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Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. / Old Milwaukee Beer --Red Cans

Beer Product on Sep 26, 2016
I have Asked over & Over for them to please stock Old Milwaukee Beer ( Red Can) at 2120 US Hwy. 92 Auburndale Fla. They did it for about 3 weeks then quit--This beer always sells out so I don't understand why they wont keep it in stock. I have asked a dozen or more times with NO results. Please help.

Costco / Milk

joeph alexander on Sep 26, 2016
I brought milk from Costco Lawrenceville NJ 0n 09/21/16. Cap of milk gallon was damaged but I didn't noticed it. When I reach home 1/4 gallon of milk is on the floor of my Van. Now it making very bad smell and my kids are not ready to ride in the van. I would like to know what Costco can do to fix this problem?

Coles Supermarkets / Service

federika on Sep 26, 2016
I went shopping and bought 8 items, went through 12 items or less BUT it took 30 min to get served as the cashier took 2 customers with trolleys which had about 50 items . i complained about it but they said not much could be done. then the cashier who was as slow as a snail STOPS a put...

Real Canadian Superstore / Lack of several products on the store shelves

Sl1 on Sep 25, 2016
Visited your location at Highland Hills Mall on Sunday September 25th mid day. I was appauled at the lack of product on the shelves... looked like we were living in a war ravaged country. Not to mention how filthy the store is. We don't make a habit of shopping on Sunday, but Sunday has been...

Dollar General / Customer service

bekind on Sep 25, 2016
The main employee at our dollar general has always been so rude. I have been going for 7 years. He has been there at least the last year. One time i had bought about 6 cards. He separated each envelope from its card and stacked them up so i had to rematch later. Rarely does he ever even...

Shoprite Middestad Mall / Customer services

Donica on Sep 23, 2016
My phone has been stolen last week, I would love to recommend and compliment the cashier packer as well as a security guard they went way out to try and assist me. The Branch Manager sat in her office knowing a customer was just robbed of her phone did not even bother to come out of her...

Dollar General / Facility

notsohappycampers on Sep 22, 2016
We are glad to have a DG in our rural area. We are concerned that the restrooms aren't in working order in this new store. I have seen employees ask to go the gas station across the 4 lane road to use the toilet. They say they must plunge the toilet with every flush. It seems unsanitary...

Woolworths / Product unavailability in wa

sue turner on Sep 20, 2016
I have been trying to buy Hans Cabanossi from the Melville branch of Woolworths for the past year. They used to sell it but not any longer it seems. It's only sold in Queensland & SA. It's a good product, Australian made. So I would have thought that woolies the great australian would have...

Dollar General / Filthy hand baskets for groceries

Tillie M. Incorvaia on Sep 20, 2016
I frequent the Dollar General in my community because it has many products that are so much more inexpensive than my grocery mart. However, the grocery baskets that are stacked inside the front door for shopping are disgusting and I will not use one as it makes me feel sick when I see the...

World of Judaica / Wrong product received, poor communication

Jeanne G on Sep 19, 2016
Placed order on 8/2. Requested assistance 8/2. To date no reply. Wrong order received 8/17. No responses to email, Facebook messages, voice mail, online customer contact form, etc. until I filed complaint with BBB. 9/7 promised to expedite order to cousin currently visiting in Israel and refund...

Gladys T. Young / Unwanted magazines

gladys young on Sep 19, 2016
Dear Customer service, I keep receiving magazines that I did not order: i.e., US, Cosmopolitan, Martha Stewart Living. I originally placed my request for Money, Black Enterprise, Inc. Yet, after only a few issues of each, I received a renewal notice from the company itself. Why?? I would like...

Coles Supermarkets / Slippery floor

purplebean on Sep 19, 2016
I wish to complain about a recent fall I had in Coles, Mentone on Wednesday 14 September at approximately 10:50am. Due to the slippery floor, I slipped and fell over. It was lucky I didn't do any real damage as I already have an existing back injury. What annoyed the most was that apart from...

Coles CORIO / Service

Vickifrom1985 on Sep 18, 2016
Wasnt happy with item so I went straight back for a refund. Upon refund I realised I was overcharged for an item as the cashier (Natalie) has put two boxes on top of each other without checking and scanned them as the same price and same item, when they weren't. When I explained this I wa...

Woolworth's / Product presentation

Joseph1998 on Sep 18, 2016
Woolworth'sOn 18/09/2016 I went in to Woolworth's Gympie Southside 4570 to buy a few things. One of the things I had to buy was coke. I went in to the soft drink aisle and 95% of drinks were still in the box and roughly cut and look appalling. It was also the same on one of the front ends. I have...

LCBO - Milner Location / Unethical behaviour

renukaraja on Sep 17, 2016
LCBO - Milner LocationI would like to bring to attention to all of you and to those of higher management in LCBO, the poor customer service my husband and I experienced at the LCBO Milner location. My husband and I spent the day at home with our nieces and nephews enjoying lunch. Following that, we had a nap...

Edgers / Poor customer service

Zanele Maka-Lwa Thusi on Sep 18, 2016
Edgers deducted double when I swiped my debit card at edgers jabulani mall they promised to refund me till today this happened on the 07 sept 2016 I follow up on the 14 sept 2016 but nothing has been done till now this is my time and money waisted someone must do sething about this its really annoying

My Time Rewards / Unethical behaviour

lucy pine on Sep 14, 2016
I was shopping online with Simply Be clothing shop, as a first time buyer. I paid and everything was fine, a box appeared saying to get £15 off your next purchase, click here. I did so, and it said that we need your credit card details, which is the point I should have suspected something...

Billy Austin Leather / Leather jacket return - all communication ignored

JArnou on Sep 14, 2016
Order #1915 All communication was ceased between Billy Austin and myself from the moment they posted the jacket. The jacket took over a month to be received and no communication was followed up. Once received, the jackets quality was poor and wasn't even made by Billy Austin as their...

Decathlon / Privacy issues in decathlon india, require mobile number to make sale

Anant Gairola on Sep 13, 2016
Background As someone who has frequently purchased items from Decathlon stores in Europe I was disappointed with the service at the Gurgaon store. More than disappointed I am concerned about the privacy implications of the policies, or possible interpretation of these policies by Decathlon...

TeleBrands Corp, Fairfield, NJ 07004 / Pocket hose top brass ii sold at bed, bath and beyond

dianelwieland on Sep 12, 2016
Purchased from Bed, Bath and Beyond August 22, 2016. Yesterday, (9-12-2016) using this 100ft hose as usual to water my plantings in my condo's landscaping...the hose ruptured about 5 feet from the nozzle. I am returning it to Bed, Bath and Beyond in Matthews, NC to get my purchase price back.
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