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BTR (Beyond The Rack / no clothes and no refund on credit card

Nita Davis on 2016-06-23
April 30, 2016 Beyond the Rack I purchase on line with my credit card 2 dresses. I decided that I wanted to cancel my order because they were taking too long to ship order. I cancel my order on 5/11/16. They told me it would take 7-10 business day. Today is June 23, 2016, I still have not...

Real Canadian Superstore / Girl's pants - incorrect pricing

RCSS June 22 on 2016-06-22
I purchased a pair of tights for my 5-year old girl at the Oakville Superstore (Trafalgar and Dundas intersection) in Ontario. There were at least 30 or 40 similar pairs on the racks and all of them were priced at $8, as per the price tag. At self checkout, the scanned price came up a...

Harvey Norman / ONline process and admin

Hate the Rip Off on 2016-06-19
I Purchased online a doona. on 15/06/2016. Order Number 2100653313. I received confirmation email saying I could track the product online by opening an "account" 1. I would have preferred to pick up the product at the CBD shop in Melbourne than have it delivered. In the drop down menu it...

Victoria's Secret / Body Mist

Noah2015 on 2016-06-18
The Victoria Secret at Destiny USA mall in Syracuse, New York are really racist and discrimanated against me at the store while I was looking to make a exchange earlier today. I received a set of Victoria Secret sprays and lotions for mothers day, which I did not like ( love spell). I...

Woolworths / homebrand nappies

Leila Visser on 2016-06-17
a week ago i bought a packet of homebrand nappies for my toddler, they were the walker size. after using them twice my son has serious nappy rash from the edges of the nappy and also running from the front to the back of his body that was inside the nappy. It took me 3 days of using cream...

Edgars Fashion / Edcon / Listed on Credit Bureau

Esther Chikerema on 2016-06-17
I had an account with Edgars that i fell behind on as i lost my job. I made every endeavour to pay what i could but Edgars still listed me on Transunion as my account was a bad debt written off. This is completely untrue as i paid of an amount they gave me after a discount. My details are...

Coles DeeWhy NSW / Cashier named Tafea

Mother & child on 2016-06-17
June 17, 2016, 5:30pm. Worst customer service I have ever encountered in life at Coles Deewhy NSW. My basket is full of grocery and very heavy, i have a sick baby hanging in my chest in a carrier. First the cashier named Tafea didn't even bother to say hi/hello as a normal protocol to a...

Carmela Hilton / Overcharge/store 0196

Carmela Hilton on 2016-06-16
Hello, I went with my daughter to look for a wedding gown in March 2016. The sakes associate was unfortunately had no customer service nor was she helpful. As a matter of fact she bought out three dresses for my daughter to try on.. I asked her if we could get several other get other...

UKSoccerShop / Fraudulent Order

Mishka928 on 2016-06-16
My friend used my CC to buy kits from this company. I did not authorise that transaction, and after reading reviews on their crappy products I am not impressed. She then filled out a form on UKSoccerShop (who also go by Zeamzo) trying to change the address to hers (to hide what she did...

Goodwill Industries / Rude Employee and Manager / Refused to Refund

Faisfancy on 2016-06-16
I shop at Goodwill daily as I shop for disabled people who are home-bound. Because of this, I do end up doing a fair number of returns as not all the items are exactly what my client is looking for. I've never had an issue as I always stay within the return 7 day window, always keep the...

Woolworths / Manager at Kogarah Woolworths

outragedcustomer101 on 2016-06-13
I was just checking to see if Woolworth's had my eyeliner in stock and they didn't so I proceeded to leave, before being abruptly stopped by a middle-aged lady wearing a black cardigan, blond hair, possibly a manager. She then accused me of stealing a can of red bull I was clearly drinking...

Target.com / Order cancelled after I paid for it online and received no credit

dgray1965 on 2016-06-13
I ordered 2 items on my daughters baby registry. One item was in store and available for immediate pick up. The second item had to be ordered. I paid for the entire purchase and my daughter picked up the first item immediately. Target stated that they would send me an email confirmation...

Hot Topic / Assistant Manager at Woodbridge, NJ store

ElizT on 2016-06-12
I like the chain a lot but I was very uncomfortable at this location and won't be going back. Good customer service is one thing but the Assistant Manager takes it to a whole new, creepy level. He is married and so am I but he really laid it on thick, constantly flirted with me, and...

Brands Exclusive / Received wrong size shoes but refund only for produst

Sandysydney on 2016-06-11
i was worried with shoes that not fit so ordered the shoes advertised Aus 6 which was my size. Received the shoes on which one inside and one outside soles said 225. Shoes didn't fit too small. Looked up and their website sizing said 225 is Aus 5.5. Complaint sent but took over one week to...

GameStop / Customer Service

Catherine J Queiser on 2016-06-09
At the end of April my fiance ordered an xbox blast from the past pack with a protection plan as a birthday/graduation present for my sister. Unfortunately the xbox didn't actually work, so we had to send it back in. We just received the replacement in the mail, and the replacement xbox...

Crossmark / Failed Communication

Tosha Testerman on 2016-06-08
My fiance and I have both been employed by Crossmark for some time now and everything has been going great. My boss put me in charge of our team because I was the "most reliable" and communicated with him about every detail of our events. Recently, we have had issues with Walmart employee...

Circle K / Management

sharon dye on 2016-06-07
Hello I would like some advice on dealing with my boss. I've been with ck a long time and try to do my best. Yet it seems like sometimes what I do do isn't good enough. Today I come in to work after being off a couple days and get chewed out because an area of our store was in a...

WalMart / Customer Service // Wrongful Accusations

Dr. Az on 2016-06-05
Okay, so it's getting about that time of the year which I'll be getting my nice little tax return, and I decide I want to purchase a laptop from Walmart since there's not another store in town besides them that actually sells the stuff. I told them 6 months beforehand, "Hey, these three...

Zara / Refunds/Exchanges

JulianneT on 2016-06-04
I accidentally duplicated my online order, and was not able to cancel the order in time. I received my both orders a week after my order confirmation. After which, I had some family issues that prevented me from returning the items. By the time I got to a store, I was 2 days after the...

Sears / Damaged Mattresses or used ones!

Karen1017 on 2016-06-02
Brought Mattress Set 4/4/16, delivered 1st time, ripped.. Store Mgr. compensated me $200.00. While waiting for 2nd one, decided to stay with first one and compensated $375.00. Meanwhile, second Mattress comes and when we still never received $375.00. Not receiving the compensated money, I...
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