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1 Sale a Day

Posted:    Fred

Bad service

Complaint Rating:  75 % with 4 votes
Contact information:
1 Sale a Day
United States
Wow. I bought 4 items from 1saleaday and I did not have any trouble. Everything was shipped in a timely manner and is what I paid for. How can you complain about the free items when you only pay for shipping. The shipping may be a little high but it is no surprise. I guess I will shop there until something does happen. I have searched some items and they may be cheaper on EBAY or online.
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 7th of Jan, 2009 by   Jacob 0 Votes
After reading some of the posts..I'm kicking myself for not looking into this company first. I placed an order with these people on Nov. 26th and waited for the phone I ordered. 2 weeks later I contacted the company and got a response that if I hadn't received it within a week to contact them. So a week later I e-mailed them again, and received the same exact message, so I emailed them again, and then they told me they were looking into it... then they said they contacted the USPS and that it appeared to be lost. When I contacted the USPS myself I was told it was shipped in bulk...which means the phone may have never gotten into that shipment, that the tracking number was the same for all the merchandise on that bulk shipment. I have threatened them about contacting an attorney, I've sent them about 20 or more emails..they have no phone number to get in touch with them, this company is a scam... First thing Monday morning I will be contacting my bank to see what I can do about credit card fraud. IT's been well over a month and I've received nothing... and because this was a Christmas present, I had to buy the same phone elsewhere so I ended up paying for the same phone a second time...and received it within 2 days... 3 days before Christmas. This company is a scam... buyer beware!
 18th of Feb, 2009 by   David Coleman 0 Votes
They never shiped my order and did nothing to trace it and will not refund my money. I have tried to e-mail them with no responce. I don't know how they can still operate in the usa.
 3rd of Apr, 2009 by   BookerT 0 Votes

Consider yourself lucky! Wait until you order a product, they don't ship it for 3 weeks, and then ship the wrong product. And then you have to pay the return shipping for them to credit back your purchase price!

If you buy ANYTHING from this company you are asking for trouble.

 11th of Apr, 2009 by   tumpai 0 Votes
I agree. They have poor customer service. I have attempted to contact them about my purchase four times through email and no response. I did not know it would take 3+ weeks to get my order. I will not be ordering any items from their web site ever again. I would definitly not recomend anyone to purchase items with them.
 21st of Aug, 2009 by   bjpbunny 0 Votes
I have also bought from them 3or 4 times with no problem! As a matter of fact I got an extra of one thing i ordered.
 17th of Dec, 2009 by   Cameranotshipped 0 Votes
this company is a scam, after weeks they haven't shipped my camera. Avoid at all cost. Too bad I didn't read all messages before placing the order.
I read the complaints on poor customer service and thought I can be lucky. Don't even try this company.
 18th of Dec, 2009 by   Cameranotshipped 0 Votes
well they did shipped my camera, could be just the bad customer service. Camera looks fine, had to test it out. I take my comment back
 16th of Jan, 2010 by   Harry S 0 Votes
I ordered a mini Cam camera from them recently and paid a total of about $35 including shipping.When it arrived it would not work and in fact was a piece of junk.I contacted them and got an e mail back from a person named Miriam.She aplogized and said I needed to download their return form, fill it out and I would be refunded my purchase price or could order a new Cam camera, if they still had them in stock.I downloaded the form, filled it out and repeated my original request for a refund, not a replacement.I shipped the product back to them at my expense and waited for my refund.Instead I got an e mail saying that they were sending me another Cam camera(read junk).I immediately e mailed them back questioning what they were doing and was advised by Miriam that on their their form they have the right to do this.I have all documentation sent to me including the e mail in which I was given the option of a refund.No where does it say that you cannot get a refund. She and they are LIARS.I have bought things from them before and mentioned this to them but they don't care.DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE FOLKS THEY ARE DISHONEST, IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH A PURCHASE YOU WILL BE TREATED LIKE DIRT.I will be passing this info on to the Florida BBB, people like this give honest merchants a bad name.Harry S
 13th of Jul, 2010 by   jobbyjk 0 Votes
I certainly agree with all the complaints here. I bought a item worth $32.00 from this website and it is almost a week i yet have not received the item. I did get response back for my e-mail apologizing for the delay. I WILL NOT DO BUSINESS WITH 1saleaday.com AGAIN. I would encourage you all to do so. It is better to let these business go under rather than them cheating people.
 13th of Dec, 2010 by   Eric155 0 Votes
I too did not look into this company before buying. I purchased a computer with monitor. The monitor was defective when I received it. I sent it back not they wont replace the defective monitor. They wont even replay to my emails and of course there are no contact numbers. ERRRRRRR
 27th of Feb, 2011 by   Randall 1963 0 Votes
I ordered a flash card for my phone and at the time I was having problems with the website trying to place the order ... I did it 4 times and it was not going through .. come to find out each time i tried to order again my credit was being charged ... I was so updet about this and emailed them they said my order did not go through and I told them my card was charged 4 times ... I called my bank about it and this could take up to 4 months to fix. RIDICULOUS! I will never order from this company again and the funny thing also I could never find a phone number for them.
 15th of Mar, 2011 by   RHODYMAN69 0 Votes
This company is a scan and i joke. I am contacting the BBB and reporting them to any authority that will listen to a complaint. I purchased a mini notebook and it doesn't work. $85 wasted. they won't return my calls ...DO NOT EVER BUY FROM THIS COMPANY
 12th of Aug, 2011 by   ladidy 0 Votes
contact the Federal Trade commission
 30th of Sep, 2011 by   JUANITA MADDOX 0 Votes
 6th of Mar, 2012 by   Taylormade1129 +1 Votes
I have ordered many items from this company. I am about to stop because most of the items I order from this company is either not what I expected or is defective. I ordered a sterling silver chain for $9.98. When I received it, it was one of those necklaces you get at a carnival that has made in China on the paper wrapper. It wasn't even sterling silver and to add to that it was broken. It was totally different than what stated in the advertisement. I think I am done with them. Ive had enough.
 26th of Mar, 2012 by   cory66 0 Votes
I ordered a pair of Meelectronics m6 headphones from the site and they didn't come with the cable winder and it was missing an earpiece. I also ordered a random free item but I never got it. The first thing that I got from the site was a screwdriver.
 1st of May, 2012 by   Happy with good service sad when not 0 Votes
I purchased a Netgear router for my computer. It was defective according to Netgear reps. I returned the item and received a credit that was bogus. I talked with many 1SaleADay reps, and received many copies of a refund I had not received. Thanks to Chase, our Credit card company, 3 months latter we had a refund. Yea Chase, yuck to the max for 1saleAday. Will never buy again from them.
 14th of Nov, 2012 by   Linda313 0 Votes
I tried to place an order for cameras, thought it was the site that the tv show 'The View' gave...when I found the advertised cameras, I figured I was on the correct site. I did everything I was supposed to do, signed up, placed the order, gave my credit card info...but when I clicked on place order, it said 'processing order' and then a page came up saying merchant may not exist. Then the alarms went off in my head that it could be a false site and they were able to get my credit card info and rip me off. Guess who was on the phone with, not one, but the two credit card companies to make sure I wasn't scammed. Anyone else go through this? I'm wondering if there is a legit. company that and i just got the name wrong. Have a message into 'The View' in hopes of finding out. I could've sworn it was '1 sale a day' UGH!
 30th of Jan, 2013 by   jewimb 0 Votes
If the items were free, I would agree with you. However, when I've paid for something, they need to ship it. I ordered December 30, 2012 and here we are January 29, 2013 and I was fully charged and haven't received my item. I contacted them January 17, 2013 and they responded with a different order number. Then when I sent them a screen shot of the correct order, they responded January 20, 2013 with the lie that they would ship in 3 to 5 days. Again, it's January 29, 2013 and by my calculations, that's 4 to 6 days after they said they would send my item. I am not pleased and will contact the BBB and my bank for my refund. They need to shut this business down!!!

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