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Sexual Abuse Complaints

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Skyfaxinc / Online harassment

Standhappy on Jan 16, 2017
I have been a victim of online harassment / stalking, extortion and hacking by your user greg welch with yahoo acct under glw93@yahoo.com for more than 3 years now. I have never responded to his evilness in hope he would quit. However, he hasn't stopped. He has accumulated infos, photos and...

ToLqi / this man very bad camfrog room

djprinces on Jan 11, 2017
He bad man he keeps float in room and swear write name on id doing flot he keeps do this make me upset alot camfrog he keep change his id but l know his id send you ToLqi O*E 2 ids in Camfrog can stop this man keep flot swear write down in room all time 24 hours he keeps flot to me you...

Dollar Tree / Employee bud nutt at haymarket square, 4349 merle hay rd, des moines, ia 50310

Jedsall on Jan 4, 2017
Dollar TreeThe fact that your company has the word family in it's name makes me deeply curious as to why you would allow a convicted child rapist to work for, and represent, the family dollar brand. Perhaps you don't do background checks on your employees and are simply unaware. However, I would like...

Popeyes Chicken / Chicken

corbin washington on Dec 28, 2016
Gm lenel at starting and essen tried fight me in front of customer after he keep saying he slept whit my brother that mess up because he work at popeye's I quit because of all was saying at work after gm lenel telling everyone he slept whit my bro I told my bro at end of day that's my bro...

Food Lion / Sexual harassment of my wife

Andrew R. Wilson on Dec 26, 2016
My wife works at the store in Princeton and the store manager In mount olive keeps hurrassing her and showing up to her work. When she tells him off he tells her he will come to my work to do harmful things. I know he has a past of this within his own store and has been in trouble for it...

Village Inn Restaurants / Seeing a supervisor sexually harass two different male employees

robert123456789 on Dec 25, 2016
My family and i had went in for dinner on monday december 19th 2016 fist encounter was when our server joe came over to take our order when the supervisor john was standing behind him acting like he was having sex with from behind when our server noticed he elbowed him and told him to...

Yahoo! / Email account-pornographic emails

Elle Marks on Dec 23, 2016
Yahoo!Dear whom it may concern, I have been recieving pornographic emails for three months now. Thankfully they are going mostly to my spam folder. I have managed to unsubscribe from a lot of the sites. However, there are a few that I can not unsubscribe from. I would love to permanently block...

Mapco express / Sexual harassment from manager and female associates

Jbrad4_26 on Dec 21, 2016
The store is located at 2055 mcfarland ave roseville, georgia Manager tammy dover This store the manager tammy dover and the other female associates are always harassing the male customers. My husband is in there often and it embarrsses him to hear the way they talk. If you want to keep good...

Omegle / A post with my personal kik username

Andrea Erevia on Dec 8, 2016
OmegleI found out that someone posted something asking for explicit photos to be sent to my kik, they also made a sexual comment. They then proceeded to share my username. I have now been getting explicit photos from men and am only 16 years old. I did not write the post and would like it taken...

Floyd Behavioral Center / Poor conduct

Erica Faye on Dec 6, 2016
Gerald Stewart does custodial work for aramark at Floyd behavior center in Rome, Ga. We started drinking last night and when I passed out he tried to pull my pants off. I had to call the cops because he was going to kick me out in the cold and rain to wait for my parents to get there. It...

Google / Google+

Chris Bebbington on Nov 27, 2016
This Google+ system has been corrupted with weird posts, they seem to be pro Islam and anti Christian. An example is if you type in Christian films you will receive lists of 95% porn links, and I had friends independantly verify this so is not just my phone or comuter network. I complained...

Garden Fairies Trading Company / Products not received, wrong items sent. lies

pat addison on Nov 26, 2016
I ordered (by phone, first mistake) $1.90 in needles, 13.75 in Entredeux lace, and $4.50 for a book.. I was told S&H would be minimal and would be billed later. This was billed to my visa on 10/13/16. After many e-mails and phone calls, I received the order on 11/23/16. NO BOOK, the wrong...

7-Eleven / Westborough 7-eleven

Taylorb97 on Nov 23, 2016
On October 28th, 2016 I went into the 7/11 in Westborough MA, to grab a few things before heading to work. It was 8:30 in the morning and I was already running late for work. As I walked in I noticed that the man at the register working was someone who for the past few months had been...

Starbucks / Sexual harassment

9955667788 on Nov 17, 2016
Josh the hiring manager supervisor at delaware welcome center, my name is danielle and he is sexually harassing me at work. he's making very rude.. and sexual comment about my back side or when i bend over.. i've heard other girls talk about it as well. i'm scared and feel unsafe at work... but i don't want to loose my job,

Albertsons / Cashier's

jr25 on Nov 10, 2016
Albertsons on newport st, santa ana ca 92707. Im Hispanic and if I walk in with my wife, to see what I like to buy. I don't appreciate your cashier following me like if I'm a criminal. Or appreciate her screaming 10yards away from me and my wife with her tone of voice saying "Do you need help...

First Source Solution Ltd, Siliguri / Harassment at work by tl

Deep Kumar Das on Nov 7, 2016
Dear Sir, I am Deep Kumar Das Employee of First Source Solution LTD, SILIGURI, Emp Id 1000382, I am writing this letter to inform you about the harassment I am being subjected to, by my TL Pinaki Mitra . On various occasions in the past, Mr. Pinaki has been putting me down because I was do...

Peter Cheplic from Archdiocese of Newark / Alleged abuse and unethical behavior in new jersey parishes

St Joes on Oct 19, 2016
Peter Cheplic from Archdiocese of NewarkIt was documented on other websites that in New Jersey, the archdiocese of newark had 2 notorious priests. Fr Frank Rose and Rev. Peter A. Cheplic. The two priests, monseigneur, pastors, had issues with underage minors by soliciting them sexual advances through gifts. The art of seduction...

Weshare / Sexual abuse by founder/ceo kapil sharma in paris

KGR63 on Oct 8, 2016
WeshareI have been sexually abused by the CEO of Weshare, Kapil Sharma, during my internship period for two months. I left that job as I was traumatised. I also learnt later that he was abusing and cheating on the person he was with. He does not show respect when talking to women. He sent variou...

Vip Singapore Escort / SMS Spamming

Bobesh Riz on Oct 4, 2016
Dear sir/madam, My name is bobesh riz a czech republic citizen living in germany. I was in singapore 3 weeks ago enjoying formula 1 singapore tour there. During that period I used a prepaid "sing tel" cell phone number bought from the changi airport, but I got really disappointed of the...

DBS Bank / Hamza Islam is guilty of sexual assault and should confess

Justice4F on Sep 28, 2016
DBS BankDear Viewers I am not a writer nor am i good in expressing what i am feeling now. I just want justice for the unfortunate incident that crashed upon my friend due to my irresponsibility. There are no words that can express the amount of regret and hate I have towards myself now. It was June...
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