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APS / Won't accept credit card payment - threatening to turn off power

Tonygtr on 2016-02-12
I'm taking care of my mother from out of state. My mother is now on home hospice. I tried to setup a auto-pay for APS electric but their website had fouled up the process. Now, they will not accept payment via credit card or check. They will only take cash. She CANNOT leave her bed...

Georgia Power / Manager

Reviewer26418 on 2016-02-09
I called Georgia Power to waive a deposit of $150 from my bill as I was hit with other emergencies and was unable to pay my bill on time. The manager explained that discrepancies were because of past due amounts, although they were paid by due date. I explained to her I did not see thi...

AEP Energy, Inc / undisclosed services

Ann B K on 2016-02-03
when i switched electric companies from DP&L Energy to AEP Energy, i was not informed i could not sign up for budget billing, which i get from DP&L.After calling and being told i would be placed on budget billing, i received bills that were not budget.I just got off the phone with a...

Baton Rouge Water Company / Water main Leak

Reviewer86819 on 2016-02-01
Dear Officials, Around January 14th I placed a call to the water company of Baton Rouge about a water stream leak coming from their water main. A week later I placed a follow up call, because no one came out. Around a week later someone came out but acted unconcerned about the problem. He...

Georgia Power / Fraudulent Collection Removal

Reviewer36427 on 2016-02-01
Hello, thank god I am no longer in an area GP is serving. With the help of the BBB I was promised that an fraudulent account collection would be removed from my credit. Now it is on my credit twice. Not sure anymore if they don't do it even on purpose to get back on me. I called...

Orkin / Unethical behavior

lisacjj on 2016-01-29
I suspended my services because of unfair treatment and I was not satisfied with services. In September of 2015 I do not know what was going on with my regular Orkin man. But I began getting calls from someone else. He kept trying to come to my house after hours. However, my kids have...

Eureka Forbes Limited / Water Purifier

SUSHIL VASANT RAJE on 2016-01-29
My Water Purifier Enhance UV+ is not working properly since I purchased it. The company does not bother to send its Technicians in time. More than four days have passed after lodging the complaint with their customer care division online. Spare parts are not available in stock eg. Lens which regulates water purification.

Choice Home Warranty / Service

proph on 2016-01-28
Got Choice Home Warranty a few months ago. They claim to cover all. I contacted them as I had a broken stove, they assigned a repair person, he never showed or called. When following up with many calls and e mails, they never responded, nor did anyone come to fix stove. I stopped monthly...

Time Warner Cable / Billing

Reviewer93894 on 2016-01-27
Hello my name is Kimberly Scott and I set up service with Time Warner for WiFi in my home. When I first scheduled the appointment I was told that I had a deposit of $50.00, which I said ok so the service was entered to have a technician to come out Friday 1-22-2016, I was told that I could...

Comcast / Xfinity / Loss of all service - tv, phone, internet - Sandcastle Rd, Sanibel

Reviewer76244 on 2016-01-24
I first complained to Comcast nearly two weeks ago - I had lost all service. I am 86 years of age and these are vital to me. When I first complained they said it would be over a week before they could get a technician to visit as there was no signal reaching the router. I told them I wa...

CenturyLink / Internet service

joelineman on 2016-01-23
In May of 2014 I bought a house and moved. I contacted centurylink and they said they could save me money by going to direct tv and internet. I was currently a customer of centurylink and when the day came to have my internet service connected and the direct tv installer showed up I called...

Bounce Energy / Horrible customer service, rewards program is false advertising!

Reviewer72992 on 2016-01-23
I would definitely NOT recommend Bounce. I ordered service to be turned on 3 days prior to moving into my new residence. I go to move in, auto garage door doesn't open. I walk in and find the electricity is not on! This is at 5:30 on a Friday night. I was on the phone for over an hour to...

Enmax / Electricity

Michael McN on 2016-01-21
Hi there We were renting our house out to a builder during the time between a sale and possession date. They in turn sublet to a tenant. The possession date was June 30 2015. The tenant moved out soon after. That left Enmax to look for the owner so they did the title search and our name...

Rainsoft / Product does not do what we paid for it to do!!

Reviewer10869 on 2016-01-21
DO NOT BUY THIS SYSTEM!!! We totally fell for the speech and the representatives tests he did on our water. We bought the system and after them coming back 3 times to fix the system because it was not working properly, it still does not do what the representative said it would do for our...

Direct Energy / Natural Gas and Electric

ChrisS1970 on 2016-01-19
I signed up summer of 2015, the condo I was renting was sold in November of 2015. I called and cancelled and on 12/2/15 got my first and only cancellation fee bill from Direct Energy. I was told to fax them documents, I did, called back and was told to fax more different document...

Ambit Energy / Charging TOO much/DEVIOUS

Reviewer89140 on 2016-01-18
I have been an Ambit Energy Customer for my gas supplier since 2008. I am on a "guaranteed" plan that saves me a minimum of 1% under NICOR Gas prices (I live in IL). Every year, I get an analysis of the rates by each company. If NICOR is less, Ambit sends me a check of the difference. Been...

Homeserve / Poor customer service

Reviewer23983 on 2016-01-18
We have boiler cover with HomeServe and had a call out late 2015 to look at a faulty boiler. The engineer was very unhelpful and we are not convinced he did anything. We then had the same issue last week and have called HomeServe and asked them to come out and look at the original issue...

Sainsbury'sEnergy / Electricity Switch - What on earth is going on ????

Dr Peter on 2016-01-17
Arranged to switch my dual fuel to Sainsbury's Energy in September 2015. Gas went over OK on agreed timescales. Electricity ???? Had to chase and chase Sainsbury's Energy (SE), gave them the meter reading etc, etc. Have a supply but haven't been billed at all since September. Fed up with...

champion wondows / champion windows

Joseph Tallerson on 2016-01-16
champion wondowsI do not know the cause, I believe that when the windows lose their seal whatever chemicals they use become visible. Suffice to say, we had 20 windows replaced and over half looks as though someone has smeared crisco all over them. It reduces the appearance and home value. We spent over 10...

TXU Energy / Extrem bill charges to the account

maria avalos on 2016-01-15
WE had service with TXU since 01/2015 and its been pretty normal billing, between 05/15 $74.06 we did not live in the house from May to July 2015 (kwh 71) 06/15 $31.51 (kwh 67) 07/15 $42.96 (kwh 167) 08/15 $305.94 (kwh 2340) 09/15 $388.97 (kwh 2724 ) 10/15 $250.32 (kwh 1904 ) 11/15 $205.60...
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