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Affordable Dentures / Bait and switch

Marsha Collins on Aug 25, 2016
my "Premium" Dentures that I had made by Affordable Dentures in Redding California on October 29, 2015 have broken yet again...three times I have had to take them in for repair, once my fault, the other two no fault of mine..my bottom denture has now broke in half..I bought a Premium set...

Kool Smiles / Horrible experience

Felicia Barker on Aug 18, 2016
WACO, TX. It's been nothing but a fight with Kool Smiles since day 1! Took my son in July 1st to Bellmead, and everything seemed to be okay. The front desk was super nice and helped me deal with our insurance who was a pain to deal with. Well, we were told our son would have a procedure...

Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry / Misleading, unethical and bad work

Chato Archer on Aug 18, 2016
First of all, don't believe the "Painless" pitch. Bring your own pain pills because they don't provide them nor do they prescribe them but the rum is cheap. Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry signature procedure, mini-implants and a denture is a farce. Any ethical dentist will tell you Mini...

Horizon Dental / Scammers

Poppyboots on Aug 16, 2016
Went there to get a check up and a cavity filled ( I just moved to south Florida and had checkup 1 month ago from my dentist of 5 years) I was told I needed $ 250 worth of X-rays saying mine were poor quality the told I had 5 cavities and 2 cracked teeth and needed crowns . I knew that wa...

Monarch Dental / service

moe .D on Aug 10, 2016
I went to monarch dental in 12/2013 they told me they need to extract my wisdom tooth, name of the dentist was WINLER, he damage the nerve on my face by doing a worst job any dentist could do.today is 2 years later I end up in the hospital what they did to me was beyond repair, also due to...

Jersey Dental Arts 846 Bergen Ave. Jersey City / Unproffesional and rude staff

GonzalezJ on Aug 9, 2016
I had complained to the orthodontist before about his staff and how rude and nasty they are. Clearly, as long as he makes money, he does not care. I had an issue with the insurance being incorrectly changed by the broker, which I was told would be fixed. I called the dental office to...

Affordable Dentures / Alveoplasty and Dentures

Karenlilkitty on Aug 8, 2016
I went to Affordable Dentures in April of 2016. My teeth were infected down to the roots and had to be removed. I had 3 removed at Aspen Dental prior to this but changed to Affordable Dentures due to pricing. I had 18 teeth removed in May (I had a severe infection in my gums and had to...

parkview dental care / cosmetic dental implant grants and the dentist they use

fireflyisme on Aug 7, 2016
they use the grant to bring you in, then the dentists recommends a very expensive implant needed, in my case $37, 000 me paying $25, 000 in full before any grant is applied they said grant was $10, 000 and nothing could be started until my $25, 000 was paid... i found a better deal on my...

Coles / Fresh Mint denture paste Made in China

Jodul on Aug 6, 2016
I would suggest someone checks one of these toothpaste tubes. All seems normal, cap unscrews, then nothing. Turns out, about 1/4 inch down the tube there is one of those silver stops, the sort you usually see when you open a juice or other product. Why on earth? Definitely a design fault...

Gems Medical AID / Very severe mouth deseas

peet6804 on Aug 6, 2016
I Got medical proof from a specialist that my gums have severely infection, and have 2 sists to be removed in my gums and the only way to heal it is to draw my teeth and to put in dentures. My dentures are already been made and the aid approve that. Now I wonder how will they put in the...

LoneTreeModernDental / Horrible service

Tatta on Jul 29, 2016
Horrible service they have there. I can't say anything bad about the quality of their work, but they sure have some nasty employees there. People working in LoneTreeModernDental are extremely rude and ignorant. I was there only once and will never come back. I made an appointment but...

Lach Orthodontics Specialists / Plastic Removable Retainer.

Aubra_1908 on Jul 25, 2016
I went into Dr. Lach's office for a new plastic removable retainer. I was charged $450, which was for a permanent metal (non-removable) retainer. After many mishaps in the office, including their attempt to place this permanent retainer without a medical need and without going over...

CIMA Hospital, Escazu, San Jose, Costa Rica / Dental Clinic

Jeff Lasher on Jul 21, 2016
Nov 5, 2010, I went in for a toothache. I came out disabled, with brain damage (cognitive abilities - especially math); cerebellum damage (loss of balance - I fall 2-3x per day) upper spinal cord damage, horrific pain 24/7 not masked by narcotics; 24/7 headache that has 67% chance of...

Aspen Dental / unethical behaviour

Dennis Cotton on Jul 16, 2016
Was told there would not be a charge zero before service and after having my wife's teeth cleaned that the insurance paid 100% united health care. however my wife agreed to taking a fluoride mouth wash for $39.00 which we paid now we get a bill for $43.00 months later.

Western Dental / Dental Work

MGroh on Jul 15, 2016
I went to Western Dental in Rancho Cucamonga, Ca. in January 2016 for tooth ache. I knew going that I would need my bottom teeth pulled and would need dentures. I waited to see the dentist longer than I saw the dentist. She came in looked at my teeth and x-rays rambled off what needed to...

Western Dental / Fraudulent billings practices

Karl Carrasco on Jul 8, 2016
I started some dental work earlier this year. Just a replacement crown which cost $930 total. But I was late on a couple of due dates and they charged me $25 per incident. Last month in June on the 22nd, I was notified by someone in their corporate office that I would be charged another...

Affordable Dentures / Partial Dentures

Agent2008 on Jul 7, 2016
I visited the affordable denture office in Towson Md. My experience was horrible. The dentist greeted me wearing a dirty lab coat. That should have a clue of what was to come. Well after taking impression I waited 6 hours for the finished product. They took it upon themselves to get rid of...

PayFlex / Can't reimbursed for legitimate dental expenses

Jose Ponce on Jul 1, 2016
I am so sorry I ever agreed to sign on with this company. I've had multiple situations where I have not been able to obtain reimbursement of MY MONEY because, even though I upload my dentist's description of services rendered, they keep asking me for the same paperwork again. I even sent...

Midwestern University Clinics / The service i received and the what they charged my insurance Humana

Cassandra Mcneal on Jun 27, 2016
Midwestern University ClinicsOn June 06, 2016 I received just an screening and a mouth check at this time I paid $92.00 dollars cash. I was told at this time this is the only amount needed to be paid for e rays which never happen and the they charged my Insurance $64.00 dollars I am due a refund because service wa...

Kool Smiles College / Rude,Unprofessional, Medicade Fraud, Incompetent, front desk staff

Resilience on Jun 27, 2016
I was giving a follow up appointment for my babies to have fillings this morning June 27th 2016. I Had recieved emails to confirm the appointments. I show up on time to be told we have no appointment and I can be seen if I will pay cash or I can reschedule... I tell the lady I have email...
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