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UPS / Breandach of contract

krr1440@gmail on 2016-05-17
united parcel service and teamsters local 63 violated the terms of the collective bargaining agreement when i was fired on October 7, 2013. I was attempting to drop off medical off work orders on that date at the facility in ontario california when supervisors (robert sandoval) and Chri...

Kay Jewelers / Benefits

A2016 on 2016-05-12
I work for this company and they do not help get anything figured out. I signed up for my insurance and they charged me a back pay for a month I didn't even use/technically have the coverage since I signed up a day before the dead line. I called to get it figured out since I have a child...

canada / worst training customer service and baker

alfred hopper on 2016-05-07
What is your policy of training at Tim Horton's. The new employee have no experience in it .This all Tim Horton's store owner not listened to anyone accept who training new employee. This all store are doing to themselves not your ex employee are doing nothing. They only listen training...

Ulta / Owed money

Tanya Acosta-Latorre on 2016-05-05
I worked for Ulta for 4 yr.I am no longer with the company but they owe me money for training & travel. They have come up with every reason they can think of & that's not ok. Now the district manager Cathey Lenz is telling me thur text messages that its been over 90 days & I wouldn't get...

Estes Express Lines / Manager's Unprofessional Behavior

nightdriver57 on 2016-04-30
You hit the nail on the head when you said that they are dishonest! I was supposed to be a new hire with them, and was riding with another driver for three nights, and wasn't allowed to drive yet because their headquarters hadn't provided me with a log-in name and password. I had...

McDonald's / Management

Connie Hunt-Toolis on 2016-04-20
I work for McDonald's in Portage WI. I was working in the kitchen in close quarters, I bumped into assistant manager Oma and touched her shoulder and said sorry. She punched me not once but twice and told me not to ever touch her again. . I spoke to the manager about this and was told the...

Sunita Network Pvt. Ltd. (SNPL) / Fake Company, Fake Data and Fake Projects

Jerry87 on 2016-04-16
Hi All, Please dont believe and take projects from Sunitha network private ltd., Noida which is a fraud company. They will tell they have lot of Data Entry projects, but all the projects are fake projects. They have lakhs of fake data with them and they are just providing them one by one...

New York Life / Employer

Dontworkhere on 2016-04-10
Don't work for this company. New York Life will use you to gain a few policy's, company does nothing for its new agents in regards to getting them leads. A lot of the partners in the company were never agents themselves... how can you have somebody that never worked as an agent...

Food Lion Bennettsville, SC / Manager over cashiers

Ljn123 on 2016-04-06
When you walk in the doors of the Food Lion in Bennettsville. SC, you can feel the tension and the unhappiness of the employees. I have witnessed, on more than one occasion, the way Theresa, the manager over the cashiers, walks around like an army sergeant criticizing cashiers in front of...

Target / Lods

Discuss on 2016-04-06
Worked for target for over 4 years and have watched it go down hill. It use to be nice place to work, but not anymore. The loss have control over and some use that to their advantage! I got in trouble for something she thought I did (I did nothing)) it ended up getting worse when called in...

Driveline Retail Merchandising / Fraud Alert

wwolfpackerr on 2016-03-25
I googled these people before signing on with them. Class Action Lawsuit August 2014. I had already started the paperwork process before googling. Come to find when it came to signing documentation, payroll sheet says pay rate $10/hr when over the phone I was told $13 even though in the...

Hobby Lobby / Full time employee schedules

RedsGuy12 on 2016-03-24
My spouse works for Hobby Lobby full time in Cincinnati. Their schedule changes from week to week. One week they close once, the next they may close 3 times. Makes things very difficult to schedule anything family related. It makes no sense to me why full time employees should have such random schedules.

Employees’ State Insurance Corporation / Request for the change of exam centre

kutkutslg on 2016-03-20
Employees’ State Insurance CorporationRespected Sir/Madam, I GOURAV DAS (APP NO. 4220792984, Roll no:21524334203102 D.O.B. 30/03/1991) of Malda district west bengal pin 732142 .An applicant for the exam of ESIC (UPPER DIVISION CLERK POST) IN WEST BENGAL REGION. In my admit card the centre of the exam has been given at Universal...

Massey Services / Massey work ethics

wife of a employee on 2016-03-14
When it comes to customer service Massey is great. Management just has to remember that it's its associates that make it great. when it comes to Massey appreciating their employees its all down hill. Making them work 50-60 hrs a week 6 days a week for pest. They work on commission on the...

Family Dollar / Manager, security and thief

Machette on 2016-03-12
i went to pick up my hours for the up incoming week and it was like i was being told your fired again .She all ready had this planned to cut my hours so low till i just give up.My hours was cut to 3 hours to give the other part time and full time workers more overtime.My god sister was in...

Family Dollar / Getting fired without giving me no reason at all and causing me to lose 2 months worth of pay because of a lie

Machette on 2016-03-11
i work at store 185 in Kannapolis N.C. 28083.I have been there since June I was hired as a stocker under Brenda the manger at the time.she got fired for not giving drug test .Now the new manger Sondra King she has not done that or even mention it to any the employes .She got caught in her...

Amerilife Marketing Group / Horrible Agent Service & Won't Release

DaytonaGuy on 2016-03-11
AmeriLife Marketing Group was where I sent my first Medicare Supplement contract back in 2008. I never asked them for help, ever. In 2015, I had a sub-agent that needed help in getting contracted with a carrier, due to a glitch showing up in his record. I asked Amerilife for help. The...

Dollar General / coupons and cashier

Diane Long on 2016-03-11
my husband and i went to pick up a few items and i had a coupon for 1$ off downy unstopable fabric refresh and it was a printed manufatures coupon and the cashier refused to take my coupon and when i explained the coupon policy he stated that i didnt know what i was talking about and...

Laser Spine Institute / Patients are "numbers" , pt safety, poor management

Reviewer98133 on 2016-03-04
I was also bedazzled by the whole orientation and told how happy everyone is in Tampa, indoctrinated with their CHOICE values (we even had to listen to someones made up song about them) and how it's so great to help all of our patients. Then reality hit. Get as many pts in a...

TRG Management / Commission and Managers

Reviewer87349 on 2016-03-04
I am currently an employee at trg management. Its been grate so far but there is one thing that i am really upset about. The commission that is promised to the employees if they do they're renewal, and move ins are being taken by the managers. This is very unfair to us the employee...
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