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warden security associates / Fake job

Complainant91923 on 2016-05-25
I got call from some one saying they were from this company and comes to find out after finding out what site they are hiring for they dont even have that contract for it the company which is a scam for sure this seems very unprofessional and not funny at all I checked the companys name...

Planet Fitness Elyia / Money stolen in the mens locker room.

Money was stolen in the locker room. My husband had money stolen out of his pants. His locker was locked. We asked the manager if we should file a police report and were told to not bother. I do not feel safe at this Planet Fitness in Elyria. The other members of this club need to be notified about the thieves.

Happy days security / No ppo license

Complainant91923 on 2016-05-14
The company has Failed to provide a ppo lice or if there event legit company I got call from 213 area code from them from La area and there offices is in bay area the company does not respond to emails I told them twice now I am not intersted I also find it odd that they want person info...

Bay One Security / Scam company

Complainant91923 on 2016-05-12
Hired "Louie" and his "team" to help secure several apartment buildings. After Louie personally "guaranteed" each of my complex's would see "overnight" improvements, our security situation actually gets worse. Two weeks into our contract, frustrated beyond belief and worried about liability...

Northstar Alarm Co. / Home securit service

Amy Truqueen Covington on 2016-04-29
Northstar alarm has recently been cited in the Indianapolis area by the Indiana Attorney Generals office for taking advantage of senior citizens. Unfortunately I am a victim. I paid as agreed on my contract until 8 months before it ended when a company rep apparently watched me come home...

Brinks Security Lighting / the brinks model 7011B

Andrew Vitti on 2016-04-26
I am no sure this is the right place for my complaint. I bought 2 Brinks activated security outside lights, model 7011B . Bulb #7055 JCD 3400 lums, halogen. I bought them about 2 weeks ago at Wal-marts. My problem is that the lights wouldn't keep a bulb lit for more then two hours, and then...

Alert Security & Patrol / Company is unprofessional

Complainant91923 on 2016-04-25
The company says your hired as temp and you never hear from them I saw the staff in uniform the uniform is very unprofessional there patrol car is not even legal has no ppo license or who the company name on the car. The badge is joke there uniforms look like they were bough from toys r...

Securitas / Unprofessional!! Do not work here!!!!

Nicksta117 on 2016-04-23
So almost a month working here and for the past few weeks I have been " Forgot about" What do I mean? Consider having to wait 2 hours after getting off of a graveyard shift because they forgot to schedule someone to relieve you from your post. Or try waiting for your paycheck only to have...

AlertID / Worthless alerts

Jeremy on 2016-04-18
Installed this security app on my tablet and it was very useless and sent me alert emails that made absolutely no sense! I received tons of them every day and decided to delete this app from my tablet. They sent my alerts and informed me about danger that was not even close to my location...

Dell / Inspiron 15/5558

RobHalliday on 2016-04-17
The worst customer service I have ever come across in all my years. I have been in the customer service industry (CCTV, Access control, security) for over 30 years and if I ever left someone without a system for 2 or 3 days let alone 2 or 3 months they and every other user they knew would have...

SingPost / Lost parcel

Jing Ling on 2016-04-12
Singpost claimed that they delivered my parcel on 13/11/2015 but I did not received anything and clearly remembered that I did not receive any calls or intercom calls from the postman either. Sinpost told me that they would set up a case to investigate. Till now, it's been almost half a...

DiVOSTA - Pulte Home Corporation / Manned and unmanned security gate issues at IslandWalk at the West Villages

Chip Johnston on 2016-04-05
The entrance is somewhat impressive with a gate house manned 24 hours, and two sets of gates to give the impression of serious resident security considerations presented to potential home buyers at IslandWalk at the West Villages, in Venice - North Port, Florida, built by Pulte Home...

Vivint / Cancellation Policy

Lucas54 on 2016-03-31
They have a Cancellation Policy that is totally unfair and unforgiving. If you have a circumstance where you cannot give a full 30 day notice before you need to cancel (such as sudden death or an unexpected move), you WILL pay them for another month of unneeded service when you...

Reliance Protectron / Account closure fees

asdf098 on 2016-03-30
When I signed up with Reliance the salesman was nice and helpful. He explained that I wasn't to worry about the contract length because you could cancel at any time for a small fee. Fast forward 1.5 years and I've sold my house (because it's too expensive), I cannot transfer the...

Monitronics / Security Services

Patricia C Pope on 2016-03-12
I installed their home monitoring system in my Florida home on March 15, 2012. Installation went great. I decided to have them install their system in my Ohio home in May/June, 2015. The 1st tech sent to do the installation had no clue how to install the system and what to do with the...

Walmart / Store on Hwy 280, Birmingham, Al

Just1>thing on 2016-03-10
I and others at my office have observed thieves lolling about the Vision Center, apparently casing their targets - as was done to me. Upon checkout, after shopping the store following my contacts purchase, I discovered my very large wallet had been stolen. I summoned police. The store would not...

NorthStar Alarm Services / House alarm

northstaralarm on 2016-03-11
I am under contract with Northstar Alarm for an alarm in the house that belongs to my husband. We have divorced, and I do not live there now, and they will not release me from the contract. Seems they should in this case since I don't even live there anymore. What are they thinking!

ADT / Home security installation and contract

Nana15 on 2016-03-07
I called to ask about ADT --- I had been dealing with another security company in the past. I was told I would be able to upgrade my current system for no out of pocket charges and have a monthly charge slightly larger than what I was currently paying but have better service. Someone would...

Brinks / 100w Halide light model 7252

Reviewer36247 on 2016-03-04
The lag bolts that come standard for installing the light assembly are very weak and 2 of them broke on install, which of course is frustrating because I now have to go to the hardware store tomorrow and buy some better ones. This light is for a night basketball court for my sons in the...

Days Inn / San Jose International Airport - Filthy and NO SECURITY

Reviewer11675 on 2016-03-01
I have stayed at this Days Inn 4 times in the last month. Never again. This time it was downright scary. I'm referring to 2/29/2016. Room 408. FILTHY--I walked in, the heater and A/C didn't work and it was cold. The vents were filled with what looked to be cereal. I went to the...
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