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Eskom / Prepaid meter box

Nelisiwe92 on Oct 20, 2016
I am in Rockville Soweto and I woke up to no electricity on Tuesday morning. When I went to check the box it was completely off. All my neighbours had electricity. We then called and someone said they would come and switch on the circuit breaker outside. They keep saying they came but we...

Atlantic City Electric / Delivery charges

jacksaw on Oct 17, 2016
Looking at my latest bill from this company. Energy used by my home was 293 dollars and some change, delivery charges were 310 dollars and some change. How is this even legal . charging me to "deliver" something to my home on wires that are pre-existing and telling me it is standard...

Godrej Refrigerator / Unethical behavior by customer service person

Michael Rahul on Oct 16, 2016
I have purchased Godrej fridge edge pro single door on 1 November 2015. Last week the fridge cooler door had broken. I immediately called the Godrej Customer care number 18002095511. Likewise the lady on the phone filled my complaint with the call number E1110347203 On Oct 11, the same day...

ComEd / Billing after service a regular bill on 8/25/16shut off

Stacy Tettemer on Oct 14, 2016
I moved out of Illinois and sold my home there. We closed and I disconnected ComEd service on 8/25/16, I have disconnect conf #. I paid a regular bill on 8/25/16 and what I believe to be the last bill on 9/13/16. I heard nothing from ComEd until 10/13/16 when I got a bill from a collection...

LBC Riyadh / 2pieces gallons "4liters",4pieces bottle "1.5liters" lahat ay liquid soap for diswasher at 2pieces shampoo

ronel pasia on Oct 14, 2016
LBC Riyadhdear.lbc nagpadala ako ng cargo box 8/15/2016 dito s Riyadh nadeliver nyo 10/13/2016 sa pilipinas ..pero yung lahat ng nabanggit ko sa product/service ay wla ng laman halos lahat..sigurado ako binuksan ang box ko ..sana maresolbahan nyo ito mapabalik at mapadala sa pinas, , eto no. ko 0582297687

Ontario Energy Group / Door to door salesman

giogameguy on Oct 12, 2016
My parents fell for the Energy Group Scam my parents now pay more for their energy and heat pay a fee for their furnace and owe more to buy it out then the furnace is actually worth they are screwed and its this companies fault my parents dont understand all the ins and outs of what they...

KCP&L (Kansas City Power & Light) / The service all around!

Priscilla Marie Gonzales on Oct 8, 2016
Crazy to me how they can immediately shut power off no warning one day and as soon as we pay the full balance they find it humane to take as much time as possible like a whole day and a half to restore power . This is the 2nd time this has happened dealing with this horrible electric co I...

Ryns Digital Services / Bill/support

Been with pldt for almost 9 years...never had a time that i am satusfied how they treated the customer..now my account has been migrated to fibr connection...they are charging a lot on my account which i am not using anymore. And recently they charge me an additional 1200 on my...

Sharon Jester / Georgia power payment

Sharon Jester on Oct 6, 2016
Making a payment over the phone to pay my power bill, the system ask for my debit card information, I input all the info but the expiration date was incorrectly input, the system stated it was declined because of the error of the date, I went on to input all the correct data, and the...

PLDT Home / Telephone / Internet / No dial tone / internet

Dan Tamayo on Oct 4, 2016
PLDT has given me four ticket numbers within two weeks, three of which they closed without informing me and without resolving the same problem. It's been 17 days now but I never got any updates from them regarding the issue. Every time I email them, I always get a reply of "we will...

Surburban Propane Co / Propane customer service

nbdmonk on Sep 29, 2016
We have been loyal Suburban customers for 13 years with auto delivery the entire time. We have run out of propane and the company wants to charge us a delivery fee of $150 with no explanation that yields any type of logic. I realize good people are hard to find, but the depths of their...

Duke Energy / Service

DJS1982 on Sep 28, 2016
I've called Duke multiple times over their power line just laying on the roof of my house because their pole is leaning into my yard. They tighten it up and say they need to replace the pole, and it is going on 2 months since I last had to complain about it and the line just laying on my...

Duke Energy / Billing

SJWilkins on Sep 19, 2016
After receiving bill help, Bill Always increase's more! The last 3 months much higher billing. I called Duke energy, I'm told to turn my temp down. I have not changed anything, Although bill has increased.I called again today. After I received the bill. I Went to SS to receive help. Then My...

Schmidhauser Electrical / Bad service, liar, coward, incomplete work done, charging for work not done,

shammy3610 on Sep 16, 2016
SchmithauserElectrical gave me a quote in Demceber 2015, I then asked if they could still do at same price in August 2016 which they agreed to stating they would do the job that week, a week later they attended the house and did nothing however returned stating there would be further work...

KCP&L (Kansas City Power & Light) / Bill not correct

Alan Adams on Sep 15, 2016
This is my 1st bill and I know I didn't use this much electricity I have checked with neighbors and then research on this apartment the reading is wrong and I am requesting a new meter because it is broken and they keep telling me the meter is fine I need help because this first bill is incorrect and it will stay and correct as long as the meter is wrong

Gas Metro Plus / Needed furnace repair / received appalling treatment from servicemen

D.Heron on Sep 12, 2016
We are under a basic furnace repair contract with GasMetroPlus. For the second time in a year, we had a serviceman come and leave us shaking from the shock of his rudeness and inappropriate commentary. Last year, I was alone and the man took me from air duct to air duct telling me all the...

HomeServe / Shower repair

johnjack1213 on Sep 12, 2016
Home Serve came and left by breaking shower cubicle. Home Serve called due to a water leak - engineer checked it and said shower needs to be sealed. Not there job to do it. The Shower unit being a whole unit had to be moved - cracked and broke the bottom half of it. Engineer apologised...

Duke Energy / Repair of outside light

sharon hopkins on Sep 9, 2016
On July 28, 2016 I filed a report on my outside light. As of today, September 9, 2016, this light still has not been repaired. I have filed more than one report on this and each time have been told that the repair had been completed. The most recent one being yesterday, September 8, 2016...

Joanne Oyen / Meter change out/returned phone call delays/outrageous bill

Joanne Oyen on Sep 1, 2016
I received a phone message from FPL weeks ago advising that they needed to change their meter due to a malfunction. They advised that they had been unable to get into our yard due to the gate being locked from the inside. As I was concerned about an incorrect bill, I immediately called...

Southern California Edison - Electricity Utility / Overcharging and not letting disabled seniors make payments

Lisa H Griffith on Aug 31, 2016
My husband moved to his home in 1996 with his Mother. I moved in the home in 1998. They paid a deposit of $200 when they first moved in. They bill was in my husband's and mother-in-law's name. I ended up paying the bill online. Fast forward to the present. My husband had a Spinal Surgery...
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