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Allegiant Air / Passenger not buckled during flight with seatbelt on / landing or

Amy L Harter Mishler on 2016-05-21
Passenger slept with smelly feet toward us and. Seatbelt light on, no one had her sit up until long after seatbelt buckle lights were on. What's up with not seating upright in your seat? Putting seat belt on when indicated ? And why no one did anything about it ? Not a pleasant flight ..

Allegiant Air / Services rendered

Reviewer76813 on 2016-03-06
My flight time was changed from 249pm to 1136 am. Had my husband and I been able to go on an earlier flight this is what we would have chosen, however, due to the three hour change in time on your part we will not be able to make the flight. We are requesting a refund, we did purchase trip...

Allegiant Air / Memphis Customer Service

Shayken2 on 2016-01-27
Hello, I ran into the rudest customer service representative in luggage check in. In Memphis, TN for Allegiant Air. Her name was Katie, she wouldn't provide a last name. Heavy set Caucasian lady. As many great people that need a job, she should not be allowed to communicate with people...

Allegiant Travel / Post pone vacation due to Medical reasons

John Rhea on 2014-02-21
We have been using Allegiant Air for years and this year my wife was admitted into a hospital and was determined she had blood clots in her leg and lungs. She was released but the doctor said she should not fly because most airlines are not ready to handle medical emergency in flight if...

Allegiant Air / Using Credit Card without permission

bokstar on 2012-12-26
Dear Allegiant Air: I have now called the Allegiant phone number 14 times in the last 4 days and 12 of the times the call wouldnt go thru ( i realize this is the busiest time of year but its still very frustrating) and twice i got thru but had the worst customer service i have ever...


AllegiantAirFan on 2011-11-06
When booking with other airlines ONLINE, they allow you to book for free since YOU are doing all the work and their staff doesnt get involved. Thats all fine and GOOD. With ALLEGIANT, they HIDE a BOGUS "Convenience Fee" of $ 17.00 on every ticket in amongst the other GOVERNMENT...

Allegiant Airlines / Deceptive online sales practices

macavitie1 on 2011-02-02
Deceptive business practices: When you go to their site to reserve a flight, they add optional fees (like for ground transportation, travel insurance, and "buying the ticket online or on the phone") without permission or calling attention to them. The "trip flex" alone was $20 on top of a...

Allegiant Air / rude customer service

i called to inquiry about changing my flight and i received a CSR named Paula..i tried to ask for information about changing my flight and i even asked Paula to please allow me to finish speaking before she would intruput me..Paula was very rude and not passate at all. she would not allow...

Allegiant Airlines / I will always choose another airline in the future

Semker on
Allegiant Airlines lost a loyal 3 year customer this morning. I arrived 45 minutes prior to departure only to be told I would not be able to make my flight due to their requirement to arrive 2 hours prior to departure. I have flown Allegiant many times before and have NEVER arrived 2 hour...

Allegiant Airlines / This is by far the worst display of customer service on the part of any company I have ever experienced

I scheduled a trip to Blaine Washington from Palm Springs for my wife to spend her birthday with our grand children. I booked the flight 3 weeks ahead of time, and surprised her with the planned trip the morning of her departure. On April 1st, 2010 arriving at the check in counter of Allegiant...

Allegiant Air / Horrible Customer Service

I scheduled a trip to Blaine Washington from Palm Springs for my wife to spend her birthday with our grand children. I booked the flight 3 weeks ahead of time, and surprised her with the planned trip the morning of her departure. On April 1st, 2010 arriving at the check in counter of...

Allegiant Airlines / Do not use them, they are not worth it

Itimco on
My mom and I had a flight from San Diego to Monterey with Allegiant Airlines leaving at 11:20am. We arrived at the airport 1 hour before departure and no one was available at the ticket counter to check-in. Some agents for another airline paged Allegiant and notified them that some...

Allegiant Airlines / Never ever again

Morsi on
I was traveling from Bellingham to San Diego from December 30th to January 4th. I asked the agent before I boarded if the flight would be on time. It was supposed to land in San Diego by 7:25 pm. The flight attendant told me that everything would be fine. I board the plane, put my luggage...

Allegiant Air / Unauthorized charges

Melvin on
Send an e-mail saying my ticket was ready to pick up via the attachment and that they charged my credit card $628.10. I've never heard of this airline and did not authorize any charges.

Allegiant airline / Crappy policies and service!

Just a lil heads up. Dont get starry eyed, about low air fare prices from Allegiant Air. My daughter was invited on a trip to Florida with a friend, who has flown many times before and knows the ropes.. Well.. Tickets were cheap enough, so what the heck, Becky is 17 and they will be...

Allegiant Air / bait and switch

KNx240 on
My friend and I decided to go to vegas together. We book the same exact flight on the same days same times. I enter my credit card info into the site and hit confirm. The website says, "Im sorry this flight is no longer availible at this price." My friend gets a confirmation number and hi...

Robins Cruise and Vacations / paying commission

This airline did not properly inform our agency as to what they needed so we could get our commission. The airline has no 800 and everything has to be put in an email. We have sent numerous emails to get some one to respond but they do not respond in a timely manor. We have sent the...

Allegiant Air / Buyer beware the Super-Low Fare - disgust awaits you!

I too am disgusted. Please, do yourself the favor of reading the whole post, and ask if you'd decide to purchase a fare knowing I've been delayed and disgusted by a variety of circumstances. Occasionally my flights have gone as planned, but more often not. Initially very pleased...

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