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USA-Cigarettes.com / Orered 10 cartons cigarettes

Ronald Dunn on Nov 30, 2015
11-06-15 ordered 10 cartons cigarettes and after paying for them no longer get any replies from them ( beware do not order from these crooks) china needs to set up place in china so people can complain to to stop these crooks paid $304.00 order#32514 10 cartons basic 100 menthol lights tracking # for money 724 802 0477 western union

USA-Cigarettes.com / Never heard from them any more

Reviewer78998 on Nov 20, 2015
It was my naive, on 10/09/15 I transfer money to USA-CIGARETTES.COM via Western union. I got a normal order confirmation email. Never heard from them any more ... ======confirmation email======== On Fri, Oct 9, 2015 at 1:12 PM, USA-CIGARETTES.COM wrote: Order Confirmation from...

Benson & Hedges / Cigarettes Switch

Reviewer34592 on Nov 17, 2015
Good Day My name is Stuart I am a smoker of the Benson & Hedges Switch brand. I am disappointed that some of the cigarettes do not have "mint ball" as they should. I have the evidence with me. I will be smoking another brand of cigarettes. This has happened one time to many. My contact...

Sterling Cigarettes / Less Product in Boxes

Reviewer83011 on Nov 14, 2015
I am fuming mad to have found several times now that I have purchased a pack of Sterling cigarettes expecting 18 only to find 17. As a visitor to the UK this is a costly item to me given my country's terribly poor exchange rate and I find it totally but totally unacceptable. Something...

Republic Tobacco / Gambler Pipe Tobacco (for rolling cigarettes)

CristieB on Nov 13, 2015
Republic TobaccoI bought it from will not return this bag and I have found bugs, yes real bugs in three bags now! It's disgusting, I've obviously been smoking them, ugh. I've never even seen these types of bugs, they have hard pointed and sharp bottoms or stingers and one even stabbed me on my toe, before...

Marlboro / Gold Cigarettes

Reviewer34421 on Nov 5, 2015
I bought two packs 25 Marlboro Gold and in both of these packets the cigarette paper looked like it has been wet - ie it was not white but translucent, and the cigarette was not as firm. Only two out of each pack looked like a normal cigarette. I haven't tried to smoke any of these a...

Benson And Hedges / Pricing

ashleydean on Nov 2, 2015
i have been smoking this brand for a while. i have been buying this cigarettes from a sasol garage and the advertised price is R25 but this garage has advised us that Benson &hedges is selling this cigarette for R26.50. I feel that this is misleading to advertise a pack of cigarettes for...

Top Tobacco / Bad quality

KlashNYC on Nov 1, 2015
As stated in several other complaints, I also find the quality of the tobacco has dropped Severely. Most of the time it is very dry, and by the time I clean out the stems, etc. (lest the paper rip), there is very little real tobacco in it. Increasingly the bag is full of so much un-tobacco...

Woolworths / Cigarettes

dorothy field on Oct 21, 2015
Yesterday my friend purchased two cartoons of jps blue which she does every fortnight unfortunately she sat outside and had a heart attack where she was taken to doctors and will undergo surgery today on doctors advice she is no longer allowed to smoke being a pensioner and not being able...

Gambler Cigarette Tobacco / Full flavor 8oz bag of Cigarette Tobacco

Cathy Davidson on Oct 20, 2015
We have been using your product for over a year. The last 3 bags have been combined with 1/4 of Sticks, Big Leaves and chips of stems in a bag. For $50 a bag this should not be in my tobacco. I am a loyal customer and would appreciate this problem being fixed. I will try one more bag and...

Newport / Taste changed

Reviewer43551 on Oct 3, 2015
I am quitting newports. They have changed them completely.They are making me physically ill and ive smoked them for years. The filte is differerent and the taste is horrible. Sick to my stomach, burning throat.Headache and gives a cough . What happened? Everyone i know smokes newport and...

Pall Mall Cigarette / Black stones in the filter

Reviewer59480 on Sep 29, 2015
Pall Mall CigaretteSo my mum bought some cigarettes and i had one that was in my pocket and broke so i decided to roll it in rizla. As i pulled the tobacco from the label at the end, tiny black stones fell out and on closer inspection the filter was made with them in. However only half of the filter had...

Duty Free Depor / Cigarettes/Tobacco

aadark on Sep 15, 2015
I would not buy any more from them. I think they are out of business. Neither sales or customer service picks up. A CSR told me a month ago that the registered mail is being stolen in NY, probably mob connections in the Post Office, because this is a big black market in NY where 60% of all...

Marlboro / Bad product

Pritts15431 on Sep 12, 2015
I just bought a pack of Marlboro next and the first one I got the menthol was already poped smoke it but it tasted really stale I figured maybe it was just that cig nope almost the entire pack was already popped and the menthol was not there is this something that happens often thanks for your time

Ecigsbrand.com / Electronic starter kit.

Doodle1 on Sep 10, 2015
I completed a survey for a free starter kit & was told that I would be billed monthly for replacement cartridges unless I stopped my direct debit authorisation which I did, now they have taken £20.09 from my account to which they were not entitled, put a stop on my bank today & they gave me...

Pall Mall / Price

Barend on Sep 8, 2015
Hi I'm from south africa I've been smoking pall mall blue and red for over 8 years from when it was still known as princeton anyway I started with that brand because it was the cheapest best qaulity cigarette its cheap and not bad you know. Well I've senn the price go up and...

Marlboro / Stale cartoon of cigarettes

Laura liparoto on Sep 6, 2015
I have been buying cartoon of Marlboro every month sometimes two a month for many years. It's cheaper that way since I live on my ss it helps. Well two weeks ago I bought a cartoon at walmart I believe and the first pack was stale then I tried another same thing come to find out the whole...

Camel Cigarettes / Camel crush blues and bolds

Jon Nix on Aug 17, 2015
Camel CigarettesI've smoked crush blues for several years now and my boyfriend has smoked crush bolds for a while as well, either way neither one of us have ever came across this in our time with this brand. I'm not sure if it is a specific carton or case going around in San Antonio but we have...

New Port / Cigarette complaints

Reviewer19596 on Aug 14, 2015
I recently purchased a carton of new ports and I am really not happy I spent a lot of money for these and they were just horrible they were so stale I couldn't even smoke them and the store with got them from will not except my return I would really good to receive a refund

Marlboro / Icky plastico-rubbery translucent icky bits on the cellophane

AdamSmith12 on Aug 9, 2015
I bought a pack of Marlboro menthol gold 100's, and there was an icky plastic rubbery looking bit thing on the pack. It was translucent. Also, in my city, there's always tamper marks on the packs that I get. It's so common, I've become so exhausted fighting for a normal...
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