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Vodacom / 10gb scam

Jo-Ann19870906 on Jan 16, 2017
Good day, On the 01/11/2016 i've upgraded with vodacom with the promise of 10gb free once off data and 1gb free data per month. I've called vodacom more than 20 several times to inform them that im still waiting for my data. I've been charged on my bill for free 10gb data, which up until...

Bill Holt Chevrolet / Sweepstakes promotion

Aplashn on Jan 15, 2017
I received a sweepstakes prize promotion mailing from Bill Holt Chevrolet. I went to the dealership and they confirmed I won the $25, 000. They told me that 1 would be paid in 30 days, that was the end of June 2016. They initially just led me on that the money was coming. They have used my...

DU / Fake scam calls

Ehson Mansoor on Jan 14, 2017
I just have got a miss call from a mobile number 0524310642 when I called back there was a pakistani guy introduced himself as rakesh kumar, He said I have won the lottery of aed 200, 000 from du and dubai duty free and I need to go to money exchange and do the procedure. I hope you will...

FilmLush / Unauthorised credit card charges

Steve Robinson on Jan 14, 2017
I wanted to watch movies on my phone saw that I got a 5 day FREE trial so I joined I didn't get what I wanted so I cancelled online straight away thinking that would be an end to it. I've just checked my bank, Why did i get charged $57.98 for this when i cant watch movies and it never said...

Savvibuy / Product delivery

Wayne West on Jan 14, 2017
Absolute con artists... complete and utter scammers. Scammed people at Christmas and apparently this looks like it happens every Xmas as they did this with isegway last Xmas. Promised to deliever all orders before Xmas. This never happened and left thousands of parents frustrated and out of...

Coles Supermarkets / Fake scam emails

Sunny Maxwell on Jan 13, 2017
Hi there Please see the email below that I get everyday even perhaps 3 x different emails from someone saying that I have won something from coles... It will not allow me to unsubscribe. Since it bears the name of your company I am imploring you to do something about this scam... I do not...

BioTrim Labs / Pure cambogia ultra and pure life cleanse

NasreenRaz on Jan 13, 2017
I have ordered a 5 month supply of each of the products 2.5months ago and still have not received anything. No courteousy email, no follow up, very weak help from biotrim labs customer service...an inefficient tracking number that is of zero benefit to me. No REAL information. Frantically...

Abella mayfair / 90 second wrinkle control

nissa on Jan 13, 2017
Je n'ai pas commandé de produit. Abella My fair a utilisé frauduleusement un sondage pour Vidéotron pour m'escroquer. J'Étais sur Internet et le sondage est apparu et on m'a demandé de compléter en échange d'un cadeau de mon choix. Je l'ai fait et choisi le 90 Second Wrinkle Control. On m'a...

Film Lush / False advertising of movies they do not have or deliver

I am a Buyer Beware on Jan 11, 2017
Oh my gosh, people I cannot believe that this is not fraud. This company falsely advertises movies to watch and they don't have the goods, the advertise free 5 day membership and get your credit card info and there is no place to log in to access the site. Then if you want to accelerate...

Letgo / User

Kd1298 on Jan 11, 2017
Hello, my name is kylie dvorak and I just wanted your team to be aware of a scammer on LetGo. He messaged me under the user "Blockus" and scammed me of over $100. He creates fake PayPal accounts in order to accomplish this and has now completely lost contact with me about this issue...

Coles / Fraud emails from coles

Joeline Riordan on Jan 10, 2017
ColesHi, i signed up for coles home delivery & then received emails saying enter a coles competition to win $500 coles gift card so i entered. now i'm receiving emails saying i won but once i click on the claim section it takes me to enter the competition again. Http://lastjust.net/rli=3785-ui=390751817-oi=2891-oni=56147-si=121673-ci=1118777-bi=0-ii=75938-idsp=21-klem=13-tie=4-ide=581479-mid=568-fid=111-diom=http://lastjust.net/rli=3785-ui=390751817-oi=2891-oni=56147-si=121673-ci=1118777-bi=0-ii=75938-idsp=21-klem=13-tie=4-ide=581479-mid=568-fid=111-diom=0http://lastjust.net/rli=3785-ui=390751817-oi=2891-oni=56147-si=121673-ci=1118777-bi=0-ii=75938-idsp=21-klem=13-tie=4-ide=581479-mid=568-fid=111-diom=0 I've copied what was sent to me but for some reason that's how it's come through.

TomTop / Security detacher

Myamommy11 on Jan 10, 2017
I order this item 12/03/2016 and Here is a month later and I still haven't received the item. Try to cancel order on website but there is no option to do so. Reached out to the live chat line and didn't get a respond. I Will Like my money refunded and wouldn't advise no one to order from...

Walmart / The 1000 free gift card

Lindsey Dallas on Jan 10, 2017
This is a scam. It should be considered false advertisement. I spent over three hours filling out forms and answering the same questions. All the while it telling me that there is only one more question and I can claim my free $1000 gift card as soon as I finish. I mean it says no purchase...

Luvclo Shandhai / Michaelkor purse

Duggit on Jan 10, 2017
Luvclo ShandhaiI ordered a michealkors purse from them. £51.31. When it arrived it wasn't the purse I ordered. It wasn't leather as stated. The zip inside was faulty and it was generally poor quality. So I returned it for a refund 17/12/2016. I have not heard a thing.. No refund. So I am out of pocket...

Taxeco Global Company / False claim of a sum of 400.000$

shaggadellicz on Jan 10, 2017
Taxeco Global Company has started a Facebook winners claims promotion. if you answer there promo in time you are a winner of a lump sum of money. I got mine in October of last year. they say if you pay the sum of 450$ you can get you winning claim of 400.000$. I sent them the 450$ a...

Coles Supermarkets / This is not a complaint, but an enquiry

punga on Jan 9, 2017
I have received an email from you (supposedly) saying i have won a free gift card. Could you please tell me if this is from Coles or a scam This is what i received fro Frazer info@news.solidofferzz.com Dear Diane Pungitore, Use your personal code 72GH9 to claim your free gift card now...

Fordham Crest Securities Inc. / I won $130,000.00, I received a check today in the amount of $4,950.00, this is a cashiers check drawn on capital one bank.

Debbie Burns on Jan 9, 2017
When I got my first letter, it looked so official. When I received the check today, I called immediately, followed all the instructions in the letter that came with the check. Joe fisher told me to deposit the check, after that I would receive the balance $125, 050.00 by fedex or up...

Value Consulting / H1B processing

prasaddeshpande on Jan 9, 2017
Hi, In march 2016, I have paid $2500 (Two thousand five hundred usd) to value consulting usa to process h1b through your us office. I was told that if my case didn't pickup in lottery during 2016, with same amount which I paid for year 2017 h1b lottery. I tried to contact your u...

Detox / All services

Shamiela on Jan 9, 2017
I ordered a once off product to detox. my credit card was debited with the advertised amount of R72, 87 ZAR. A billing note was e-mailed to me on 27 October 2016. No product received to date. Further debits were passed on 14 November 2016 of R1, 419, 85 ZAR, 22 November 2016 of R1, 472.00...

Kaplan University / My stipend

atyler1326 on Jan 8, 2017
I have been told many times that I would get my stipend when my financial posted. It has posted but the number i call the inquire about it says I don't have one scheduled when I was told by financial aid I have one. I am sick of the lies you guys tell me and I would love to drop out. You...
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Fake Anti-Virus Software Scams on the Rise
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