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Sears / An absolutely a disaster!

Erica on 2016-04-28
Ordered some lingerie from www.sears.com and my order was lost during the shipment. I found out about that only after I contacted them myself. It seems like they really did not care and never bothered to tell me about that. Anyways I demanded my money back and it took them over two month...

Sears / South Shore Somea Basic 8'' Twin Mattress (39'')

Rakesh Zala on 2016-04-26
I order this 39'' mattress from sears.com on APR 2 2016 online from sears.com I receive a delivery on 11 APR 2016 after opening mattress we found mattress is 1 and 1/2 inch short I call sears.com customer service and inform about wrong size mattress they told me to go to near by store to...

Sears / Extended Warranty for Microwave Oven

HRCraig on 2016-04-22
Bought a microwave oven for my rental house and gave the Sears sales associate my home address, phone number, etc. Also gave the Sears sales associate the address of the rental house (to which the microwave should be delivered and installed) and the name and phone number of my tenant so...

Sears / False advertising

campi1 on 2016-04-21
So on Sunday sears runs a special preview sale. We get there as the sale is starting and the item is already sold out. Its not like there was a line there or anything it stated 2 minimum in each store but 2 minutes after the preview sale its sold out. So we are told to try again this week...

Sears / Delivery service

Bill Keen on 2016-04-18
The following is a list of the emails documenting the original problem, phone calls made and no results from Sears. I have deleted my name and address from the emails. Hi, Our phone number is 608 xxx-xxxx. Here is the list of emails Hi, I called the delivery specialist and David...

Sears Brands, LLC / Craftsman Weed eater repair under Warranty

dues on 2016-04-18
Called the National number for repair of Craftsman weed eater 4 cycle under warranty. Given address for a Federal way location- 25 Minutes approx. from where I live. Blocked out time during busy tax season to take up there on Saturday. .. waited for doors to open. I was told that they no...

Sears Auto Center / auto service

linosvt on 2016-04-02
I went to Sears in jersey city on Thursday the 31st of March to install a new set of tires on my 2004 Z4.I went to counter and ask to install new non run flat tires that I purchase some on discount tire. Lady at counter told me there will be no problem installing, balance and align the...

sears auto cockeysville md / service

roruthen on 2016-03-24
On 3/1/16 I called the auto center at hunt valley mall and spoke with Tim. I let him know what i needed (tires) and wanted. i told him that i was gonna purchase on line because i got a discount on tires and service. He told me to come in 3-4:00 pm. I called prior to the appt to let Tim...

sears auto cockeysville md / service

gallarockin on 2016-03-24
On 3/1/16 I called the auto center at hunt valley mall and spoke with Tim. I let him know what i needed (tires) and wanted. i told him that i was gonna purchase on line because i got a discount on tires and service. He told me to come in 3-4:00 pm. I called prior to the appt to let Tim...

Sears Home Services / Amana Range complaint # 4056293

moodymitzi on 2016-03-14
I have been having an issue smelling gas coming from my Amana range since February 2015. I have made several appointments and with no satisfaction. February 2015 I called with the complaint of gas smell, they put in the system that it was a routine check when the it was the gas smell, (they...

Sears / Sears elite French door refrigerator

Valerie16 on 2016-03-10
Our one year old Sears Elite French Door refrigerator model 795.74025.410 has a frost/ice build up on the back interior wall behind where the deli drawer is located. Food in the deli drawer is freezing. I've raised the interior temp to 40 degrees but that has not helped with the issue...

Sears / Washing Machine

danny Turner on 2016-03-09
died! not even 3 years old!!! repairman says the "control computer " is bad, , , , and it costs $329---the whole machine was only $349!!! Kenmore used to be a good and trusted name in appliances...not any more.. ...IT IS JUNK!!! AND... I'm out an additional $100 for the repairman! It i...

Sears / Customer Service / Non-Delivery

John Flink on 2016-03-06
We ordered a shed over 7 weeks ago from Sears. The first week they said it would take a week and would be there to be picked up next Friday. We show up and there is problem locating it. So I ask a man who said he was the manager, but who was not, if he could call the Jacksonville...

Sears / 4th time with terrible unprofessional sears delivery service

oshea jackson on 2016-03-05
I just submitted a complaint two days prior, I was hoping that my experience with delivery service would be better today, unfortunately that is not the case. Today March 5, 2016 was my delivery date for my Samsung front load dryer. The problem today was that I thought I had a ga...

Sears / 3rd time of horrible Sears delivery sevice experience

oshea jackson on 2016-03-04
On March 3, 2016, I had a delivery for a Samsung front load dryer for the hours between 12:30 and 2:30. On this particular day I had an appointment to have staples removed. I had a major surgery a week ago. for this reason I was informed not to drive or do much walking. I had my mother...

Sears / Horrible customer service!

Kevin on 2016-02-26
I had a couple of issues with Sears in the past, but decided to give them a second chance. About two months ago I bought quite a few things from them and most of those transactions went through without a hitch, but a couple did not. When I called customer support I was always put on hold...

Sears Home Services / Riding Tractor

Ross Farley on 2016-02-01
I contacted Sears Service Department in December 2015 because the steering on my riding tractor malfunctioned. A service technician came out in January 2016, attempted to repair the problem, but said he needed to order parts. The parts were ordered in January 2016 and arrived two week...

Sears / HE top load washer model 110.23132410

Mike JT on 2016-01-30
This washer is garbage . It only uses about an inch of water . The clothes never get completely wet or agitated . The just sit there in a lump and barely move at all . The washer itself smells, the clothes come out smelling even worse . You can only us about a tablespoon of soap, otherwise...

Sears / Kenmore Elite/LG Refrigerator

cyost on 2016-01-28
Purchase a Sears Kenmore Elite 795.7205 in mid 2012. I started experiencing problems mid 2015 of loud fan motor noises and then complete loss of freezer compartment. A tech defrosted my frig and replace an evaporator fan motor. Total cost $243. He indicated he checked the main board and it...

Sears / Auto

sid654 on 2016-01-23
Bought Cooper tires at Sears Auto in Matteson, Il in March, 2015. Went back many times in 8 months complaining that the low tire pressure warning came on every 2-3 weeks, and when I checked the tire pressure, one or more tires lost 5 pounds of air. I would put air in since I hated to wait...

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