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FerrellGas / delivery services

jimdavis577 on Jan 18, 2017
I call to schedule a delivery because my tank was extremely low( gage not showing any propane) I was out of town for an extended period of time. So I scheduled for delivery, was told there is no way to get next day delivery and soonest would be 2 days. However they have policy if your tank...

missouri gas energy / Billing Complaint

Trisha Kennedy on Jan 18, 2017
I had to close a bank account and get a new one, and set up my account so that they had my current bank account. However, some how they had my new account and my old bank account and were trying to withdraw my monthly electronic bill from both. So while I was still actually paying my bill...

Reliance Home Comfort / Billing

Kim% on Jan 18, 2017
I have conducted a comparison between Reliance Home Comfort bills and Enbridge "Charges from Other Companies". I was only able to access from 2015 with Enbridge but since January 2015, I have been charge for the heat water rental by both you and Enbridge. I believe, once I acquire the...

Alabama Power / Running power lines to my new house

Grace Nichole Culver on Jan 17, 2017
Me and my husband bought a new mobile home October of 2016 and it was delivered and set up by the beginning of December. We called Alabama Power the day they brought the house on the land to get them to come out and get power hooked up. They have sent one guy out to look at the trees that...

Alliant Energy / Billing

Tyler Bucy on Jan 17, 2017
For the majority of two years, they can't seem to figure out how to read my meter. To be fair, the early months were due to us having a dog that spent most days outside, leaving the meter inaccessible. That being said, we had a plan in place to leave the dog inside during meter reading...

US Postal Service / Mailman 73108

Christygrantham on Jan 16, 2017
This is the second time I haven't been getting my mail. F or a whole month last time it's only with this one certain mailman the other ones leave the mail the first time he said it was because of the dog my dog is never outside i'm always watching for him something needs to be done because...

FerrellGas / Non-response to emergency gas leak, poor customer service

Cat Singletary on Jan 15, 2017
1/10/17 contacted ferrellgas through online form requesting someone come out and check tank because it was showing low status and had just filled in november and wanted it checked out. They called and would not send someone to check until I paid $49 rental fee first. 1/11/17 called ferrellga...

DirecTV / Unauthorized charges to my account

Ruth Snyder on Jan 14, 2017
You took money out of my account without my knowledge!!! put my money back now i will call every hour until the money is back in my account i want this done asap like now!!! i want this issue resolved now!!! i can't feed my family because you took money out of my account without my...

Telkom / Installation of new line

Pinkys on Jan 13, 2017
When I applied for line I was told I would get an installation date in 14 days but have to pay R700 deposit, which I did. I then got an sms to say my line will be installed as soon as a pay another R700 deposit, which I then did again. On tuesday I got a call advising that the technician...

The Salvation Army USA / Energy assistance, bellingham wa

Cb2017 on Jan 12, 2017
Dear Complaints Board, This is a complaint about the Salvation Army, Bellingham, WA branch denial of reschedule of an Energy Assistance program by employee, Marcus. I am a cancer patient who overslept the appointment. When I phoned to reschedule, I was told "no" and also that I am "not...

Duke Energy / My bill w as a to high

Jenny dillow on Jan 10, 2017
I had extremely high bills for a small 2 bdrm home I tried to talk to your customer service people and pay but they will not give me more time I paid every penny I had today and was told it was not enough I paid 520 and trying to keep my power on and can p as t the balance when my next...

Con Edison / Customer service

Sweetcheeks93 on Jan 10, 2017
Some of Con Edison representatives and supervisors are definitely out to lunch. I've called multiple times asking certain questions and the rep doesn't explain or answer my question so I ask for a supervisor...always without fail...a supervisor will call u back they never ever call back...

Con Edison / Unprotected utility pole

Haig Hovaness on Jan 9, 2017
Con EdisonA coned wooden utility pole in pelham manor, ny has been struck twice by cars in the last year. Each time, power has been lost to several homes in the neighborhood. This pole should have some type of barrier protection installed to prevent future power disruptions. There should also be...

Sun International / Sun city disgustingly filthy

HJoubert on Jan 9, 2017
My family and I visited sun city on monday the 26th of december as day visitors. We pre booked our valley of the waves entrance to avoid queues. We thought that this will be the perfect day out as we are familiar with sun city and love the place. We were also keen to see the new upgrade...

Eureka Forbes / UAE

johnsonsv on Jan 8, 2017
There is this company in Sharjah with the same name run by Pakistanis but has nothing to do with the real Forbes company nor their Indian Partner Eureka Forbes. Never be cheated, they would say this is a US company with operations in several other counties but all that is LIEs. If the...

Globe Telecom / Internet speed not reached

Rommel Nadal on Jan 7, 2017
Complaining on services made by globe to restore internet speed service. It has been 6 days now and Services are crap. Our internet plan is 10mbps. Since Nov 2016 we have internet speed of 8-9mbps which is ok. After refresh of account this Jan 2017, we barely get 4mbps. Been complaining...

Kaspersky / KIS License

TAQA Power on Jan 2, 2017
KasperskyWe bought a KASPERSKY Internet security 9 CD each one for 4 devices from 3 weeks 3 CDs of them after installing license the expiration days less than the normal Expiration days as the following: CD 1 Activation Code: BVUR5-ABW4Z-99SSW-ZTUGJ Key: a86af408-7f8f-490b-a16d-fcf7ffd02141 Expire in: 180 days NO of...

Consumers Energy / Customer representative

Avalou on Dec 29, 2016
After receiving a bill for over $600 I called to question it. I called 12/29/16 @ about 950 am. The lady that answered the phone mumbled her name so I didn't catch it. 2 weeks ago my power got shut off over $100. Not because we don't pay we pay every month it's just that apparently not...

APS (Arizona Public Service) / Unethical behavior

AMJ420 on Dec 29, 2016
I started service with APS at my current address on 11/15/16 which I was required to make a deposit of $200 for. Then on approx. 11/28/16, I received a notice that said I had a previous balance at another address that they had rolled onto my current account and they were threating to...

Nicor Gas / Disconnect from main

Ryan6534 on Dec 28, 2016
We have been waiting for a gas disconnect from the main at for at least 6 weeks. The fee has been paid at the time the call was placed. My customer and I have repeatedly called for an update and it seems to be humorous to thier blatantly unprofessional staff that the process is taking so...
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