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Professional Fire Fighters Association of Louisiana / Scam

R Arnett on 2016-02-04
I worked for three months for the Professional Fire of Baton Rouge it is a sweatshop run by Brent Rosenbrook this was a horrible experience.They supposedly raise money for a burn camp and to provide money to the members of the Professional Fire Fighters the only problem all of the money...

PawSafe Animal Rescue / Dog Adoption

Reviewer59060 on 2016-01-23
I adopted two dogs from Paw Safe in 2015. The first adoption was straightforward and had no hiccups so we had no qualms about adopting our second dog from there as well. Pawsafe guarantees that each dog which comes from them is neutered and fully vaccinated. A few months after getting our...

Foundation for American Veterans / Unsolicited nightly phone calls. Most annoying!

Reviewer10951 on 2016-01-21
Calls from 502-792-9718 come almost nightly (& as much as 2 or 3 times per day). Ww have not answered these calls, yet they persist, despite my frequent re- registering on the Do Not Call List. I notice other complaints on line. What is a good source to register complaints? FYI - under...

Empty Closets / LGBT Support Srvices

Prairie Girl on 2016-01-20
I totally agree the Administrators of this service are unprofessional. I was badly bullied by an administrator (the same one with a Chip on his shoulder) on the Empty Closets Forum for questioning their hierarchy of members and picking and choosing who can be in their elite group. My wall...

KSEDO Children's Centre' Cambodia / Corruption & Abuse

Reviewer81087 on 2016-01-12
My name is Kristy Pearson and I volunteered at KSEDO Children's Centre in 2014 teaching English. Since returning to Australia, I decided to kick of a PR Campaign to support KSEDO as it had "lost" it's original sponsor. I was then contacted by KSEDO's original sponsor who were from...

LiveWell San Diego / Senior services

Reviewer49739 on 2015-12-24
UPDATE: Joyce Knight, the employee responsible for the computer break in in 2007 was let go the following year. Client files defined under the HIPAA ACT were compromised and Joyce Knight falsely filed police reports blaming a different person. Three former employees will verify that "They...

North Shore Animal League / Dog Surrender

Reviewer11822 on 2015-12-23
I first want to state that this business is and has always been more interested in making money than their non-profit title leads everyone to believe! I adopted a dog form NSAL league several years ago and can no longer care for her due to health issues. My contract stated that she could...

Southwest Gas / Service

Reviewer24649 on 2015-12-21
Southwest gas employees lied. I signed up for service and checked the box for a phone call when they were enroute. Never received a phone call. Called customer service and they said I never checked the box for a call. The only problem is the service rep that came to the house said he tried...

the Barnabas Center / Devil Blackwell-Cancel My Dentist Appoinment

Reviewer49103 on 2015-12-14
The Barnabas center (904) 261-7000 (888) 885-6498 all the employee's are full of Crap. They say they help the poor is a big scam-this organization has been reported to the i.R.S for fraud. They use the donated money for themselves. I had an appointment from a toothache, that F__K, M...

International HealthCare Organization [INHCO] / Abroad job

santhoshsalem on 2015-12-13
It's a stupid organization I will attend a interview August 2015. That guys told wait for three months you are selected a this in South Africa coming February 2016. Your visa copy and ticket also ready for the organization so you are paid a Rupees 4500 only for medical check up in...

Phoenix Rising / Arrogance and inappropriate conduct of the board of directors

lartista on 2015-12-09
They are a 501c3 nonprofit set up to help with ME/CFS and related like illnesses that disabled persons have. The board of directors that took control from the originally founding board, conducts themselves as though they are above the legal law. They refuse to respond to and supply...

NLS Leasing ULC / Lease of machine

Reviewer63729 on 2015-11-30
I have repeatedly told these people that this machine was cancelled in May and they do not want to listen. We are not going to make a payment on a machine we do not have. When I call Customer Service at 1-888-275-3251, I just get a recording. Llynn

Goodwill / Counter Person

Noellle on 2015-11-29
My last visit back in august. last time because, the counter person told me 6 year old Niece that she was not allowed to take her bike to shop and demanded that she leave it by the counter. so we being good people and trusted her left the bike only to return that she had stole it from my...

Bangkok Post / Missing packages

James davisson on 2015-11-25
Quickly writing more info about 2 missing packages sent from eastern u.s. The expensive packages/items would have cost 20, 000 baht if bought in bangkok, instead decided to buy less expensive in the u.s. and send into Bangkok. Overall Bangkok postal branch near my condo has been ok...

Salvation Army / Community Service

Reviewer44252 on 2015-11-20
I was forced to do community service for the Salvation Army. One evening I was scheduled to work from 4-9, which i did, however my doctor has me on elavil which makes you constantly thirsty and therefore you constantly have to urinate. So I was gone from my post one to two times an hour...

AC Services / Harrassing phone calls

Reviewer14086 on 2015-11-19
I am permanently disabled, and thus do not have any extra funds with which to contribute. I have asked many times whenever they call that I do not have any monies to give them, yet they keep calling. The latest incident took place on 11/18/15. When the man called, I attempted to tell him I...

Laynie Foundation / Unethical behavior

juan jackson on 2015-11-02
went to a concert sponsored by laynie foundation audio was horrible requested a refund was reffered to eventbrite the number I was given for eventbrite was disconnected their response to the atty general was full of lies it is really annoying as hell that a so called non profit would respond to a complaint with lies.

Revolution Golf / Purchased items from Revolution golf./ login

Reviewer78285 on 2015-10-30
Trying to get through to customer services. It is a nightmare. Cannot login to Revolution golf to my purchased items. I have been buying since 2011. I am long life member not a VIP member. They do not contact you. Changed password 2 nights ago still can't get in. They have your money...

Foundation of American Veterans / Fundraising

Binney on 2015-10-28
Since October 2015, Foundation of American Veterans has been calling consistently harassing me about donations. Can you please have them remove me from any of their calling lists? I have asked them, but they haven't done it yet.

Parallon / Vendor credentials

Reviewer86004 on 2015-10-27
I have been an Respiratory Therapist for 21 years and recently changed my profession. I am now a clinical liaison and I go to certain hospitals and evaluate their history to see if they meet the qualifications to come to my facility. I have very little contact with the patient, no possible...
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