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Medical Negligence and Deficiency Complaints

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Daniel Taheri - LA LAser Center / Dermatology

JaredPLA on Aug 16, 2016
Dr Daniel Taheri who owns and operates LA Laser Center in Los Angeles California is currently under investigation by the California Medical Board for numerous violations. Some of allegations are very serious such as the forging of patients signatures and the doctoring of patients medical...

LabCorp / Phlebotomy dept.

Richardm74 on Aug 15, 2016
The lab tech drew blood samples from 2 of my daughters into both heparinized and EDTA tubes and failed to invert them to mix the blood with the anticoagulants. When I confronted her with the fact of her failure to invert the tubes, she tried to lie to me, telling me that she had inverted...

hemet valley medical center / levaquin antibiotic

Katherine Meacham on Aug 13, 2016
I was admitted to Hemet valley medical center on may 5th 2016 for a UTI and given the Levaquin's antibiotic in the form of an i-v and was told that the Dr was going to come and see me for 5 days when I was given the Levaquin I started to have a pain on left side of my chest told the nurse...

Acurian Health / scam unethical behaviour

Warren Bertram on Aug 10, 2016
I received a ltr from the dtd August 2016. In this ltr It states Advances in Arthritis research could start with you: The web is (www.YourArthristisResearch.com) 1-855-578-5732, 1-866-279-4477; Do you have Arthritis and hip or knee pain, stupid me, I went on the dam site, fill out the...

LabCorp / Blood Draw

Patient A on Aug 6, 2016
DO NOT GO TO LABCORP TO GET YOUR BLOOD DRAWN. They hire "phlebotomists" with very little training and most went to scammer schools that are "for profit", not "non profit" like a real community college, etc. Some of the women went to "schools" that were forced to shut down because they lost...

South Oaks Hospital / Patient Care

jessjus on Aug 2, 2016
I can't tell you how upset I am with this place. I want my son to be transferred and have gotten no where. They don't even have an adequate number for Patient Advocacy there. My son has ADHD and other symptoms off the autistic spectrum. I went to Stony Brook at first and received...

Red Cross / way I was treated

umberto62 on Jul 29, 2016
I have been giving blood for 20 years to the red cross. I went today, did the required tests and during conversation I mentioned that I began to donate after a doctor told me it was good to give for many reasons. Keeping iron levels low was one of them and helping others. The woman pulled...

Comfort Keepers / Negligence/theft

Katie22 on Jul 28, 2016
This is the worst company I have ever seen disguise themselves as a "home health" agency in my life! All the "nurses" did while they where here was sit on the couch and eat, watch TV on their phone ( with ear buds in so they couldn't hear the client) smoke cigarette and throw them in the...

www.vitals.com / Vitals patient Reviews and ratings of Doctor are selective & fraud

cheecharella on Jul 22, 2016
Vitals Review Site for Doctors: FALSE POSITIVE REVIEWS on Vitals, the top of the top three that present in and search engine results. 1) The comprehensive positive ratings are a FALSE representation of Patient reviews, as my truthful, negative reviews for Dr. Parham Ganchi, cosmetic surgeon of...

Angela Wilcott / Premium Service, Purolator Express Envelope

wilcott on Jul 21, 2016
On July 18, 2016 at approximately 1pm, I shipped a very important document from 40A Industrial Park in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. I was told this would be delivered to New Lowell, Ontario the next day. PIN 330792572258. This cost $30.53. The recipient required this document to attend an...

Discovery / Specialist Authorization

Odine on Jul 20, 2016
On the 14th July 2016, I had to rush my baby to the Doctor to find out he have tonsillitis and ear infection chronically (Meaning he doesn't eat, drink or sleep - just cry). So they have to remove the tonsils now and put in new grommets. My doctor gave me the Discovery Authorization...

RMO International / A life - changing experience for doctors

DrNemo on Jul 18, 2016
This so-called employer recruits doctors from overseas to work in British private hospitals. You can choose between contracts " 14 days on /14 days off" and one week off/ on. Well, before I decided to resign they said nowadays there are also one week on and 3 weeks off available. The...

Discovery / Home Care department

Beryl Erasmus on Jul 18, 2016
Member no. 473275312 W D ERASMUS COMPLAINT: I have a a toe amputation three months ago and have been in and out f hospital for medication and treatment. On the 16 June s was discovered after a wound swab was done that I had picked up MRSA infection. After being hospitalized for 12 day...

Netcare / Bad service and Extra costs

CharlotteVanRooyen on Jul 13, 2016
I had my emergency caesarean on 22 Feb 2016 for my baby boy. Once he was delivered, I was visited by a nurse who asked me if I wanted to be in a private room as there is one available. No one informed me that there will be extra costs involved ( my first baby was At Wilgers hospital also...

Cleveland Clinic / Dr. Jihad Kaouk - Medical Care/Medical Malpractice

TobyandJihad on Jul 5, 2016
I am one of many permanently harmed patients, many requiring corrective and emergency lifesaving surgery, who filed complaints with the Ohio Medical Board, CMS, Joint Commission, State and Federal Courts. CMS investigation of Jihad Kaouk's surgery schedule "revealed on 01/18/2010 [Jihad...

Lincare / Billing, Oxygen Delivery

2ndprimetime on Jul 3, 2016
I am on oxygen 24/7 in the last year Lincare has left me without an air concentrator their office is 10 min from my house because it was 5 o'clock and traffic was bad I would have to wait.Here we are on July 4 weekend no oxygen delivered when I called I was told the delivery driver...

Walgreens / Refill Prescription

luna217 on Jun 30, 2016
I just picked my a new cholesterol medicine no problem, my doctor gave me a savings card. I was also waiting for the doctor's office to fax my blood pressure medicine, and as it was three hours later and it still had not arrived to Walgreens, I was getting anxious since it is a holiday...

Humana / Humana Gold Plus HMO

Water Melon on Jun 28, 2016
I was seen at the cancer center today my HGB is 7.1 My oncologist gave an order for 2 blood transfusions. These 2 transfusions are desperately needed. I called customer service to ask why it is going to take 48 plus hours to receive approval for these two transfusions. An African American...

United Healthcare / united Healthcare survace

cricket dawg on Jun 26, 2016
I have tried to get a sewer chair for two months I can't stand up after a bad car wreck and had surgery on June 15th, let out of hospital on June 18th asked for home health care to clean and cook help me bath and a home nurse care for my wounds, I have called every day and no help, I have...

Lincare Oxygen Care / Complete lack of customer support

n47 on Jun 23, 2016
I have never in my entire life experienced such incompetency in a company. My mother is 64 years old and was prescribed oxygen for congestive heart failure. This company repeatedly ignored her phone calls and messages requesting new tanks, never came on the day they were supposed to...
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