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Wilber & Associates / Attorneys / insurance

Cthierry on 2016-05-17
I returned a phone to ROBERTS and associates since they claimed that My Son was involved in an accident that 6 months ago. She didn't have anything right even down to my name... When I told her that I didn't know what she was talking about she got extremely rude didn't let...

Flighright / Misled on agreed service for weeks. Does not seen to have real lawyers in country, manipulates review.

detectives on 2016-05-12
Flightright misled us. They took our case, let us wait for weeks, then told us that they basically gave up on our case due to it being under jurisdiction of Spain (which they pretended they covered) and due to them not having enough money to sue in Spain and having had bad test experience...

Garo Kapikian / Theft

Jerry Ka on 2016-05-11
Garo Kapikian took my case in 2015 and promised to help me. I paid him $6000 and after he got the money he disappeared. He wouldn't answer emails, wouldn't pick up the phone, would not show up to court. He is a Thief who will take your money and disappear.

Law Office of Raquel M. Silva / Very untrustworthy

alexthefishingguy on 2016-05-02
I sought the services of raquel silva to assist me in a legal matter regarding custody proceedings for my 2 daughters. Raquel was very untrustworthy I had paid her retainer and some of the fees in advanced as i was promised a discount BIG Mistake she has to date stolen more than $8000...

Mahalakshmi Legal Associates / Advocate Mr.P.Y.Rayudu cheated customers

anilsamm on 2016-04-30
Dear Sir, This is Anil Sammangi resident from Visakhapatnam.I filed my case in Visakhapatnam for Conjugal Rights of my wife Mrs.Manorama Sammangi and thereafter the respondent approached to High court to Transfer the case to Ranga Reddy District Court .The High Court pasted the stay not to...

Garo G. Kapikian (Lawyer) / Thief

Charlie Client on 2016-04-27
I spoke with Mr. Garo G. Kapikian about my friends case. He guaranteed me that he will do anything needed to help. I was absolutely thrilled. He requested me to send $9, 000. I told him I was going to have to borrow the money. He told me don't worry $9, 000 will be enough for 6...

Absa Vehicle Fianance Dept. / loan

sebenzile on 2016-04-26
I have an account with Abs vehicle finance an have defaulted on my account and have tried to make payments yes I have made arrangements to pay my full arrears last year November when I get my bonus but only to find out it was not enough and paid all the amount I got. I was on maternity...

Avvo / Good for nothing.

Zodiac on 2016-04-13
About a year ago I graduated from University and recently I opened a small company. I was a new lawyer and needed some clients, so I went online and found www.avvo.com. They said that their website is very popular and that they can help me with my problem. So I subscribed for three month...

Ryan M. Springer, PLLC / Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice

girardi on 2016-04-12
Ryan M. Springer, PLLC, Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Legal Malpractice Attorney in Utah. Where does Ryan Springer find time to analyze doctors and lawyers commit malpractice? How does he represent victims of car accidents in personal injury cases? Ryan Springer has been in and...

Marcereau & Nazif / Legal services

David L Condrey on 2016-04-01
Rob MARCEREAU is a lazy untrustworthy motorcycle accident attorney. He took my case almost a year ago and boosted all sorts of claims to me telling me he would get me money to buy a new motorcycle after I was tboned at a traffic intersection and the police report even stated the guy who...

Rocket Lawyer / LLC mishandled

Tim C Stone on 2016-03-21
I paid the extra fees to have my new LLC recorded with the state of Tennessee which included some additional services for one year. While trying to register for a business license I was told that my LLC had not been registered with the state even though I had received a letter for Rocket...

Lea/Shultz Law Firm / Legal services

Attorneyburned on 2016-03-10
Schultz lied, made me pre-sign blank paper work, wouldn't fight for my parental rights. Gave my ex my home and children. Schultz told me that I "would be lucky to get 50/50 custody" of my children. Kept dismissing my motions of custody modification and contempt of my ex (that...

Schwartz & Naderi / WARNING: Corrupt, Crooked Attorney

Robertoo on 2016-03-07
BEWARE: Arvand Naderi is the worst, most horrible attorney that you can ever have the bad luck of dealing with. Attorney Arvand Naderi is a low-level, extremely dishonest sleazy crook who makes false promises to prospective clients, in order to seal the deal. But in reality, he steals high...

Higbee & Associates / Sued for Copyright Case When I Was Willing to Settle... Mean & Wasteful!

HansThomas on 2016-02-29
Higbee & Associates sent me a letter demanding $950 because I used a photo of one of there clients and I did not know I had to pay for the photo. I thought the demand was unreasonable because I found the photo online and it did not have the copyright symbol on it. Rather than deal with...

Los Defensores / Not a real law firm

Reviewer88742 on 2016-02-27
NOT A LAW FIRM! They are simply a non-sanctioned attorney referral service (see for yourself - check the State Bar website listing at http://www.calbar.ca.gov/Public/LawyerReferralServicesLRS.aspx). They charge attorneys to put them on a "panel" - which means that they are put on a...

Lexington Law / Non stop advertisements to my cell.

Reviewer99661 on 2016-02-26
They are somehow sending me a ton of non stop advertisements. I have received what feel likes 100+ ads. They just keep going day and night. Kept me up all night long. I have submitted to them to take my number off of this list. Here are confirmation #s, 10933 & 109334. They are supposed to...

O'Quinn Law PC / Kathy McCoy O'Quinn/Attorney

Reviewer68165 on 2016-02-24
Ms. O'Quinn is under an investigation with adult protective services and has been harassing the investigator and has threatened to sue for damages. This attorney has accused the investigator of saying things that are not correct and has come to my office to yell, curse, and cry all at the...

The Rouse Firm / Unethical Behaviour

Mr. Goldfinder99 on 2016-02-21
If you are looking for an attorney this is one you don’t want to hire. Mr. Rouse was hired for a simple civil case and charged a flat fee for his service. When the case was over and settled Mr. Rouse reneged on his original signed agreement and took money that was not his. In a response from...

Law Office of Raquel M. Silva / Terrible legal advise, scammer!

Reviewer89900 on 2016-02-20
i was grossly over charged and neglected as a client. she is very late to return phone calls.. after you become her client. in the beginning she was very quick and seemed competent, then, as time went on, her true colors came to light. need less to say because of the law offices of raquel...

Attorney James Michael Levy / Corrupt and unethical behaviour

Reviewer22622 on 2016-02-11
Attorney James Michael Levy, Destin, Florida, Bar Number 177237 - highly negligent and criminal legal counsel - professional malpractice - organized scheme of fraud - deceitful representation James M. Levy, Florida Bar Number 177237 is the most corrupt attorney I have ever dealt with. In...
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