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Food Lion / Unethical behavior/false accusations

Nicole2879 on Aug 15, 2016
Food Lion in Garner NC on 5th Ave is a joke. My daughter had been working there since June of this year. I had to pick her up today, August 15, 2016, because they falsely accused her of stealing when she was given a "On Me Sticker" to get something to eat 3 months ago(back in June when she...

Aramark / Unfair treatment of an employment/breaking the law

descriminate on Aug 13, 2016
I sustained a severe work injury on July 27, 2016 and an incident report was not filed, which by law has to be filed and I have to sign it. I have yet to see a copy of it. I was terminated for something for something I did not do. I want Trish Hunt, Rochelle Weaver, and Athena Petro all...

Rsales Arm IT Service PVT LTD / Big criminal company in entire chennai.

Kumar301 on Aug 13, 2016
company MD name is venkataraman he is no 1 mental in world.Once you join this company venkataraman change your working place atleast 50 time per month. He is very fraud and very very worst man in world, i never see like that man in my life. All employees are treated like slaves and...

Shell / Cashiers changing product prices as marked and short changing customers.

Mike Coby on Aug 11, 2016
Hello, The Shell on North Bend Road in Cincinnati, Ohio, tried to short change my friend and I and also add tax to all the food purchases me made. I noticed this once I got into my car and immediately went back inside to ask for a refund. The cashier would not refund my puchase until my...

Sarah / Sesrs Outlet manager (Simon) in Tinley Park, il.

JcPalace on Aug 11, 2016
I arrived at the store at 12pm to looking for refrigerated. I found the refridgerator that I needed but because it was a replacement I had to wait on a manager the manager. He was supposed to come in at 1 o'clock, so I left and I came back. 1:30 he came directly in the salesperson told him...

Goodwill Industries / other

marcer on Aug 4, 2016
If you work for Goodwill, here's and inside thing they don't tell you after hired, A processor of clothing is in a competition to get as many clothing out as possible. which would be fine if it weren't for co-workers that take the competition so seriously that they make new workers fell bad for being new.

Infinity Internet / Breach of contract

Griffon on Aug 2, 2016
I was employed by them on the 27th June 2016, and then pursued a certificate course, resigning on the 26th July 2016. On my day of resignation I discovered that bottom line employees like myself were paid short. Other than that, that's when I realised that it was payday. I was not...

Merchants SA ( iiNet) / Unethical payroll administration

Griffon on Aug 1, 2016
Unethical payroll administration on bottom line workers. Being paid short or not at all on time. Time sheets not submitted on time or not at all. Great place to work at but sloppy when it comes to paying employees appropriately.

Applebee's / Employee Treatment

Justice Quin on Jul 29, 2016
Today, 7/29/16, I walked in for my usual Friday night shift to learn that I was taken off the schedule. When I asked why, the current shift manager refused to answer me and told me to wait for the store manager. 30 minutes later the store manager proceeds to tell me that last night a...

Heartland Express driver / Workman comp issues

oneway63 on Jul 27, 2016
While out on workman comp with a doctor restriction of 20-30 lbs, i was released backed to work on a restriction but last week i was threaten by sal steve and scott to return to terminal for orientation, my restriction also was i was not a good candidate for the trucking industry anymore...

Lowes / Employment

Christian7 on Jul 26, 2016
Ive worked for lowes for 5 months and was told i was staying in perm and only got a 6% raise.instead of giving me tje perm fulltime position they dropped me to parttime and gave thus young kid with no exp in my dep andno exp in retail the fulltime position even though i have 15 years exp...

Dr. Bond / Fraud Company

GitaRishab on Jul 25, 2016
This company owned by the demented Harishkumar Madan is a fraud company located in Hubtown Solaris. A paranoid freak who keeps surveying the women in his organisation with multiple cameras for no reason. Preys and hires only women who he then harasses by making them wait late.This weirdo...

American Income Life / Being ask to pay back money for work when I never got paid for it.

Amaliel on Jul 24, 2016
I worked for the company for a few weeks and sold some polices, for those policies I never got paid. The company send me a letter telling me to pay back 798. dollars, the owners of the Perez Agency in Warwick RI kept the checks and I did not got paid. Now they want me to pay back and...

Zulekha Hospital / Regarding the Distrust on the Recruitment

karan G. shah on Jul 17, 2016
Zulekha HospitalI was interviewed for their upcoming project at Nagpur, India for the post of Head - Human resource by Mr. Imran (mimran@zulekhahospitals.com) & Mr. Kiran Operation Head - Alexis Hospital Nagpur for the interview on 5th Feb 2016 . They had promised to reimburse the Travel Reimbursement...

C-Net Infotech / Form 16 Not Received

Ashok Delhi on Jul 16, 2016
C Net Infotech (India) whose website URL is: https://cnet-india.com with Head Office in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh is not providing me Form 16 despite me repeatedly asking for it since last 04 months. I have written several mails to their Accounts and HR departments but nobody is even caring...

Chicago Vision / Dishonest Employee Recruitment

DJ Birdy on Jul 7, 2016
Chicago VisionI just came from my "second interview" with this company, and I am exhausted, filthy, sunburned, and recovering from heat exhaustion and severe dehydration. Please allow me to explain. It all started when I was told that I had made such a good impression during my first interview that I wa...

Mammone Orchards / Unpaid wages

pho89 on Jul 4, 2016
BACK PACKERS BEWARE We work for Steve and Ross Mammone and Mr Vo we are 4 overseas worker not paid 2 weeks wages from Mr Vo he say the big boss not pay him we work there picking peach and nectaerine in November 2015 we ring him many times he say the boss not pay him so we lose our money...

Paschall Truck Lines, Inc. (PTL) / Lease Purchase Rip-Off Program

SuaSponte on Jul 3, 2016
July 3, 2016 Hello Concerned Reader: Thank you for arriving at this letter and reaching this information. If you are an existing business partner, vendor, shipper, consignee, or customer of Paschall Truck Lines (PTL), you need to be aware of the detailed and verifiable information provided in...

Dollar General / Managers harassing employees and district manager Drunk

DG Hood on Jun 29, 2016
This company has so many issue I don't know where to start. I am a customer and also speaking out for employees there. The store Manager Steve Hunter is incompetent. I have heard him asking employees the same questions over and over, following them around and virtually harassing them...

WinCo Foods / Lead Clerk

Jacinta Perez on Jun 25, 2016
I'm currently an employee at Winco in Garland I have a complaint against a Lead Clerk on the overnight crew I'm not sure what his name is, but he was rude to my fiance as I had got off work my fiance wasn't doing anything except waiting on me I didn't know my fiance couldn't stand and wait...
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Tagged.com Being Sued for Identity Theft
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