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Sears / 2 twin XL Serta Mattress delivery

Janis Colburn Villaruz on 2016-06-18
Received a call June 17th at 12:16pm confirming our address and the merchandise to be delivered on Saturday June 18th. They indicated they will call with the 2 hour delivery window. Received the call that evening with a scheduled delivery from 4:15 - 6:15. An additional confirmation via...

Sears of Puerto Rico / Oder #093130061741 kenmore gas range model 73233

KristineLee on 2016-06-18
I placed an online order for item 73233 gas range by Kenmore on the 14 of June, I did not receive email for confirmation, or order number. I proceeded by calling credit card used, and they confirmed the charge for the order. I then called the Sears at plaza Norte, Puerto Rico, I spoke to...

Sears / Kenmore Gas Grill Model No. 415.16114010

Joy#1 on 2016-06-16
On 6/19/2010 I purchased a Kenmore Gas Grill Model No. 415.16114010. The firebox tray is badly rusted and starting to crumble. This shouldn't have happened, and more importantly it is a safety hazard!! I've never had the firebox tray in a gas grill rust before. I read an article online about...

Sears / clothing

Lucy77 on 2016-06-16
On May 16th, I bought a dress for my daughter online. The order was through Sears, unbeknown to me through a 3rd party company Unique Apparel. The order confirmation was through Sears. I received the dress and the first sign of something wasn't quite right was the fact that there was no...

Sears / Lg refrigerator

Mary Flaherty on 2016-06-11
I purchased an LG fridgerator bin 2013 Have several issue with ice not working water not working or to slow Got several repair guy who really didn't know just told me they would adjust water flow Then woke up to my bottom freezer of solid ice block on the bottom no real explanation...

Sears / Washing machine electrolux with a warranty!

DianaRose69 on 2016-06-10
I have had a repair guy here, wednesday the 8th of june.. He said it was my hoses…they were put on backwards…ok he turned them around and left. I did a load and bang same thing washer reads no water…its filling up fine infact for the past 1 year! he called me back and told me to go by new...

Sears / Windows installation

Stephen Short on 2016-06-09
Sears installed windows in my house at 4318 Pawnee Trail in May 2016. According to the estimate and proposal statement I signed under description of the project under additional provisions, Authorization: I authorize to arrange for a contractor to install the materials, issue a work order...

Sears / Delivery/Customer Service

mollyl on 2016-06-08
Sears has the worst customer service I have ever experienced. After a confirmation call that my mattress would be delivered I took the entire day off work and drove 2.5hrs to wait for its delivery only to be called at 8am (my scheduled delivery was at 11am) to be told it wouldn't be...

Sears / Delivery department

I'm good on 2016-06-07
I purchased a Kenmore refrigerator about 2 weeks ago...I left the delivery personnel instructions and these gentleman diregarded them therefore causing damage to the refrigerator...a week later they delivered me another refrigerator that looked somewhat used and it did not function...

Sears / Replacement Dryer

Alee Espinosa on 2016-06-06
I still have no Dryer ! The sear outlet owe me a dryer. I payed for a warranty. So i should have gotten a replacement dryer, a long time ago. They couldnt fix mine, the part was back order. This is a long story. This been a on going game. My warranty is didn't expire soon. Frist of all...

Sears / dishwasher installation

Sandy Painter on 2016-06-03
I purchased a kenmore dishwasher on line. It was delivered, no problem. The problem is that on my purchase agreement page it stated "if purchased our delivery team will connect delivered appliances to existing home utilities.." When the deliveryman came he told me an installer would be by...

Sears Brands, LLC / Kenmore Elite refrigerator

menjim on 2016-05-31
Spent over $3, 000. 10 months ago for this frig and the same 1F error everyone else has had is constantly going off. Sears repair came out and said they could not fix it because it was not displaying the error. Sears has known about the problems with their product, but he left and now it...

Sears / Washer dryer combo unit

rosemarie torrisi on 2016-05-26
I bought a washer dryer stackable unit from Sears in August 2015. This past month it starts making loud noises during the spin cycle, finally it stopped spinning. I call sears repair service to come in to fix it. The repairman came on May 17th and spent an hour testing and taking it apart...

Sears / Shipping

billy24573 on 2016-05-23
So I love the shoe section for sears (and Kmart) but every single time I find a shoe I want to buy they don't ship to my house directly and wont ship to any stores within 100 miles of me for pickup. This is a little ridiculous . I even tried expanding the area im looking to ship to and of...

Sears / CRAFTSMAN Tools and Equipment

James Clayton on 2016-05-13
Craftsman - Beware! Craftsman used to be good stuff. We own over $100, 000 of Craftsman tools and equipment all of which use to be great... In recent years the quality of Craftsman products has gone way down and the "service" from SEARS has disappeared. The most recent episode with SEARS...

Sears / Completely unprofessional service!

M.J. on 2016-05-03
I have ordered a mattress from www.sears.com and there was supposed to be a free delivery. When I ordered a I had no idea that I was supposed to request a free shipping! I contacted Sears customer service and they said that it was my problem and that it was only my fault that I did not ask...

Sears / Washer dryer combo Kenmore

lorraine defazio on 2016-05-01
I had delivery before on the same type of unit before and had no problem. Sears delivery guy walked in my house and right away said it was not going to fit . The washer dryer unit is 27 inches wide my stairs measure 33 wide with banister on so I remove banister so they would have more room...

Sears / An absolutely a disaster!

Erica on 2016-04-28
Ordered some lingerie from www.sears.com and my order was lost during the shipment. I found out about that only after I contacted them myself. It seems like they really did not care and never bothered to tell me about that. Anyways I demanded my money back and it took them over two month...

Sears / South Shore Somea Basic 8'' Twin Mattress (39'')

Rakesh Zala on 2016-04-26
I order this 39'' mattress from sears.com on APR 2 2016 online from sears.com I receive a delivery on 11 APR 2016 after opening mattress we found mattress is 1 and 1/2 inch short I call sears.com customer service and inform about wrong size mattress they told me to go to near by store to...

Sears / Extended Warranty for Microwave Oven

HRCraig on 2016-04-22
Bought a microwave oven for my rental house and gave the Sears sales associate my home address, phone number, etc. Also gave the Sears sales associate the address of the rental house (to which the microwave should be delivered and installed) and the name and phone number of my tenant so...

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