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Medical Negligence and Deficiency Complaints

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Calcutta Medical Research Institute (CMRI) / Overcharging & inflated estimates to swindle insured patients

Koushik Paul on 2016-05-26
CMRI is an absolutely bania hospital aimed at squeezing maximum money out of patients. My mother requires gallstone removal and they quoted 81, 000/- while our neighbor got the same done few days back for 55, 000/-. They asked for higher rate just because we had a huge health insurance...

Medicross Boksburg / Doctor or is his PA not understanding

Clinton Swanepoel on 2016-05-25
On 25-05-2016 early in the morning I contacted Medicross Boksburg and spoke to Jane about what effects I was feeling and the effects were worse then when I went to see Dr.Coetsee about my ADD effects and how badly it was effecting me. I was told that I would need too see a Neurologist by Jane and...

Lincare / Need POC replaced, no response from Lincare

LK Presley on 2016-05-25
I have an O2 concentrator and a portable one. The portable one has been broken for months which keeps me pretty much home bound. I started calling Lincare in February 2016 about getting a different model to replace the one I had. They said they needed it noted in my doctor's notes. I...

BioLife Plasma Services / Turned away over something very minor and stupid

Angel Lers on 2016-05-24
Do not believe their website. I was approved by the doctor at bioLife to donate. I am a non-smoker. I do not do drugs nor drink. I do not engage in sexual risky behavior either. I've never been through chemotherapy or given a blood donation. I have never been on the medications that...

Iqbal Ahmad, MD / Independent Medical Exam

dj0220 on 2016-05-23
on 4/26/16 mes solutions sent me to Dr Iqbal Ahmad for injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident on 12/10/15. The provider checked every part of my body but the 2 areas affected drastically by the auto accident I went in for an evaluation for neck and back injuries I gave my detailed...

Shadow Emerg Physicans PLLC / Billing from doctor

Patricia Poellnitz on 2016-05-12
was in Centennial Hills Hospital 6900 N Durango Dr Las Vegas NV on 2/23/2016 emergency room was seen byDillon PAC, Amberlyn bill was sent out by hospital and doctor the bills have same charges double charges need to have utilization review because unfairly charged by Doctor In addition I...

Centennial Hills Hospital / Billed by Shadow Emergency Physicians PLLC

Patricia Poellnitz on 2016-05-18
On February 23-2016 Emergency room at Centennial Hills Hospital seen by Dillon Amberlyn PAC asking for utilization of charges review because I have double charges from hospital and doctor please send explanation of all said chargesI have concern about level of care received does not match the care provided

Lincare / Response to needed equipment

Lee Farraher on 2016-05-09
I have been with this office for a few yrs now and have run into a problem with service. I am on a concentrator which is doing fine, and a portable tank set up. A month ago the regulator on my portable tank quit working. It leaks the air out of the tank. I told the delivery man a month ago...

Apria Healthcare / Unable to get replacement Nebulizer supplies

Deborah Alder on 2016-05-04
I have asthma induced COPD (and am currently in the middle of one of the worst asthma attacks I have had to date), and have been actively trying to purchase a new nebulizer cup from Apria Healthcare since March 23, 2016. History: On March 23, 2016 while using my PARI PRONEB Ultra Nebulizer, I...

KC Gregg / Service agreement

KC Gregg on 2016-04-29
Contacted Dothan, Alabama office August 2014, explaining I worked in Texas and would not be able to comply with their time frame. Was quoted over the phone reference pulling teeth at $55.00 per tooth for easy pull. Charged $85. and $125.00 per tooth...excuse was difficult to pull. They had...

Optometrists and Optician Board (OOB Singapore) / Rude and Argumentative Customer Service Of OOB

lolikitty66 on 2016-04-29
Once i went to enquire about how to complain against an Optometrist but the customer service guy Alvin was extremely unhelpful and rude and burntly tell me there is no way OOB is link to my complain and push my problem back and tell me to complain to the hospital instead..but many ppl told...

Affordable Dentures / Poor quality and customer service

Doug16116 on 2016-04-27
My wife went to Affordable Dentures in Boardman, OH on March 19, 2015. She needed to have 8 teeth pulled and a lower denture made. The dentist told her that she should have a new upper denture made as well because the new bottom would not fit properly if she didn't. He also said that she...

Momentum Health / My membership number is 910504412 and complaining about poor service of the members working there

Frikkadelaway on 2016-04-17
Following the email trial below, it is very clear that we are looking at a refusal to assist. The requested approval document was send my Dr. Botha himself during February and then in March again. I also forwarded again but get no feedback at all Dear client Thank you for your email...

pottie bea / botched breastlift

soubrette on 2016-04-13
i went to see christopher alex campbell is his private clinic in colombia cartagena he claims on the internet he is the best and the prices are 70 pc less then in europe i ipaid 3000 eur os for a breastlift his 9 month pregnant wife carolina estrepa assisted him with the surgery without...

Lincare, Chesterfield Twp., MI / CPAP rental service not actually available through this office

AMH73 on 2016-04-12
They advertise that they offer CPAP machine repair or rental while your machine is under repair. This is a requirement for DME durable medical equipment suppliers for Medicare contracts. What a joke. 29 days later I still do not have a rental machine, and the excuses are laughable. First I had...

Dr. Michael Gray / High Grade Capsular Contracture Corrective Surgery

Nerissa Gilliam on 2016-04-12
Dr. Gray performed surgery via the bellybutton to correct the high grade capsular contracture of my right breast. He assured me that this was an effective way to correct the problem. Two days post op I was in severe pain and had unusual swelling of my right breast. I contacted his office...

Discovery Health / Discovery Health

ClintCox on 2016-04-11
Discovery no longer seems to even bother to reply to email claims. They just ignore claims. If a claim does not meet their requirements, they do not supply the customer with feedback saying " your claim was rejected because xyz "...they just do not respond at all. Discovery...come on...

Costco / Pharmacy

Bridget Guibert on 2016-04-07
I have been going to the Costco Pharmacy since 2013, have been a member of Costco since 2008. Things have been going pretty smoothly couple bumps but all in all been a pretty good experience. This past Tuesday I took my prescriptions in to Costco to have them filled and they were not in...

The Medical Resort at Sugar Land / The lack of medical care and neglect leading to an infection in my hip after surgery.

Jerdine on 2016-04-03
Jerdine Williams P.O. Box 421944 Houston, TX 77242 PH: 281-415-6006 To whom it may concern: I am writing this letter to file a complaint against The Medical Resort at Sugar Land, located at 1803 Westcott Ave., Sugar Land, TX 77479. Their phone number is 281-329-4300. After being...

United Healthcare / Lack of action, dragging their feet

Hashbrown on 2016-03-30
I've had an issue with my left leg for weeks now. It finally got to the point where I could not put ANY pressure on it at all and went to urgent care on 3/17 and was diagnosed with sciatica and was given muscle relaxers and anti-inflamatories and told to stay off it for 3 days. I went back...
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