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channie7 on Mar 18, 2013
I paid for extra lives on Candy Crush and i was to be charged $1.99 but i was charged $41.99. Does anyone know who to contact or am i just shit out of luck and have to cop it on the chin?????/

Reliance Gsm / Improper Way of Recharge

AnoopKumarGupta on Feb 21, 2013
there is always system upgradation problem from reliance gsm prepaid customer care for 24hrs, 365days... first of all they can not solve their own system problem, then how can they solve our problem !!! i really ned to say that your customer care service is very cheap.

Walmart Familymobile / Webpack

donwelty on Jan 22, 2013
I have older familymobile account with family plan with several phones. The plan that I have coasts $45 for the first phone and $25 for each additional phone for unlimited talk and text. Since this account does not include internet service, there is a separate charge paid for by "webpack"...

Relance Cdma / deduction amount from balnce

rajendra kumar rawat on Jan 20, 2013
Dear Sir/ Madam, my cdma mobile no. is 8766612663. I a recharged mobile with rs. 50/- but same day i found that rs.30/- deduct from my main balance.and from 16 jan, 2013 to till date rs.1/- deduct every day from main balance. Please do helpful Thanks rajendra kumar rawat mob. no. 9214555333 email - rajrawat.2010@gmail.com

Official Research Chemicals / officialresearchchemicals.com Scam Website

AlexWhite on Jan 18, 2013
officialresearchchemicals.com is a scam site. I was sent a BRAND NEW card from my bank, I purchased a product with that card from their website, 3 days later I check my online banking only to find it was been totally rinsed by Albanian mobile phone topups. Clearly they are selling customer...

Digi Telecom / Unfair Service

digisuxx on Jan 16, 2013
I feel utterly cheated by Digi again and again! My SIM is low in credit, I transfered $5 over, spoke to my friend for $0.80 cents, but my balance now is only $0.90 cents!!! Why? because Digi auto renew my daily internet, which I don't need! And it's 11.30pm now, means only 30min...

Airtel Post Paid service / Connection not disconnected & bill still getting generated

gunjan.v.prasad on Jan 12, 2013
Dear, As I've stated earlier, I am getting bills after requesting for closure of the account Regarding my post-paid mobile number: 9945218067, account 105-101157972 following are the sequence of the events :- 1) I called 121 in June to know the closure procedure & intimated them that...

HaltGame.com / fraudulrnt billing my cc account

janltn@yahoo.com on Jan 6, 2013
I got a charge on my cc statement for this company haltgame.com, but I can asure you, I did not order this product. I don't know where they got my cc info, but this is not my charge. I would like this to be deleted from my credit card and reimbursed for these charges on this statement...

Paramount Audio Performance / I was billed

schiavetto29 on Jan 4, 2013
Paramount Audio Performance added a charge on my phone bill without authorization. I received my bill and found a $19.99 charge. The phone company said it was billed by Dream audio misty alert.

WAP push / Spamming my mobile number

Clive Walley on Dec 11, 2012
I am seriously pissed off with recieving numerous text messages advertising this website on my mobille +34 662061698 and want it to stop immediately. I also suspect that some charge is being made to my top up funds by whoever is sending these nuisance texts. If the appropriate action i...

Airtel GSM / to stop activated illegal ab-baarot song link

abhishek madhukar on Dec 10, 2012
Dear frd i always receive song link that has not been activated by me. DND Function have been activted.but I am in tension. My balance is reduced 5 rs one msg.without toch mpbile.. Msg is as "AB-Baarot: item songs: Ye Raj-E-Dil Tumhara! Click" this is a type of text msg. ...

helm.tekmob.com/pim/samogamesen1?&sub= / Cutting money from my mobile

RafeeqSM on Nov 27, 2012
Almost everyday I am receiving unwanted WAP SMS from helm.tekmob.com and charging to my account which reduces my credit balance in my mobile # 966 502151033. Please stop this unauthorized incoming sms to my mobile 0502151033 (Saudi Arabia). Thanks...

Events2Cell / Refund reward card

Cedareden on Nov 11, 2012
I received texts from Events2Cell. When I discovered they were charging me $9.99 per month for this "service" that I never signed up for, they agreed to cancel and refund $20.00. I just received two $10 Visa reward cards, very generic looking. According to back they are issued by All Tran...

events2cell.com / Unauthorized subscription

ATraveller on Nov 9, 2012
One Sunday in late October, I received 3 text messages from 586-29. I thought they were normal spam texts, so just deleted them. When they started again, I did some research and found that this "service" sends texts and then bills $9.99 to my cell phone account.

Ee & T-Mobile / Charged $1 from my mobile phone

Luis Asberry on Oct 23, 2012
Ee & T-Mobile charged $1 from my mobile phone without my authorization. It’s not a big sum of money but nevertheless I don’t want to donate my money to scammers. I stopped using this sim card a month ago, so I simply cannot confirm money transfer. I’ll call BBB soon.

quizfever.com / Incredible!

Frank Mclaurin on Oct 10, 2012
I discovered that quizfever.com is charging my phone account during two last weeks. I don’t think that it is normal. I didn’t subscribe to smth, so I wanted to get the answer from these scam artists. They prefer not to pick the tube up. Incredible!

Google.com/chca / unauthorized Debit to my account

Jade Dennis on Oct 9, 2012
I have multiple debits to my bank account ranging from (.99) -(1.99) I did not authorized these transactions. and I have not downloaded anything from the account

Uster / Charge money from my phone once in three days

Grovel on Oct 3, 2012
I discovered recently that company named Uster charge money from my phone once in three days. I sent them email 3 days ago asking to stop this fraudulence activity. Today I found another charge. I think the only way to stop this is to call the lawyer.

SMS Helpdesk / Thievery

Disgustomer on Oct 2, 2012
I recieved a 9.99 charge on my phone bill saying Wise Media Text alerts and given the number 8887953844. I called and the rude women said she was a third party billing company and showed no record of billing and to 'call back later.' I then asked for her companies info and she...

mobegen / Phone charges

Daniela C on Sep 25, 2012
I received an upgrade option on my phone for a battery booster which I downloaded. Apparently I have been charged $3.00 x13 times =$39 for this download. I received a message on my phone on ther 20.9.12 at 8:15am 5 times "Free msg:Thank you for your APP Upgrade Purchase on 19917849 DROIDSNACK.$3.00/1-300-661-263" I...
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