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Canada Drives / Stop calling me.

Eugenie Villanueva-Landry on Jan 14, 2017
A rep from canada drives called me to ask if I wanted to purchase a car. I then told them at that time I was not interested. Since then, I have received numerous phone calls left on my voice mail. I have tried calling the number that they said to call - and what I get are hangups. I tried...

Wells Fargo / Mortgage refinance loan

Cynical Soldier on Jan 14, 2017
My name is kenneth l. Davis. My current home loan is with wells fargo: acct# 0214260747. I retired from the us air force in 2003 and started working for the tulalip tribes in 2008. My employee retirement plan, from tulalip tribes of washington, is also with wells fargo. On sep 8th, 2016...

Canada Drives / Unethical and rude behaviour

TBELL1991 on Jan 13, 2017
1/13/2017 In july of 2016 I mistakenly submitted general information to canada drives website thinking it was something else (My mistake). I was in the market to purchase a car and was looking for different finance rates and must have stumbled onto their site by accident. Anyways shortly...

Raichel caesar / Intercoast career college / career institute

Chelly24 on Jan 12, 2017
Fraud! They trick you into signing forms that are vague and it's because it's a loan for them, after they state I quote " looks like the government is going to cover your schooling in full, - everything but your certificate upon graduation which is $140.00 " While struggling so hard for the...

JDG Financial Services / JD Group / Third party financing (furniture warehouse customer)

Rikusschutte on Jan 11, 2017
My name is Rikus, and i work for Furniture warehouse, we do third party financing trough you guys and my problem is the following It has now happened for the 3 time in less than 4 months that we will apply for a financing quotation for one of our customers and due to various reasons the...

Enviro Board Corp. / note given to enviro board corp. and glenn b. camp

dsh3089 on Jan 10, 2017
As of November of 2016, Glenn Camp motioned to have the judgement which was ordered by the court in Venture County to be dissolved and reheard thou a Trial de Nov. This motion was heard and the court ordered Glenn Camp to pay the original judgement plus an additional 500.00. Since thi...

Lobel Financial / Vehicle loan

Pitchu Simba on Jan 10, 2017
It had been so many complaint found! Why this business still operating and hurting more customers, family, parents! This business must see their license terminated. Here my experience: I found a dealer in Craigslist who stated had some good car! He sold me a first vehicle who was good but...

Santander Consumer USA / Loan interest rate and payments

Nelthesax on Jan 10, 2017
I purchased a vehicle from Napoli Nissan in Milford CT in which Santander Consumer USA is the loan servicer. I have owned the vehicle for 3 years now and have made payments on the vehicle on time and i have also been late. I have stayed in communication with Santander usa and have...

Personal / I am complaining about scam cashloan240 for sending me not useful mails.

vhekkie on Jan 8, 2017
PersonalMy name is Marvic Ujiie from Japan. I was a victim of a loan scam. I want to block this cashloan240@yahoo.com because until now they keep sending me e-mails asking for fee, i already pay once and i don't want to pay more, their asking more fee from me. Please block this e-mail for me...

Lobel Financial / Vehicle loan

Pitchu Simba on Jan 8, 2017
It had been so many complaint found! Why this business still operating and hurting more customers, family, parents! This business must see their license terminated. Here my experience: I found a dealer in Craigslist who stated had some good car! He sold me a first vehicle who was good but...

LoanCare / LoanCareServicing.com / Customer service - unethical behavior

Epeters on Jan 6, 2017
My loan was sold to LoanCare LLC and in the mean time I refinanced the loan back to the original company. LoanCare has been holding the money from my escrow account for over 2 months, with no answers, and no results for getting me my money back. Everyone tells me something different. The...

LoanCare / LoanCareServicing.com / Loan

Lonely family on Jan 5, 2017
We had our original loan with Loancare and had no problems. When we refinanced we (with Loancare) were told not to make a mortgage payment for the next 2 months. Made an additional mortgage payment in error. Called and spoke to 4 different representatives and was told that it would be...

ADIB Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank / Personal loan

syed1505 on Jan 5, 2017
Recently i was approached by this bank representative and ask me to do a buyout of loan from my previous Bank, since even i had some financial issue i decided to take loan form this Bank, After lot of effort and hassle i got loan after 3 months. This is because of the agent who was helping...

Coca Cola / Coke 1 liter bottle

Jayvee Reyes on Jan 4, 2017
Coca ColaPurchased 4 cases of coke 1 liter last december 29, 2016 from maasin, iloilo, philippines. Found out that their is something inside in one of the 1 liter bottle. Im james vincent reyes, 58 delgado street. , iloilo city, philippines. My contact number is 639189018080, my email address is jvbreyes@yahoo.com. I hope for your immediate action with regard to this problem

Huntington Bank / Mortgage loan department

Lacij888 on Jan 1, 2017
Hello, My name is Peggy Faulkner and I submitted a loan request Aug 2, 2016. My intention was to get a fixed rate and apply for additional cash so that I can pay on our credit card debit. I spoke to Chad Perk first and he told me our credit scores were good and did not see any issue with the...

Lending –°lub / Fraudulent loans

dfkill on Jan 1, 2017
After receiving a letter My Isntant Offer in the mail while trying to get my finances back in order not to lose my house and job to only get hustled by this. I was constantly thinking that I was going to get the loan but day by day they presented me with another reason to send more money and yet only two thousand later. Lost home, job, family, etc.

Citizens Bank / Mortgage application

stevehering on Dec 30, 2016
Citizens bank total team was incompetent. They asked for mountains of information which was provided. The loan officer was new and totally incompetent, the loan processer did not return calls for days. The district manager consistently said she would call back - and didn't. Regional...

Santander Bank NA / Maintenance fees on mortgage

Bancy on Dec 30, 2016
I am Personal Representative of my late father's estate since July, 2015. Since that time "I" have been maintaining the property that Santander holds the mortgage to. Since that time, Santander has added several charges totaling $705.70, in maintenance fees for "property maintenance" (gra...

LoanCare / LoanCareServicing.com / Escrow refund

Makaylarucker on Dec 29, 2016
We refinanced our house 75 days ago. By law you get a refund on overpaid escrow within 90 days but rule of thumb is 30 days. 15 more days until I get to sue the pants off of this joke of a company. They've cut me 3 checks so far 2 of them "next day" to me and not a single one has made it...

Huntington Bank / Loan process

Lacij888 on Dec 28, 2016
Hello my name is Peggy Faulkner and me and my husband Rodney Faulkner have been trying to refinance our home since Aug 2, 2016. We are self employed so I understand it takes time to go through all your earnings. I also understand told to me by Chad Perk that the debit to income ratio must...
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