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DriveTime / bait and switch

singlefather81 on 2016-04-24
I looked at cars there and researched for over 6 days, I went to the dealership and was told I could get 3 cars and one I really liked. I walked in ready to sign the paperwork, the salesman came back in his office and said that was not one of the cars I had to pick from the 2 others and I...

DriveTime / Chevrolet HHR

lvargas92 on 2016-03-13
I bought a 2007 Chevy HHR from Drive Time about 3 years ago. This was the first car I had every purchased and I was 21 at the time. I ABSOLUTELY DESPISE THIS COMPANY. I have a laundry list of things that have broken on my car and I'M STILL PAYING ON IT. It's not like I don't...

DriveTime / Audi

Rockybetty on 2016-02-22
I financed a car on 12/4/2015 and it's been drivable about 15 days since then. I had to replace the battery 2 weeks after the purchase even though they did a diagnostic test and said it was fine. The car still won't run and have gone to their recommended mechanic and he couldn't find the...

DriveTime / Undisclosed hail damaged vehicle sold to me / should have been salvaged title

David L. C on 2016-02-18
I purchased a 2010 Toyota Camry from Drivetime in Phoenix Arizona. I had to finance approx. $18, 000. A mechanic I took the car to for a separate issue advised the vehicle has had SEVERE Hail Damage and would be very expensive to bring back to normal condition if at all. I went to a second...

Drive Time Aeverex Warranty Service / They promised me to pay for the whole job

Reviewer48010 on 2016-01-15
I had the accident and damaged my car and the car in front of me. The warranty was done through Drive Time Aeverex Warranty Service. At first they said that they would cover all costs, but later I got the copy of the report, where I have found wrong information about the accident. They...

DriveTime / Defective Vehicle Sold 2015

Dexter Farlough on 2016-01-14
On or About 25-Apr-2015 I purchased this vehicle a Mercury Milan 2008, so far I am unable to locate the " service contract " information and or what it entails regarding the additional costs into the contract. I do know the vehicle was being declined from being worked on by a mechanic...

DriveTime / 2010 Dodge Caravan

Reviewer90439 on 2015-12-30
07/08/2015 We want to return this 2010 Dodge Caravan because the interest rate was to high and there is a problem with the brakes. I heard this noise when we test drove it, but we were told that there was nothing wrong with the van, that is just how dodge vehicles sound. We have tried to...

DriveTime / Poor Service

Reviewer71636 on 2015-12-21
I purchased my car lease had it for a week had to take it to dealer to get airbag recall done and was told by dealer that the oil change, transmission fluid, and brake fluid needed to be flushed asap. It is in severe condition, which, explains why the car is driving funny. I was slapped...

Drive Time / Horrible experience

Brittany Wr. on 2014-06-04
I went into Drive Time in Lakewood Co today looking for a car with better gas mileage. The sales person was wonderful and walked me through every step and answer. So after doing all the paper work, providing three months worth of bank statement and pay stubs. That normally is the worst part...

Drive Time Finance / Dective trade practices and violation of lemon laws

jrw852 on 2013-02-16
My complaint is concerning what we think is deceptive trade practices and negligence regard to the purchase of a used vehicle last year, 11/03/2011 from a used car dealership known in this complaint as Drive Time and Drive Time Finace Company. Our complaint stems from their deceptive...

Drive Time / harassing phone calls

kevin streeter on 2012-12-11
this company has been making harassing phone calls to my job and to my cell phone for the past few months now and it needs to stop.i have not missed any payments to them since i had the car from 09/28/2011 til now.this past few moths i have given them everything that i had to try and make...

Drive Time / Major rip off

Willis78 on 2011-08-22
I have numerous complaints about drive time, , , first of all they try to hide the fact and keep you distracted while you sign the contract because they hit you with 20% intrest. 2nd if you happen to miss a payment, the very next day they will call your phone at least 20 times, meanwhile...

Ugly Duckling / Drivetime / Sold me a Lemon then Garnished Me

I Bought My Car from Ugly Duckling in 1997..It was a Blue Ford Contour ..I kept the car approximately 2-1/2 yrs ..Was on my way to work the 1st time the Engine Blew going up 400 in Alpharetta..Motor just went dead .got it off the road..tried to crankit untill the Battery went so dead it...

DriveTime / Faulty information

adamsj on
Complaint starts with the company stating that they do an inspection of every vehicle that comes through their lot. I purchased a $17, 000.00 GMC Envoy through Drivetime on 1/30/10. It all seamed to be in working order at that time. 1 day later I had to drive the vehicle at night. It wa...

200 Mercury Sable Sedan / Hidden late fees not aware of breech of contract

February 2009 I was diagnose with breast cancer I had surgery and took a leave Of absence from my job .I went to Drive Time spoke to Dan explain my situation he replied just call when you're late .I fell behind 2 months .June 2009 I went back to work and I called the corporate office...

Drive Time / Scam

dtamber on
I was a first time car buyer and had been turned down at a biger dealer. Me and my mom desided we would try drivetime they advertised that they approved just about anyone and they do just so they can screw as meany people as possible. I purchased what i thought was the cutist car on the...

DriveTime / Lies to customers and takes advantage of people needing second chance financing

I had purchased a car from Drivetime in April 2008 and made every payment on time, and of $202.02 bi-weekly because of my bad credit! In June 2009 I called and spoke with Drivetime's finance company-DT Credit Corporation to notify them I had been laid off and was looking for work. I...

DriveTime / Disappointed

I bought a car from Drivetime and not 24 hours later Iam driving home from work and my clutch goes out and of course they cant do anything to help me get home or anothter vehicle while mine is being repaired.There is also wrong information on the web site about auto pay.They also ripe you...

Drive Time / unwanted phone calls

exex on
I have been getting voicemails from 505 342 0290 requesting callback at cell number provided by agency I do contract work for. Calls have been going on for months. I and agency have never done business with Drive Time. I've written to Albuquerque office listed for that number...

DriveTime / Dishonest: Bait and Switch tactics

I had gone to DriveTime to co-sign for my brother. He had recently filed bankruptcy and was in need of a vehicle. DriveTime specializes in ripping off people with less than perfect credit. My brother picked out a 2006 Kia Spectra with 57000 miles on it. The car was priced at $12, 900. When...

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