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Repair Tech. Extended Protection Service Plan / Cannot locate or contact /No nrsponse

Raman Sivadasan on Feb 21, 2012
I purchased a Five Year Extended Service Protection Plan for my SHARP 65" LCD TV on December, 12, 2008 from Repair Tech. From the last few days I am trying to contact them on phone and and e-mail, but no reponse. My TV need service, but the business is not responding. Raman. Houston

Repair Tech / Extended Warranty

CEM22 on Jun 23, 2011
I purchased a 5 year warranty from RepairTech two years ago. My Samsung LCD is now having issues. I just pulled out my warranty paperwork to try to get a hold of RepairTech and the phone numbers are not in service and the website no longer exists. What am I supposed to do?

MyRepairTech / no longer in business

nadinelc on May 2, 2011
I took out a 5 year warranty on my digital camera with myrepairtech and now their website is non-existant, their phone numbers don't work. I'm guessing they took our $$$ and are gone. Has anyone found a source of recourse? With as many complaints as I have found on this complaint...

Butterfly Photo/Sony TV / Extended service plan

I purchased a Sony 52" Flatscreen TV from Butterfly Photo and purchased the extended protection and service plan.I need to use the service and found out they no longer exist.I would like to know if anything can be done to help me with this problem. Thank You

Samsung 46& Tv / Warranty company disappeared

Needed service on my tv but company is no longer in business. Purchased a 3 year warranty. Now WHAT? I want to be a part of the class action suit. How can I do that?

Repair Tech Inc Extended Warranty / Fraud

I purchased a $1500 3 yeatr extended warranty from Repair Tech for my $2000 LCD television 2 years ago. It now appears they are out of bussiness and the web site and phone number is not valid.

Repairtech Inc. / Broken TV

Hello, I purchased a 5 year warranty for my big screen tv. item #12850150 Membership # 128501501437751 Now that my TV is broken i see that Repairtech is now out of business. I was worried AFTER i purchased the extended protection plan, because for a warranty co. they didn't even...

Repair Tech / Purchase warranty cannot reach

On March 31, 2008 I bought a Samsung 46" LCD TV from Abe's of Maine and purchased an extended warranty for 3 years at an additional cost of $215.00 for in house service. I called on October 5, 2009 as I am having a problem with the TV and was told that my extended warranty is no...

Repairtech.inc / Purchased 5 yr Warranty on Hitachi 50 Plasma TV

Unable to contact them to cover my TV which they covered With a 5 yr Warranty in June of 2007! Also Seller BestBuyPlasma.com has also disappeared! So now have A Plasma TV Which has stopped working! Anyone with information on how to contact them Would be helpfull! As a Retired 73 yr old Disabled Male! Can be contacted at mcmahon4746@hotmail.com

myrepairtech.com / OUT OF BUSINESS

After purchasing an extended warranty from Broadway Photo for my Nikon camera ... I found that the 5 year extended warranty that I paid for is no good, not worth the paper it is written on, and is not being honored by Broadway Photo. The deal is that Repair Tech or myrepairtech.com is no...

Repairtech / Canon Ef75 - 300mm Camera / Not resonding to waranty

Repairtech is not honoring a valid warranty repair. Their phone are not in service. Their website is offline. I recently came to understand that this company has many complaints against it. Is there any legal recourse? When did Repairtech default? Another company that sold me the...

Repair Tech / Vanished

I purchased a 3-year warranty with my Nikon D50 in July 2006. The warranty includes an annual cleaning that I haven't put to use. Before my warranty expires I wanted to get at least one free cleaning but it turns out that My Repair Tech is a sham or they've gone out of busine...

MyRepairTech / Warranty / Vanished

We purchased a 3 year warranty for our Nikon D80 camera in September '08. Apparently the company closed the website and stopped answering phones without offering any alternative. Now we're stuck without a warranty and our online seller says the can do nothing for us because they were screwed too.

Repair Tech / Business has &vanished&

It seems I am in the same boat as many other people here. I purchased a 3 year protection plan for a Nikon D80. I experienced no issues with the camera; however I've recently decided to sell it. I wanted to contact repair tech in order to figure out if/how I would be able to transfer...

RepairTech Extended Warranty / warranty not honored

The vanished and I have a 5 year warranty that starts to take place this month and its useless and my camera needs its yearly maintenance.

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