISFIED with my experiences. "Joeystheone" could be correct about his past agreement. The store here has made exceptions on 2 new items for me in the past, one of them was a desktop computer they extended from 12 to 18 months for me. The other item was a piece of furniture. On pre-leased laptops/desktop.. they go 18 and 24 mo all the time FOR A FACT. I'm currently fulfilling a lease agreement on a Dell Desktop(pre-leased) for 24 months.
As I stated earlier, I'm a moderately satisfied customer. I do understand why Aarons takes an Agressive approach on collecting payments since they primarily market to NO CREDIT/BAD CREDIT customers... basically offering a second chance. But I must admit, I primarily use them because of my luck with electronics and the ever-changing technology.. I've only completed about 2 of possibly 15 lease agreements.. I just change PC's and TV's every year or so. Who wants to own a $2500 TV when the Aaron's and Manufacturers Waranty is strategically timed to run out just short of a High Increased Risk of Lamp/Screen replacement costing around a $1000, and then have to wait a month or so to get your tv back.. dealing with the hassle of boxing up and shipping out... and unboxing??? The technology is out of date by the time you own it anyway! And computers... There's no need for me to start on them!
But what I have had to back Aarons off a bit about, a few times... was treating me like just another customer that has no credibility with them, or long-term payment history with a history to honor my commitments. The few times it's happened it's always been when I was maybe a week late on the payment and they had ANOTHER new hire calling. They don't threaten me, cause I left another Aarons store to come to them when I moved.. this store is about 10 miles closer... but when they have threatened I've told them if they can't wait to come get it. I'll move back to the Aarons store that didn't just call me when they wanted to harrass me, but called me at random to thank me for my loyalty. Needlessto say... it's always ended in a manager's apology and "I assure you sir, there's no reason to worry, your account is in great standing with us." Sometimes they've even went an extra mile to offer apologies and take off half the next payment or something. That's why I say... I really can't complain. My credit does not require me to use them.. my payments are higher there... it's really a splurge for me.. but hey, I gotta have up to date electronics!
Remember "Aarons Employee" ... the Customer is Always right, not until they are wrong.. but until their money stops writing your checks!
 18th of Jan, 2011 by   ForSuchATimeAsThis +1 Votes
Also.. to lady who posted waay earlier, or ANYONE who has paid in several payments to their lease agreement and either ended losing items due to store collecting them OR you returned them:

If you now desire to get your item(s) back and ONLY pay what was owed on the original lease agreement.. YOU CAN!
Aarons Service Plus, which is a mandatory Addendum that every lease has to include. You pay 10% of your leased items monthly payment over and above to cover this ASP.. it's NOT OPTIONAL and it's included in the price of your payment.
In that ASP, is a LIFETIME REINSTATEMENT AGREEMENT that says Aarons must allow any item that is returned to the store to be ReInstated ANYTIME later on, and the payments will pick up where you left off. The same OR similar=conditioned item will be supplied. If the problem was you were behind on your payments... collect enough money to pay it to what would have been current at the time the items were picked up, and once you provide this payment and ask that Lifetime Reinstatement be honored, it is contractual that it be honored. If you returned the item in good standing, just simply pay the normal payment amount and they must redeliver it. In either case, you ONLY PAY WHAT BALANCE WAS REMAINING AT TIME THEY PICKED IT UP. If they give you a hard time... pick up any of the ciruclar ads in their store... these REINSTATEMENT facts are on the back of every circular.. and tell them you have no choice but to call their district office because you paid for ASP and are being denied it's coverage by them and the store it's not conforming to contract.
 15th of Apr, 2011 by   Charlie Sucks 0 Votes
I was a customer account manager with Aaron's for nearly two years in Columbus, Ohio and Akron, Ohio. I hated the fact the fact that I was blatantly taking advantage of people on a daily basis. The managerial style at Aaron's is insane; every month the stores are expected to hit specific percentages for customer payments. I worked in stores that had well over 1000 current customers on lease and every month there was 5-10% that I had to harass. Yes I was one of those *#&holes banging on your doors and windows, calling your cell, house, neighbors, friends, relatives, and job. I had a woman spray me with mace over a washer and dryer, a woman try to run me over with her car, and a gun held to the back of my head all for this company. What happens is you get tired of people lying to you all day about why they cant pay, managers getting bitched at by their district managers for not hitting numbers and the employees take it out on the customers. No, we cannot call the sheriff and return our merchandise, that's just one of our scare tactics. Once the account goes beyond 60 days it's handed over to the corporate office for further collections and that's when charges are filed. They can do a replevalency, only happended once in my two years, where once the account is 60 days late the sheriff will go with us to the house to return merchandise. Honestly you are much better off not leasing from Aaron's, unless its a last resort. Save your money. The service is terrible and all the furniture is made by Aaron's and is not built to last. When you are at the store all the prices tags are colored, at my stores red tags were new items, yellow were pre-leased (fancy way of saying used), so always make sure of what you're getting.
I was great at my job there and consistently hit my collections numbers but it came at a personal and moral expense. I was in line to get my own store and ending up quiting because of the person I was becoming while working there. Apologies to everyone who I offended and who has been harrassed and humiliated by Aarons.
 28th of Nov, 2011 by   Lonnie23 0 Votes
I rented a tv from aarons and I had to move to Texas so I took my tv with me, wen I went into the Houston store to get my tv transferee they say I couldn't and that I needed to contact my Louisiana store, wen I called them they were calling me a their and that I was gonna go to jail for theft is that true or they ate just tryna scare me
 13th of Apr, 2012 by   Ever Castro 0 Votes
Sorry to heard this from ..But the same thing happen to me over South Carolina, I went to buy a new set of bed set no scratch I said new not used what I pick. the say of delivery they something me a used set of bed I intend to explain but the refuse to give me a new one I call also the corporate office, but they don't help me but I keep make my payments up to $978. but I stop make it because they never dress the issue and they want to get the furniture back from me.
 14th of Apr, 2012 by   reasonwithreason 0 Votes
Some stores may have different "tactics" some use their legal ability to go after someone for non payment. Most states in their rental theft statute allow lease to own companies to file rental theft on someone for failure to pay and return the merchandise. I have filed against people before, but only those that refuse to even negotiate, return the merchandise, and have no feasible excuse... i.e. (customer says their laptop was stolen, even brings in a police report, but they have no home owner insurance) Though the account will be charged off and it will reflect on their credit, i have made the decision not to push the issue afterwards. SO many times it is a case by case basis. I 've had customers before with stolen laptops extend out their payment to lower their rate.. and later even get more merchandise. But to the employee above that says its just a scare tactic???? It may be in your region. But in several of the states and regions I've worked in.. it is within the company's legal parameters to file criminal charges against customer's who will not pay and refuse to return the merchandise. If you did something that ethically you don't feel comfortable with and you feel the need to apoligize than you are an idiot and one of the poor employees that make aaron's and other places look bad. There are standards, unfortunately some people ignore those standards.. Theres a whole wide variety of resources we can use to work with people.. but employess who suffer burn out and decide to go rouge need to be let go asap.

I had accounts with aaron's before I joined the team. Yes you pay up the +++ if you pay the full extent of the term.. If you choose a 24 month term.. and you never pay off early. Then yes you are going to pay extra.. Have you ever done the math on how many thousands of dollars extra you are paying on your car payment or mortgage? Its nearly the same way. Folks just because you FEEL like you've paid a ton-- if you haven't fulfilled your obligation to the car company then you don't own the car. Just like any LEASE to own-- it is a lease. until you've paid out your balance (if you do it early you save a heck of a lot more) you don't own the merchandise.
 10th of May, 2012 by   VS08 Victim 0 Votes
I was renting a Dell - HP net book & TV since 9/2011. I had been paying on acct. till March 2012. I have been going thru family issues & medical issues and lost UE income. My Aunt had been talking to Aaron up till March 2012 when had to address own family issues. Anyways in the mean time when I was gone for a week place I was staying at, my Aunt's sisters had some company from out of state. Apparently the teen in the family was kicked out and during fight to get him out my TV was damaged beyond repair. I later learned he had taken my two computers :-( I learned that insurance I paid in rental amazingly did not cover Theft or damage unless act of God! So, figured nothing could do but keep paying even though lost all three items. Then lost income in April UE stopped and got sick again. Get a call 5/9/12 from police saying Kevin, Mngr was filing report of theft as well the company had charged off the Dell and was in collections as was behind 6 wks.

When my Aunt tried to call as I was at doctors the store Mngr., Kevin (who mind you in the past had no problem speaking with her in Feb. 2012 when she helped me pay out $515 paying them thru 3/15/12, told her would not speak with her. I take meds and was just to groggy yesterday. I am calling police today to explain situation, but I think its TERRIBLE that they even filed a report after all the money I have paid. I was afraid to tell them items stolen & broke.

My Aunt just read contract and realized that if the insurance I have been paying doesn't cover then I am responsible only for Fair Market value NOT to-exceed cash price. Net book & TV were grossly over priced and used. Looked on E Bay and can barely get $125 (cash price $330) on net book & $200 on T V (cash price $459). Dell was new but on E Bay selling for $285 (cash price $809).

I am going thru sever depression as result of 6 mth. homeless 1st of 2011 after loosing job (college grad too), my Aunt & her sister have been trying to help me since last Aug. get through this and I was doing better till Feb. when had major family issue with my sick mom. I have no problem per the contract paying the Fair market value AS STATED " IF LOST OR DAMAGED".
I AM WORRIED they filed 3RD DEGREE FELONY CHARGE as I DID NOT steal items, but a victim. I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS COMPANY. stay away from Aaron - especially Palm Harbor, FL STORE AS THE Mgr. Kevin IS RUDE AND MEAN!!!
 20th of Jul, 2012 by   mamd 0 Votes
i was leasing a tv from aarons. my daughter is 3 years old..enough said right? wrong! my daughter is well behaved and she does
not run around the house like a spoiled brat...but an unfortunate accident happened and i was playing with my daughter not hard but she was acting like she was gonna throw my 10 dollar brush at me..i had no idea the top of the brush would separate from the bottom so i ducked so it didnt hit me and instead it hit the tv...i didnt understand that the lease agrreement did not cover accidents seeing how we just left rent a center because aarons had a better price..but rent a center has better customer service..they are in possession of the tv because they sent it out to see how much it would cost to fix..700 dollars! thats more then half of what would have paid for it if it was working. they are still in possession of it and we will not be picking it up..we are going to try to work something out..but as for them going through the agreement with us..they just told us to initial here and here and there..then sign
because we just came from rent a center it was pretty much the same..well we found out the hard way..the thing that makes me the maddest is they are saying its abuse!!! they should not just assume its abuse and lecture us on how to raise our child!! it was a 10 dollar brush that i bought 2 days before this..
 27th of Dec, 2012 by   tiffsraven 0 Votes
I purchased a TV from Aaron in Charles town first off they were late delivering it 2nd they delivered me the wrong TV an stand ..I called an told them the next day the switched em out..a couple weeks later the plug behind the TV went bad you know they kept my TV a month before they fixed it.. so my mom went in an wanted a smart TV so they sold her a sharp aquos stating you can surf the net ..well long story short you can't they have apps you can you but can't surf outside their net.. my mom called to tell them an they had a so what kind of attitude..but before we found this out we bought am Toshiba tablet from them.. and I pay on my TV I got from them an its been late a few times but I've paid it seems no more than the time I pay it I'm getting calls from them that I owe again my payment is 104 a month an I bet I end up payen 145.00 a month even when I'm not late... BE Ware OF THIS STORE ...After I pay my TV off were done with these people I recommend going to rent a center...
 16th of Feb, 2013 by   critterkitty 0 Votes
I will never use Aaron's in Clarksville Tn again. I'm a week late so that gives their employee the right to come to my house and try and push his way into my home past an 65 year old lady in a wheel chair who just got out of the hospital because she thought I was here and called for me and realized I wasn't home and answered the door! Then when you bring it to management's attention they nonchalantly tell you they have every right to push past anyone in their way. Are you serious! Then tell you to bring your account current they tell you one amount and when you go to pay it is a completely different amount and when you ask why that is "oh the employee made a mistake". Excuse you if I am not in within 5 minutes of the said time you are calling and harassing me until I come in. That's okay I will gladly take my business to someone who works with you and understands shit happens!
 21st of Mar, 2013 by   Kcfromdallas 0 Votes
After I pay off my riducoulsy high priced 24mth tv Im for with them. I still need 1200 more after I just paid 1200. That's 2400 for a 50' tv selling for 500-800$ Wow GO TO FLEXI-COMPRAS they have them in walmarts bestbuy etc I got an Ipad for 70$ a mth you pay it off in 6mths it's awesome there! I also got a wii u. I plan on gettn a tv for my kid room or desktop from them soon. I have a feeling aarons will be goin out of business soon, they don't have the customers they used too.

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