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Marlboro / Cigarette with only the Filter Part

Sharon-Lee on 2015-07-30
Marlboro I found a cigarette in my packet of 20 Marlboro Gold Beyond, it has no Tobacco side, it only has a filter, could i please get and South African Number to dial and launch a complaint or can i get an email address to email my complaint to, please, this is pathetic. I bought the packet on the 29/07/2015 at 16:13, I seriously request a refund of this.

Reynolds Tobacco / Newport cigs

Linda Adkins on 2015-07-27
Bought 6 packs of Newport Black 100's, noticed they seemed a bit stale-tasting, looked up date coding, found that these cigs are almost 3 years old! Bought at Walgreen's, I informed Walgreen's manager, who said they would take them off the shelf and notify their distributor...

Duty Free Depot / seized tobacco

ian boyle on 2015-07-23
I have just received a letter from BORDER FORCE Langley telling me my 500g of tobacco have been seized I gave this company a fantastic review about 8weeks ago, why have my goods been seized ? on your website you say you comply with the law but obviously you don't, I don't know...

Marlboro / Filter

Aanand KTM on 2015-07-20
Hi, I couldn't get into your Marlboro.com. I believe you have realised by now that your sales of Marlboro (Red) had gone down significantly. I switched to Winston after you changed the "Firm Filter". It so bad and I've been smoking for past 20 years and I was your loyal consumer...

Sterling / Not what I asked for

cheggs on 2015-07-18
I bought what I thought was a packet of 20 cigarettes only to find out when I got home there was only 18 in the packet. I paid over £7.50 for this product and I feel I have been ripped off there was no mention of there being only 18 when I bought them or them costing any less. I would...

Duty Free Depot / Cigarettes seized by Border Force

hastingwood on 2015-07-18
I ordered cigarettes from them and today have received a letter from Border Agency saying they have seized 400 cigarettes addressed to me. They were seized under section 139.

Shell Oil Co. service station / discriminatory behavior by clerk

Pablo Mora on 2015-07-15
Approximately two weeks ago I was walking through my neighborhood and stopped at the Shell service station at 1201 Bonforte Blvd. here in Pueblo, CO. I attempted to buy cigarettes but was asked for an ID by a clerk who would only identify himself as David. I told him, I'm walking and...

Sterling Cigarettes / Less cigarettes than advertised

Rebeccaholly94 on 2015-07-08
I brought a packet of 20 sterling (not nineteen) today and when I opened the packet there was only 18 inside, as I pay over six pound for this product I do expect the product to be as intended

Sterling Cigarettes / 18 sterling

I'm really not happy with the fact that I pay over 6 pound for 20 sterling and end up getting 18. It hasn't been advised anywhere that you will be changing these and taking 2 cigarettes for the box you will lose alot of custome over this me for one. Won't be buying sterling no more.

Sterling Cigarettes / Ripped Off

Alan Rose on 2015-07-06
Just rang JTI on +44 1932 372000 and spoke to their Customer Services. They are making a note on these complaints for future reference and action. So ring up. The more the better.

Mayfair menthol cigarettes / not 20 in a packet

Lorna Spence on 2015-07-03
I bought 60 Mayfair menthol cigarettes on Thursday 2nd July, in Asda, Larne. The first packet I opened had only 18 cigarettes in it, So I decided to open the other 2 pack's to see if they were short as I'd 2 pack's short of cigarettes the week before, and 1 pack had 19 in it...

Marlboro Gold / Cigarette was not in its shape inside

PRASANT12 on 2015-07-01
I bought a packet of Marlboro gold . When I opened it the filter of two cigarettes were damaged sort of broken.

Sterling Cigarettes / only 18 in pack of 20

margaret smales on 2015-06-30
I bought a pack of 20 sterling blue superkings from Tescos to find they was only 18 in the pack and they was nothing on the box to state they would only be 18 in we pay high prices in this country and dont expect to be robbed of the product so please can you sort this out for me

Sterling Cigarettes / Stale cigarettes (multipack)

ClareWeezy on 2015-06-30
My mum and I have been smoking Sterling for many years now. My first complaint is I bought a pack a couple weeks ago to find there was only 18 cigarettes in the pack. I don't think that's right considering the price we are having to pay and it was not clearly advertised. My...

Sterling Cigarettes / packed not full

Gemman on 2015-06-28
I have smoked sterling for 8 years now and last night I bought a pack opened them and noticed the pack didnt look full it had spaces so I counted them and there was only 17 cigarettes in the packed but yet I paid full price for them, I think this is disgusting, it should at least state how...

Sterling Menthol Superkings / Smaller packets

Cherrybomb74 on 2015-06-26
Hi I have been smoking sterling menthol superkings for nearly 10 years and was happy I was getting 20 cigs but then you reduced them to 19 at no price reduction they went up and to my disgust I just bought my usual 100 multi pack to see its 18 per packet and still the same price.how can...

Sterling / Complaint on sterling cigarettes

EmmaMc on 2015-06-25
Regarding cigarettes that used to be 20 in a packet then down to 19 and now today I purchased a packet that cost £7.46 only containing 18 cigarettes when it's meant to be 20. I'm not one bit pleased can you give me an explanation for this or less I will no longer by sterling. Yours sincerely Emma

Sterling / number of cigarettes

caitlin1 on 2015-06-24
SterlingI noticed the number of cigarettes in a packet of sterling had went down from 20 to 19. Yesterday I purchased 2 packs from my local shop to come home and find only 18 in each I let it be but today the same happened I bought 1 pack to come home and find 18 again. Im paying the same price...

Sterling Blue / Contents

Kathryn N. on 2015-06-18
I have been smoking Sterling Blue for sometime now, having changed from the more expensive Silk cut. It didn't take long to discover I was only paying for 19 cigarettes instead of 20. However, to my amazement this morning I discovered that I am only getting 18 in the packet and you...

tyler / Barned figure do to bad service

tyler18 on 2015-06-14
employee argued with me because I said he messed up because he sold the wrong product to me and it caused me to go to the er
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