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Idrolabs ltd and LSA Health & Beauty, St Michaels / Misleading advertising.....on trial products

Cbowes on 2016-02-07
Hello...I ordered some Free trial creams from this company...I was lead to believe you only paid for shipping which was about $10...and trailed it to see if you LIKE IT...within 14 days...I didn't get it for about 7days after I ordered that gave me a mere 7days to get back to them from...

Luminess / Luminess Air

Karen Eierman on 2016-02-06
I found by reading all of the complaints about this product after I faced the same deceptive advertising and billing, that I am not the only one getting duped. I am in the process of getting charges reversed etc., but do have e a question. How is it, with all of these reported fraudulent...

Yourfitlifehelp.com / Unauthorised charges

Reviewer81880 on 2016-02-03
0 Votes I was under the impression i was signing for a free trial and only paying for postage they took £89.90 & £88.63 money which i cannot afford to lose this was unauthorised money from my account. This has to stop now. I have reported you to the trading standards I wish my money to be put...

Nouvebelle / unethical behavior

Trux63 on 2016-02-02
They have an add on Facebook for a "FREE TRIAL" bottle. It does not say they are sending you a full size bottle. Then they claim that there is a 14 day trial period. They also do not say that this starts from the time that you order, not when it ships or arrives. On their Web Site it tell...

Hydroxatone / ACM Tryhydrolyze

Reviewer27478 on 2016-02-01
Buyer/Consumer BEWARE. No such thing as a free trial. When I ordered the product, the sales person never stated that I had to return the product, just cancel. So I did and they have been charging my credit card ever since. I filed a dispute with the credit card company and waiting for the...

Collect Pros / Debt Collection Notice - fraud

Reviewer61454 on 2016-01-29
Receive Courtesy Notice regarding an Overdue Balance. of $43.82 for a product Biofinite. Notice states that I can make secure payment online at www.collectpros.com. or over the phone by calling 1-877-439-1825. Biofinite along with another face cream was a free sample, with subsequent orders sent...

Equinox Cream & Rvtl Cream / The price being charged for samples

Reviewer10570 on 2016-01-29
I ordered samples for these products totaling per your ad, $5 and some change. When I checked my bank account I found out I was charged $103.00 for one product and $109.00 for the other. I was devastated! Could not find a phone number to call, so I called my bank to inform them I did not...

Adore Organic Innovations / Scam!

Reviewer86851 on 2016-01-28
While strolling Fremont Street in Vegas, beautiful thin males and females give you wonderful compliments but tell you they can take away the circles and puffiness under your eyes. The lure you into the chair, do a demonstration on you and then drop outlandish prices of their product to...

Santrinico Enterprises Ltd / Free Trial Eyelash enhancer

Hazel Merriweather on 2016-01-27
I wanted a free trial "eyelash" enhancer with a shipment fee of $5.99. By the time I got to the checkout a $50 Discount Rewards card was placed with my free trial eyelash request bringing the total charge to $55.89. I do not want this discount card and will authorize my bank to not pay...

Davenport Iowa / Service

Reviewer51776 on 2016-01-27
I went to Sephora today in Davenport Iowa to purchase specific foundation, anyways they were out of my color that I usualy get and the girl working there said we can order your color it will take a week, I said I really need somthing today so you recommend anything similar ? She's like NO...

Collect Pros / La Creme Skin Care

Reviewer17909 on 2016-01-26
I just received a pink notice saying I owed $87.63. I have paid for the cream and have the statement from my CC to show for it. I cancelled after that because I didn't like the cream. I have tried to contact both companies, but have not received any information back. There is no way to...

Vitatrade / Auralei

Reviewer15253 on 2016-01-26
I paid for a sample with 16 days trial after 12 days they took £180 out of my bank account and never even got any products. They broke the so called agreement and took my money. The sample was total rubbish these people are complete scammers and should be closed down. I am not the only...

Nouvebelle / Unapproved and Unrefunded Charges

hfreer on 2016-01-25
Date of Incident: 01/25/2016 I initially called the company in November of 11/2015 to cancel my subscription. They canceled my subscription and they also indicated that the last shipment was going to be refunded. As of 01/25/2016 I received four boxes of the products. Therefore I called...

Restora Lumina / The 2cremes Levante and restpra Mumina

Regina.Sluszny on 2016-01-21
After receiving the samples I asked to stop sending the creams because I did not fiel good when I put them on. Sinds then I got 8 shipment while I was in Hospital for 3 mounts and my creditcard was used 8 times On the 19/1/2016 coming home from hospital I send everything back to...

L'Core Paris / Products

Reviewer75638 on 2016-01-21
I was in Las Vegas recently at the Monte Carlo Hotel. We walked through the Street of Dreams mall and were lured into a store selling facial products. Tony added some gel under one eye to show how good the cream works. I cannot believe that I fell for their pitch and paid 400 USD for 3...

Luminess Air / Airbrush makeup system

Reviewer36406 on 2016-01-18
I ordered Luminess Air after watching their infomercial on TV, I did it online. Once reciept came, I saw that for 5 months extra charges would be taken from credit card account. In my opinion this is fraud, even if they had a disclaimer in written form at the infomercial. They should have...

Arc Labs Inc / Equinox day and night serum RVTL anti ageing cream

MikeClare on 2016-01-20
Arc Labs IncReceived 2 lots only ordered 1 lot at £8 to find out they sent me 2 and took £400 now I have no money to pay my next months rent as I lost my job through serious illness THIS IS SO UPSETTING PLEASE HELP

Nova Fresh/Nouvabella Skin Cream / Received more package and charges for product after cancelling it.

Reviewer98075 on 2016-01-16
I received a trial size of Nouvabell back in November 2015 and was charged a full price for it of $191. When I called I was told that I would have to return the cream and they would give me a 50% discount. I was not happy but agreed as long as this cancelled any further shipments. Today...

Christina Cosmestics / Compact

Reviewer27069 on 2016-01-15
Received the product after a long, long wait. Returned it as the mirror and make up was broken. Returned it at my expense waited for a replacement product. Never received, called again and like many others the company says they never received my return. Wish I would have read the review...

Luminess Air / Luminess Airbrush system

ElizabethWalczak on 2016-01-15
I have purchased a Luminess Airbrush Kit with the option of making a return. I hate this product and I am unable to get in touch with the company to make a return, There is no way to contact anyone in customer service. There is only option of leaving call back number. I have called several...
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