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Medical Negligence and Deficiency Complaints

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Senior Helpers, Alpharetta, Georgia / Rn employed by senior helpers

JSmitherman on Oct 20, 2016
The personnel who answer the phone are friendly and give a positive first impression. However, our interactions with some of the employees has left us with a less than favorable impression. When we first signed on with Senior Helpers for home care for our mother, my brother and I had one...

St Thomas Hospital / Falsification of patient records

Piet Retief on Oct 18, 2016
In May 16 I was admitted to this hospital with classic brain tumour symptoms. The hospital failed to carry out an mri but tested me for aids without my knowledge or consent, then falsified my records claiming i was "depressed". They also lied about why they never carried out a scan. I went...

Lincare Medical Supplies / Wheelchair not being delivered that was ordered on 7/13/16

Nancy Stang-Haney on Oct 12, 2016
On July 13, 2016 my doctor's office faxed an order for a wheelchair for me. I have contacted them by phone on: 7/26/16 they said turnaround time would be about 5 weeks 8/9/16 Claire started it would be a few more weeks 8/31/16 they needed chart notes from the doctor I then emailed them to...

UMA Pain and Spine Clinic / Pain management service appointment

Glennell Burnette on Oct 11, 2016
I got a referral from Martin General Hospital in Williamston, NC to see Dr. Patel. Inever got the referral and had to go to Martin Family Medicine again to have the referral faxed. I received a call today from a lady named Aril at Dr. Patel's office stating she was the only one there and...

LabCorp / Horrible customer service

AbiRae Ann Knight on Oct 4, 2016
I was dropping off a sample for my husband and the staff member was not at the counter, so I waited just under 5 minutes. The time I spent waiting was honestly no big deal, but the staff member came out, no greeting whatsoever and asks if I signed in. I said no and that I was bringing a...

CVS Pharmacy / Unethical behavior, disrespect from pharmacist.

michele hale on Oct 4, 2016
My daughter put in for a flovent refill yesterday. Ignorant pharmacist did not have any insurance numbers correct nor could he find anything on the computer. No phone numbers, ect. We have been customers with the same insurance since july 2015. Then with his foreign accent told me I have...

Sedgwick / Medical injury claim

Russ Farnsworth on Sep 30, 2016
SedgwickI had a spine surgery conducted at UCLA. The surgeon neglected to install the intervertebral body cage that was supposed to be part of my operation. Without that device, my surgery failed and Sedgwick instantly decided that I didn't have a claim. I don't believe that doctors should be able to...

Quest Diagnostics / Urine screening unreliable

wolves400000 on Sep 26, 2016
I took a urinalysis on 8/31/16 for pre-employment screening. I take medications that could alter the results. I obtained copies from both pharmacies that I use. The company made me an offer to start work on 9/6/16 pending my results of my screening. I was not concerned as I know I only...

Lincare / Customer service/record keeping

princess63116 on Sep 23, 2016
March/April of 2016 I called to get my nebulzar replaced. Lincare said they had no proof of selling me a nebulizar. I could send them a copy of the nebulizar I purchased in 2011. I could not send them that information because it was unavailable at that time. I found the information about...

Apria Healthcare / Customer service

MHuds on Sep 22, 2016
Absolutly the worst, most confusing, badly set-up, badly run company i have ever had the misfortion to deal with! All i want to do is to order my supplies on-line. I get emails stating that it is time for me to reorder supplies and that i can do so through my on-line patient portal. When i...

SocialAnxiety.com / Anxiety treatment, self-help products, avoidant personality disorder treatment

SocialAnxiety.com on Sep 19, 2016
SocialAnxiety.comSocialAnxiety.com and Berent Associates is a private practice specializing in the treatment of public speaking anxiety, performance anxiety, toxic perfectionism, and avoidant personality disorder since 1978. Offerings include self-help products, high performance mind training that utilize...

Tru Belleza / Instalife rapid winkle control

Constance Tsang on Sep 19, 2016
I got a free promo package out of curious and then keeps on receiving pkg which I did not order and got charged. April 22, 2016 17028521834 Smootskin London C$219.62 April 22, 2016 7028521825 Gorgousskin London C$6, 48 May 8, 2016 7028521825 Gorgousskin London C$134.23 June 6, 2016 17028521840...

SCBN (Select Care Benefits Network) / Prescription promises 1/2 truths to draw you in

DTarsia on Sep 16, 2016
Careful careful!!! They tell you half truths and insinuate fast courteous service.. They tell you of a phone number you can beg for samples if they can't supply in an emergent basis!!They suck in the $100.00 it takes to get started, say they will not refund it until they receive the packet...

Robin Thomas A better Life / Robin thomas a better life unlicensed thief

Alexi30 on Sep 11, 2016
Robin Thomas A better Life, Robin Thomas Coach 625 Middle Country Road Selden/Coram area, NY, New York, United States abetterlifecounseling.net Robin thomas is a theif and made me pay her in advance and refused to give me my funds back stole money from me unethical selden/coram She is not...

Express Scripts / Prescription services

S Harrison-Pepper on Sep 9, 2016
Express-Scripts is, hands down, the worst pharmacy I've ever had the displeasure of dealing with! Frighteningly incompetent and surly, they have become so bad, in fact, that I've decided I'm willing to pay EXTRA to fill my prescriptions a local pharmacy. If you are ever encouraged to "save...

Labco / Poor service/lack of professionalism / rude receptionist

Uncaring on Sep 9, 2016
I took my elderly parents to Labcorp- 5960 Beach Blvd. Jacksonville, Fl- on 9/8/16. We arrived at 8:30am and signed in. We will never return to Labcorp again. The front receptionist was rude, unprofessional, uncaring. At 9:00 am, people started coming in with 8:30am appointments. They were...

Robin Thomas Life Coach is very shady and unethical Liar thief ect. RUN FROM HER!!! / Robin thomas life coach is very shady and unethical liar thief ect. Run from her!!!

kendrasbabies on Sep 8, 2016
Robin Thomas Life Coach is very shady and unethical Liar thief ect. RUN FROM HER!!!625 Middle Country Road Selden/Coram area, NY, New York, United States abetterlifecounseling.net Robin thomas is a theif and made me pay her in advance and refused to give me my funds back stole money from me unethical selden/coram area, ny new york life coach - a better life - robin thoma...

Lincare / Customer service failure

PKMack on Sep 8, 2016
Lincare First phone call: June 2016 I called Lincare Richmond to ask how I could get new parts for my CPAP. Who'd moved from Myrtle Beach to VA. A customer rep gave me directions to call Lincare Myrtle Beach and have my files transferred. Mid July 2016 Waited two weeks for return call...

Dr. Joseph Ardolf / Health care

misledp on Sep 8, 2016
This doctor would act as though he was treating my infection during office visits but when I looked in my medical records later on it said something about how he had told me it is probably anxiety. I think he misled me to believe that he was treating my infection, giving me injections of...

CFAN Central / Child family services

Canada post shares space with CFAN in Langruth, MB. I order medical marijuana through a program the conservative goverment set up and is prescribed by a doctor and tested and approved by health Canada. The problem I am having is that the postal workers became aware that I order medical...
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