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Security Services Complaints

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Chubb security South Africa / Service provided

Heike Lubbe on Aug 20, 2016
Reading all the other complaints I am now scared!!! I contracted Chubb Security to monitor my home through Free Alarms. I paid up front for the whole year on 01/08/2016 and was informed that they would link me within that week. After not hearing from anybody and not getting through to Free...

APCAN / My provident fund

marius duppie on Aug 16, 2016
Just like the other people say on this site. The call centre dont want to help you always excuses to get your money I try how many times now everytime they say its in progress or a new one call back in two weeks and when phoning again same story. why why is it take them 7 months now for...

sihanoukville / chiken buger

John Mikkelsen on Aug 13, 2016
sihanoukvillewhy you not have chiken buger in sihinoukk ville after 09 at nat timer you crazy i am crazy ??? monday ok bot Saturday no chiken Engelsk 5000 turist burger alle pp come crazy

Secure Group, Inc. / Security

Robert Micah on Aug 10, 2016
Jonathan Salama of Secure Group, Based in Diamond bar and Riverside, CA, is one of the worst people I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. The fact that he claims he owns this business when in fact it is owned and operated by his father, Ashraf Salama is the first offense...

Cox Home Life / Home Life

JMS111111 on Aug 9, 2016
I just needed a new sticker for my sliding door. I had the slider replaced. I thought it would be a quick phone call. Turns out a technician has to come out to your house. You have to place a service call and pay $3.00 for the stoker. I called to complained but it didn't help. I wa...

Professional Security Consultants / lied to/flaws

Complainant91923 on Aug 6, 2016
do not apply there the company was unprofessional the uniforms are not even legit for the site they interviewed me for and come to find out they may not be keeping the site either the staff is on there feet whole shift which is a issue the company cant seem to get there paper work in line or get people what they need

ADT / Home Security Monitoring

Ty. J on Aug 3, 2016
ADT-Protectron installed defective equipment in my home which would not alert their monitoring centre in case of break-in/fire. Rather than fix the equipment, their customer service department continually postponed service tech visits for month after month. After paying $53/month with zero...

Protection 1 / The product and the service are both shoddy

shalom aleichem on Aug 1, 2016
we were never told we had signed up for 3 years. we are renters and had taken the place largely because my 96 year old mother came to spend her last days/ years with us. we had no intention of staying 3 years and would have back away immediiately had we been told then the alarm went off...

Patrol Masters Inc. / Security harassment

Rachel Derryberry on Jul 31, 2016
My household is being unfairly targeted by a guard with Patrol Masters. We live in an HOA and the guard towed my brother's vehicle for parking on the street. The problem is, his is the only vehicle that has ever been towed in the complex. Then the night after it was towed, the security...

F-secure security / F-secure security and financial company

Kaled Kamul on Jul 30, 2016
F-secure securityThis is to bring to your notice that we, the F-secure security and financial company Asia wish to inform you that Bilal Naseer is the full name to our company accountant name which we use and open account in the Banking system, Go through your country Money Gram around you and make the...

Comcast / Xfinity / Phone line Service

Gerald Thomas on Jul 20, 2016
I have an ADT Security System that is run through our phone line for direct communication and protection of our home. We came home from being away for several days and our ADT Alarm System was flashing with the letters "CF"(Failure to Communicate). So I called the security company, they...

Security Elite/Enforcement Group 80 Broad Street NY NY 10004 / Applying for a Security Guard License

Glenda S on Jul 15, 2016
Security Elite/Enforcement Group 80 Broad Street NY NY 10004Security Elite/Enforcement Group located at 80 Broad Street, 12th Floor Suite 1202, New York, NY 10004 is a fake company. They work under different names but they always take your money and disappear. On December 23, 2013 I was scammed by them. When they call me and they acted as if they...

Monitronics / Cancelled over one year still continued to take money from Elderly Parents

RufusMary on Jul 17, 2016
Told my Elderly Parents they were update their ADT alarm systems. Removed my parents ADT systems and put theirs in. I called to cancel 5/11/15 and to remove their system never did. Just decided to look at my parents bank statement Monitronics continued taking funds for 12 months over...

Monitronics Security / Company keeps taking monthly payments from our bank account

Melony Dervin on Jul 12, 2016
We called this security company last year (Summer 2015) and told them we got a new company and new system, and to stop the automatic withdrawals every month. About 3 weeks ago we discovered payments were still coming out of our account! Plus they sent us notices saying our security wa...

Monitronics / Harassing phone calls over payments received

Veronica White on Jul 11, 2016
We have been excellent customers of Monitronics for 3 years, then all of the sudden they told us that our bank account information had changed and we missed our payment. We had never changed our bank or our account and have received several phone calls from them even though they have...

Fidelity Security / CIT

Taryn Pretorius on Jul 6, 2016
First and foremost they are the most incompetent bunch of idiots I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with, I have had to threaten to remove the CIT guards from my site due to arrogance, I have had to threaten to cancel my contract due to breach and still still they have no sense of...

NYCHA / Security company at the Fordham road office

Jessica Guzman-Scott on Jul 2, 2016
NYCHAI went to this office on 7-1-16 at 1:30pm, the main floor guards that there only job is to check ID were very nasty. The heavy set black women that's always ride n miserable went to take the ID of someone behind me, I said excuse me I'm next, she then rolled her eyes n screamed I...

Alarm Force / Home Security System

chance3 on Jun 29, 2016
Please be careful when cancelling. They tried to tell me that I owed $26.50 for the month of July. My contract runs from July to June every year. I pay on a yearly basis. When I went to cancel with them, they told me they couldn't cancel until I paid them $26.50. I told them they were out...

Touch Home Automation / Home automation system

Ewan Middlemiss on Jun 29, 2016
From the very beginning the home automation system has been nothing but trouble. But it was never ever Touch's fault. Always someone else’s cause/problem. The alarm people or the fence people or the wifi routers. From what was originally supposed to be a very simple system to integrate...

Exelon/Commonwealth Edison Co. / Worker

JWBetts on Jun 25, 2016
License plate Y81 2881 is often seen on location of south 95th st and also in hazelcrest Illinois/ this is a Comed/Exelon employee believed to be a claims employee that sits in the areas daily watching house / we hope the person is not stalking to see when people leave home / there's a lot of crime in the world today/ please investigate
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