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Energy Fraud Victim / Total Gas and Power

EnergyFraudVictim on 2016-05-25
Total gas and Power are allowing unregulated brokers to up lift their already steep prices by 3 p per kWh. This is obscene and is in some occasions nearly doubling business owners bills. The way this works is a broker receives a matrix price for gas and electric and is then allowed to add...

Conservice / Water bill

Nadiyyah Nellom on 2016-05-23
I live in Atlantic City, NJ and I am also a section 8 recipient. My biggest problem I have is my water bill. First if all I rent, I don't own. I work hard, take care of my children and responsibilities. My complex in which I live in have developed new owners and with that have tacked...

Jenco Canada / Led Light Bulbs

Aynalem on 2016-05-17
I started dealing with this company last year. They have some very good selection of products but their bulbs are absolute garbage. After just 3 months of purchase they started blowing out. We were told LED bulb last long, but following that in 6 month almost all of the bulbs blew out. We went...

Direc TV / Billing and customer service

SAC118 on 2016-05-16
I had a contract for 48.00 for 12 months. 119.00 the other 12 months. After one year and 6 months my monthly bill was 158.00 it just kept rising. I decided to break my contract and get out of it. I was prepared to accept the consequences of 20.00 per month for months left on contract a...

Duke Energy / Will not reissue a check

I recently sold my home and was issued a refund check for 160.41. I realized that my late husband's name and my name appeared on the check so I would have to have the check reissued in my name only. I have been paying Duke from my Bank of America checking account every month on time...

Solar Bill / 300 Watt Solar Power Equipment and Installation

Len2 on 2016-05-08
Solar BillA small Solar power system was installed on my RV in March of 2016 by a company called Solar Bills in Quartzite, AZ. This company specializes in solar power specifically for RVs. They were responsible for determining what equipment was needed to satisfy specific operating demands, for...

Waste Management / Bagster pickup

bbuchanan002 on 2016-05-09
Waste Management refused to pick my bagster. The bagster was placed next to the end of the driveway. I am at a loss to see how it was inaccessible. To add insult to injury I was charged a 50 dollars non-pickup fee. So now I have a useless 30 dollar bag and I'm 50 dollars poorer.

Just Energy / Natural Gas

Bandits at your door on 2016-05-06
They make it sound like they work lower income neighborhood because the are getting grants to bring cheaper energy to depressed areas when in fact they are more expensive. Last bill Consumers was At $3 per unit, Just Energy was $7. I called and complained and they said they would...

Eskom / Cut power without notice after I already filled in an online application

N Beetge on 2016-05-06
Good day, Eskom in Empangeni phoned me this morning(9:06 am). I could not answer the phone due to the fact I were busy teaching and my phone is on silent and there were no voicemail left on my phone. I received and email at 10:26 (look at below), I then forward the email to my husband...

Washington Gas / unethical behaviour, lies, ripoff

Lazizi on 2016-04-29
I've lived many places, and this is the worst utility company I've ever been forced to deal with. I would rather spend 5 hours on hold with Horizon Airlines than try to do something simple like 'pay my bill' with these jokers. The website doesn't work. The automated telephone service i...

FPL / Online payment

M999M on 2016-04-26
After moving to Florida in September - I added my bank account to online FPL. I wanted to switch to another valid account that had funds on it later and every time I tried this, the payment was rejected due to "bank not found". After 6 months of this I got a letter from FPL stating that...

AT&T / Visa reward gift card, for change in service.

Mary Halloran on 2016-04-25
I received 2 $100 gift cards from ATT. The first one seemed to go alright, but the 2nd I used for only 3 times, and then charges were debited for 11:48pm on 4-4-16, twice . since then 2 places denied my card for the purchases I made about $12.00 at a restaurant on Apr. 20, 2016, and a...

PSEG (Public Service Electric & Gass ) / Meter Readers don't come to read the meter my bills are all estimates

psegworstutility16 on 2016-04-18
For almost a year the Meter Reader has not come to read the meters gas and electric. The gas meter is inside the house so he/she would have to ring the doorbell to come in. As a result I'm getting always estimates for my gas bill some of the electric bills are "actual" which I put into...

Republic Services / Billing Issues

Mountainashgirl on 2016-04-14
HORRIBLE COMPANY PRACTICES Republic is a monopoly in Las Vegas! We have never needed trash service on our home in Las Vegas as we are part time residents. 4 years after we bought our new home there, Republic sends us a bill for $429.00! When I called to ask what it was for, they told me...

FPL (Florida Power & Light) / Newly installed light pole (IR)

Tirrenia on 2016-04-14
Today, your workers finished installing an IR pole which is on my property and facing my residence. First of all, I resent not being notified that this was being done on my property. Second of all, I am appalled at the monstrosity that has been erected facing my home! I was told that thi...

FirstEnergy Solutions / Cancellation charge

Jeanette Martin on 2016-04-13
In April 2016 I changed from First Energy to a different electricity supplier. First Energy sent me a bill for $100 cancellation fee. First Energy had been my supplier for quite some time, and when I renewed my contract I was under the impression there was no cancellation fee. A renewal...

Ontario Energy Group / Furnace / Air Conditioner

#outraged on 2016-04-13
I was deceived into signing up with Ontario Energy Group to take a new furnace and air conditioner. I am a senior living on a very limited budget, but the sales reps did a lot of posturing to give the impression that they are part of a government program. When I Googled them, the auto fill...

Mudanzas CPT / Mudanzas valencia

Juan Bolate on 2016-04-13
No era para formular una queja, si no más bien un agradecimiento, pues Mudanzas CPT realizó todo de manera perfecta, sin fallos y en el tiempo acordado. Desde aquí recomiendo su servicio de mudanzas baratas valencia. Siempre todo regado con una profesionalidad y atencion por el cliente digna...

GA POWER / I am Sick and Tired of GA Power's Abuse of Power and their Tyranny

Atina1 on 2016-03-24
I feel exhausted, at times I feel like giving up. GA Power is forcing me to pay $313.00 dollars on April 1 and I explained that I can't pay that amount until April 8. I am tired of being forced to do business with certain companies. These companies monopolize our society and hurt the...

Palmco Power / Gas rates

Mad as.... on 2016-03-24
In June of 2015, I received a call from PALMCO Power offering an introductory gas rate of .548 which is now lower at the .44 UGI rate. She assured me that their rates are low and the variable rate would be competitive. It is now $1.35?????? It is actually more than 3 TIMES THE UGI RATE!!!
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Beware the 'home energy audit' Sales Pitch
Beware the 'home energy audit' Sales Pitch
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