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Tim Du Toit / Bad attitude

Annabelle M on Aug 18, 2016
William Letsoalo of this law firm belief that unemployed people don't and won't stand a chance in court ? Is our judicial system that hardened towards unemployed people to an extent that lawyers can bluntly say that no judge will hear their matter. Are law firms such as Tim du...

Anthony W. Sullivan / Fraud and Scam, bad Criminal Attorney with Bad manners in Dayton, OH

John1245 on Aug 4, 2016
Anthony W Sullivan represented a friend of mine in Criminal Court in Dayton, OH. First of all he represented himself as an experienced criminal trial attorney when in fact he was a Family attorney. During the trial in which there were two defendants, he made no opening statement, asked no...

Franklin D Azar, Attorney / Attorney

mommy10301 on Aug 3, 2016
Our case has been pending for 2 years. The attorney's don't return phone calls, emails, or texts. When asked, they can't even remember details of the case or the last time they've made any calls on our behalf. There has been little or no follow up with the insurance agency for the past...

Morgan & Morgan / Telemarketing calls to cell phone representation

Peaceasariver on Aug 1, 2016
contacted Morgan and Morgan about receiving numerous calls to my cell phone because they advertised they would represent anyone for this. was told I could not get them to help because I do not know the name of the company calling. the same numbers are on the Internet for the same reason so...

Lunny Atmore LLP / Stay Away from these Thieves!!

James 2016 on Jul 31, 2016
Maureen Baird is the worst "lawyer" I have ever hired or seen. She is absolutely impotent. What she capable is to bill you as much as possible with unnecessary and repeated communications and tasks. What she ONLY cares about is just money, rather than your interests. Beware of these guy...

Jim Adler & Associates / Injury

Michele Broussard on Jul 29, 2016
Called Jim Adler because of his promises on commercial. Explain my case in detail. In short I was proceeding thru an red light when the car in front switch lanes suddenly in middle of intersection and the vehicle in front of me came to an abrupt stop in which I rear ended the car street...

Morgan & Morgan / Personal injury

Manboyjew on Jul 24, 2016
tl:dr James 'Ty' Lynch was my lawyer. He lost my trial which had clear and gross liability (>50%) on the part of the defendant resulting in massive (>$300, 000) reparation loss for myself and (>$20, 000) costs for his law-firm. I'm not just an unfortunate client, I also presented my case...

Visamigrate / Waste of money to hire Visamigrate London

VisamigrateScam on Jul 13, 2016
this company charged me £1500 for canada visa after 9 months i am still in uk with not a single work done by them. they do not return my calls and my emails and have refused to pay my money back too i spoke to one guy called callum who was very sweet when charging me money but now he doesnt...

KEL Attorneys / Service from attorneys

Radames Berdecia on Jul 6, 2016
I retained KEL attorneys in June 2014 on a family law matter, they charged me $4, 000 and informed me they where very successful. They took advantage of my emotions desperation and helplessness. After countless emails and phone call and never responding, They passed my case around from one...

Jim Adler & Associates / Scam artist

JimAdler RIPoffs on Jul 5, 2016
Disclaimer: This is how I was treated with this company as a victim..Yes they are SCAM ARTIST . THEY told the therapist they had to say we weren't coming to therapy so they could drop our case because we told them we were going to drop them.They got mad and told us that's fine...

LegalWise / Poor service and comedian attoneys

Tsietsi1980 on Jun 26, 2016
I had complain in 201433 against my insurance company(eyewise) for house contents that was not replaced after house breaking.I was noticed to challenge the matter by the the insurance company in 6 months.my case was reported to attoneys in 24hrs but it was attended in 14 months with simple answer "your case is expired in our hand and we can't help u"

Coyne, Cundiff, Hilleman, P.C. / Legal Representation

Danielle Platt on Jun 12, 2016
In December 2015, I retained the services of a Missouri attorney named Patrick Jerome Coyne. Patrick Coyne is a partner in a small law firm based in Lake St. Louis, Missouri. The law firm that Patrick Coyne is a partner in, is called Coyne, Cundiff, Hilleman, P.C. Immediately when I...

The McMillan Law Firm, APC / Claims

The McMillan Law Firm, APCSan Diego attorney Scott McMillan, La Mesa law firm, Michelle Volk, the associate, claimed on his website it was a “leading” litigation firm. The fact is, if “leading” means having lost virtually every appeal, and having a client sanctioned for $16, 000 is what being a top firm means, then...

Incorp Services, Inc. / Registered Agent Service

FoolMe1ShameonU on Jun 10, 2016
This place is a scam. How they have an A rating with the BBB I will never know. Things are fine if you expect nothing of them other than collecting your money. But, try to cancel... They will take your money anyway & no matter how many times you submit the required paperwork to close your...

H.G. Long & Associates, John Bouzane / Unlawful Evictions

DDaug on Jun 10, 2016
Helen Grayce Long, Bar # 127735 works with John Bouzane in Fast Eviction Services, suspended some time ago for admitting to unethical misconduct. I met this Helen Grayce Long in court and not only did she lie about eviction papers being served by a man no one has ever seen before but she...

Morgan And Morgan / Poor legal representation, and took large amounts of with bogus charges

Diane J Barnes on Jun 9, 2016
I hired the Morgan and Morgan law firm, 2014, for a rearended truck accident.i had 5 doctors involved in my treatment, (4 were specialist) I had agreat case.i did all the work copied and kept all medical records anything involving my case, I was on top of it.The assigned att.Peter Gee wa...

Law Office of Raquel M. Silva / I doubt she will have any clients left

tyrathequeen on Jun 4, 2016
i am so happy i came across these reviews. everything is starting to make sense now. i just received my billing statement from raquel silvas office it was 3x times what i had agreed to pay. i shall be making a further inquiry to the BBB. i also read somewhere that her yelp reviews are fake...

Schwartz & Naderi / Arvand Naderi - Attorney service

JudyS1956 on Jun 2, 2016
Arvand Naderi is a liar, psychopath, and collects retainer fees upfront only to not show up to your arraignment or court date, verbally abuse you, lie to the prosecutors and DA about you- he will actually tell the prosecutors you are guilty and then to make himself look good offer you a...

Pride Mobility / At home install

Ted N. on Jun 2, 2016
1 of 12 Collapse all Print all In new window Paid Inv#3291 John Garberick Inbox x Tres McLurkin AttachmentsMay 23 (10 days ago) to me Hello, I would like to Thank You for your purchase today. Here is your Paid Invoice. Please take a look to make sure all is correct. If any...

Munnik Basson Dagama Inc. / Unethical Behaviour

His on Jun 1, 2016
We went through a financial crisis in 2013, and despite our attempting to make payment arrangements with Woolworths and Edgars, (long story), MBD Inc. landed up with these accounts? we were paying Edgars "at the time". A "Default" was even revealed on our Credit report? How...
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