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Lottery Scams Complaints

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Reserve Bank Of India (RBI) / Please return my money as soon as possible

ommuuga on 2016-05-17
Reserve Bank Of India (RBI)Respected sir, i am hemalatha.G from india, now i told my situation to you, in few days ago the a/c officer ( cleven mangzamung naulak ) in reserve bank of india was contact me through my mail, he told to pay rs 18, 500 for claim my winning fund but i dont hope him, i was complaint him to the...

Coca Cola / Microsoft / Coca Cola UK, Microsoft UK Contacts & Information that I want to know that am I really a lucky winner.

Saquibul Hasan on 2016-05-07
I got a mail from Lottery Headquarters United Kingdom where written that i given it below, Congratulations Legally Approved Winner Saquibul Hasan After much consultation with relevant departments and bodies concerned in this Award Promotion, the United Kingdom Financial Institute, Coca...

Samsung lottery company / prize money give transfer my bank account

praveen praveen on 2016-04-16
CONGRATULATIONS!!! NOTIFICATION FROM > >                  SAMSUNG  LOTTERY AWARD  COMPANY                               >                                 UNITED KINGDOM . > > OFFICE OF FOREIGN NOTIFICATION & REMITTANCE. > > 100 Victoria Street, London United Kingdom > >...

Award Notification Commission [ANC] / I am tired of receiving these fake Sweepstakes, Lottery letters stating I have won millions of dollars .

Julie H . on 2016-04-15
The so called directing officer name is CHARLES W. FOX of the AWARD NOTIFICATION COMMISSION P.OF BOX 2905 KANSAS CITY., KS 66110 USA. Be aware of this letter . Yeah it looks official, but Goggle it and it's all a SCAM ! PLZ don't send any of ur personal information to anyone unless u...

Chevrolet Car Lottery Promotion Award London / chevrolet price of car and money

Meena Kanda on 2016-04-05
31.03.16 i received one mail of my email id meenakanda23@gmail.com.they said i am winning the car price, they want clearance cost Rs.21500. its a true or false i got the price or not. i am in chennai. delhi airport officers call me . my doubt clear me my mobile number is 9551922826.

Award Notification Commission [ANC] / Scam

Received a letter stating I won $1, 327, 940.00 on March 2, 2016. All I have to do is send $11.89 by cash, check or money order to obtain my winnings. First any reputable company never asks for you to send cash. Checking the Internet many people received the same "Prize Winning" notification.

www.edge97.com / This lottery wasn’t right and the radio station participated in scam

Reviewer53421 on 2016-02-26
I heard the advertisement on www.edge97.com Radio Station. They offered two tickets to Bahamas and everything was completely for free. I called and was the participant number 9. I won and the man from the radio station contacted me and said how to receive the tickets. He told the website...

www.heritagesports.eu / I won the sum but couldn’t withdraw this sum

Reviewer26868 on 2016-02-25
I have used the website www.heritagesports.eu within 7 years and I haven’t won large sums. But couple of weeks ago I won about $2, 500 and wanted to withdraw this sum, but the website showed that it was impossible and afterwards I contacted the customer services. The agent informed me that...

USAFIS / Complain

Reviewer89681 on 2016-02-14
Hi Danas I signed up with USAFIS a few days ago. I was fully informed that the service was in the form of assistance only and not a Green Card guarantee. It was clearly explained to me that the Green Card Lottery is not guaranteed by USAFIS. I asked if I can cancel to Usafis service and she...

Valero / Lotto ticket scam Jefferson & 16 mile rd.

Reviewer66247 on 2016-02-13
Stopped to purchase lotto tickets. Two female employees and one older man behind counter on Feb 13th. I handed her a lotto slip and also ask for one easy pick. She ran the slip and the man whispered to her to give me this one and handed her a lotto ticket. Good thing I heard him, she...

USAFIS Organisation / Scam

felfeky on 2016-02-11
I signed up with USAFIS a few days ago. I was fully informed that the service was in the form of assistance only and not a Green Card guarantee. It was clearly explained to me that the Green Card Lottery is not guaranteed by USAFIS. and inform me tha application cancel to Usafis service and...

Mega Millions Sweepstakes / Lottery winner

Reviewer67061 on 2016-02-08
I have received three different calls about winning a contest from mega Millions 5.5 million and a Mercedes waiting for me in Edmonton all I need is a government stamp of approval and its mine . Just head down to the closest western union and pay 395.00 and bingo . I have not entered any...

Global Courier Service Limited / Gmail/Microsoft Lottery

Efrain Mendez on 2016-01-22
They said I won 500, 000 and sent me 3 emails saying I won that money. address was Global Carrier Services limited. Address was Plot 40-Phase-3 Industries, near Maruti Mareketing time, Okhla, Delhi, 110019 India. Phone number +447 9374 50254. Their was 3 emails. First one from Rahe Lauren...

Samuel Jones Brown / I am sick of their emails. I don’t trust them

Reviewer19921 on 2016-01-10
I am sick of the emails, which I receive from Samuel Jones Brown. I have received the email that I can get the prize from them, but before it I should pay them $25. I know that it is big scam and I don’t want to get such emails, but I simply don’t know how to stop them. Seriously, if someone...

LottosOnline.com / Powerball tickets

Reviewer45695 on 2016-01-07
Hello I signed up for an account at www.lottosonline.com and purchased 3 Powerball tickets on my credit card which went through and was told i would get an email confirmation and i never did get any email. then tried to login to my account at www.lottosonline.com and i getting login...

Bolt Crest Securities Inc. / Lottery Scam

Cindey Beck on 2015-12-30
Hi, I just received a letter saying that I won a lottery of 130, 000.00 dollars and when I entered in the same information under CAPE CREST SECURITIES INC. and you will see the same story's on their and mine. It say's to call Mark Kerry or Lena Young and that my winning numbers are...

Samsung / about email of winning amount

mohammad tht on 2015-12-30
please inform me is it fake mail or real sir Conversation opened. 1 unread message. Skip to content Using Gmail with screen readers mohammad Search Click here to enable desktop notifications for Gmail. Learn more Hide Gmail COMPOSE Labels Inbox (5, 376) Starred Important Sent Mail Draft...

Freelotto / My F.A.S.T. subscription I subscribed to to claim my prize winning. For 99¢ for the first 30 days.

Reviewer23475 on 2015-12-27
I received confirmation email to claim my prize winnings by signing up to F.A.S.T Freelotto. Which would handle all submitting responsibility and action necessary to claim winning. Yet I was charged and have no sign of any results as well, my date and Freeport webmaster prize claim ticket...

BMW Automobile / Fake lottery winning.

Reviewer22426 on 2015-12-23
Hi authority, I am Ashis Dutta.i also get a simillar email on 21/12/2015.i recived the email from BMW automobile company.Frank douglas was the agent who talking to us through the phone(8447038378/837849581/9582760168) here is the numbers.i send 24600 rupees to the custom broker on...

www.Freelotto.com / I'm shohid sarkar completing where are my freelottary eligible paid money?

Reviewer58819 on 2015-12-15
FREELOTTO TOTAL COMBINED JACKPOT AMT: $11, 260, 000.00 DATE: 11/18/2015 Issuing To: Shohid Sarkar 30 Faidabad sukkur ali moszid Dhaka, Dhaka zila 1230 IMMEDIATE RESPONSE REQUESTED TO AVOID ENTRY FORFEITURE RECORD ID SHOWN ON PERSONAL FILE Authorized by FreeLotto Membership Director B...
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