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Myspace.com / I would not recommend it to friend simply because it no longer serves the purpose it advertises for

Jildane on Jul 10, 2012
Myspace was extremely popular a couple of years ago, however since then, its popularity has declined sharply. The rise of artists taking over myspace propelled users to turn to another social networking site. However, myspace did provide the music service to its users, when it had...

HORRIBLE LAWYER: Ramon Walls Palanca, Jr./Palanca & Lanzisera Law Firm / Misconduct

Augusta NAACP Chapter on Mar 5, 2012
Jack Rosenberg, Attorney in Atlanta (GA) & Fire Department Chief, Dr. Franklyn Beckles, Jr., : Posts article in The Augusta Chronicle exposing a crappy lawyer: "Ramon Palanca is a horrible Workers Compensation attorney. He cares only about screwing his clients and selling out to...

Racist Landlord Joel Stephens / Criminal Activity

Evans Firefighters on Jan 8, 2012
Slumlords are generally irresponsible landlords who spend little or no money and effort maintaining their rental properties. One of the worst is Joel Stephens of Augusta GA. Kicking black residents out for no reason, taking advantage of them by robbing them, trespassing, and breaking lease...

Corruption at Augusta Fire Department Continues / Misconduct

Injured Firefighters on Dec 3, 2011
A committee will review Augusta Fire Department hiring procedures that some commissioners say are keeping good firefighters away, but Thats only part of the Story That The Augusta Chronicle failed to report. There is an investigation on the Misconduct of Fire Depart. Asst. Chief...

Attorney James W. Ellison / Lying Unethical Practices

Injured Firefighters on Dec 3, 2011
Attorney James Ellison is a liar, and a lousy lawyer who defends Corrupt Cities like Augusta, Ga... And protects Worker Comp Agencies, who screw injured workers & firefighters out of the benefits they deserve!! The NAACP would not and does not Support or Recommend this Negligent Lawyer to...

Augusta Obstetrics & Gynecology Specialists / Malpractice

A Lousy Doctor!!! Radhika K. Subramanian, M.D. She has the Bedside manner of a ROBOT... 06/19/2011 Radhika K. Subramanian, treated me with no respect, This Doctor, didn't even treat me like a patient, and it seemed like all he cared about -was collecting my medical insurance, accused of...

tbmlg recordings / stolen passwords on myspace.

DJ Scorpio on Jan 11, 2011
Hello and Happy New Year. I'm emailing you this message is because Myspace.com have let these computer hackers phish my password and my email address. I know they did because they don't install a security program software that prevents hackers from stealing passwords from...

Freshland Clothing Store / Fake Ugg Boots

This person is advertising fake crap on Craigslist. I have reported them to CL, but they need to be shut down. Isn't it illegal to sell replica anything? Here is the Craigslist ad: http://buffalo.craigslist.org/clo/1971046713.html, and this is just in Buffalo. They're probably...

Mafia War King / Hacking into my acconts and now my computer every day evey 20 min

I had an account with myspace. lporche_69@myspace.com, I had over 424 friends on that account. He asked to be added as a friend, so I did. He emailed right away and wanted me to add his game Mafia Wars to my account and asked me if I would play this game with him. I wrote him back and told...

Yohance Scott/BomSquad Bullies / Insufficient Customer Service

Yohance Scott sent me an e-mail stating that he was holding a moving sale. I was very interested in one of his males, Ninja. He sold him before we could come to an agreement on him. He offered me DoLo instead. I was also very interested in DoLo and became anxious to purchase him. Since we...


STAY FAR AWAY FROM M&I FLOORING. Maria is extremely bad coordinator and doesn't follow-through. We were sold on tile and lamenant flooring and install. Maria sold us on tile that was backordered and wasn't available. 12 hours prior to install, Maria calls our cell phones and...

Avon Cosmetics / shady reps.

DO NOT LET THIS PERSON IN YOUR HOUSE!!! MY now EX-friend/ Avon Representitve and I threw an Avon products Party at my house (kinda like a candle party) and she stole items from the attending guests including MY wallet, ID, SS Card, Credit Cards, and $200 cash! BEWARE of WHO you let into...

Myspace / Cannot get into account/company will not fix nor delete my account w/out lot of hassle to me

About a week ago I tried to post a new blog on MySpace, which I've been a member of for several years. Suddenly I got knocked off the page and when I tried to get back in to try it again, my automatic email and password (I'd normally type the first letter and the rest would be...

Bluegreen Vacation Club / Join Me in Picketing in Las Vegas

I can see many of you out there were duped just like me... I am looking for folks to join me in picketing potential "customers" outside of their flagship i.e. biggest cash cow, Club 36 in LV. Nevada for an afternoon or even two? Hope to set it up for March 2010 on a Sunday/Monday.. I hope to get...

While the city sleeps ent. / Music

Our music started being downloadded without this companies' consent you can tell bt search the net for dj casten stones that's how we ended up here.

Blackwell and Blackwell Construction / Unlicensed Builders and Fraud

I purchased my home built by brothers Christopher and Eric Blackwell. I started having defective isues and after not receiving the help I needed a couple months later (literally) I filed a formal complaint with Consumer Affairs and The TN State Licensing Board. Since then I contacted them...

Bella Clear / money

Back in November 2009 I ordered your "free" sample. All I was supposed to pay was the 2.87 S&H and call within 7 days of purchase to cancel, which I did. But for some reason was still charged $78.41 anyway. My bank temp. credited my account for that amount. Now for some reason I am being...

Phillip Morris, R.J. Reynolds and all other tobacco companies / FSC cigarettes

These FSC cigarettes are garbage. I can no longer enjoy any of your lousy cigarettes. Phillip Morris and all other cigarette makers no damn well that these cigarettes were made only for the sole purpose of forcing smokers to quit. They are NOT more fire safe...they are less fire safe, due...

Myspace / Awful, awful, awful

I have to laugh at my own headline here, being a young, socialite myself I appreciate what it is to network whether online or offline but MySpace is such a waste of net space. It's full of advertisements, junk content, spammers, and girls in their panties. Since when is this a...

Road Booking / Fraudulent Booking Agency

Beware of this booking agency, he overcharges (Terry Sharkey) for booking bands in venues he claims are difficult to get in to, then you show up and it's a total dive that bands book themselves into, and everybody in the club asks, why did you go to so and so club, it's the...

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