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Liquidation-DVD-Shows.com / not hi-def but totally satisfied

Scott Riiter on 2012-09-23
I've always loved the Are You Afraid of the Dark. I got this at a great price at liquidation-dvd-shows.com. Very fast delivery! The video is not hi-def but I think it is kinda the same when I used to watch it on TV years ago. All the episodes are all there. I’m really happy I...

Liquidation-DVD-Shows.com / Enjoyable show

Charles Franks on 2012-09-23
Addams Family TV series is one of the all time great TV show in its decade. So, I grabbed I copy when I saw it at liquidation-dvd-shows.com. All the episodes are so funny for all ages. This is a must have for real fans of classic TV series. The whole set is superb, the quality is great and...

Liquidation-DVD-Shows.com / exceptional customer service

Daryll Howard on 2012-09-22
I purchased the Goosebumps DVD collection from liquidation-dvd-shows site as a gift for my son. He was surprised when he received the boxset. Eventhough it is not better-quality as expected, all of the discs played properly in our DVD player. I made a contact with liquidation-dvd-shows to...

Liquidation-DVD-Shows.com / missing discs were provided immediately

Drew Olsen on 2012-09-22
The Diagnosis Murder I ordered from liquidation dvd shows are incomplete upon arrival!! I emailed the company right away and a customer support named Rene replied the following day. I was surprised because they reply quickly and find solutions to the problems. They asked if I checked the...

Liquidation-DVD-Shows.com / replacements

Heath Johnson on 2012-09-22
I purchased Party of Five DVD Collection from Liquidation-Dvd-Shows.com. Shipment arrived within 10 days. When I checked the package, I was quite frustrated that I received damage DVD cases. Emailed the company about the problem, they replied telling that maybe it was damaged during the...

Liquidation-DVD-Shows.com / Incredible Boxset

Jack Helsel on 2012-09-20
Liquidation-DVD-Shows.com showed proper care towards their customer like me. I’ve already proven it when I purchased ‘The Invisible Man’ complete series from their website. DVDs were shipped in a well-timed manner. The box set is simply astounding! The quality of the...

Liquidation-DVD-Shows.com / slightly delayed shipment, but worth the wait

Brent Rhodes on 2012-09-20
I had purchase FATHER KNOWS BEST from Liquidation-DVD-Shows.com. At the start, I thought this site was a rip-off because I didn’t receive a confirmation email after I placed the order. I tried to contact the company and ask for the tracking information of my order. They replied...

Liquidation-DVD-Shows.com / good set

Katie Holtam on 2012-09-19
Liquidation-DVD-Shows.com sent my boxset of Malcolm in the Middle right on time, as mentioned! For an extremely affordable of this DVDs, this is a wonderful boxset to own. The show brings back memories of my childhood. The packaging is a bit flimsy. However, the DVDs I received played just...

Liquidation-DVD-Shows.com / Very Reliable

RandallHale on 2012-09-18
I ordered the classic TV series ‘Sisters’ from liquidation-dvd-shows.com. I received the DVDs and was really excited to get them. I have attempted to watch 40 of these DVDs and absolutely none of them are watchable. It all stop during the first episode and five of the disc...

Liquidation-DVD-Shows.com / Not perfect Quality DVDs but acceptable

Chales Owens on 2012-09-17
I purchased the Scarecrow and Mrs. King from liquidation-dvd-shows.com website because this is my all time favorite show. The package was delivered in a very timely manner. I was so happy when the box set arrived and tried to play in our DVD player. The DVDs are not high definition as I...

Liquidation-DVD-Shows.com / Marvelous Collection

Derrick Hemmons on 2012-09-16
I purchased ‘Wonder Years’ from liquidation-dvd-shows.com. Everything is done in a professional way. I received the product immediately right after the purchase. The DVDs are great with very fine packaging and superb quality, I simply love it. This is a marvelous collection!...

Liquidation-DVD-Shows.com / Good Purchase

Tom Coghill on 2012-09-15
The Dark Shadows set I received from liquidation-dvd-shows.com is simply great in a very reasonably priced. The distribution time was so prompt! Package arrived in a very mint condition! The quality of both video and audio is standard. I would say that the manufacturer made a good transfer...

Liquidation-DVD-Shows.com / Customer Satisfaction

Karen Sampley on 2012-09-15
I have always liked watching ‘The Untouchables’ before so I took a chance to buy the complete collection from liquidation-dvd-shows.com webstore. It was a very prompt delivery from the seller. When I checked the DVDs, I noticed that the whole set I received are not the supreme...

Liquidation-DVD-Shows.com / Wonderful Collection

Jackyn Morrison on 2012-09-15
THE LIFE AND TIMES OF GRIZZLY ADAMS series would probably my number one best TV series during my childhood days. So, I’m thankful that I saw this classic series from liquidation-dvd-shows.com. I ordered this series right away. The package arrived within a week, pretty fast! I simply...

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