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Living Social Deal / Ended Customer Service

Steveo1 on 2016-06-23
From world class customer service to no class. They completed the first phase of a company turn around in March 2016, closed their customer service center...but left all the disconnected phone numbers on their site. All disconnected. You can't email and send a note all you can do is click...

LivingSocial / Bluetooth Silicone Smart Watch

Richard Delray on 2016-06-15
I purchased a Bluetooth Silicone Smart Watch from Living Social for 29.99 plus 3.99 shipping and 1.83 in tax. A few hours later another deal from Living Social was in my e-mail for what looks and is described as the same watch but now for 27.13. When I called they told me that it must be a...

LivingSocial / Never again!

Antonio on 2016-02-25
Booked a vacation through LivingSocial website. When I arrived to New York I called a taxi to take me to my hotel and the driver told that he never heard anything about it. We went to three different hotels and still no one knew it. I waited in the lobby of the last hotel and then the...

LivingSocial / Moving Service

awhitevt1 on 2015-11-22
I purchased a certificate for full service moving. Immediately after purchasing I went to look at my voucher so I could contact the moving company. It was showing up as expired and I literally JUST bought it. It has purchase date as 11/22/2015 and the voucher expired on 11/12/2015. What...

Living Social / Poor merchant support

Reviewer34495 on 2015-10-30
I am a merchant and ran a promotion through Living Social. They were very attentive until I got my deal listed, then they were very un-attentive. They listed my deal in only one category, although it was appropriate for three. I sent an email to my Production Coordinator asking for it to...

Living Social - Chicago / Wont honor promotion

k dri on 2013-09-18
Promote that if you have 3 friends buy the deal, yours will be free. Bought my deal and my sister bought a deal and set up accounts for her 2 sons to buy the deal. Received email that my deal was free. Then - NOTHING. Called. They said sorry but no. we will instead give you a $10 deal...

LivingSocial.com / Coupon - won't refund service not provided

ccrios on 2013-05-24
A Christmas present for 2 Hot Air balloon rides were purchased - this company is siting their pilot was hurt and now cannot provide the service the coupon was purchased for, Sara said they don't know when they will be able to offer this - but the coupon can be used next year if and...

LivingSocial.com / refund

Deggs.m on 2013-01-25
Hello i bought a present for my mother from a deal site livingsocial.com, it was a three piece swarovski jewellery set, the third party site was neverlandsales in which the jewellery was being sent from. I have never received this item which i bought in October 20th 2012, it has still not...

LivingSocial.com / I would urge every merchant out there to stay away from Living Social

Jerek on 2013-01-25
I'm writing as a merchant not a customer. I have run two deals with Living Social and my last experience was beyond disappointing. My first experience was average but did good numbers, and they gave me the split I wanted and paid as per the agreement we had. Over a year and a half...

LivingSocial.com / I rang living social for a refund to be told that they don't give refunds

Sheba on 2013-01-22
Bought a voucher for 4 for a meal, couldn't get in as they were fully booked until the end of the promotion. I rang living social for a refund to be told that they don't give refunds and i should have read the small print that states 'subject to availability' . In other...

LivingSocial.com / No response from the vendor despite multiple attempts

Astara on 2013-01-22
I bought a voucher, tried to redeem it, no response from the vendor despite multiple attempts and LivingSocial refuse to refund me despite not being able to point out in their T's & C's why they don't have to. Their "Customer Service Director" (Arti Morarji, apparently...

LivingSocial.com / They describe something as a deal just to pull peoples' money

Disface on 2013-01-21
They describe something as a deal just to pull peoples' money. Once when they have your money, you cannot do anything, their customer support is a burlesque. I had to give up from over $100 that I threw into their "deals". I spent a lot of money on deals at another websites and my...

LivingSocial.com / Check out the vendor and don't be flexible on dates or you won't get a refund

Carbonium on 2013-01-18
Check out the vendor and don't be flexible on dates or you won't get a refund! I bought a voucher which the vendor was unable to honour within the time frame as they were moving premises. They offered to rebook in the New Year but when I went the new premises were temporary and freezing...

LivingSocial.com / You have no right to humiliate your customers and treat them like a second class citizens

Ordenr on 2013-01-18
So according to Livingsocial if you get a voucher you have a week to refund. Eventhough the vendor you bough the service from is not availabe to do the service for a month. And eventhough the same vendor stoods you up, humiliates you and discriminates against you based on your origin...

LivingSocial.com / My wife promised to never buy anything else from Living Social

Sinive on 2013-01-18
Terrible customer service. My wife paid for a weekend at a bed and breakfast through Living social. When she contacted the B&B to make reservations, the owner said they were completely booked up through the dates in the original offer but they would honor the deal for a period almost a...

LivingSocial.com / No service and no refund - isn't this illegal

Tyoper on 2013-01-17
These guys sell vouchers without any apparent vetting of the service or product provider. Have spent a month trying to contact the supposed provider of the cleaning service that I have purchased and heard nothing back. Contacted Living Social and they will not refund my money! No service and no refund - isn't this illegal!

LivingSocial.com / I do not recommend anyone to spend a dollar with this living social company

Jobele on 2013-01-15
I would love to go for a air balloon ride and Living Social was selling vouchers for Dream Adventures USA. I bought 3 vouchers, $175.00 each, which were going to expire by the end of the 2012 summer. My husband, friend and I were very excited to enjoy it. I contacted the company and wa...

LivingSocial.com / This situation was a complete scam

Cremone on 2013-01-11
Living Social A Touch From The Soul 60-Minute Full-Body Massage with Mini Facial This situation was a complete scam. This person is a massage therapist and I could never talk to her on the phone. Her voicemail redirected everyone to her website and after repeated left messages, she never...

LivingSocial.com / You'll never see a penny from me again

dumuzzu on 2013-01-10
I have lived around Portland Oregon most of my life, and Salishan Resort just outside of Lincoln CIty on the coast was always rumored to be an elegant, upscale resort. I've always thought of going there, but never got around to it. So for Christmas this year, I picked up a "Deal" from...

LivingSocial.com / The people running the trip are just college kids with no real adult management and no resources to solve problems

Pikrune on 2013-01-08
My daughter signed up for the Hunter Mountain ski trip. She got up at 5 and although she was early for her bus, there was no seat for her. All of her friends, who arrived either at the same time or later, got seats. The people running the trip are just college kids with no real adult...

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