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Security Services Complaints

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Intercon Security - Joke company unprofessional

Posted: 2015-07-26 by    Gooze079
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This company is a waste of my time and every ones time the staff does not know what they r doing at all. There hiring process is unprofessional this is why they cant get people to work for them i went to oakland to fill out paper work they don't even have real office i saw the staff there...

Front Point Security - Received 10 hang up calls and was emailed a contract with only an opt out option

Posted: 2015-07-25 by    Rachel Lipson
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I submitted a short request yesterday for a home security quote. Today I received 10+ calls from them on my cell phone that all rang only once or twice and hung up before I could possibly answer. Finally, I called the number back to see who was calling and discovered it was Front Point. They...

Msec Security - Have send my application forms to absa provident fund but no luck they have not paid my money up to know

Posted: 2015-07-20 by    benny aau
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hi my name is benny Aau I was working for the company called Msec security as Arm Respond officer I was done working then the company me the document to fill it in on November 2013 I have send my application form but they have not pay my money up today im still waiting from 2013 now is 2015...

ADT - Crooks

Posted: 2015-07-16 by    Danielle1126
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My experience with ADT ... a few weeks ago my mother had passed away after her passing someone attempted break to in at her residence. So to secure the house we immediately thought ADT security let's get that installed. I contacted ADT and set up the appointment for the soonest available...

svsp - scam/threat alert

Posted: 2015-07-14 by    Gooze079
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some one is scamming and making threats from the company or pretending to work for the company and know the owner if this person messages u do not respond report there account the person is fake and is making threats against people FYI do not work for this company they r not what u think...

Brussels Airport Security - Stuff stolen from baggage

Posted: 2015-07-13 by    Namitaprateek
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On 11 july 2015 flew from Toronto to Delhi via brussel I could not believe that a security they called me to remove my deodorants from baggaeI i realize may be it's OK because I had cpl of deodorants to gather but when I landed at Delhi and open my baggage I found all of my cosmetic stuff...

FPK security - unprofessional staff/pay rate

Posted: 2015-07-12 by    Gooze079
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The company is a huge joke they have u work with out being in uniform which is against BSIS regulations they dont do hiring paper work till after training and the uniforms are mailed to u which seems very odd to me the manager mandoe is unfriendly person very snotty and thinks hes better then...

cal valley security - big joke/liars

Posted: 2015-07-11 by    Gooze079
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 1 votes
The company lied on there craigslist ad they said the pay scale is 10 to 14 an hour they lied period they start every one out at 11 cause of probation which is bs and false advertise ment I have pasted the ad below the company is in violation of state laws u must by law have patchs on the uniform...

Ani Security - being sued

Posted: 2015-07-07 by    Gooze079
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
The company is being sued for for meal breaks this is y the companys are not allowed to take breaks away its against the law the company is huge joke...

Bay One Security - Liars / labor violations

Posted: 2015-06-29 by    Gooze079
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Attention to every one in the field do not work for this company they are liars and a joke the cars are not safe they pay u crap for officers or sups the company lies about the hours they have they don't have the property hiring paper work period they do not know what they are doing the...

Grandstream India - Make Grandstream India the reason behind your success

Posted: 2015-06-22 by    Grandstream India
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Grandstream IndiaGrandstream India has evolved to be a leading supplier of electronic products. Being the ideal partner for all enterprises and contact centers they are the ones to be looked for if you are considering at the telecommunication industry. They are known of maintaining their excellence in the Competent...

Protect America, - Did not honor agreement

Posted: 2015-06-19 by    PAI Victim
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Entered into an agreement in August 2013 for a home security system and monthly monitoring. During installation it was determined we had a faulty sensor. I was told by the technician would be shipped to replace the faulty one. As of April 2015, we had still not received the sensor, this is a...

Vivint Security - Run!!! Horrible business!

Posted: 2015-06-16 by    TLRAY77345
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
On August 26, 2013, we signed up to receive service from Vivint, Inc. We opted for the upgraded package that included, smoke detectors, automatic door locks, pan and tilt video camera. Sounded like all the bells and whistles. We were told that if we needed to cancel the contract after 30 days,...

Northstar Alarm - Removal of old ADT system

Posted: 2015-06-08 by    Jimmy PR
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
These people took out my 86 year old mom's ADT system and put theirs in and took her battery backup, then when she canceled the contract within the 3 day limit, they still took 155.00 from her checking account and now will not rehook the ADT system that was in her house or return her battery....

CONDOR SECURITY - false job ads/unprofessionl staff

Posted: 2015-06-06 by    Gooze079
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Do not work for this company the company has very rude staff when it comes to supervisors or acting sups a girl was put as acting sup when she has less then 3 years exp the girl does not answer the radio or phone period. the uniforms are a joke . YOU DONT GET YOUR REAL BADGE UNLESS YOUR FULL...

Monitronics - Scammed

Posted: 2015-06-01 by    MCCOLLINS
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Had ADT which turned into Monitronics for over 20 years. Once my old system was acting up, they came in and told us our old security system needs to be changed. While I was at work they talked my husband into a whole new system. The new system never worked right. Horn doesn't sound. Cats...

Simplisafe - Dysfunctional alarm all around

Posted: 2015-05-28 by    LOlsen
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 1 votes
Don't waste your money. They sent me the basic security components, and nothing functions because apparently the keypad and base station can't be installed next to light switches, or in the same room with other electronics such as televisions or routers or modems. They tried sending...

ADT Security Systems - Lack of Ethics

Posted: 2015-05-27 by    Eileen
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Recently moved into a house. Last night at 9 PM, Kristen from Safe Haven Security showed up at my door, claiming she was sent by my Realtor because I needed ADT Security, and my Realtor made the appointment. I told her I was not notified, and was not interested, but she persisted in harassing...

Bay One Security - unsafe/penal code violations

Posted: 2015-05-15 by    Gooze079
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
do not work for this company and do not hire this company for your security the company is not safe to work for. they do not know what they r doing the r very miss managed the Gm and the own are full ofcrap they lie to to get to work there there patrol cars are unsafe not clean and not in good...

Apex alarm systems - They are sueing me!!!for a system that was never used&we asked them to bone and get their state out&uneven did

Posted: 2015-05-13 by    M stith
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Apex alarm company solicited their system by knocking on our front door-the system did not work&we asked them to come out&fix it as we had to pay the police 75$for coming to the home when the system went off&would not turn off-Apex could come by door2door to solicit their system but wouldn't...


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