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Medical Negligence and Deficiency Complaints

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Genova Diagnostics / Billing Department

Reviewer83259 on 2016-02-06
I have contacted this company numerous times and have sent via certified letter explanation of benefits from Blue Cross Blue Shield. The explanation of benefits states they need proof the tests were performed. This has been going on since Aug of 2015 this is not February. If Genova would send...

Dr. Gary Spektor / Cardiologist

Reviewer35827 on 2016-02-04
My grandfather who is 92, is a patient of his for many years (he performed various interventions on him in the past) wasn't feeling well all week and called numerous times, he was denied an appointment. He decided to come to his office yesterday early in the morning, hoping he would...

Planned Parenthood / Customer Service

Reviewer70006 on 2016-02-02
So I called 18005765544 to update them on a referral I had to have in hand. The girl who picked up was sooooo rude. It was through the Kaiser Referral line. Mind you, I am only updating them with my referral number (what they told me to do). So the girl asks me, "Did your insurance fax...

Netcare / Pathetic Service Negligence

Reviewer41376 on 2016-02-02
27 January 2016 On Wednesday at around 2am my husband had rushed me to Netcare garden city . I was woken up with severe sweating lethargic and disoriented, vomiting NO BALANCE( whereby I couldn't walk and very very confused about what was going on around me ) AT THIS POINT IT FEELS LIKE...

CVS Pharmacy / Presciption refill request

Reviewer52929 on 2016-02-01
Hi, I need my prescriptions filled asap I am currently on specialty pharmacy care and I have to have my antibiottics asap I have been summited heavily and I need accuracy in the name brand medicines that I require and my medicnes cant be subistuted with childrens dose .I need my issue...

SMC Biotechnology / Sexual Harassment

Sara Good on 2016-01-30
I called Michael Crockett about his company and he proceeded to harass me and made me feel extremely uncomfortable. If you are a woman I would certainly not do business with Mr. Crockett. His business is failing and perhaps it's because he has no regard or respect for women. What a creep!...

Geisinger / Unnecessary expenses due to unneeded medical procedures

Shaya Dank on 2016-01-27
I was seen in geizinger Wyoming Valley 5 times over the course of 3 months during 2015, I told them that I had a pain on the lower right side of the abdomen, they said they couldn't find anything on a simple exray and therefore would need to do a cat scan, however after that they just gave...

Labcorp Herndon VA / Services at Labcorp-administrative & technical

CFS1234 on 2016-01-27
On Jan. 18th, 2016, I went to Labcorp for pre-op bloodwork. The woman who did my admission paperwork was quite rude, and seemed uninterested in and unconcerned about me and the other patients who were there. This woman turned out to be the technician who would be drawing my blood. I've had...

Nationwide Medical Board / Patient Blacklisting by Doctor

Linda Roberson on 2016-01-24
Never knew this existed until it happened to me, and I am 65 years old. People in this country need to know that if you go to a doctor and he either does harm to you or you disagree with him, or just say something he/she does not like, they can put you on a blacklist for that state or the...

Visiting Angels / Unethical Behavior

Reviewer20777 on 2016-01-23
My Mom, 80 Years old and suffering from a mild form of dementia hired Visiting Angels to visit 2 hours in the morning and 2 in the evening to help with dressing, bathing, cleaning and meal preparation. At some point recently her need increased to 24 hours. Things have come up missing...

Stanford Cardiology and Neurology Departments / Medical Malpractice resulting in permanent brain damage

David Hack on 2016-01-22
David M. Hack 2597 Gary Dr. Soquel, California 95073 831-461-4394 This case is complicated because I have multiple health problems and there have been medical errors in my treatments from several different medical facilities. Specifically, Stanford Hospital and Santa Cruz County’...

Discovery / Account was handed over for collection. Cancelled medical aid

DeanH1 on 2016-01-22
How the hell do you hand over my account to debt collectors if you have not responded to emails or even tried making contact with regards to the outstanding monies owed. I cannot believe this poor service. Then they ask why I cancelled my membership. Do you think it is acceptable to me...

Humana / Delta Dental PPO - Coverage

Jean Brink on 2016-01-21
On a recorded line, I was told by a Humana representative that my dentist Dr. Edith Gevorgian, Glendale, CA, was in network and that routine cleaning would be fully covered. After my first cleaning, Dr. Gevorgian received $21 from Humana. I called Humana and was told that she was NOT in...

Apria Healthcare / CPAP Machine

catjlt on 2016-01-21
My husband was prescribed a CPAP machine in November 2015. Our insurance at the time was AETNA. A rep from Apria called my husband on November 5th 2015 advising the co-pay, advised my ins company already paid for the machine, and that a CC was required to be "on file". He was told our...

Raymond G. Murphy VA Medical Center / Health care

Reviewer35479 on 2016-01-19
I was told to come to the emergency room when I tried to see a pcp for follow up on lung condition. Since pcp at va could not call back nor have they ever called back. I have now been waiting over 3 hours and counting in the er. I am in a lot of pain and want to just go home at this point.

Dr. Benjamin Schlecter / Scar revision surgery

I'm Rosie on 2016-01-19
I visited Dr. Schlecter of Proserpi- Schlechter Center for Plastic Surgery for scar revision on a flat, painfree scar. He took a look at it and said that he could minimize it with surgery. I trusted him. What I did not know at the time, and what he neglected to point out, was that there...

Rite Aid Pharmacy / Medication issues

Reviewer23023 on 2016-01-18
I was prescribed Humilin R as my insulin drug. I receive my insulin three viles at a time secured together. When I began to take the last vile, I noticed it was cloudy (milk-like) and thought it was from being in the refrigerator. But then I looked at the vile and noticed it said Novilin...

Holly Halseth Minneaplolis MN HCMC / Hippa Compliance Violations HCMC

rickcrosszimmerman on 2016-01-17
Holly Halseth | Minneapolis MN HCMC | Hippa Compliance Violations HCMC Holly Halseth is in violation of hippa compliance, she was taking patient records out of the office and keeping them in the trunk of her car.. She said HCMC had opened a file on her for being tardy so many times, but I...

7 mate / Censoring 1000 ways to die

Reviewer21075 on 2016-01-16
I know Australia is fast becoming the nanny country of the world and I can deal with that, but censoring 1000 ways to die which is on late night is rather pathetic, I watch the show for the educational ways people have died and for the gory and gruesome way they present them to the...

The Peterson Group / Members of the Peterson Group Arrested for Soliciting Monetary Support

jessicamcnally on 2016-01-14
Local authorities from Menteng, Jakarta, Indonesia arrested two women, Derei Wayet and Fauli Darma, aged 23 and 32 respectively, for allegedly collecting money from the public. The arrest was done on Tuesday, December 1, 2011 after a civilian who was visited by the women alerted the police...
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