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TransUnion / Purchasing report

Frye79 on Jan 10, 2017
I purchased my credit report for 9.95. When entering my Card info, it shows an error message saying my card number isnt correct. So i enter it again and says the same thing. I then check my bank info and i am charged for both transactions. I call Transunion and they say that they show no...

FinChoice / Name listed on itc

Andhira on Jan 10, 2017
HI. My name is Andhira Singh. I am paying my account every month yet I am listed on ITC. please rectify urgently as this is hindering my credit record. please call me on 031-7859132. This was supposed to have gone through a retrenchment claim from my previous employer but all my paperwork...

Golden Credit Scores / Requesting a refund

Dawn Davidson on Dec 31, 2016
I called Golden Credit Scores in May 2016 to cancel my membership and as of Dec.2016 my credit card is still being charged. I've called them and they put me on hold and never come back to take my call. Cancellation # C-9801736. I'm requesting a refund of $29.95 from May 2016 through Dec...

MyScore.com / Unauthorized credit card charges

SVolkswagen on Dec 27, 2016
Charged my card for services I did not have in August, September, October and November of 2016 - all in December 2016. 12-27-16 on call to customer service twice for over 30 minutes. Disconnected from what they call escalation services twice. Seemed to purposefully keep transferring...

Gold Credit Score / 3 free credit scores

Earlene Turks on Dec 6, 2016
I had noticed on 11/07 my checking account ending in 1638 was debt $29.95. I had called to find out why my account had been charged an unauthorizes transaction should have been transferred back into my account before 12-03-2016. it's been over two and a half week, and still, no refunded...

Tafadzwa / Poor assistance

Tafadzwa Kashiri on Nov 30, 2016
I bought R55 twenty minutes before midnight last night then at 00:12 I bought 250 daily bundles at R25. After which I went to a reading site, my background data is desabled for most of the apps I have but after an hour I couldn't load the next page so I went to check my balance and to my...

MyScore.com / Unauthorized charges

rmh8402 on Nov 30, 2016
I signed up for the trial, then kept it for a month or two. But I've cancelled this account so many times it is ridiculous, and they keep charging me! I've gone through customer service (which is difficult since they hardly ever answer the phone) and my bank. My bank can't even get them to...

Procter & Gamble (Duracell, Pampers, Lenor) / Duracell aa camera batteries

David Braley on Nov 29, 2016
I bought four of these rechargeable batteries for my Cannon Camera after about 3 months they needed to be recharged, these batteries will not charge over 1 volt, I've tried two different charges to no avail. These batteries cost over $20.00 dollars and I feel that I've been ripped off...

Corporate Credit Network | MichaelBerrien.com | Newport Beach, California / True build credit

Sassy92663 on Nov 12, 2016
Corporate Credit Network | MichaelBerrien.com | Newport Beach, CaliforniaI never thought I would be writing this, especially here on this website Complaints Board. I guess I am just like others I read about here. I work with local government here in Newport Beach. When this website first came out many laughed and said, none of this could be true. Like others I...

Scoresense.com / Credit monitor

rani beasley on Oct 30, 2016
have called twice to request discontinue this service. To date this has not been done and the company has continued to with draw $39.95 from my credit card. I would like to have it stopped immediately. If it is not done I will report the matter to my attorney general of North...

RPT Score / My refund

Marie Mclain on Oct 27, 2016
I did purchase for a credit score how ever they have no record of it and it shows up on my bank account the 1.00 each times I did it I want to cancel it can you help me I do now want to be charged again I did for a credit score as I am interested in buying a house I have never had thi...

Scoresense.com / Credit inquiry

Burly on Oct 27, 2016
I have tried to get 39.95 taken off my cc and this is what they said: Dear kimberly, Thank you for contacting scoresenseĀ® customer care. After careful review of your account, the following refund requests have been processed: Transaction date billed amount refund...

Verizon / Vendor

Ryan Rodulfo on Oct 18, 2016
Ryan Rodulfo when I was in the 12th grade morningside this girl Karen was a 9th grader new in my school. My basketball teammate said she wants your phone number. I told my father Sydney no one wants to go to b asketball practice with me any more who wants to . Boogar. she called my...

Insolvency Watch / Trying to get $$$$ for nothing

Sharlene Walker on Oct 12, 2016
trying to get $$$ and knows nothing about anyone made bankcrupt. lives at 40 Maritime Tce in Auckland on the North Shore, has 3 companies with 3 different websites. I will publicise this idiot whilst he publicises me. If it takes another 10 years then thats what I will do. Game you play...

Sharkpatrol / Scam website fraudster

Sharlene Walker on Oct 12, 2016
Warwick Jones of 40 Maritime Tce Birkenhead Auckland naming and shaming anyone filed any kind of petition on bankcruptcy. You have no information on anyone filed for bankcruptcy so are asking the public for what Warwick? As long as my name is on your website I will hound you on the internet too...

MyScore.com / Unauthorized credit card charges

KatherineSH on Oct 10, 2016
MyScore.comI cancelled this service in January 2016 (final payment 1/11/16). I received two charges for $29.95 each - one on 9/26/16 and another on 9/30/16 - I did not re-activate the service and was not contacted by the company prior to the charges. Both charges are fraudulent. On 10/2/16, I called to...

Telecheck / Denial of checks

newjunk on Oct 8, 2016
This is not the first time I have been denied. This time it was in two stores and the prices are in the hundreds that had to be put back on the shelf. I have tried numerous times to try to correct this but to no avail it remains. There is no way to get a hold of these people. They are a...

Outsurance / illegal credit checks

wietzue on Sep 30, 2016
i was recently a passenger in a car accident, so had to give a statement of the events, but to my shock found out that outsurance did a complete credit check on my name without my consent or knowledge, even had a couple of personal photos on a laptop, so where does one draw a line? is thi...

MyScore.com / Credit scoring

Suzanne Schwab-Radcliffe on Sep 25, 2016
On sept. 23, 2016 I've called several times and the agent kept saying she couldn't cancel and I would have to talk w a supervisor. I got transferred and got hung on 3xs. Then I overheard the agent and sup talking(they didnt know I was on the line) and the sup was screaming at her saying WE...

Rpt Myscore 888 - 840 - 4961 Nv / Fraud

LaDeanna Haynes on Sep 20, 2016
I noticed on 09/09/2016 that I had a charge on my CC that I did not recognize and again on 08/09/2016 so I called this company only to be hung up. In total I have called 105 times (NO LIES) since 09/09/2016 and today is 09/20/2016. I was hung up on 93 times and I was consistently told over...
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