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Dental Services Complaints

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Aspen Dental / Dental work, dentures and personnel

Cox DL on 2016-04-30
I went to Aspen Dental to get a new partial and was told I needed to get all my teeth pulled and get upper and lower dentures. I followed the advise of the dentist and allowed the dentist to remove my teeth and got a temporary denture. I had to make multiple trips back to the dentist and...

Kool Smiles / Wait time

M. Goodwin on 2016-04-30
As I'm writing this, I am seating in the koolsmiles office in virginia beach. My children 10 and 16 year old had an appt today on April 30th @ 11 am. We got to our appointment at exactly 1040 am. There was about 3 other people waiting and i don't know how many in the back but 3 other...

Aspen Dental / Cleaning appointment

Robert Duffy on 2016-04-28
I scheduled an appointment with Aspen dental in lady lake six months ago for my six month. I have received a few cleanings their but it has been difficult to get 2 in per year.I feel it is important for healthy teeth to keep them on 2 per year cleanings. I received an email to confirm my...

Aspen Dental / Dental Services

Dan Snook on 2016-04-26
I will never do business with Aspen Dental. "Jason" the office guy is the most incompetent person I have ever dealt with. The dentist Dr. Park did nothing to make me feel confident in this establishment. I was given a dental plan that was $4, 000. I was told by "Jason" that my insurance...

Aspen Dental / Dental "Services"

Mickie Davis on 2016-04-25
BAD BUSINESS ALERT! Do not go to ASPEN DENTAL in Cookeville. What a racket. I only made a late appt there because I started a new job and my regular dentist closes at 4. I have had issues with one tooth for months. My regular dentist had just put a temp crown on it and told me that if I...

Three Rivers Community Health / T0 have 5 teeth pulled on 4/15/2015

burleson on 2016-04-21
Darryl Bivens DDS was to pull 5 teeth he just broke them off and I was told that he did not do denture the next day I was wondering why I had 5 round circle where the teeth were .So I called A. ALLEN BLOURCHHAIN DDS at 155 covey drive, suite 300 Franklin, TN 37067 called to see about the...

Affordable Dentures / I would like a refund

DeMayne on 2016-04-21
After having to go there over a year, February 2015 to April 2016, B4 I received the final product, they were slanting high to low and they told me because my teeth were crooked. And if I wanted it fixed I would have to pay again. The temporary denture I had right before this broke twice...

Affordable Dentures / New Dentures

James Melanie Pressley on 2016-04-19
Hello I was so excited when I finally came up with the money to get my top denture replaced & get a bottom one for the first time. My daughter is getting married in September & I just want to be able to smile in the photos. I just thought it would be as easy as the first time I got my...

American Dental Centers / Dental

Got Cheated M on 2016-04-16
Worked with them for a few months; YES HORRIBLE! Only thing AD care is money nothing else. They don't pay doctors correctly as they should but yet triple booking is their game. Extremely money hunger company and not trustworthy place to be in...

Coast Dental / Absolute worst experience

Kearsten Shook on 2016-04-15
This dentist has given me way too many problems, I don't even know where to begin. I chipped my front tooth and I went in for my first appointment. Not a friendly face in the building. And the dentist and dental assistant were rude and very rough. They did a very bad job at making and...

Oral Surgery Associates, PA / Dental services

Elaine C K on 2016-04-14
My primary dental office is Dental One. I need a tooth pulled that is broke in 3 places. Their surgeon cannot see me until the end of July. My insurance company told me to go to Oral Surgery Associates, Brian Keegan, as they accept my DHMO. My dentist sent a referral over to his office. I...

Eastern Dental / Dental Procedures

Terri DeLorenzo on 2016-04-09
I was scheduled to have 2 small fillings filled and the dentist prior to drilling the wrong tooth put on a tan hajib with 1 slit straight across for eyes and then told me NOT to look at her! First, she stuck a cylindrical cotton gause with red fluid on it under my upper lip. Next, she...

Aspen Dental / dental services

Denise8912 on 2016-04-01
Hi My name is Denise Novakovic, I unfortunately went to Aspen Dental on 3.10.15 to get a root canal done on a tooth The root canal was done so unprofessionally that it caused infection to go up into my jaw bone and eat away at my jaw bone. I had to go to metrohospital dental department in...

Aspend Dental / Dentist

stacy6681 on 2016-04-01
If I can give this place a negative star I would. This place will charge you for anything & everything even if you do have insurance. I was given a "estimate" the first time I went. When I arrive a different day for the actual procedure they try to charge me for more than what I told them...

Affordable Dentures / Dentures

Betty J Parker on 2016-03-31
My husband, and myself and our daughter all went to the one in Nacgodoches Texas, My new dentures fell out of my mouth the first day and they had to put in a liner and to big, but these people do not want to hear this. I have worn them about one hour a 1000.00 down the drain. This is why...

Family Care Dental / How i turned out returning the teeth that she made for me after being overcharged

Susan Charlene pollitz on 2016-03-30
I have already put in one complaint about this dentist now I am say that I got a phone call from the office today to tell me that my credit card had took back the money I had paid them$581.50 . And since it was stopped that I owed them 454.00 I ask why and they said this was for the...

Western Dental / Dental Service

jeff123344 on 2016-03-17
“2005” Los Algadonas Mexico. I crossed the border to have some dental work done. I couldn’t afford the insane prices of American dentistry. As I crossed through the gates I found the small hands of children all around me. “Chiclets” one called out. The boy at his side shoved a small tin can...

Oral Surgery Group / Unfair charges

Dancaster on 2016-03-16
Before i went to dentist i gave my insurance information and also spoke 2 times to the office person for co payment. i clearly spoke to them that i am not ready for consulting if have to pay a single penny from my pocket. The office people told me that your insurance is good you don't have...

Aspen Dental / Billed for work that was not performed.

Marie DeGayner on 2016-03-15
November of 2014 I visited Aspen Dental in Port Orange, Fl with the intent of having a "root canal" which was suggested by the dentist on a previous visit. At that time the dentist told me the tooth was "too bad" and a root canal could not be performed. I was told the alternative was to...

Pearl-E-Whites / They cancelled the trial, but didn’t refund me

Jason on 2016-03-10
I have subscribed for 14 days trial of Pearl-e Whites and after that I only read the reviews. All reviews were bad and it was mentioned that you must cancel the trial before the 14th day. I decided to cancel it and was put on the hold for 15 minutes. Their agents offered me discounts and...
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