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Poor performance and worse customer service!

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This is a warning to anyone who is considering a roofing job with 1-800-Hanson's. I'd like to give you a brief review of my experience with this company. I hired them to replace my aging roof, and the salesman was knowledgeable. However, when it came to meeting the specifications of the job that I paid for, the company was sadly lacking. You should know that they hire other contractors to do the work, Hanson's just sells you the products and sets up the installation. I contacted their company numerous times and even e-mailed them photos of the job's deficiencies, along with a scanned image of the salesman's contract drawings proving that they failed to meet the specifications of the job that was paid for. Hanson's harassed me verbally on several occasions and never offered the apology from their corporate office (notably from one of their VP's, Steve Sigismond) that I obviously still deserve. They called me a liar (I NEVER lied to them even once!), a "pain in the a%&, " yelled at me over the phone and even posted a lien letter threat on the front door of my home. My lawyer was very helpful to me in this situation, but it was very unfortunate that I had to go through all of the mental anguish in this case, especially since all I did was ask them to complete the job that was sold to me. Ultimately, they did finish the job as well as they reasonably could, all because I had to threaten to take them to court for breach of contract. They did have several breaches, including failing to secure a building permit as required by local law, so I could have gone to court and gotten a full refund. However, in good faith, I paid them 100% of the cost quoted me. I still have mixed feelings about doing so, mostly because of the way that I was treated by the manager of their Lansing, MI branch and the VP from their corporate office. I tell everyone who is considering this company about my experience with them, and I will NEVER, I repeat NEVER do business with them again. They do offer a 50-year guarantee on my roof, and if anything ever goes wrong and they don't take care of it quickly and to my specification, I will hire a lawyer faster than you can say 'Sue the bas%&@$(!" Bottom line is, even if this company claims to be able to save you some money, it isn't worth it if you end up going through anything like I did. Steer clear of 1-800-Hanson's!

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 13th of Jan, 2010 by    +1 Votes
It was interesting reading this complaint, because I could have written many aspects of it. We had siding and windows installed, rather than roofing, but we experienced the same problems. The subcontractors were working from "the wrong contract" according to Hansons, which it why they failed to do the job correctly. It took repeated calls to the office to get any response. Over 10 appointments to have the work corrected resulted in no-shows by Hansons. We were told we were liars by the Lansing office (Shawn), we were told to "tell it to a judge" by the corporate offices (Steve), and I was called the b-word by one of their workers (Ken). Hansons refused to correct several problem areas, and these areas resulted in other problems with water. When we tried to get Hansons to refund us because we had to get the work redone, Hansons told us that since we didn't give them the opportunity to fix the work, they wouldn't pay. I guess contacting the company 40 times (with notes on each contact), making appointments that Hansons fails to keep was just not enough effort on my part to give Hansons "the opportunity" it needed. I cannot agree enough with the poster above - steer clear of 1-800-Hansons. The work we received was of poor quality, and the service we received was reprehensible.
 7th of Jul, 2010 by    0 Votes
Hansons did a botch job on our home and promised to fix but never did. They also were sued by the EPA. This outfit does a lot of advertising but doesn't measure up. Be very careful with these folks.
 3rd of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
I totally agree. I had one of their estimators come out to give me an estimate for my roof. Not only was he pushy and must have said "I don't know" to at least 10 of my questions, he pulled the old dog and pony show to " let me call my supervisor to see if I can get you a lower price" act. Needlees to say I did not go with Hansons. What a joke!
 4th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
I completely understand! We had Hansons put on gutters & downspouts when we bought our home & everything was fine-no problems at all. However, things went way differently with our roof. We went with Hansons, as they offered the 50 year guarantee, and told the rep we planned on having Hansons side our 2-story home within a few years. WHAT A MISTAKE! We were so disappointed (roof), and we had to get our attorney & city engineer involved for Hansons to even FINISH the job. Rather than fix the bad spots as we were told they would, Hansons just nailed 2x4s to the inside roof in the attic.
It took about 6 months for everything to be resolved, and in that 6 months Hansons employees called us names, threatened us, and harrassed us at our home. Needless to say, we have told all our friends & family about our experience, and in a million years we will never hire Hansons to do any more work on our home. And they seemed like such a nice company... :(
 15th of Sep, 2010 by    -1 Votes
The vast majority of people Ive spoken with who've had Hansons work were fully satisfied.

I wonder why none of you were very specific about your complaints...could you be a working for another company?

I would guess so. If not, CALL THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU, where Hansons has an A+ rating dispite being a

huge company.

If all these complaints were true then it wouldnt be an A+, now would it...
 16th of Sep, 2010 by    -1 Votes
Perhaps many people who've had this company do work on their home are satisfied...that is NOT my point. I can assure you that I do not work for a competitor, as I work in a completely different industry. I am simply a homeowner reporting my experience with this company, and it was VERY negative. As for being specific, are you kidding me? Did you even read my post? That is as specific as it gets and tells the entire story of my experience as briefly as possible. As for calling the BBB, I certainly may do that as well. If you choose not to heed my warnings and/or believe what I say, that is certainly your right. I simply want other people to know what my family went through in the hopes that others won't needlessly suffer as I did. You are welcome!
 16th of Sep, 2010 by    0 Votes
Attention Former Employees and Victims of Hansons Windows and Roofing.

We are currently in Litigation with Hansons. We had our first rain a month after they installed our roof and it failed to protect our home by leaking (in 4 locations) into our Sunroom causing several thousands of dollars worth of damage to our walls and ceiling. We unfortunately had similar Abusive language and threats as well. Please contact me at 810 394-6336
 22nd of Sep, 2010 by    0 Votes
 6th of Oct, 2010 by    0 Votes
I used to work for 800-HANSONS and they are all about making money. Do whatever you have to do to get the sale. The store manager is pissed off if you leave the house without a contract. They train you to be a dog and a vulture, do whatever it takes to get a sale. If you tell a white lie, it's ok because you wrote a deal. I felt like garbage after working there for a month and quit. They tried to tell me I was wrong for quitting because they were the best and we could "take the territory by storm". Honestly I felt dirty every day I worked there. I've met Brian Elias and he's nothing like he is in the commercials. He's a shrewd Jewish business man. But he knows what he's doing, it's not hist first day!

Bottom line...I worked there and I would NEVER EVER order their product or have their reps in mine or my families house. They will not leave until you KICK THEM OUT!!! They are trained to do that.

 17th of Oct, 2010 by    0 Votes
This is for "table". We live in Flushing, MI and unfortunately are a victim of Hansons. Please email me at rjrinna@msn.com or by phone 8103946336.

 21st of Oct, 2010 by    0 Votes
The BBB is not all it is cracked up to be. It is difficult to force a bad rating when the business is a a very ACTIVE paying 'member' of the BBB. A complaint can be nullified relatively easy.

A while ago I had a 'team' of two sales people at my house and they pressured very strongly to get a sale at our very first meeting. All I wanted was an estimate. They were at my house approx. four hours and had to be told repeatedly that I was not interested in making a decision that night, especially when I was tired.

They continually asked what my personal reasons were about why I couldn't make up my mind right then.

Their products may be great, but based upon my experience, companies that send sales people to bully customers (without experience in these tactics) into buying at the very first meeting are to be dealt with very cautiously.

Buyers need to be educated in these practices.
 24th of Nov, 2010 by    0 Votes
Had a strange/weird experience with Hansons. Called for an insulation quote. They sent some contractor - Gutter Gate - to do the quote. The guy was very strange. I'll I wanted was an estimate. He didn't even look in the attic - just took a quick picture and then went outside to "measure" the house. When he came in, I was expecting a quick quote. Instead, he started in on some presentation with his laptop and kept repeating, "we feel we're the best because - fill in the blank". Who cares how you feel - morons. Anyway, the quotes were outlandish - 11K for their best insulation just to do a 3 care garage attic from scratch and an upstairs attic that just needed some in various spots. I told him to leave his quote brochure there and he said no. Then he said he would write it down. He started righting it down and I left the room to hang a picture with my dad who had been patiently waiting for this numnuts to leave. Anyway, he shook my hand on the way out and said he left the quote in the kitchen. I went back there about 20 minutes later only to find NOTHING. No card, no quote, no material...nothing. I called Hanson's the same night only to get another idiot who said a manager would call the next day - never heard anything from anyone. Their quote was 10K more than the other places that came. What a joke. Too bad that places like 97.1 and other stations advertise for these jerks. I guess money trumps all.
 10th of Jan, 2011 by    -1 Votes
These are not real complaints! These are other companies trying to build credit in their high prices by mud slinging. Websites like this one doesn't verify that complaints are comming from customers, so anyone can post on here. I have been employed by Hansons for almost 5 mounths, have christian values, concern for my neighbors, and have more then 20 years in a industry known for poor customer service. Call 1 800 hansons and see if you like the people you talk too. The owner will fire us for telling customers anything that is not true. The invoice is preprinted and leave no room for playing games. not to mention you know exactly what you are getting. We love our customers and the BBB reports, NARI reports, MI contractors Board, and many other real resources reflect that.
 26th of Jan, 2011 by    +2 Votes
To W. Conaway - "These are not real complaints! These are other companies trying to build credit..."

I beg to differ as I was a Victim of Hansons "Unprofessional" Workmanship, not my words but Genesee County Inspector. I can refer you to 67th District Court Records in Flushing, Mi. Pictures and Testimony are on file. You say they have Christian values...then I ask... If in fact you work for Hansons, then you know Steve Segisman. Steve is a foul mouthed bully whose values are nonexistence and because of your association with Steve and Hansons, you are lacking credibility as well. Some call it "Guilt by Association".

"Hansons is an Embarassment to the Roofing Industry" documented Court Records Testimony on file.

Yes Brian Elias, I am the one who had to replace your roof after 1 year. Your crew was Negligent and "Criminal" and we were, as one of your peers said and I quote, "Raped" by your Company.
 10th of Feb, 2011 by    +1 Votes
Hansons Replacement Windows —

Make sure you have everything that you and your salesperson discussed written into your contract. ALL VERBAL AGREEMENTS ARE VOID! Make sure you turn your contract over and read ALL THE TERMS. There are no exit clauses. They do not price match their own deals. Good luck finding a company that meets the terms of their "price match" agreement. Read everything DO NOT TAKE A WORD OF WHAT THE SALESPERSON SAYS AS TRUTH. I was told i would get a call from my salesperson to help with a situation with one of their coupons coming out. I never got a call from him (They do not honor their own deals if you have already signed.) I yelled at one person about the lies i was told among other things, he hung up on me. (I would have hung up on me too) So then a manager calls me I told him "DO NOT MAKE THE WINDOWS YOU MEASURED FOR MY HOUSE UNTIL WE GET THIS SITUATION FIGURED OUT" The manager told me he would find out what was a better deal "the email i originally responded to or the new 60% off email" Never heard from him again. The next time i heard from them it was to set up a time to install "my" windows. I had already told them not to make them and that I had disputed the charges to my card because they breached the contract by soliciting another charge they had "forgot" to charge me. Luckily I had written into my contract that "customer will not pay any amount above contracted price" They solicited the cost of a permit so I went to my credit card company. Now they are coming after me (collection lawyer) for another $2, 600+ and I haven't heard from a manager or seen any windows or gotten any answers to my questions!!!

not a competitor
 21st of Apr, 2011 by    0 Votes
PLEASE, DON’T SIGN ON THE SPOT, GET OTHER QUOTES AND STUDY THEM CAREFULLY PRIOR TO MAKING YOUR DECISION. So far no leaks, but I’m hopeful the sub-contractor did a good job. My issue with 1-800 Hansons was at the time of sale. I set out to purchase either metal or a lifetime heavy shingle, due to the wind abuse my roof as endured. I was willing to pay a little more for a guarantee and got caught up between the video on laptop watching and all the “Hansons lifetime guarantee” lingo. Several days past the contract grace period, but weeks prior to install, I found the worksheet that had gotten misplaced by sticking to some brochures and compared them. I ended up paying about $3000 more for the same 30 year shingle the other contractor had quoted. When I voiced my concern they instantly jumped to a conclusion that they wouldn’t be able to please me and stated that I would loose my down payment. They did rework the quote using the same 30 year shingles with less water & ice, added $ for a small estimate error, and was still $1000 over the other contractors Lifetime shingle. Hansons really feel their guarantee is worth a lot. If their using a good product and good contractors, which they claim, there shouldn’t be any claims filed against their guarantee. I have faith in the quality of the shingle manufacture, it’s the beating from the wind on a 30 year shingle I’m concerned about. Because it was a money issue after the roof was installed (there were a few discussions weeks prior to the installation) they didn’t feel they needed to do anything to satisfy me. I told them I’m not satisfied with the overall experience and wouldn’t promote them in a positive manner….still not interested in trying to smooth things over.
 30th of Apr, 2011 by    0 Votes
Had 1-800-Hanson's come out yesterday to give me a quote on windows for the basement. It was bad from the beginning but managed to get worse. He came in my house, barely spoke to me, did a quick measurement on the window and then started reading me a powerpoint, word for word. I started asking questions and saying "we", as in my husband and I (but my husband was not there). Once he realized I had a husband he refused to give me a quote saying that my husband needed to be there too. I'm sorry, this is 2011, that is ridiculous. He even called his boss to confirm that he could not do the quote without my husband present. So I told him he was a chauvinist pig and kicked him out of my house. But after reading the rest of these complaints I think I was one of the lucky ones!
 5th of Jun, 2011 by    0 Votes
HANSON'S has caused me nothing but stress and heartache for over three years. We had an old slate roof and were interested in a new roof just to update the look of our home. We also wanted to get some replacement windows. The salesman came out and seemed knowledgeable, he assured us that they NEVER use subcontractors and that the stand behind thier work 100%. They will come the same day and fix things if we ever had any issues. We got other quotes from local roofers, and Hanson's was the "middle of the road" price and we figured we would be better off with a larger company than a small local contractor, what a mistake! They took forever to start the job, they shady crew that showed up was very unprofessional. They took twice as long as they were supposed to, and in the process they broke my screen door, ruined all my gutters, broke my siding and even ruined my landscape lights. After many complaints they fixed and replaced all those things (with lower quality that what we had) and it took relentless phone calls to get that done. Then the first rain came, and it rained in my house. We had never had any leaks before and now it was literally pouring in. We called them and they came out pretty quickly, "found the problem and fixed it". Two weeks later my kitchen ceiling caved in thanks to another leak. Long story short, our insurance company paid a $10, 000 claim to fix the interior damage, (which did not cover the full extent of the damage) Hansons "fixed" it again and life went on- until it rained again. Our new kitchen ceiling cracked and leaked, and more leaks appeared every time it rained. After months and months of leaks, and after being called every name in the book by seemingly every employee at Hansons, I was at my wits end. When I asked for someone to come repair my leaks, they would send someone with a caulk gun??? Who uses a caulk gun to repair a roof? I called a consumer advoctate group- we got no where. My husband was deployed at the time, and I asked the family outreach officer to try to help- Hanson's cussed at them and told them to butt-out. I called an attorny, and he had a reputable local contractor inspect my roof- that contractor found that my ridge vent was not vented at all, the flashing around my chimmney and windows had been destroyed, much of the flashing under my siding had been breached and all in all they gave us an estimate of $12k to repair the damage and replace the roof. But the way the Hanson's contract is written it protects them and not the consumer. It is iron clad and they would make us go through years of arbitration and give our attorney the run around, racking up tons of legal fees and exhausting us phyically and financially. Hanson's are nothing but thieves. They took our money, destroyed our home and left us without options. Do not let them get near your house. If anyone else with similar issues would like to explore the option of a class action suit I would be all for it!
 25th of Jun, 2011 by    0 Votes
I also am unhappy with Hanson's. After my roof was complete I re read the contract and found out that I was to receive 6ft of snow and ice shield and I watched them only put on 3 ft. Too late to fix this. Also I was to receive a free an IPOD 8G but when I asked about it the Lansing, MI manager rudely informed me that my 31sq roof at $10900 didn't qualify because I had received a "discount". Stiffed again!
 24th of Jul, 2011 by    0 Votes
high pressure sales i told mark the saleman, he told me that it was the first time anyone ever told him that, ha yea right, he was dismissed from my home after that. also if you had the pleasure to watch thier video with the ower crying about is dead dad, did you catch him say one day i ran into my dad, if you were that close you never run into a family member. another scam trying to pull on your heart strings.

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