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Drug Stores Complaints

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Shoppers Drug Mart / Pharmacy

dawn knight on Dec 7, 2016
Somehow on monday dec 5 my family doctor without my knowledge was able to pull a prescription that was not under his penship it was a treatment plan by another specialist. I have been trying to get an answer as to how this has managed to occur but my first attempt resulted in being hung up...

Hydra Skin Sciences / Company policy

DorothyEmily on Dec 7, 2016
Just received Allegro Cream and Brio Serum samples. Read that one will cost $109. plus postage when shipped again. Not willing to pay that so cancelled before I get roped into purchasing it. Have payed for samples but MUST return them at MY expense. Will NOT get credit on charge card. Can...

Shoppers Drug Mart / Pharmacy

cp4195 on Dec 5, 2016
SDM at 2945 Jacklin Rd the pharmacy is falling apart orders laying all over the place staff quiting just not professional any longer. It's amazing you guys at head office are allowing employees to go through this type of work environment. In all my previous 23 yrs in the drug store...

Costco #340 - 3102 Plank Road #600 Fredericksburg, VA 22407 / A customer service member uses return policy discriminated to a customer

Timothy Nguyen on Dec 4, 2016
I like to give my comment to a member of customer service of store #340 Fredericksburg: Below is my case: About 10:10am today (December 04 2016), I returned Zyrtec Allergy package (expiration date August 2018) with no receipt. Amy, Costco customer service, processed this return and found that...

Walgreens , New Canaan. Ct. 06840 / 2 liter bottles

Burton Dupee on Dec 2, 2016
I purchased Coca-Cola last night and found the soda to be flat, then purchase 2 more bottles again tonight and found these to be flat also, we have both been drinking Coca-Cola since we were kids and we are both in our sixties now . We love coke and don't want to start drinking Pepsi . Is thi...

Walgreens / Pharmacy service

Sidmed on Dec 2, 2016
Six days ago I submitted a Suboxon prescription to the Walgreen'S pharmacy on Ygnacio Valley Rd., Walnut Creek, CA. I received an electronic message later that day stating the pharmacist was "reviewing" my prescription, thus causing a delay requiring no action on my part. This morning, I...

Express Scripts / Prescription home delivery

jesahel822 on Dec 2, 2016
The absolute worst company to deal with as a consumer. The customer service representatives are all rude, inexperienced and unprofessional. I have used this service for over a year, and have finally decided to move to a pharmacy I can actually deal with in person. This organization is all...

Shoppers Drug Mart / Being falsely accused of theft

Meagan Jacko on Dec 2, 2016
I am writing this letter because as of today I have been banned from the Shoppers Drug Mart in Sault Ste. Marie on Second line. I have been falsly accused of theft. I go here to pick up my prescriptions for anxiety and walk around to wait for them. I do not steal nor have I ever been...

Costco / Pharmacy

sarvi on Dec 1, 2016
Hi, My doctor ordered me prednisolone 5 mg at costco pharmacy at coleman ave, couple of weeks ago, I went and picked up the drug, didn't check it came home and it was prednisone 5mg. I called the pharmacy spoke to pharmacist and told her the error, she told me that they have given me what...

Costco / Pharmacy

Jasonk224 on Dec 1, 2016
Store 759, repeatedly delayed the pickup of my prescription until 5:40 pm, then they refused service 3 times saying the medicine wasn't ready when it was. Then they said the prescription was not covered by insurance even though it was and they broadcast my name and address loudly for the...

Shoppers Drug Mart / Incompetent pharmacist service

chiara.ca on Dec 1, 2016
Today which is dec 1st at 8|30 am I rushed to my Shoppers at Rockwood Mall in Mississauga. My daughter was having problems breathing. She needed a puffer. My daughter only needs a puffer when she has a cold and my last blue puffer was expired. The person I dealt with was Mikita. I spent half...

Shoppers Drug Mart / Clear care contact solution

Vin Lieberman on Dec 1, 2016
2 weeks ago i purchased the new clear care contact solution from your aurora branch at golf links and yonge st. This new product was on sale and i thought i would give it a try. For some reason after wearing my contacts. my vision became very foggy. At the store i was told i could not...

Walgreens / Unfairness

Ms. Valerie on Dec 1, 2016
Hi my name is Valerie Jean Arroyo and I've been working for Walgreens 3197 for a little over 2 lovely years. I love working for a company that allows me to shine and give the best customer service. My customers know the lengths that I will go to just to help them find that one item no...

Shoppers Drug Mart / Continued unacceptable customer service

Joyce Staton on Nov 30, 2016
Good afternoon, This is the second complaint regarding the poor quality of service in the Postal Services department of the Oromocto New Brunswick Store today at 1605hrs. My husband and I use Postal Services frequently for shipping and receiving of products and have had to deal with one...

Rite Aid / Dirty conditions

Gwenmh on Nov 30, 2016
While parking my car in the lot, I got out and stepped into a large pile of feces. It was partly covered by a cardboard box and some paper towels. My drivers side tire was covered in it and I tried to step out of my car, I foot also went into it. I went into the store and complained to a...

UK-Sleepingtablests.com / Sleeping tablets

MAP38 on Nov 30, 2016
I placed an order on 24 Nov - Order Number: 26945 and received an email stating that uk-sleepingtablets.com would contact me when order was processed and that UK orders placed before 2pm would be sent same day. I sent 2 enquiry emails prior to ordering and have sent 3 since but have had no...

Accredo Health Group, Inc. / Techfidera refills

Hillary Morris on Nov 29, 2016
These people are the absolute worst. Every month you have to call and resubmit all of your patient information to get a refill. You also have to have someone physically sign for your shipment. They also call you non stop for refills. One month I had 16 missed calls from them wanting me to...

Shoppers Drug Mart / Customer service

Kristine Foster on Nov 29, 2016
Whitby (910 Dundas St W) location. I was inquiring if the store carried a product. The lady on the phone advise they did not carry the product, when I asked if it could be ordered or if it was just this store that doesn't carry it, she just said "I don't know, you can call around." So I...

Big River Maint Co / BC Arthritis Powder

waylon link on Nov 28, 2016
Big River Maint CoThis is in reference to the dollar general in Gilman Illinois I went in to purchase BC arthritis powder and I did so, I walked out to my truck open the box I always check the expiration date before taking aspirin because expired aspirin can kill you and I know this because my dad is a...

Giant Eagle / Pharmacy

Gina1971 on Nov 22, 2016
Dropped off script last night after a painful trip to ER with my child. Of course they didn't have it and told me it would be ready at 9:30 next day. So my child had to go all night in extreme pain!! Went to the drive thru the next day at 10am and got behind a customer that was very angry...
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