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Plastic Surgery Complaints

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Sono Bello / laser liposuction

Reviewer64200 on 2016-02-06
I had my upper and lower stomach done my love handles and my arms done paid $7, 000 for it they told me it will take at least a year to see results a year later did not see no result at all so I went back they said they could only do a little more on my stomach so I had another surgery...

Sono Bello / Liposuction to upper and lower abs, waist, hips, bra rolls

Reviewer38470 on 2016-02-05
Beware about Sono Bello Beverly Hills! False advertisement, I was told $1295.00 per area over phone when scheduled a consultation. Consultation was done by Ashley Agahi who is a secretary not a doctor, she pressured me to pay now and book the liposuction. I didn't get to pick a Dr. They...

Dr. Ryan Stanton/Modern Institute of Surgery / Scam ripoff of a plastic surgeon - do not trust! No Experience! Scarred me for life!

ANNANN123 on 2016-01-28
Performed fat transfer and it was a complete disaster. Performed fat transfer to breasts and it was a complete failure. Initially didn't tell the truth with the experience he had, which played a major role in my decision-making process. He said he'd done 60+ of these procedure...

Belecara / Juverderm and breast augmentation

Reviewer19889 on 2015-12-31
Awful experience . I got juvederm injected it changed the bottom of my face, making it too full and rounded, needed it removed. Dr Cohen continued to argue with me making comments about how I should take medication for anxiety, that it was fine, instead of being sensitive to someone that...

Renaissance Plastic Surgery Inc. / Complete face lift - 6 procedures with 3 failed results

I Yen on 2015-12-22
I had a complete face lift on December 24, 2014 with Renaissance Plastic Surgery Inc. I borrowed $17, 400 from 4 credit cards. It will take me over four years to pay it off. There were 6 procedures, but 3 procedures failed. In the beginning, I could not see the negative results due to the...

CG Cosmetic Surgery / Dr. Freiman - Breast augmentation

Reviewer88668 on 2015-12-02
Stay away and go to a private practice!!! Dr Freiman doesn't know how to do big implants. The center doesn't care about you, you are just a number. I ended up with bottoming out on one side and fail of implant dropping on the other and only got 600cc, which is not big. He...

Dr. John J. W. Lee / Negligent surgeon-Upper Blepharoplasty caused nerve damage

Reviewer56905 on 2015-11-28
Had upper blepharoplasty in office. He removed all fat from left inner eye and now I have constant eye pain. He never measured me and marked me lying down. Never even bothered to sit me up. He was negligent and careless with my surgery. To think I have to suffer for the rest of my life...

Seduction Cosmetic / Incompetent Staff, Unprofessional, Not informative for out of state patients

Reviewer12565 on 2015-11-20
The only thing that is decent about this place is the doctor who performed my procedure. Tatiana calls herself the surgical coordinator but can't even give me an answer on how long before I can take Motrin. Her response, "Probably 1 to 2 months." I need a definite, not a probably...

Dr. Saul Berger / Disabled me and ended my quality-of-life

Reviewer23827 on 2015-09-22
Dr. Saul Berger of Encino performed extensive, unnecessary, harmful surgery on me without proper informed consent. At the time I went to Dr. Berger for medically recommended breast surgery, I was highly functional, physically active and healthy, and ran a successful, meaningful business. I...

Sono Bello / Doctor would not perform service

Lisa1313 on 2015-09-15
I went in for my procedure Monday, having been checked through pre-op by the Dr. who was going to perform my procedure. My Blood pressure was low as it always is, and was during the pre-op check in. Doctor arrived, looked at the BP, stated he could not perform procedure. I wa...

Dr. Daniel K. Cantwell, DO / Unethical behavior, terrible surgeon, awful patient/doctor manners

Reviewer71032 on 2015-09-10
Would not finish what he started, left me looking hideous, i spent several years waiting to just look decent, he just turned me away and told me to go somewhere as he laughed and grinned like everything was a joke. I couldn't believe his actions and words. He couldn't have been...

Lifestyle Lift / No happy with the results of procedure

Steph808 on 2015-09-10
It has been just ober 1 year since i had work done at the lifestyle Lift Clinic in San Ramon Ca. I want to say i will give credit where it is due i did have lipo done on my neck and it is great. Couldn't be happier. They the rest of the lift which were supposed to b the lower face and...

Andrew A Jacono MD / Botched plastic surgery

Reviewer74676 on 2015-09-04
To Nini B. I applaud you for sharing your story and I feel your pain. I urge you to file a complaint with the New York State Office of Professional and Medical Conduct; the website provides a form to fill out. You should send a copy to the American Academy of Facial, Plastic, and...

Lifestyle Lift / Lifestyle Lift

mad and injured on 2015-07-29
I had a lifestyle Lift on December 4, 2014. 6 months later my neck has still not healed, and on July 23 I had a severe onset of Bells Palsy, which may be attributed to nerve damage during the surgery. I'm looking for attorneys to join lawsuit.

Ganchi Plastic Surgery / Poor result

Reviews1 on 2015-07-04
Two procedures, poor result. Breast augmentation and botox between brows. Both procedures unsuccessful. No change after two botox injections (no refund either of my $500); lumpy, misshapen breast with high scar above crease. The simple fact is that this surgeons outcomes can not be...

Dr. Russel Palmer / Bad Surgery

ToniBaker on 2015-06-30
I have now waited the seven months after face lift surgery, which Dr. Palmer said I needed to do, and still no improvement. My face lift is so bad that I have been to another surgeon to correct the problems caused by Dr, Palmer's bad work. I still have an indentation in my left cheek...

DR AMY BANDY / Bad Breast Augmentation

Bridetobe2015 on 2015-04-27
I had a breast augmentation done by Dr Amy Bandy after researching for years. I decided on Dr Bandy because of the rave reviews and she said she could give me the desired results without having to do a lift (I am a 27 yo old with no kids). I was ecstatic despite the price tag. After my...

Sculpte Figures / Paid money and never got refund

Peggy Walker on 2015-04-08
I went to Sculpted Figures for the first time in December 2010 for a consult about a facelift. Both my fiancée and myself were planning on having the surgery. The tactics were to pressure us into the surgery by telling us the rate was only good that day and would go up if we...

New York Facial Plastics / Dr Minas Constantinides

Danielle Mon on 2015-04-06
Let me give you an idea of what an horrendous revision Rhinoplasty (actually two by the same doctor...) has done to me. Sorry its a bit long but its in detail. Please read it, particularly if you are considering this doctor. I went to see Dr Minas Constantinides in May 2013 on the advice...

Dr Park Avenue / Shady business practices

youresoshain on 2015-03-26
I was going to purchase this groupon: http://www.groupon.com/deals/dr-park-avenue-17 When I called the office just to verify they are a legit business, they explained for me to just come in and not buy it through the groupon service. I did as instructed and they honored the Groupon price...
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