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Tara-medium.com / SCAM - unethical behavior

kelloggfan on Aug 23, 2016
Tara-medium.comI was skeptical when I ordered and as soon as I received the completely GENERAL information, I immediately requested a refund. They have not refunded my account yet. I remain skeptical with these sites. it is unfortunate that we have these bottom feeders tarnishing the market. This person i...

Numerologist.com / Personalized Numerology reading

Fatima El Gharboui on Aug 2, 2016
Hi, I ordered online on the 4th of July 2016 the personalized Numerology reading. I wasn t satisfied with this product. As it mentioned, I am refunded at 100% if I try the product for 30 days and don t like it. I am not satisfied with this product, I asked many times to be refunded, the...

Black magic expert kala jadoo ka mahir amil rehmat ali shah / Astrologer/Psychic/Spell Caster

Adam786 on Jul 29, 2016
Black magic expert kala jadoo ka mahir amil rehmat ali shahI was defrauded out of over £564 pounds by a fraudulent spiritual healer/psychic based in Lahore, Pakistan called Rehmat Ali Shah. He told me to send him money three times first on 10 June 2016 to do spiritual reading and then on 22 June 2016 he told me that he needs to buy material to cast...

Indian Fortune Teller Scam / Psychic scam to the shop owner in melbourne

pppegy on Jul 3, 2016
An Indian man, aged 30-40, came to my shop at Thomastown on 24/05/2016 about 2pm. He showed me his business card, named Raj, introducing himself as fortune teller and said "You have a lucky face". He then did his "fortune tell", such as you should keep your secret, 2 women would be jealou...

California pyschics / My reading

Maureen Mattice on Jun 26, 2016
In March of 2016, I reached out to the California pyschics during a very devastating moment in my life.. I called to speak to a medium.. I was given a pyschic whom was little or no help to me at all.. I called back right after the call and was refunded and given to me a medium... Whomever...

Tamera Rose Spiritual Healer/Psychic / Psychic Possible Identity Theft Using Bank Account from personal check

SelfReliant on Jun 17, 2016
I believe Tamera Rose may be involved with stealing identities. She claims to be a psychic healer who is paid by the hour. She will ask you for payment using your personal checks for a reading/healing session. Coincidentally shortly afterwards you get your identity stolen and someone trie...

indian scam / indian scam

BBB on May 28, 2016
yes i also had an indian man come to me in woolahra sydney you have a lucky face.. gave me a piece of paper but he never asked for me to open it, perhaps because i said number 2 the number between 1 and 5 he also asked to see my palm told me im going to die of a heart attack and i will die...

Whispy Psychic Advice / "FREE" email question answered

Reviewer55348 on Feb 28, 2016
At no point in any page of their website is it clear or easily navigated to find such an elusive animal as the "FREE" email question link. There are links and hoops to go through to find the email a question.. but at no point is it "FREE" as advertised. I must input billing...

Dr. Carroll J. Wright / Sorcery shrink psychology destroying families

Nextaxpro on Feb 24, 2016
A CANDID LETTER TO " dr" CARROLL WRIGHT: I had one hour of visitation with the children from Novemeber, 1989 until YOU cut my visitation off in October, 1990. You didn’t even petition the court for more than one hour, much less custody. I think the court would have given me at...

Changeyourlifespells.com / Spellcaster Xara - Scam

Reviewer60829 on Feb 24, 2016
xara matsagou is a scam from India she just took 700.00 dollars from me.The young lady u see on change your life spell is not her, I befriended her on face book and she added me she told me that a love spell will cost $180.00 dollars so i sent it western union to her temple in India, and...

Psychic Pershia / Ripoff/Lies/Sam

Reviewer76725 on Feb 5, 2016
They lady emotionally blackmails. First time asking for small money, then in god's name asking for extra money. The she scares about negative energy etc. Took away all the money. First time she said, she will return all the money next day, the she asks for more money. When denied, she...

Yona Farrell / Psychic Readings

Reviewer71821 on Jan 21, 2016
Yona Farrell is by far the worse psychic I've seen yet. I had three private readings and I have to agree that Yona is not a psychic. My friend paid for a private reading two and we both got the same psychic reading almost word for word. Plus, Yona referred my partner as a female when my...

California Psychics / Fraud, Unprofessional Psychic Readers

Reviewer52764 on Dec 26, 2015
I have read with more than one psychic from this California Psychic. They have some "psychics" that are true to their gift . They are the ones that didn't ask me for my birthday. A representative from California Psychics even invited me to their office in Burbank, California to see what...

AshraSpells.com / Spells

Reviewer59405 on Dec 18, 2015
Very convincing and I'm a fool but I was so down about a lost love I bought into her talking me into one spell after the other. Nothing worked nothing will ever work and I'm out of the money. She has pictures of both of us I was a fool to send pictures to a stranger, I did this over a...

California Psychics / A Mixed Review at Best

Reviewer32151 on Dec 15, 2015
I've been using their site for the past few years. I've found many of their readers to be accurate as far as telling me what is happening behind the scenes in the present, and that can be helpful information. I also found some readers who were good life coaches, which can also be helpful...

Aasha Pyschic / Scam

Garnier Garnier on Oct 28, 2015
Aasha is the greatest woman fraud who is cheating the people in the name of spirituality and playing with the emotions of people who approach her for help. She knows nothing and except on her own website this creature who claims to be 5th powerful psychic in the world is actually the...

Alizon's Psychic Secrets / Everything

white witch's majick on Oct 16, 2015
Alizon is a FRAUD! I am a witch and an empath. She sold me a fake Crystal for $29.99! You do not ever charge for spells! You can find spells all over the internet free! I never can contact her her contact page is set up so you can never get through! She's a scam and ripped me off! Her...

Christian Psychic Ministers / They were very disrespectful

kpp81 on Oct 10, 2015
They were very disrepectful once they got my $100.00. Sister Michelle gave me a free reading. Then Sister Michelle told that spiritual work can done for $100. 00 everything. She hands my case over to Bishop Phil because he is soooo much more experienced. The only problem is, Bishop Phil...

Laetizia / Psychic help

Reviewer44691 on Oct 5, 2015
I have been receiving several emails from this person offering the usual help!!! etc. for a fee !!! I have never paaid anything thankfully, because tonight i get this email telling me that with the help of her friend Sha Khan Shivakuri she can release my psychic debt etc. also that i had a...

TamTam / Scam, fraud, madness

alexandraalex on Oct 1, 2015
I have purchased several items from http://freewebstore.org/TTs-Jingle-Jolly-Bindings He is a fraud! I expected to be at least well lied, but I see no signs of energy in his vessels. It's a lie. It's all fake! He doesn't even put effort in managing his store or lying people...
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