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Georgia Power / Billing / added fees

kitkat711 on Aug 24, 2016
Georgia PowerI live in a small ranch home in a shaded corner lot. During the summer days I keep the temp at 73-74 deg. I have had my home inspected for possible energy drainage & was told our home was solid. New energy efficient A/C system installed, and new roof put in when we bought the house 3yr...

Scotts Lawn Service Northern Virginia / Lawn services

Scammed by ScottsLawn on Aug 24, 2016
Scotts lawn service of northern virginia is a big scam, watch your bill. They have been servicing my lawn for 3 years. Each january they send a service renewal notice and each year, I call them to cancel the lawn aeration and seeding from the scheduled services, and agreed to engage them...

Solar City / Solar panels not producing enough

daniel schweiger on Aug 23, 2016
I live in Oceanside Ca, my Electricity bill in the summer from SDG&E were to costly my wife and I purchase panels from solar city in Nov. 2015 we had a contractor ENG, take a look and stated 18 panel would do the job. solar city sales stated your payment to SDG&E would go away. we would only...

Expert Mechanical / Double warranty fraud

Genine Baker on Aug 16, 2016
On July 14, 2016 I had both my AC units cleaned and serviced. Both passed inspection. On July 30, 2016 my main unit went out. 12 hours later, the technician came and got it working. He said the wind had disconnected a wire. 15 minutes after he left, the unit was blowing hot air. The office...

Con Edison / Electric

Karen Rand on Aug 15, 2016
Due to Con Edison cutting back on power I cannot cook in my oven with the air conditioner on. If I use certain appliances together the circuit blows and I have to keep resetting it. I have a bill of 575.00 for one month and they have the right to cut back on my usage. I don't have the right to not pay. Where is there justice.

POS Malaysia / Non receipt mails since month of july 2016

SWLoo on Aug 11, 2016
I stay at Taman Murni, Batu 9 1/2 Cheras, Kajang, Selangor. Residents at this area are not received any snail mails since month of July 2016. As such, we been penalty for late payment of utilities bills and government related payment. Urge Pos Malaysia looking into the matter urgently. Thank you Ms Loo

Expert Mechanical / Poor Service

Genine Baker on Aug 11, 2016
On July 14 Jason cleaned our A/C units and said they were running fine. He did not get back to me about an estimate about a fan for the mini split unit. On Saturday July 30, I called at 12:20am because we did not have any air. Jason came at 11:30am that day and got the air working. He said...

Onslow county water / Water

shaka locke on Aug 10, 2016
I don't understand why it taked this water company 5 seconds to take your deposit, and it takes them three weeks to give you the deposit back. That don't make no sense, have other deposits for out new place. Why do we have to wait three weeks for a water deposite before we can cut our new...

Waste Management (WM) / Trash collection

LaurenSM on Aug 8, 2016
My husband resumed our trash pick up after us being away for a year. The bill was paid in full. Was told trash pickup would resume the following Monday, Aug. 1st, the usual garbage day. Monday came and the trash had NOT been picked up. I called them Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday...each...

Tampa Electric (Teco) / High Electric Bill and Unethical Behaviour

hbur1980 on Aug 7, 2016
7/14/2016 This is the WORST ELECTRIC company. I made my payments online and the/ website said payment processed. Few days later my light was cut off. I have a small apartment and pay so much each month. I ask for a breakdown of my bill and they said it's summer and your bill is going to be...

com edison / electric service

colwell57 on Jul 29, 2016
they over charged me on an electronic transfer and the bank clawed it back the next month they claimed my check was nsf the bank proved it was never presented for payment I ask com ed to give me an e-mail or letter that stated what happen top the check and that they would not cash it and I...

FerrellGas / Propane Delivery

eileens5 on Jul 29, 2016
I ordered propane on 07/20/16, and asked them to fill the tanks. I use the propane for my swimming pool and hot tub. They came out on 07/27/16 and filled the tanks. I was not home, and the tanks were empty, so after filling the tanks, they shut off the propane, leaving a note that I should...

Pacific Gas and Electric of California / High electricity charges

HottNmad2 on Jul 27, 2016
Pacific Gas and Electric of CaliforniaOn July 22, 2016 received my bill zero balance yay, wrong! That evening at 8 pm received call stating meter reader was coming to read meter, so Mon or Tues? On the 25th received email showing my bill was now $196.42 for electric, $9.42 gas, all because I had them remove smart meter, I live...

advance disposal / I have been overbilled for over 2 years

Surely123 on Jul 27, 2016
I found out recently that my neighbor only pays 42.50 per month for a residential dumpster. I called Pleasantville township, in Pa which is where I live and was told they only pay 55 a month for a commercial account. I called Advance and they had me under commercial, so I talked to the...

Xcel Energy / Billing

wie on Jul 25, 2016
Xcel is crazy & the government keeps feeding their craziness! They are time and time again allowed to raise their prices-That are outrageous already. I live in an apartment & my spring/summer bills have been around 75.00-I rarely run my air conditioners & live alone-Also, I don't use my...

CenterPoint Energy / Back charges for estimated gas use following discovery of faulty gas meter

Ken Porteous on Jul 25, 2016
CenterPoint Energy account 123363-4. In my bill due Jul 20 '16, dated June 30th. there is an amount of $758. 36. I called there customer service and was told that this is their estimate of gas not billed as a result of the meter being faulty. Asking what this estimate was based on I wa...

Duke Energy / Unethical Behaviour

deebie47 on Jul 24, 2016
Has anybody in Florida tried to get a Duke Energy Home Energy Check in their home? This service is being offered by Duke in our bills, online and just about everywhere. This is an offer they have made on their own. I have tried to participate but have been totally unsuccessful. We can get...

Hotpoint / Indesit fridge freezer

Nat L on Jul 20, 2016
We purchased an indesit fridge freezer in July 2015, within the last 5-6 weeks we have had 3 engineers out to fix our fridge and the problem is still occuring!! The temperature is reading 16°c this has cost us alot of money as all meat etc has gone off each time, it has cost us money in phone...

ABC Cargo / ABC Cargo Chating/Not Delivering Cargo

Shakul Hameed on Jul 26, 2016
We sent through abc cargo last year june 2015 valuable things (awb a 821164) till time not reached, no one responding landline calls and mobile calls, lot of peoples are affected in saudi arabia, please take necessary action immediately.

Veridian / Electricity

Veridian Unbelivable on Jul 15, 2016
There is dishonesty and flaw in their system. Their smart meter over state usage almost routinly. The send you notification of daily usage then increases it up few days after. Maybe there is some fraud embedded or facilitated at their choosing and is not being routed out .
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The Top 5 Consumer Complaints
The Top 5 Consumer Complaints
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