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Native American Association of Germany / native American association of Germany

Eye Tuwe Slo Waya on 2016-06-26
native American association of Germany is running an online scam to spread lies using a fake name on a website called new fraud age Ingeborg the author is native American association of Germany http://www.newagefraud.org/ they also publish on another website that is illegal in Germany...

Salvation Army / Thrift Store in Oakland

Johnny Ray Gable on 2016-06-25
I was simply walking in their Thrift Store on Webster Street in Oakland. Within 5 minutes I was escorted out of the store, without explanation as to why. I did overhear one of the cashiers claim I was wearing their jacket (a USMC jacket I got from the Bay Area Rescue Mission) I am spreading...

Project Camelot interviews Steven Greer / Care Programme 2016 - Cambodia

Sheila1962 on 2016-06-23
I have just returned after 8 weeks volunteering in Cambodia with projects Abroad and their chosen charity Khemara. I was horrified to learn that Projects Abroad was a profit making organisation, profiting from children who don't even own their own toothbrush. However this was my error as I...

care for life charitable trust / Unethical Behaviour

Ruchikabajaj on 2016-06-23
Date of Incident : 23-6-2016 Call from: 01130010009 Called to :9836671432 Some representative called asking for Help for the operation of 5 year boy suffering from cancer. He asked for permission t speak and when given started explaining the gory details of cancer. I told him that I was not...

Goodwill Industries / Employees stealing, switching price tags and using drugs while working

bRITTANY Myers on 2016-06-19
I had a friend who was with a goodwill employee and she constantly complained about how he would switch price tags so instead of paying $10 or $20 for something he only paid $1 and said he would come home bragging about how he found this and that that he liked and wanted and so he would...

American Red Cross Blood Services / Rude Staff to the supervisor

Denver Westenskow on 2016-06-16
I was donating blood at a blood drive and was there for some time due to the wait time. It was 06/16/2016 at the Alameda Church in Pocatello Idaho. I was just appalled at they way one or two of the Red cross Phlebotomists was treating her supervisor. The one specifically, I heard her...

RedBubble / Customer Service

Ashley A. Moore on 2016-06-09
Are these people to $%@# because site sucks I Have made AMAZING Edits back from when I was better at Photoshop I was in charge of these edits on the account called "RihannaSupreme", (Yeah I made those edits, with Rihanna &, her dog, etc. Etc.) Well I have been TRYING to get back...

Salvation Army / Donating Items

ob33 on 2016-05-31
I scheduled a pickup for a couch at my house for May 31, 2016 on May 9, 2016. Received an email stating they received the request and was scheduled for pickup. Somewhere along the line, someone cancelled the pickup and they didn't bother to email or phone me. I find this kind of behavior...

Sally Beauty Supply / Employee

German Ortiz on 2016-04-24
I when to sally to buy a hair die at the store 10023 on davenport and the employee Amery not listening to the other coworker she want to do what ever she want. And the coworker ask for help she will keep talking with the customer and tell them her personal problems and ask for job while...


ASett on 2016-04-22
3-31-16 Applicant *3102 I purchased a home through the NACA home purchase program! I had to lead off with that statement to remind myself there was actually a benefit to being subjected to the litigation-type maze of red tape I just experienced. This whole ordeal has tested and challenged...

Kars4Kids / Value of Vehicle Donation for Tax reporting

UBWarned on 2016-04-22
Not complaining about the charity or what they do with the money but really questioning their pricing of vehicle donations. They picked up my 1996 GMC Suburban promptly after my wife called. It was operational but had just failed my state's annual safety inspection and I decided not to...

Kars 4 Kids / Fraud

Cragan on 2016-04-21
This is actually a fraudulent charity and they are all are multiple charities associated with this specific organization. A few online charities that are associated are the giving center, charity boats, online car donation, online boat donation, works of life, with causes, boats 2charity...

Best Buy / Social services

heritageGH on 2016-04-21
We are a nonprofit organization serving abused foster youth and have been in operation for 26 years and maintain 6 figures in our checking account. We have NEVER ever had a check bounce in all these years and up until the last 45 days, we have not had problem writing checks. In the last month...

American Legion / refusing to assist new member with rental assistance

Shannon Brough on 2016-04-06
legion has denied me help with funds for rent, saying that I do not qualify because I am single this is discrimination and demeaning,

SpeedyPC Pro / Mentor Charity UK

Dear Sirs, Having signed up for a short trial, I spoke with an amiable guy, located in Boca Rattan. I explained I'd just been given a laptop, to undertake Pro-Bono work as a senior volunteer for a US based charity launching in the UK. He politely took me through a process, adding there...

National Rifle Association - NRA / Unsolicited calls, harassment

Darlene Mynes on 2016-04-01
We have been receiving numerous unsolicited phone calls (1-2 calls per day) from 17 different NRA phone number . I have emailed NRA to stop harassing us with all of their phone calls. I have selected the "Do Not Call" on the NRA's phone system . We are register on National DO Not Call...

Kars 4 Kids / Car Donation/Scam

Charitable on 2016-03-18
I have a nice vehicle to donate and heard the radio jingle... So, helping kids sounds good...right? ... WRONG! They use the children's voices singing to tug at your heart. Upon further investigation, I found an all Jewish board behind which takes in 35 MILLION a year and gives ALL the...

PawSafe Animal Rescue / Adoptions

GA2 on 2016-03-17
While understanding this is a non-profit. The staff for this organization could not have been more rude and unprofessional. You start with an application and then magically get approved to go to an event. They say that all adoptive families are properly screened but many of us know that...

SPCA / Concerned people

Leelees on 2016-03-13
We were looking to adopt a dog, stopped at SPCA in Melbourne. First of all not the nicest place I have been into . We saw a dog a little terrier we had an interest in adopting.. When we asked about him were told he would be put into a lottery because he was so cute. Lottery meaning they...

North Shore Animal League / Sweepstakes

Reviewer77159 on 2016-03-06
Months ago I received a letter from the above named company stating I had definitely won a prize. Every other day I receive a similar letter from this company, but have yet to receive "my guaranteed prize". No reason ha been given for this and I even donated twice to the shelter. I...
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