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Nicor Gas / No gas for 29 days

Kathleen Arneson on Dec 7, 2016
Nicor Gas is the worst company ever ever ever. Isn't there another gas company out there somewhere that we could use? I moved into a rental on November 14th and there was no gas meter attached to the house. Apparently they took all the equipment also. I called them on November 14th to set...

First utility / No service

Rio on Dec 7, 2016
I made an application via www.first-utility.com website and nothing! When I contacted their customer service they said that my application was cancelled and that they were not able to supply to my house. I asked them to explain in details what was going on and what the reason was but they...

Duke Energy / Utility bill - rude worker

Edie Peterson-Cano on Dec 6, 2016
I happened to be home when a surly worker drove up to disconnect my power. I didn't realize I was that late as I had just got the bill with the new charges for the month that are due December 28th. I did not receive a late notice or automated call. I asked the person who caught me off...

2521 N. Halifax Avenue. Daytona Beach. Florida-32118. / Called 12 times & no one bothers!

Michelle. Dodani. on Dec 5, 2016
They have put electrical cables from my electric box to neighbors box which is not right at all & are exposed to lawn mower who comes every week to mow my lawn. I have grandchildren who play on our yard & wires are visible & are on top of the grass which I think anyone can be electrocuted...

Stream Energy, Ga / Customer service and disconnection payment not received

Short and Fair on Dec 4, 2016
I have been with Stream Energy for 6 years, haven't had much of an issue with them until a few days ago. I have paid my account within the due date, if I was late I paid the late fees. On November 3, 2016 I received a disconnection notice for 43. 38. I know this could not be correct...

Amerigas / No communication/locked tank/no propane=no heat

klc74 on Dec 2, 2016
On November 23, 2016 my husband (a career army veteran of 20 years) called Amerigas to kindly ask them to fill our tank as it was at 10%. They required us to pay the full amount which we did with no complaint over the phone and the funds were immediately drawn from our account. The woman...

Con Edison / Meter reading.

Joe Perone on Dec 1, 2016
Con EdisonA year and a half ago Con Ed installed a third meter for the landlord right next to the existing meters outside my house. I did not receive a bill from them for about a year. Now they claim they can not read the meter. The meters are right next to the existing meters which have been read for...

KCP&L (Kansas City Power & Light) / Improper customer service

Emily Nicole on Nov 29, 2016
I moved out of a house due to a rape. I called as well as others numerous times to have kcpl shut my service off. They show no record of these calls, nor do they show record if some more recent calls. I have several things showing I did not live there, all of which they stated was proof I...

LBC Express / Delay in door to door delivery

Rainart Von Nacht on Nov 25, 2016
to whom it may concern, I am writing this complaint due to the extreme delay in the delivery of a cash transaction with the tracking number 111136214896, it has been well over a week past the day that LBC told the shipper that it would be received at the address I specified. I also contacted the...

DirecTV / Billing/unauthorized credit card

jalevitt110484 on Nov 25, 2016
My deceased mother's card has been left on my account without authorization since back in December 2015. In addition I placed a complaint explaining I will not pay until that card is taken OFF this account. This has yet to be done. Also, I have made payments, and had a 0 balance from my...

Duke Energy / Returning customer

Winter garden on Nov 22, 2016
I was a customer of Duke energy for 9 years. I always paid my bills on time. In 2014 I rented my house for couple of years. Now I am moving back to my house. When I called Duke energy to get the electric service in my name, they asked for $455 deposit!!! I asked them why they request a...

Hermes / Parcel lost

jasonaley on Nov 22, 2016
i was awaiting a parcel delivery and checked it was deemed lost even though the systems said sunday 6pm delivered with signature? the tracking bar code was 5553806249915189 conversation as below: Sai Pooja: Hi, my name is Sai Pooja. How may I help you? Jason Aley: i didnt receive the...

Duke Energy / Trying to get setup for service

Darryl Warren on Nov 17, 2016
This has been a nightmare. Duke keeps telling me there is a block on my Equifax report. Equifax says there is not. Please check all your recorded phone called between myself and the numerous folks and let me know what went wrong. I will not post on social media if you guys let me know...

KCP&L / Bill

martin on Nov 16, 2016
my father had a house in missouri that he rented out to a lady and she had a big bill since my mail was going to that address they kcp&l associated me with this woman and the woman moved out i wanted tolive there so i called to get service but they said the lady had a big bill and they are...

PSEG (Public Service Electric & Gass ) / Worry free

apbanks on Nov 15, 2016
To whom it may concern: I am writing to complain about a very distrubring situation regarding the level of customer service or lack there of. Your policies need overhauling in a major way. I had a lapse in coverage and phoned to reinstate. I paid the amount requested and was told to call...

Duke Energy / Electric service

Maria727 on Nov 13, 2016
They will charge you for electricity that you have not even used.They do this to charge more money. You could be gone for a month and they will still claim that you used more than your previous month's bill. They also have this nasty little habit of taking funds from your bank account without...

Republic Services / Republic services - las vegas trash company

Sue W. on Nov 13, 2016
Please see the attached documents. Ok... I cant upload a PDF. Republic is stating I have not paid my trash for 6 months and they are placing a lien on my house... I used their Western Union payment system and then put the trash bill on my auto pay at BofA just last month. My statement shows that...

City Of Tshwane / Power outage

Shaidah Asmall on Nov 13, 2016
Ref : 169/13 We have had an electricity outage since 10 am Sun 13.11.2016 in Brooklyn ( PTA East ) I have wasted 3hours making 3 separate calls to the municipality to no avail -12 hours later we are still without electricity . Oh, but when I got thro to the call Centre, I was told that...

Duke Energy / Billing

Jrmy15j on Nov 12, 2016
I received a bill from Duke Energy on 11/11/2016. I went to pay the bill on 11/12/2016. It said I have to pay a late charge or my services would be canceled. I paid the late fee just in case, but I knew I wasn't late. I looked back on my bill and it said I will be charged a late fee by...

Highland Equestrian Construction / Horse arena builder ménage

Ruthyjenk on Nov 7, 2016
We had this man not under the company named but his previous company in to build a arena for us and he did not have a clue what he was doing. He has messed up several arenas and always slips under the gate. He did a arena very close to me where the clay has all come up and ruined the arena...
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