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Rehabilitation Centers Complaints

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Life Changes / Horrible Rehab Services

May Noureldin on 2016-06-16
I sent my son to that rehab for for a program of 60 days, when I discovered that the centre was opened only 3 months and that the statistics about their relapse rate were then invalid and after my son told me that there were no doctor available 24x7 as they claimed northat all the nursing...

Drug Rehab / Misleading information led to financial loss

May Noureldin on 2016-05-22
My son was in a hospital after an over dosage, I was surfing the net for a non bias information about rehab centres. I came across the web site http://www.drugrehab.ca/ which I thought is a public service with information about rehab centres across Canada I called he number and left a...

Timberline Knolls / Mental Health Rehabilitation

Pam Chastain on 2016-05-20
Horrible place. Treating my daughter for an eating disorder, not for what she went in for - Severe Anxiety and Depression. Please contact me at pam0468@gmail.com if you want more info. If you are thinking of sending someone or going yourself, don't.

Huggies / New born wet wipes

Megan86# on 2016-05-16
I am extremely disappointed with your wet wipes. I have a 5 week old baby and purchased your products because I've heard they are of a very high standard. However, much to my dismay, when I tried to use the wet wipes they were so wet that they disintegrated into small pieces when I...

Palm Partners / Rehab Facility

Alicia Felice Greene on 2016-04-22
My son was a patient there for 30 days. I believe this place is due for a major fraud investigation (insurance, Rx, medical, truth in advertising, etc.). My latest issue is when their business partner in crime, Royal Life Center, sent my son back to their DETOX due to a "relapse"...

Kaya Rehab Asia / This so called Program Director Robert Labos has a criminal case in another country

user one on 2016-04-11
I am a filipino living in Thailand, and have been working in a world class treatment facility specializing in alcohol and drug rehabilitation. Wherein this so called Program Director has been working prior to this. I have to believe that he was involved with embezzlement of funds or...

Beach House Recovery Center / Misrepresentatiin of services and protocal

Kspar on 2016-04-03
Beach House Recovery CenterIn my deaparation to get help for depression and maintain abstinence, i travelled to Florida on the recommendation of a high school aquaintance. Little dod i know that michael gets paid for every placement. He told me i could come and go as i chose. That there was an " open door policy." ...

Etcfl.com / Addiction Rehab (etcfl.com)

Reviewer88258 on 2016-03-02
I was looking for a rehab place for my son in January and I was contacted on a FB support group by Michael Christy who stated he OWNED a REHAB AND SOBER LIVING in Florida. He was very eager to get my son there, working even on his wedding day. I though "wow". He had him a flight a...

kaya asia / false advertising

Reviewer56115 on 2016-02-19
kaya asia is a rehab in baguio. during my call asking for help for my family member, i asked mr. robert labos if the rehab is accredited and if theyre counselors are licensed. after a long explanation which i really didnt understand, he said they have all the licenses. i also asked about...

Island Assisted Living / Finances

Reviewer65840 on 2016-02-15
I signed up to live in this facility since they first opened. First, they told me that for a private room, it will cost $300. It was then jacked up to $500 for the private room. Plus, they were charging me for a semi private room on top of that. They were taking my Social Security check...

The Joint Sugar House / The Joint Sugar House - Terrible Experience - Damage to my Spine -

Reviewer18694 on 2015-09-18
The Joint Sugar HouseAbsolutely the worst experience with the Joint in sugar house. I was using there Chiropractic services in hopes to treat a ruptured disc in my back. After 1 year of treatment at 4 times a month, nothing was improving. I informed the Joint that there Chiropractic Services had done nothing...

Palm Partners / lie about their facilities and what they'll do for you

DjsfG on 2015-08-08
I went to pump partners they lied to get me down there just to get my insurance I had specific requests before I even went down there my grandson was in the hospital with neuroblastoma cancer I told them that I needed to be in contact with my grandson every single day I'm a part of...

Atrium Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing / Beware! Worst Facility EVER!

JustMeee on 2015-07-17
As I told my primary care Doc the very next day: I went for inpatient physical rehab voluntarily. Their showers had no door, keep in mind their shower is in a main hallway, so anyone, male or female, can just walk in while you're bathing, so i told them i would call my doc the next day...

Foundations Recovery Network Black Bear Lodge / False program information/advertising

I would like to file an official complaint against Black Bear Lodge (Foundations Recovery Network). Please advise if there is a particular form or process that is required in initiating a complaint. All correspondence and documents relating to this matter are attached for your review. JULY...

rehabilitation services / consent is NOT Informed consent

regine dubono on 2015-06-24
This non profit organization under the shield of its humanitarian mission is using the recipients of its charity, (who pay a fee for service consisting of shelter, food and medication management, ) as undisclosed and unaware Human Research Subjects for the pharmaceutical companies that...

Blu By The Sea / Lied about recieving insurance check

BluBySearipoff on 2015-05-05
I was told by the the owners son that I had to pay up front and they would file the insurance claim for me and the check would come directly to me. A month after I left Blu By The Sea I was told by my insurance company that the check was made out to Blu By The Sea because Blu By The Sea...

Shadow Mountain, Robb Holub, Deb Holub / Fraudulent Representation

Wendy Matherne on 2015-04-08
My son was enrolled in this drug rehab program in September, 2011. He was moved the following month, October 19, 2011. Before sending my son to this facility, I researched facilities online. I called Shadow Mountain Academy to get information on this treatment program. The owner, Robb Holub...

Midwest Center / Fraud

Debbie Weston on 2015-03-17
I ordered the info for my husband. I got the material for $9.95 and realized it was all things that were common sense and the CDs didn't help. I called about sending them back and the lady said yes you have 2 weeks to get the CDs back. I sent them that day and one month later I am...

Littledale Hall Therapeutic community / lack og care / concern for local residents

Mr Brookhouse on 2015-03-11
This rehab centre has set up a profitable business in an old property just beyond our villages - Caton / Brookhouse. Each day drug/alcohol addicts are mini-bussed down to the village chemist for their prescription drugs &/or dropped off/picked up when allowed to take the bus into Lancaster...

Littledale Hall Therapeutic community / Re-housing after residential care, lack of concern for local community

Caton Brookhouse on 2015-03-08
This rehab centre has set up a profitable business in an old property just beyond our villages - Caton / Brookhouse. Each day drug/alcohol addicts are mini-bussed down to the village chemist for their prescription drugs &/or dropped off/picked up when allowed to take the bus into Lancaster...
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