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Lawyer Susanne Rohfleisch / Family Law - Legal Services

Eva B. on 2016-02-02
Lawyer Susanne RohfleischThis professional legal review is for my German colleagues living in the Heidelberg, Germany area but I will write in both English and German as this site is all in English: Do not hire Susanne Rohfleisch, Landhausstrasse 15, 69115 Heidelberg, for anything to do with German family law. I...

A. Thomas Stubbs Attorney at Law / Legal, Estate Planning

Reviewer79759 on 2016-02-01
My mother had stage 4 cancer of the brain and was on many types of cancer drugs and was only given a few days to live. She was not of sound mind nor body. My sister got Tom Stubbs to change her will days before she died. Can you say UNDO INFLUENCE. Tom Stubbs then talked the executor...

Munnik Basson Dagama (MBD) / Sent these people a paid up letter but they keep calling and emailing me

Wandile on 2016-02-01
I have spoken to so many agents and sent a paid up letter to so many people but not even 1 of them updated their system The second last one was the worst she asked me to send the letter and when I asked how many times must I send the same thing to them before they update their system...

Canadavisa.com / Immigration consultants in Canada

Reviewer89603 on 2016-01-31
They are least trustworthy. First they will over commit on the immigration even if they are sure that immigration is not possible. Once you pay them the full money, suddenly they will stop responding to mails. There is no mechanism to escalate. Then they might comp with different programs of...

Anti Defamation Lawyers of San Francisco / Whoever is responsible for hacking my email

You boneheads have hacked my gmail account (zcavewoman@gmail.com/ pw: cesium155...right?) Perhaps to gather evidence on a "defamation case" involving my ex, Bruce W Bridenbecker of Joshua Tree, Ca? You all have NO IDEA how much information and just general nastiness I have on him in hard...

Jan H. Brown Law / Lawyer

americanONE on 2016-01-27
Jan H. Brown LawJan H. Brown Law Jan Brown, Law Office of Jan H. Brown unjust enrichment, breach of privacy, bad faith New York New York I am an American of color from New York, male, a victim of the U.S. government's fraudulent "War on Terror, " in which all Americans are suspected criminals and terrorists. My...

Rippy & Taylor / Attorney

Reviewer70566 on 2016-01-26
Before you decide to hire or do any business with Attorney Felix Rippy do the following two things at least. 1. Type in the Google search "Felix Rippy suspension". This guy has been suspended by the Texas State Bar and also by the Texas Supreme Court. Also, you can call Texas State...

Schiller, Knapp / Foreclosure process

Reviewer77889 on 2016-01-25
They as legal representatives of First Niagara Bank have filed a Notice of Sale and claim that it was published per New York State law in the Times Union for 4 weeks. I have checked and there has been no notice posted on the dates they specified as well; I contacted the "legals" department...

Schwartz & Naderi / Beware of Unskilled Scam Attorney

Reviewer56917 on 2016-01-23
The epitome of scum bucket sleaze bag. This loser, "attorney" Arvand Naderi is the biggest bych and unskilled crook. Do NOT hire this crooked clown. He'll take your money, not lift a finger to do any work for your case, and then quit your case all too soon and RUN with your money...

Palmer, Reifler & Associates / Collections agency charade

dontpay on 2016-01-18
The Palmer Reiffler Charade by... Carlos, a recipient of their demands and idle threats You've made one costly mistake, don't make another! If you are reading this it is because you have gotten a threatening letter demanding a civil payment, a "civil demand" on behalf of...

Attorney Arvand Naderi / SCAM Attorney

Reviewer21882 on 2016-01-15
The epitome of scum bucket sleaze bag. This loser, "attorney" Arvand Naderi is the biggest bych and unskilled crook. Do NOT hire this crooked clown. He'll take your money, not lift a finger to do any work for your case, and then quit your case all too soon and RUN with your money. As for...

New Jersey Blue Soccer / West Gate Leisure Resort Orlando Florida

Reviewer14902 on 2016-01-13
A NJ Police Soccer Team heading to Orlando Florida for a Soccer Tournament 2/2/16-2/6/16 decided to stay at the West Gate Leisure Resort. Booked and paid in full. On 1/12/16 we received a email from Police Soccer 7's Soccer Tournament STEVE CRANE telling us that they have to cancel the...

Mark W. Eves / Legal advise on real estate planning in Portland, Oregon

Reviewer61138 on 2016-01-12
I sought the legal advise of Mark W Eves PC in Portland Oregon regarding the sale of some commercial property. Mark W Eves lied to me several times and provided unsound advise and failed to file the correct paperwork with the county and was unaware of time sensitive deadlines. I ended up...

BEHROUZ SHAFIE / Family Law Attorney

Ramin Shaker on 2015-12-26
I wish, I was capable to give him negative 10 star. Shafie is mastermind, crook, con artist, professional gambler, a real playboy, tennis player, who drags a 6 months case to minimum 7 years case and never and ever settles (all the mediators & his client said that) any cases in order to...

Bishop & McKenzie LLP / Unfair Billing Practice, questionable ethics, extremely poor client service

Marilynn Klein on 2015-12-22
Nightmare experience. Her sole concern is maximizing billable hrs. This calculated, ineffective work style instantly frittered away my $2K retainer, by way of several brief emails and 10-second voice mails/phone tag, and at best, made minimal progress to my legal matter. I feel her billing...

John Ribarich, Esq / Unethical Behaviour

Reviewer51673 on 2015-12-21
Attorney John Ribarich is currently ineligible to pratice law in CAlifornia (as of October 2015 ) for various fraud related activities. Do not hire this man, he is a bonafide crook and has been for several years. Check with the State Bar for current status of his license.

Morgan & Morgan Law Firm / Law firm

Reviewer94513 on 2015-12-21
Morgan & Morgan cheats on the government and the customers with a well-developed system of false-claim and false referrals. They advertise on TV that they take personal injury cases, inclusive for cyber-defamation and cyber-bullying, but when you call, they thoroughly intake your all...

Attorney Kiarash Shampoo AKA kia Champion / SCAM Attorney

Reviewer13129 on 2015-12-17
Attorney Kiarash Shampoo AKA kia ChampionWarning!! Attorney kiarash shampoo aka kia champion is a con artist! Encino, california beware of a scam artist by the name of attorney kiarash shampoo aka kia champion aka kia shampoo champion. Attorney kiarash shampoo aka kia champion of the champion law firm, in encino, california, is a...

Neil T. Nakamura & Associates / Conflict of %, Huge tax consequences, Fraudulent

None to be displayed on 2015-12-17
- Neil was both Roger Lum and myself (Raylani Hasegawa) trust attorney. He had sent out a flyer at the end of the year 2012 to transfer properties due to tax law changes (gift taxes) to occur in 2013 (which never happened). - My Uncle is not well. He is mentally incompetent. Mr. Roger Lum...

The McMillan Law Firm / Scott McMillan should offer clients an apology and refund money

The McMillan Law FirmMcMillan Law Firm, operated by Scott McMillan and Michelle Volk, 4670 Nebo Dr #200, La Mesa, CA 91941. Scott McMillan purports to be a "leading" San Diego attorney, but appears to not tell people his past with child molestation allegations, or that he is also the Dean of his own law...
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