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Hon'ble Prime Minister of India & FMI & Minister of L & J / Why purposely & intentionally dumping of major tax evasions & major tax evaders subject to illegal bribes earnings by direct & indirect taxes ?

hussainzuber on Jan 12, 2017
Portal centralized public grievance redress and monitoring system (cpgrams)brought to you by department of administrative reforms & public grievances Government of india home Lodge a grievance lodge reminder/clarification view status change password forgot password Grievance status Print ||...

Grab Car / Charging high on name of demand (Grab share)

sachinp4uonly on Jan 12, 2017
Guys please do not book cab using grab-share in future before checking the estimated price. T Oday I shared the taxi with one more passenger and grab share charged be 19$ which is 150% higher then my daily commute charges & wasted my actual office transport time as well. As regular...

H&R block / Tax service in totality

TruthinessAvenger on Jan 11, 2017
So, I'm going to let this all out. Since I may be commenting alot, despite moderators rightly analyzing it for their professional upkeep of this site as a whole, I'm going to say what's happened that I experienced. The mods may realize that I'm not even giving out my real name. It'll also...

H&R block / Unprofessional tax preparer

Kirill Novikov on Jan 11, 2017
I've been trying to re-file my 2014 return with one of H&R Block agents since April 2016 (my case is that of a US citizen filing from abroad). I asked her to check if there had been any mistakes in my 2014 return (it was done by another company and I suspected there could be a...

Jackson Hewitt / Tax services

Mary Brooks on Jan 11, 2017
Jackson Hewitt filed my taxes on Jan 3rd 2016 I qualified for the loan the preparer made a mistake and the card did not activate. I waited 48 hours and still nothing. preparer called and asked had I received money next day, I told her no. she apologized and I asked how can I get the money...

H&R block / Paid for peace of mind

Tabitha Talley on Jan 11, 2017
Paid for peace of mind, getting anything but! We received a letter in the mail that our taxes for last year were wrong and we owed money. Well we purchased peace of mind but all we are getting is run around and a lot people who don't know what to do. We have made countless trips to the...

Delta taxi / No change from fare

Jeanette Ravn on Jan 10, 2017
10/01/2017 my daughter come to see me after working and we had our tea and watch some TV by 8pm she was going home by taxi as it was dark and late she rang when she came home to her flat gave the driver £5 for a £4.40 Fare but all the guy did was put the money in his bag he did not give...

TaxRaahi / Income tax return filing

Pramod Gahlot on Jan 10, 2017
I purchased the return filing package from taxraahi - an income tax return filing software for rs. 799 (Invoice id: 127362). The software had bugs - I was not able to file itr 7 with the portal. The software only offered return filing till itr 4s. I took me 2 hours to prepare return -...

H&R block / They will not give me my money

Rachellesandoval on Jan 9, 2017
My tax professional for best of both did not do her job she did not put my refund on the right account she did not change my address as I asked her to do which I have proof an email my refund was supposed to be issued to my bank on June 2nd but wherever it was issued it was sent back to...

SARS South Africa / Tax return still not paid after a month and a week

Shona-elize Markgraaff on Jan 2, 2017
I went for my first tax return 19.11.2016, i was told that my return would be paid out after 31 days, rvennthough legally it was supposed to be 21 days, when i called the contact center i was told that my documents were only submitted on 21.12.2016! I argued with the women on the other...

Jackson Hewitt / False advertising

Lisa0579 on Dec 31, 2016
I went to go apply for the advance loan and I was approved. However there is a catch to it. You don't get the loan all at once which was my purpose for applying for the loan. It took them 3 hours to file my taxes in which when I did my own it took 30 mins. When it came time to put the...

HR BLock / Poor dvd installation

Mike Cady on Dec 29, 2016
I have used hrblock for several years but this year I received a DVD that won't work on my computer because the resolution is wrong but it won't tell me what resolution to use. Then when I decided to download from the web I found out that they charge extra for downloading a 2nd time in...

Canada Post / Misbehaviour of an employee of canada post.

Parminder Lail on Dec 28, 2016
Hi, My name is Lail. One of the employee from Canada post came to my door to deliver a parcel on December 28/12/2016.She ranged the bell 10 times. I opened the door and requested her not to ring it 10 times please...we have a heart patient. She said she is refusing to deliver the items, next...

H&R block / Ripoff

Matt Vigil on Dec 22, 2016
I think my wife and I are going to be finding a new company to do our taxes. We've been going to HR Block for years and we spend over $400 every time which is fine. However, I went into an H&R Block office today because i needed a copy my 2015 tax return to send to the government so I went...

H&R block / Wait time

reevesj005 on Dec 22, 2016
I came to the Hr block in Matteson IL and they have only one person working in the office period! No one to help answer the phone or help with anything!! I literally sat there for two hrs and waited with several other while one worker did tests, answered phones and everything else. It...

Ember Tax and Accounting / Taxes

Cherilyn111 on Dec 21, 2016
This firm failed to file our taxes resulting in IRS penalties. LinkedIn Profile for Dionne G. includes BBB logo. They promised a refund of fees paid and reimbursement of penalties, but have ignored all requests, so Small Claims was filed. A District Court judgment was issued against these...

H&R block / Horrible customer service

Amy Pittman on Dec 20, 2016
I've used H&R Block for 12 years, always filing my taxes online. I just went to start my taxes for 2016 and went to review my taxes for 2015 and noticed a little box on my form that stated my taxes were not e-filed. I called them and started a file, but they told me to call the IRS to...

H&R block / Not honoring their promises

Pirooz Darai on Dec 16, 2016
I filed my 2014 return in one of H&R blocks offices at Bonita Spring Florida. The agent charged me 500 dollars plus 35 dollars for so called Peace of mind insurance. She efiled my return and it was rejected later that day, but she never found out or informed me. 8 month later I received a...

H&R block / It appears that you don't stand behind your product-here is your chance to convince me otherwise

Carolyn Cocotas on Dec 7, 2016
I am going to make this a very condensed version of my experience with H and R BLOCK. You have been preparing my taxes for much of my adult life. In 2014 you did them, I sent the IRS my check and I thought all was well. I paid for them to be electronically submitted and for the PIECE OF...

Dollar Tree / Tax exempt

jkopke on Nov 30, 2016
I am a tax exempt buyer for a non-profit organization that purchases frequently from Dollar tree. Most of our purchases are at the store and I have a tax exempt card issued thru the state I use have no problems. Online however they will never exempt by taxes! I have sent in my tax exempt...
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