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Target / Unfair termination

Wicked_music on Oct 23, 2016
I was recently terminated on Monday, 10/18/16, my the executive team leader of my target location. I was a cashier, and I was approaching my 90 day probation, just wanted to put this out there and warn people of employment here, I have heard and been told by friends of mine their personal...

Big Apple Store Waterville, Maine Elm Street / The service was awful, disrespectful and very rude

bambylynn on Oct 21, 2016
I don't know what the girls name was but she was a blonde older lady. my brother went in to get a small bag of tabacco and she just about threw it at him hitting him in the face. no smile, no nice greeting. just a bad attitude. I am sorry that you have people who do not value your...

Meijer #208 / Manager

Twwright on Oct 19, 2016
Terminated by manager Scott Green after confronting him MULTIPLE times that I have higher senority than another team member on the morning shift and I would like to bump him for that shift. A month passes and Manager Scott Green STILL refuses to do a thing for me. I informed him to once...

Wawa / Coffee

zme on Oct 13, 2016
everytime i go to the wawas to get coffee at east colonial chickasaw next to the nissan dealer theres never no hazel nut and when i ask they out of stock wating on the truck is been more than 8 times but i will record it to post it on face book i dont have to lie poor service and the staff i a lil guetto.

Hobby Lobby / Employment

Angelahamham on Oct 12, 2016
Dear Hobby Lobby CEO, I want to tell you a story about how your corporation has affected my family. When we got the word that a Hobby Lobby store was opening up in our little city of Palm Coast, we became excited. It was promising to see a Christian organization that shared our value...

Pick 'n Pay / Exchange of product

Lindsay Fox on Oct 12, 2016
Pick 'n PayI am furious! Pick n Pay Key West will not let me exchange shoes because I don't have the slip! I am not asking for a refund but simply an exchange. The manager remained seated while refusing to help me and this is after I had to wonder around looking for help because there was no one at...

Headworks,UAE / Without notice termination

Faizan Siddique on Oct 1, 2016
This is about, headworks, Ajman. A very close friend of mine was working in this company..as mentioned above, Ajman branch. The management isn't reliable here at all. They can sack you any moment. Without even notifying you once before. And more over if a person is already working before...

Shop Quik / Employment

Lisa Fuerst on Sep 27, 2016
I was hired to work at a Shop Quik in Junction City, Kansas. After the store manager was written up for inappropriate language and behavior, he has convinced the District Manager to have me taken off the schedule. This happen 1 week after I was given a raise by the same District Manager. I...

Sterling National Country Club / Employee/employer complaint

NateG on Sep 22, 2016
I was an employee at the SNCC and after voluntarily quitting due to disliking the job and poor safety practices in the kitchen, they haven't paid me what I earned. Not only did they have poor safety practices for dishwashers, but they refuse to paid my wages for the night I worked. I WOULD...

Ruby Tuesday / Management

Jaclynn on Sep 22, 2016
Ok so for one i was just fired unjustly ive never had a write up or called out without out a drs note. Christina Head boh manager plays favoritism towards the male emoloyees and every one there will agree ..if your a girl she will pick on you and she will talk about employees behind their back to other employees

Tim Hortons, Humber River Hospital, Ontario / Management

Dhanee on Sep 21, 2016
I'm an employee of Tim Horton's, Humber River Hospital, Ontario. We are experiencing a worst attitude from our manager, Deanna, showing off her power and bossiness. She has us like slaves and not taken care of properly. For an example, one of our employees wanted a second work pants and she...

R&D Engineers / Gratuity & EPF

Santhoshgaru on Sep 19, 2016
Respected Sir, I am A. Santhosh, aged 36 Years herewith inform you that I have recently resigned my job in M/s R&D Engineers, IDA Kukatpally, Road No-4, Phase-2, Hyderabad-500037. I left my job recently i, e on 16 August 2016 due to ill health (Diabetes & High B.P) after completing...

Circle K / Poor working environment

Christine 16 on Sep 12, 2016
I was employed with circle k up until yesterday when I was to the point I had enough of the poor working conditions and poor management. I worked days shift with assistant manager that would not assist in helping with checking customers out instead stayed in office while I waited on long...

Sally Beauty Supply / Horrible experience working for them

brokeandhomeless on Sep 7, 2016
My time at Sally Beauty was cut just under a year of me working there. I was hired by a brand new manager who lacked a lot of experience. And although I am not one to complain about having to come into work on days off, it was more about the way I was told that I HAD to come in. I have...

Sears Holdings Corp / Employment and wrongful termination

Sherry Hosack Vogan on Sep 6, 2016
I was recently hired off the street as a Softlines lead for Sears. Soon after I was hired the store manager was fired, which left the assist store manager (clueless) and my co-worker which was also a Softlines lead. They have no training at all except loading the printer paper for ads or...

Kaiser Permanent / Ineligible for rehire based on resigning

Christine Blalock on Aug 31, 2016
I had to resign from my position at Kaiser due to family member becoming ill, and I did not give a 2 week notice, only a day notice due to the circumstance. I was never told by my supervisor that I was not eligible for rehire, an investigation was never done, and HR never contacted me...

Anand Organics/ Anand group of Industries, Bhopal / Not paying salary

ajeet63 on Aug 31, 2016
Hi, I am Ajeet Singh from Indore. I was offered job by M/S Anand Organics, Bhopal, Also known as Anand group of Industries, Anand Industries, Anand Coatings, National Paints etc. I was appointed as Regional Branch Manager, but never given any appointment letter. They paid me the salary for...

Coles Supermarkets / The way they treat their online drivers CSA

Eddie Nahri on Aug 31, 2016
Coles SupermarketsHi, My name is Eddie. I recently received a phone call from you in regards to me being an inactive CSA driver. Prior to being transferred from the Burwood store I received an arm injury where I was unable to work for a few weeks, however this is not the reason as to why I did not bother...

Food Lion / Unethical behavior/false accusations

Nicole2879 on Aug 15, 2016
Food Lion in Garner NC on 5th Ave is a joke. My daughter had been working there since June of this year. I had to pick her up today, August 15, 2016, because they falsely accused her of stealing when she was given a "On Me Sticker" to get something to eat 3 months ago(back in June when she...

Aramark / Unfair treatment of an employment/breaking the law

descriminate on Aug 13, 2016
I sustained a severe work injury on July 27, 2016 and an incident report was not filed, which by law has to be filed and I have to sign it. I have yet to see a copy of it. I was terminated for something for something I did not do. I want Trish Hunt, Rochelle Weaver, and Athena Petro all...
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