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Sears Home Services / Riding Tractor

Ross Farley on 2016-02-01
I contacted Sears Service Department in December 2015 because the steering on my riding tractor malfunctioned. A service technician came out in January 2016, attempted to repair the problem, but said he needed to order parts. The parts were ordered in January 2016 and arrived two week...

Sears / HE top load washer model 110.23132410

Mike JT on 2016-01-30
This washer is garbage . It only uses about an inch of water . The clothes never get completely wet or agitated . The just sit there in a lump and barely move at all . The washer itself smells, the clothes come out smelling even worse . You can only us about a tablespoon of soap, otherwise...

Sears / Kenmore Elite/LG Refrigerator

cyost on 2016-01-28
Purchase a Sears Kenmore Elite 795.7205 in mid 2012. I started experiencing problems mid 2015 of loud fan motor noises and then complete loss of freezer compartment. A tech defrosted my frig and replace an evaporator fan motor. Total cost $243. He indicated he checked the main board and it...

Sears / Auto

sid654 on 2016-01-23
Bought Cooper tires at Sears Auto in Matteson, Il in March, 2015. Went back many times in 8 months complaining that the low tire pressure warning came on every 2-3 weeks, and when I checked the tire pressure, one or more tires lost 5 pounds of air. I would put air in since I hated to wait...

Sears / service

Patricia Brownlee on 2016-01-13
My Case # is 3970958. I had a service tech to come out on Dec 23th to fix my Maytag refrigerator Ice maker . The technician stated he had to order a part. Someone would be in touch with me. I never received a call back so I called on Dec. 30th and spoke with a customer services person, who...

Sears / Dishwasher

Reviewer52845 on 2016-01-08
I bought a Whirlpool dishwasher from Sears 8 months ago since then it has had 8 service calls, 5 repairs and 3 where they came out with the wring parts.My dishwasher has now been broken since December 5th. At this time they have agreed to replace the dishwasher which seemed like a good...

Sears / Waste of time and money!

Lidia on 2016-01-07
I ordered a refrigerator from this company. It was damaged so I decided to change it for another. I sent the damaged one back to them, but never received an exchange. I made at least 10 highly painful calls, before customer service finally answered. All of their customer services have call...

Sears / Sales scam

Charlesalpine on 2016-01-05
On Dec 6 2015, I received an email from Sears advertising a Champion generator on sale. I purchased it from Sears the payment was made to Sears, the invoice came from Sears. Being closed to the Holiday the return policy on the invoice from Sears said that if needed, it should be returned...

Sears / Tractor #917250810

ceejay1159 on 2016-01-05
On August 01, 2015 I purchased a riding lawnmower from Sears. Model # 917250810. In November the mower wouldn't start. I called the service department and was sent a solenoid. That I had to replace/repair. The mower still wouldn't start. Today January 5, 2016 a technician came to the...

Sears, Kenmore Fridge / Fridge caught fire 12/26/2015!!!

Reviewer32566 on 2015-12-31
Kenmore fridge caught fire in the compressor area on the morning after Christmas. Thank God I was awake and through the main circuit breaker. I could not see where the smoke was coming from. The fire department determined the fire was in the motor. I will never buy another Kenmore product in my life.

Sears / Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Repair

Reviewer64897 on 2015-12-28
NEVER WILL I BUY SEARS AGAIN and the service is not like it used to be!!!The refrigerator is only 4 years old. It quit cooling. It took 2 weeks to get a repair person to come out, another 2 weeks to get the parts (really, amazon can get things shipped in 2 days). One week after it wa...

Sears / Fridge

Reviewer23378 on 2015-12-22
i have a 2013 Kenmore refrigerator model 79572053114. it was working fine all this time. one night last month, the fridge was making too much noise and in the morning the display started showing ER RF error code, the water outlet stopped working and fridge was doing uneven cooling. i...

Sears / I am complaining about Sears inability to deliver a washer or dryer.

such a pain on 2015-12-20
The dryer we have now a Kenmore HE3 had a fire within in it and so we ordered a new washer and dryer. A month later, We are currently on delivery #7, which was still was incorrect, and we do not have an operable dryer. Between each scheduled delivery we were never a priority. We could not...

Sears / Washing machine Kenmore Elite

myra starkey on 2015-12-07
I purchased a 2012 machine and purchased a master protection agreement. In 2014 the unit was still under warranty and it quit working. Two technicians came after I waited for 30 days in between calls, each saying something else was wrong. (they stated they had no idea). This began at the...

Sears / Layaway

Reviewer21199 on 2015-12-05
I put items on layaway September 5th 2015 and had the order paid in full on November 2nd. order 837412165 I have had to contact sears six times trying to just get a refund after all this mess. All I keep hearing from them is they will contact mi in 24 hours to resolve this. Well as of...

Sears / Service and Delivery

Mr. George on 2015-12-05
I did an order on line for sportcraft 13-in-1 combo game table -48'' on 11/28/15. Also portable Bluetooth speakers and 25 piece stainless mega mega cookware set. The speakers and cookware were cancelled by sears for some reason. I called the sears company and gave my order number and ha...

Sears Auto Center / Wrong Tires Put on My SUV - (Dangerous) Not sufficient for weight load of my SUV

snelltwins on 2015-12-04
I had new tires put on my Ford Expedition EL on 11/08/2012 at the Sears Auto Center in Gainesville, FL. The manager showed me the tires I needed and I picked out the ones that had the black lettering with white trim. I paid $817.83 total and then get my truck after they were done and they...

Sears / Repair service

Todd Alan on 2015-11-30
Sears should be ashamed of itself. I had grown up with the idea that if you wanted quality service and appliances, Sears was the place to go. I can’t remember how many people over the years I have told that too. I think back to the Sears craftsman tools and the overall image in the past...

Sears / Beautyrest Mattress

GreenOnion on 2015-11-30
I Purchased a mattress and box springs in 2013. The mattress stated to get deep humps in it, but we thought it might just be a little bump because it was on one side then they began to develop humps on the other side. . I t got worst. We contacted Sears and they to the Sears Mattre...

Sears / Range repair that cost me 401.75 and is in no better shape than it was when service call was initiated

Cynthia Conrath on 2015-11-30
My Samsung Inducation Range had /has 2 left burners that are non functional. I contact Sears Home Services to set up a repair service call and Richard the technician came out on Sept 28th to assess the problems and advised me that the range needed a new inverter which I was charged $401.90...

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