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Aspen Dental / Service lies and prices

PLCalhoun3055 on 2016-05-17
Well this office manager John is a liar and a hateful man especially to a woman but i stood in his face and told him he is a liar not whst he promised my husband and my son and they still are h aving problems tried to go to a different aspen thinking the payment arrangements goes to all of...

Aspen Dental / Dental Services

Dan Snook on 2016-04-26
I will never do business with Aspen Dental. "Jason" the office guy is the most incompetent person I have ever dealt with. The dentist Dr. Park did nothing to make me feel confident in this establishment. I was given a dental plan that was $4, 000. I was told by "Jason" that my insurance...

Aspen Dental / dental services

Denise8912 on 2016-04-01
Hi My name is Denise Novakovic, I unfortunately went to Aspen Dental on 3.10.15 to get a root canal done on a tooth The root canal was done so unprofessionally that it caused infection to go up into my jaw bone and eat away at my jaw bone. I had to go to metrohospital dental department in...

Aspend Dental / Dentist

stacy6681 on 2016-04-01
If I can give this place a negative star I would. This place will charge you for anything & everything even if you do have insurance. I was given a "estimate" the first time I went. When I arrive a different day for the actual procedure they try to charge me for more than what I told them...

Aspen Dental / Dental Care & Dental Malpractice

Shawn F. on 2016-03-19
My experience with Aspen Dental of Wilkes-Barre, PA was the absolute worst experience that I've ever had with any dentist or dental network.I literally almost died because of a misdiagnosed abscess tooth that was missed by one of their traveling dentist and one of their on-site dental...

Aspen Dental / Billed for work that was not performed.

Marie DeGayner on 2016-03-15
November of 2014 I visited Aspen Dental in Port Orange, Fl with the intent of having a "root canal" which was suggested by the dentist on a previous visit. At that time the dentist told me the tooth was "too bad" and a root canal could not be performed. I was told the alternative was to...

Aspen Dental / Misdiagnosis and shoddy product

Teresa Groves on 2016-03-08
I visited Aspen Dental in February 2015. My intention was to be fitted for a partial upper denture. X-rays and exam were done at the first appointment. I was told I needed a complete cleaning and two teeth pulled before the denture could be done. I agreed to their treatment plan and...

Aspen Dental / Dental Checkup!

Reviewer88271 on 2016-02-15
As a senior citizen (67), I scheduled an appointment for Monday 2/15/16 at 5:30 PM (after work) for a checkup! X-rays, checkup, and recommendations were given to evaluate. Recommendations included (4) surface fillings, perio therapy (gum and teeth cleaning), and upper and lower denture...

Aspen Dental / Dental work / extractions and property fitting dentures

Reviewer56036 on 2016-02-09
New Patient 1/10/2013. Extractions with (iF/iP Impressions 01/10/2013. Impressions for surgery Surgery by Dr. Mirande 1/23/2013 extract and deliver. (4) Additional visits Thru 01/23/2013 to- 07/25/2013 Adjustments #3- Root tip ext 08/01/2013 Patient 8/23/2013 Wax try for Perm Delivered upper...

Aspen Dental in Peoria IL. / Services

Roger W Honts on 2016-01-18
I went to Aspen Dental in Peoria, IL. for top dentures a year ago 2014. And today they still fall out! I had one problem after another to begin with . I would never go back there again! They did not fit properly right away, and were relined and ground on with many visits. One dentist there...

Aspen Dental / Dental service

Kay Kibbel on 2016-01-18
I called Aspen Dental for my bi-annual cleaning appointment. The day of the appointment I went in and was supposed to receive antibiotics because I have 2 knee replacements. The dentist told me the ruling changed in 2015 but still gave them to me. 2nd: I had a panoramic x-ray in addition...

Aspen Dental / New Patient Examination

Reviewer54971 on 2016-01-16
I'd luckily been warned by a friend about going to Aspen, and after my new patient exam the warning turned out absolutely correct. The good - the staff were friendly, competent and quick at their jobs. If it weren't for the bad side I'd be happy to be a regular patient there. The bad -...

Aspen Dental / Double billing

Reviewer24582 on 2016-01-02
I had an agonizing 2 yr. ordeal $8000 bill contract said this included both temp/perm dentures extractions cleanings. I keep receiving a bill for the last four months for my permanent dentures that was already paid for and every month I call tell them this is in error. they tell me I...

Aspen Dental / Unprofessionally

Reviewer78339 on 2015-12-03
Hi My name is Denise Novakovic, I unfortunately went to Aspen Dental on 3.10.15 to get a root canal done on a tooth The root canal was done so unprofessionally that it caused infection to go into my jaw bone and ate away at my jaw bone. I went to Metro hospital dental department in...

Aspen Dental / Not a reputable company

ProudMom69 on 2015-04-24
Never go here! They tried to push me into a very expensive "deep cleaning". I told them i would wait to see if my insurance would pay for some or all, but that in the mean time i want just a regular 6 month cleaning. I was told that the dentist must decide what treatment i receive. I said...

Aspen Dental / Very poor work

Speer on 2014-07-15
I was given a great sales pitch by the office manager. I was told they would make me a whole set of teeth the best for 3000.00. And x rays were free. I used my care credit card. Big mistake. When I got my teeth they looked like they belonged to a child. I have been back for adjustments so...

Aspen Dental Cleveland, Tn / Poor service

murphy156 on 2013-01-14
My husband went to this place for dentures. Surgery was required before getting the temporary dentures. For over 6 months he complained about the temporary dentures and never once did the dentist himself look at the problems. He receives an appointment for his permanent dentures hoping...

Aspen Dental / Service issue

tl76 on 2012-06-21
I was seen at Aspen dental and was told by Dr. Yumang that I would need an apico ectomy done. I was then sent to the office manager Andrew Robinson who tells me that I don't qualify for the payment plan so I'd have to come up with $1, 321 up front. I then got a new insurance...

Aspen Dental / Extra charge for unnecessary procedure

A11111 on 2012-05-31
Buyer beware! I made a reservation for a cleaning and was quoted $57. I told them wait a minute under my plan the cost is $29. I asked for the four digit code to verify with my Carrington 500 carrier.She read me two sets of four digit numbers. I asked how come you're giving me two...

Aspen Dental / my crowns

tracy rose on 2011-08-26
I went in to have my two front teeth fixed, , I needed crowns, , my initial visit consisted of an exam, and ex-rays that was May 5th, , , my second visit June 15th, , I was told I had in infection in my mouth, , they started to procede with "I need a root canal in order to put crowns in my...

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