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Liquidation-DVD-Shows.com / not hi-def but totally satisfied

Scott Riiter on Sep 23, 2012
I've always loved the Are You Afraid of the Dark. I got this at a great price at liquidation-dvd-shows.com. Very fast delivery! The video is not hi-def but I think it is kinda the same when I used to watch it on TV years ago. All the episodes are all there. I’m really happy I...

Liquidation-DVD-Shows.com / Enjoyable show

Charles Franks on Sep 23, 2012
Addams Family TV series is one of the all time great TV show in its decade. So, I grabbed I copy when I saw it at liquidation-dvd-shows.com. All the episodes are so funny for all ages. This is a must have for real fans of classic TV series. The whole set is superb, the quality is great and...

Liquidation-DVD-Shows.com / exceptional customer service

Daryll Howard on Sep 22, 2012
I purchased the Goosebumps DVD collection from liquidation-dvd-shows site as a gift for my son. He was surprised when he received the boxset. Eventhough it is not better-quality as expected, all of the discs played properly in our DVD player. I made a contact with liquidation-dvd-shows to...

Liquidation-DVD-Shows.com / missing discs were provided immediately

Drew Olsen on Sep 22, 2012
The Diagnosis Murder I ordered from liquidation dvd shows are incomplete upon arrival!! I emailed the company right away and a customer support named Rene replied the following day. I was surprised because they reply quickly and find solutions to the problems. They asked if I checked the...

Liquidation-DVD-Shows.com / replacements

Heath Johnson on Sep 22, 2012
I purchased Party of Five DVD Collection from Liquidation-Dvd-Shows.com. Shipment arrived within 10 days. When I checked the package, I was quite frustrated that I received damage DVD cases. Emailed the company about the problem, they replied telling that maybe it was damaged during the...

Liquidation-DVD-Shows.com / Incredible Boxset

Jack Helsel on Sep 20, 2012
Liquidation-DVD-Shows.com showed proper care towards their customer like me. I’ve already proven it when I purchased ‘The Invisible Man’ complete series from their website. DVDs were shipped in a well-timed manner. The box set is simply astounding! The quality of the...

Liquidation-DVD-Shows.com / slightly delayed shipment, but worth the wait

Brent Rhodes on Sep 20, 2012
I had purchase FATHER KNOWS BEST from Liquidation-DVD-Shows.com. At the start, I thought this site was a rip-off because I didn’t receive a confirmation email after I placed the order. I tried to contact the company and ask for the tracking information of my order. They replied...

Liquidation-DVD-Shows.com / good set

Katie Holtam on Sep 19, 2012
Liquidation-DVD-Shows.com sent my boxset of Malcolm in the Middle right on time, as mentioned! For an extremely affordable of this DVDs, this is a wonderful boxset to own. The show brings back memories of my childhood. The packaging is a bit flimsy. However, the DVDs I received played just...

Liquidation-DVD-Shows.com / Very Reliable

RandallHale on Sep 18, 2012
I ordered the classic TV series ‘Sisters’ from liquidation-dvd-shows.com. I received the DVDs and was really excited to get them. I have attempted to watch 40 of these DVDs and absolutely none of them are watchable. It all stop during the first episode and five of the disc...

Liquidation-DVD-Shows.com / Not perfect Quality DVDs but acceptable

Chales Owens on Sep 17, 2012
I purchased the Scarecrow and Mrs. King from liquidation-dvd-shows.com website because this is my all time favorite show. The package was delivered in a very timely manner. I was so happy when the box set arrived and tried to play in our DVD player. The DVDs are not high definition as I...

Liquidation-DVD-Shows.com / Marvelous Collection

Derrick Hemmons on Sep 16, 2012
I purchased ‘Wonder Years’ from liquidation-dvd-shows.com. Everything is done in a professional way. I received the product immediately right after the purchase. The DVDs are great with very fine packaging and superb quality, I simply love it. This is a marvelous collection!...

Liquidation-DVD-Shows.com / Good Purchase

Tom Coghill on Sep 15, 2012
The Dark Shadows set I received from liquidation-dvd-shows.com is simply great in a very reasonably priced. The distribution time was so prompt! Package arrived in a very mint condition! The quality of both video and audio is standard. I would say that the manufacturer made a good transfer...

Liquidation-DVD-Shows.com / Customer Satisfaction

Karen Sampley on Sep 15, 2012
I have always liked watching ‘The Untouchables’ before so I took a chance to buy the complete collection from liquidation-dvd-shows.com webstore. It was a very prompt delivery from the seller. When I checked the DVDs, I noticed that the whole set I received are not the supreme...

Liquidation-DVD-Shows.com / Wonderful Collection

Jackyn Morrison on Sep 15, 2012
THE LIFE AND TIMES OF GRIZZLY ADAMS series would probably my number one best TV series during my childhood days. So, I’m thankful that I saw this classic series from liquidation-dvd-shows.com. I ordered this series right away. The package arrived within a week, pretty fast! I simply...

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