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Drug Stores Complaints

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Shoppers Drug Mart / Scam!!!

val898 on Sep 25, 2016
Date : September 25th, 2016 Store address : 620 Keele St., Toronto, ON M6N 3E2 I was walking around the store and found an item (Nexcare Acne patch) that I usually buy and it was on sale! So I grabbed 4 boxes and went to pay. But when the cashier scanned the item it wasn't on sale... So I told...

Superior Health & Beauty / Ordered virilityex and pro testosterone, one box of each. After that I receive both once a month and my creditcard is beeing charged unauthorized.

Jimmijane on Sep 22, 2016
The last I received was sent from a company called : Superior Health& Beauty, 2049 N Lincoln Ave. Burbank CA, 91504. Order No: 8176835. Order date: 09/13/2016 I do not want to receive more of this product. It is also impossible to contact them, no e-mail available and the phone number do not work The phone number of this company is: 901184313

Dollar General / Manager / employees at the forney texas dollar general

cmay64 on Sep 19, 2016
I try not to go to Dollar General. I think the staffing is crazy. You have ONE person at the register while other employees are in the break room or stocking shelves. The manager can walk up and walk outside, walk back in and keep walking even when there are 11 people in line, yes 11. I...

PoppersPronto.com / Lost my job because ofthem; PWD Rush poppers

Justin Burdett on Sep 18, 2016
I clearly marked my billing address as different from my office address and yet they shipped the package to my office! Their only reply is that the package was shipped "discreetly" unmarked but every package is searched in our office building by security and I got fired as a result. Poppers Pronto cost me my job.

Shoppers Drug Mart / Rain check at, shoppers, drug, mart kingsgate mall 370 e. Broadway vancouver bc

mapperboy on Sep 15, 2016
I was issued a raincheck for 4 bags of No Name potato chips in June 2016. The raincheck was very specific as to the actual flavour of the chips which happened to be Sour Cream and Onion. I visit this store about once a week but every time I have visited since June they had no stock of...

CVS Pharmacy / Pharmacy dept

Denis Leduc on Sep 14, 2016
Today at the CVS on Boston RD Springfield Ma store #1291, I picked up a prescription that I had to have pre Authorization, I asked if they could check on another Prescription, The tech said that my prescription was only for 30 pills. Actually my prescription that I handed them the month...

Shoppers Drug Mart / Unethical service

Richard Murray on Sep 12, 2016
My wife phoned yesterday to have her medication refill sent to her doctor as it is a narcotic. The young girl said that she would need to go to see her doctor for this. My wife told her that she can not as she has had surgery. The reason is not important and the pharmacy assistant should...

Shoppers Drug Mart / Discrimination, accused of shoplifting and banned because of stupid mistake

JB2000 on Sep 8, 2016
To start this complaint off I have suffered from Attention Deficit all of my life and it has been a struggle. I know it is fashionable nowadays to have ADD but I really do and have been treated for it most of my life. I always have my hair brushed back and a short pony tail and I take care...

CVS Corporation / Medication

Mary Stone on Sep 6, 2016
Went to CVS ADVANCE NC store to get medication. Went to the drive through and the lady at the window her name is Teresa. She talked to me like I was dirt, she said in a loud mean voice don't you have insurance, you know how much this medicine cost 389.00. I sat their and bit my tongue so I...

Walgreens / Employee talking disrespectful to customer

Samuel Davis Jr on Sep 5, 2016
On Sept. 5, 2016, I was in Walgreens #05922 at 108 28th St., Fort Worth, Tx. 76164 to make a purchase. I've been a long time customer at this Walgreens. A worker named, Paul, who would not give his last name, approached me and said "What you want bud?". After that I put the product back I...

Shoppers Drug Mart / Cashier service, inappropriate behaviour, forceful and rude.

ZoRaMo on Sep 1, 2016
I was shopping late one night with my mother, sister and husband. We received great service from the pharmacy technician and went up to the front of the store to check out. As we stood waiting the cashier was busy filling out paperwork. We did not mind as we waiting for her to finish and...

Shoppers Drug Mart / Profiling by shoppers beauty associate

VanessaCoffeeG on Aug 31, 2016
I am writing this review a few days after my sister had a very upsetting experience with a long time beauty associate at the 8865 Yonge Street Shoppers Drug mart in Richmond Hill. I am also writing it because before my sister even described the woman whom it happened with I knew who it wa...

CVS Pharmacy / Customer service

Debby derrington on Aug 29, 2016
My complaint is about disrespect, i have been a customer with cvs for about 5 years, in martin tn. I left cvs and went to Van's pharmacy in martin tn. I left because every time I had medicine filled it would take no less than an hour to fill my prescription. Cvs bought the van's pharmacy...

HEB / Pharmacy at 9414 n.lamar austin tx

Lbarfield10 on Aug 28, 2016
I called to get my prescription filled, first she tells me, I still have 3 days of medicine left, no I dont, I say she she yes you do I said no I don't you need to check again, she says hold on let me ask pharmicist, why is there someone that is not yet a pharmacist answer any question...

CVS Pharmacy / Ambien generic

plantica on Aug 23, 2016
I gave pharmacy clerk my prescription for 30, 10 mg tablets and my discount card. She said in a loud voice, " It is against the law to discount this medication" and I said I had received a discount for my previous order for the same medication. She said" I will not give you a discount...

CVS Pharmacy / Ask about a prescription

GoldenP on Aug 22, 2016
I went in to pick up my prescription that was sent to the CVS at 1361 Hylan Blvd, Staten Island NY. I was told at the pick up location to go to the drop off and ask about my prescription because it wasn't coming up. The lady by the name of Courtney Farmer at the drop off counter was having a...

Walgreens / Answer machine for prescription refills

kingea on Aug 19, 2016
In refilling prescriptions, the robot says: no problem ! Since when am i a problem in using their drug store and giving them money! A proper business reply is thank you. This is not a hip world yet ... For pete's sake.

CVS Corporation / Online account

Steve Morrell on Aug 16, 2016
On Tuesday, August 16, 2017, at approximately 6:15 PM, I found I'd been locked out of my online CVS account. The password I'd been using for months was now suddenly invalid. I used the recovery link and was provided with my security question. I provided the correct answer, which wa...

Drugstore.com / Not in stock items

Simone on Aug 15, 2016
Ordered many stuff from this www.drugstore.com website. Before placing my order I contacted customer service to be sure they had everything in stock and their rep assured me they did. So I placed my order and paid some extra money for 2 day delivery. Two days later nothing arrived so I...

HEB / Pharmacy

Brandy Rogers on Aug 14, 2016
Yesterday I dropped a prescription to get filled was told it would be ready the next day. I went through the drive thru only 1 lane open and i was the 7th car in line. It toom 23 mins to reach the window. Went to puck up prescription and it is not ready. It is 2pm. We went to the drive...
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