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CVS Pharmacy 33155 / Emergency room prescription refused

Gita13 on 2016-06-25
I had to go to the emergency room at West Kendall Baptist Emergency Department where I was taken by Miami-Dade County EMT personnel with a badly locked knee. The attending physician prescribed Percocet 5mg/325mg every 6 hours, (10). The prescription was written by Anay Castro, DEA #...

Walgreens / Prescription price versus copay

msm35 on 2016-06-22
After moving my Rx to Express Scripts, I noticed on the history, which included Rx's filled at Walgreen's, that I paid the full copay for drugs at Walgreen's when the cost of the drug was less than the copay. This became obvious when looking at all the Walgreens Rx's where the insurance...

Food City Pharmacy / Service of pharmacy assistants

Vlentz on 2016-06-09
Today I called Food City Pharmacy in Dandridge, Tn. And asked a simple question. What is the next highest milligram on a extented release medication I was currently taking. Because on a medication that I take with this is an immdiate release, the milligrams are being lowered on it and I...

Shoppers Drug Mart / Check out customer service

Adam321 on 2016-05-27
This has happened to me twice at Shoppers Drug Mart locations on Lacewood Drive and Joseph Howe Drive in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The person at the checkout counter put in a "Senior's Discount" assuming that I was over 55 years old. The problem is that neither am I over 55 nor do I look over...

Shoppers Drug Mart / Staff - Pharmacy staff

The pharmacist on duty on May 26 while I was trying to redo my prescriptions on the phone decided to swear at me" I 'm not taking your God Dam Attitude" and hung up. I then got dressed and went over there. With the supervisor Jenny approached him. He then said the God dam was not swearing...

MES Solutions / Medical exam

Larryfroeli on 2016-05-23
I went to a medical exam with a doctor for this company. I been dealing with this work injury for years. It was understood and accepted what the injury was from many doctors and claims managers. This doctor seen me for 10 minutes and managed to misrepresent years of reports and other...

Woolworth's Lakehaven NSW 2263 / Fresh produce fruit and vegetable's

Marty Evans on 2016-05-20
In the past twelve month's have noticed my local Woolworth's fruit &veg department has been selling 2nd grade fruit like watermelon, Orange's with just had the jonathan apple season i ask produce staff will they get any in. He said yes, but no not any i have taken back many of watermelon...

Walgreens / Pharmacy Error

GolferDave on 2016-05-18
Through gross incompetence, the Cleburne Texas Walgreens filled my Metformin (diabetic medication) with a mix of Metformin and a very potent anticonvulsant medication that looked similar and which I had not been prescribed. After inadvertently taking several of the anticonvulsant pills, I...

CVS Pharmacy / Central florida alert!Threats from CVS rph.

ve3nst on 2016-05-18
Hello, Due to some pretty much lifelong health problems i have dealt with many pharmacy's, from the small mom and pop places or like the medicine shoppe as well as all of the corporate or large "chain" drugstores. I have been blessed with good insurance and have always enjoyed...

Safeway / Pharmacy employee racist indifferent and mean

Spiros on 2016-05-17
On May 16 I went for a drug prescription in Safeway pharmacy in fort Washington ! My wife she had a severe surgery and she needed the painkillers immediately. The lady who was working in the pharmacy her name is cecilia b she denied to give me the pills because she said the doctor she...

Walgreens / 1902 N LOOP 1604 W. San Antonio / Walgreens Pharmacy

j.marks99 on 2016-05-15
Walgreens Pharmacy 1902 N LOOP 1604 W. San Antonio, Tx I had an emergency prescription for my daughter that my doctor called in to the Walgreen's pharmacy on a Sunday (5/15/16). I had just spoken to the pharmacist myself and she told me to have the Dr. call in the prescription. My Dr. called in...

CVS ,store #0035 800 N. Westwood St, Porterville CA 93257 / Automated refills called in a week ago, just filled after customers shows-up, to pick it up.

Bhobot on 2016-05-14
Here in This CVS pharmacy, I've filling my prescription for a few years. They were on time and friendly in their first year. But this past couple of years they become lousy and unbelievable. I personally experienced and observed people waiting in line for few minutes hoping that they can...

uk-sleepingpills / Diazepam 10mg

Svp05 on 2016-05-14
Paid over £92 for this product. They arrived in excellent time but when I took them, they were very obviously not Valium. They appeared to be sugar tablets and nothing more, I did not recognise the brand so now I am left in severe pain and out of pocket nearly £100! I have sent them 10 email...

CVS Corporation / Unethical Behavior

valaurie ventimiglia on 2016-05-12
March 8, 2016 9pm Helped by: ENEIDA (RIPPED OFF ACTUALLY) Reg#01 TRN#0405 CSHR#0833327 STR#9508 @ 1835-C Newport Bl. Costa Mesa, CA 949-722-1750 After a rough day, thinking CVS would have a good deal on vodka and thinking I had found such deal my experience checking out was so horriffic...

CVS Pharmacy / Manager Service

Tiffany mBailey on 2016-05-10
I am writing to express my outrage and equal concern about the capacity of adequate decision making, leadership, and empathy on the part of an individual hired as a Manager at your CVS Hollywood Galaxy store- her name is Karine. My colleagues and I who are from New York attended a wedding in...

Wegmans / Pharmacy Clerk and Management ( Wegmans Pharmacy, DeWitt, NY)

David_SYR on 2016-05-05
This is a review of the Pharmacy at the DeWitt Wegmans (Dewitt, NY). The initial incident occurred on 5/8/2015: I dropped off a prescription and was told it would take 10 minutes. I returned after about 20 minutes and there was a problem with how they put my insurance number in, so it was not...

Hubei Yuancheng Technology Co., Ltd. / Tada

Hos108 on 2016-05-02
Hubei Yuancheng Technology Co., Ltd.I have contacted the above mentioned company several times as i requested from them TADA and send to them 110 USD for 100 gram and they kept on playing games about shipping company and the item was shipped to a wrong post office and then the guy i was contacting Jim email...

Shoppers Drug Mart / Customer service

kmgm on 2016-04-30
April 30/16 My senior mother and myself stopped at the Shoppers Drug Mart in Wellington St Plaza in Barrie. My mom who is 75 picked up a box of Tassimo coffee. The price directly under the item said $21.99 .When she got to the till it rang in at $27.99. The cashier was young and very...

Remedymart.com / Medication

krizutch on 2016-04-26
Remedymart didn't attempt to process my order for an 10 days after the order was placed. When they did, they processed it at a dollar amount higher than the amount quoted in the order. They use various business fronts like auto repair shops like "hot deals on wheels" or "tech inc" to...

Shoppers Drug Mart / Prescription Overcharge

Vic E on 2016-04-26
Client 2877593257 2016-03-09 Filled a prescription for and was billed $33.86. Submitted bill to my Insurance. Was informed that my Insurance paid Shoppers $28.86 on 2016-03-09 on a total bill of $35.85 . As my Insurance had covered 80%, I should have been billed $7.17. They owe me $26.69, although...
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