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Petco / Customer Service Complaint Regarding Dog Crate

disappointeduser5 on 2016-02-24
Icalled and asked, "Hi there, I'm looking to buy a large dog crate, can you please tell me what kind you have and how much they are before I come in?" Candace of Orlando in the Colonial Plaza location says, "Uhhh... I mean what kind though. What size." Me" ... A large. A large dog crate."...

Petco / Disappointed

Lucia on 2016-02-15
I purchased some dog food from Petco website. I'm going on a vacation this Friday, so I paid extra money for one day shipping. I was thinking that it would be shipped the next day, as advertised on their website. Since I received nothing I contacted their customer service and was told that...

Petco.com / Online Account access

Ahmed 889999 on 2016-02-10
I have an online account with petco.com. I have been unable to access my account since December 28, 2015. I have made numerous attempts to have Petco resolve this issue and provide me access to my account. The account has quite an amount of my personal information including credit card...

Petco / Animal care, negligence, customer service, and a bad rat.

Reviewer15041 on 2016-02-04
I am not going to hold back anything. I am so fed up with this store and it blows my mind how one company can have its SEPERATE stores in DIFFERENT locations and most if not all manage to be Hell Holes. I've seen YouTube videos as well as videos on FB from PETA. I don't take...

Petco / Rude and disrespectful store manager

Reviewer21380 on 2015-12-29
About 2 weeks ago I drove to Petco in Hagerstown, Maryland to try to redeem an e-gift card for $25.00. Someone supposedly from the Petco corporate offices sent the e-gift card because of an online order issue. Unfortunately at the time I received the e-gift card my printer broke and I wa...

Petco / Service on demo booth and staff

Reviewer57608 on 2015-12-20
We took our dog to the Petco at Concord (1150 Concord Ave Suite 160 Concord, CA 94520) around 1 pm today (12/20/15) for grooming. We stopped by the demo booth to check if there are any new dog products. The female staff was very rude without any smile. She barely answered any questions. We...

Petco / Carelessness

Reviewer21454 on 2015-11-28
Just took my dog to the petco grooming located in Owings mills, Maryland. My dog was cut, had patches of fur missing in her coat, and clumps of left over fur in her coat. It was disgraceful. My dog was there over 4 hours! When I got home and realized how bad her grooming was I called and...

petco 1721 / favortisum and hastile employee

Kenewiwe Kanaki on 2015-08-28
The GM at this location is playing favouritism with the dog trainer Emily Breeden. She has rung her self out, yelled at other employees in front of customers, does not work just sits in grooming and talks trash about everyone there. She has not showed up for work she has showed up five...

Petco / Waste of my precious time

Reviewer66308 on 2015-08-15
First time visitor to the PETCO online site. First of all I had a lot of difficulty completing my order online. So I called the number listed on the website. It took 45 minutes (approximately) to place my order due to some "computer glitch". I will NEVER order again from this site, nor...

Petco Grooming / Injured my dog

BBGibbs on 2014-11-02
On Saturday November 1, 2014 I brought my miniature dachshund Dax to be groomed. I dropped of an energetic happy full of life dog to be groomed. When I pick him up he appeared to be a bit timid which was very unlike him. When he sees us he is normally very excited and jumping. I thought...

Petco.com / Very disappointed all around and will not use petco in the future

Umake on 2012-12-25
Terrible experience. Tried to shop Black Friday sales on petco.com, and site was slow. Could not check out. Finally was able to check out and my item was out of stock. Selected to be emailed when item available. Received email on my phone that the item was back in stock and immediately...

Petco.com / company shipping and return policy

EL007 on 2012-06-22
I made an order for dog food with petco.com. Free shipping was marked on the website. Not until I printed out the order #- was shown super saver shipping- 5-7 business days!!! TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!! WE are dealing with dog food-my dog is starving and cannot wait at least a week. I called...

Bearded Dragon / Selling Sick Animals

Nicole Petrik on 2012-04-30
I purchased a baby bearded dragon on Friday 4/27/12 and it died on 4/30/12. I wish I would have listened to my instincts telling me this doesn't seem right but unfortunately I didn't. I hope anyone who reads this heeds my warning and stays far away from purchasing a pet from...

Petco / Rude Employee & Managers

omega529 on 2011-05-23
I have spent thousands of dollars at 2 petcos in the new orleans area. A few months ago I was buying some fish food and an girl by the name of sarah confronted me and said I was stealing. She called the police, I was searched and sent to jail. The funny thing is I did not steal, and the...

Petco / I am very disappointed and will not shop there again

Good luck with customer service if you have a problem with a Petco product ordered online. Guess where customer service is located? YES, the PHILLIPINES! it is so ridiculous to try to get through the language barrier, let alone the date/time difference. I have very disappointed and will not shop there again.

Petco / Avoid them like a plague

Letsac on
Took my pug to get her nails and bath done at petco in Auburn, NY. I will never bring her back there again. The first time she went there they did an excellent job with her, she did not fight to have her nails done at all. The girl double harnessed her to the table and she was as quite a...

Petco / Petco Injured Dog, Required Surgery

Unbelievable story. Our beloved 18 month old pure bred Australian Sheppard was brought into Petco for grooming by my wife. When my wife went to pick up our dog, her eye looked was red and swollen. By the time she got home, the eye was completely closed. She returned to the store to ask...

Petco Corporate / Petco product

Petco on
My name is Regina Sikaffy. Puppy name is Frida I bought a product from Petco to help prevent my puppy from going on carpet on stairs. It was non-toxic or so it said. It was odor and stain remover. She became very very ill. Had toxic reaction to product. That was on 2/5/10. Rushed to emergency...

Petco / They did groom her correctly 2 years ago

My poor keeshond was matted and needed grooming - I told the Delafield WI groomer that I knew she was matted and would need additional brushing and that I would be happy to pay for this when I dropped the dog off at 10 am. They called about 3 and said I could pick her up at 5! They shaved...

Petco / Awful company

Vallys on
I bought a 2 month old female rat on 12/16/09 with a 15 day guarantee. Her name was Alice by the time we got home, and she was very sweet. I fell in love with my precious new baby instantly. The night we got her home, she perched on my shoulder, peeking her head out through my hair just to...

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