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United Parcel Service [UPS] / Package missing

Jinsil Lee on Dec 10, 2016
I ordered $224 amout of products from Sephora and it deliver thought UPS. It was 3-days shipping, supposed to get on 11/30/16 but I never get the package. So I called UPS customer service and they said it was deliverd at 11/30/16 at 3:46pm. I told them I did not get the package and they...

Revlon / Just bitten kissable balm stain

DDDSKauai on Dec 8, 2016
Aloha! I usually dont make complaints or inquires but i have really tried to like the new revlon lip stains in your fat pencil form and other lipsticks/gloss's but the truth is i really am missing the old felt pentip like stain that you had before. Common there is no way the new ones beat...

Hydra Skin Sciences / Free trial on facebook

Daryl Druktenis on Dec 8, 2016
BEWARE!! THIS IS A TOTAL SCAM!! My husband ordered the free $4.95 trial in September, only to be charged $103 and $109 within two weeks. Fortunately, we have proof of the return and their receipt of this scam, but still dealing with the CC company to get a permanent credit on thi...

Tarte cosmetics / Tracking number

Bennic11 on Dec 7, 2016
I have purchased lip gloss from Tarte cosmetics and they immediately took my money. I did not get a tracking number and when I contacted customer service they claimed they already sent me one. Several days later I contacted them again and said that there was no sign of my tracking number...

Abella Mayfair / Paiement non autorisé sur ma carte de crédit

ManonL on Dec 6, 2016
17028521840 Clearskin, London (Abellamayfair) Bonjour! Voici une copie du courriel envoyé à cette compagnie (support@Abellamayfair.com) le 6 décembre 2016 : Bonjour! Ayant reçu un premier échantillon au coût de 5, 47$ qui a été payé avec ma carte Visa Desjardins le 22 novembre 2016, j'oblige...

Rodeo Cosmetics, 332 N Rodeo Dr, Beverly Hills, Ca 888-566-3341 / Unethical behavior!!!

Kym F. on Dec 6, 2016
Do not go near this place!!! I was approached by someone outside this store and was aggressively ushered in. I made sure to tell them i was on a tight time frame. They tried product on me and also said i could do this for 2 years and never have to do it again. The sales person wa...

Tru Belleza / Credit Card Charge

hundreds73 on Dec 7, 2016
I agreed to receive a trial sample of the product, which I paid shipping and handling for. I am now being charged for 2 additional payments, one for $119.53, and $133.71. I DID NOT agree to nor authorize these addditional charges. I am getting no resolution from Tru Belleza, they just keep...

Awok.com / Conditioner become shampoo

LykaB on Dec 4, 2016
Awok.comI ordered for a conditioner and it very cleary mentioned in my order and its very clearly also in their email that my order is conditioner. But i was shocked when i open the bag it was shampoo and not the item that i was ordered. Its so easy for them to respond on terms of ordering but in...

Ricks Hemp Oil / An email response sent to me

cookie01 on Dec 3, 2016
Hi I sent an email to ask about a product the company states on their website they sell and this is the response I got. "YES YOU F##KWITT" The email stated Gary sent this...Honestly what human being responds in this manner, especially a company that is meant to help people. I have...

Skinceuticals / Retinol 0.5% and phloretin cf

Kelly Jacob on Dec 2, 2016
You know how we tend to "trust" our doctors & derms for professional expertise...as in they see a lot of patients, so you ASSUME they are knowledgeable about skin types. Well, due to that trust, I accepted my Derm's suggestion to use SkinCeuticals. I paid $275 the 2 suggested items to try...

Abella Mayfair / Beauty products 90 second anti wrinkle serum and moisturizer

Swindledbyswindon on Dec 2, 2016
I live in Riverview NB. I clicked on a Facebook ad on Oct 30, 2016 offering a free sample of the 90 second rapid wrinkle and moisturizer, with Angelina Jolie's photo. Just pay the shipping fee of $4.95. So I entered my information to the screen and agreed to be billed the above shipping...

www.livelybeautify.com / Lively beautify beauty products

Calvin777 on Nov 30, 2016
Scam of marketing banner ad. Misleading tricky marketing. Buyer BEWARE! The scam is there is a $3 trial for a product. If you don't like it in 14 days return it for a FULL refund. The trick was the banner ad you click on has none of this legal information and... the sign up pushed the...

Hydra Skin Sciences / Allegro/brio skin creams

Fran Irby on Nov 29, 2016
This is the email I sent the company after a long phone conversation with customer service: November 29, 2016 I am appalled at the way your company does business. I ordered a trial product (which I was under the impression from the website was only one product, not two), and when two item...

Rapid Fulfillment Inc - SkinTek / https://www.buyskintek.com/ss2/index.php?AFID=80&SID=220413&C1=&C2=&C3=&C4=

LaVerne Cat on Nov 29, 2016
On Oct 19, 2016 I ordered Skin Tek for $19.99 plus a foreign transaction fee and my Visa card was charged as ordered. This was not a free sample deal. The product did not work and I looked on the jar for a phone number. There was no number to call. Transaction date: 10/20/2016 SkinTek...

Avon / Annoyed with avon rep!!!

CariThomas007 on Nov 29, 2016
AvonI had a nasty experience with avon representative named Dawn Storer, Whitland. She was rude and abusive on the phone when I rang about my order before line went dead. I called to see where my order was as I ordered over a month ago. Dawn shouted swearing and refused to give me refund. I am...

Hydra Skin Sciences / Brio/allegro

John Mentor on Nov 28, 2016
A Facebook ad claimed a trial offer of $4.95 for their skin care product; before one can even give it a "trial" test, there was more product sent & my credit card skyrocketed to over $200 in charges in two weeks. I called the company and they claimed the details were in the offer (they...

Sedona Beauty Secrets / Sedona beauty secrets anti-aging cream

Kris Plows on Nov 24, 2016
I agreed to receive the FREE trial cream, I was charged US 1.25 for this, on October 3. On October 4, I was charged a furtherUS 3.87. I did not agree to purchase further products, as I found the cream made my skin sting. ON October 13, I was charged a further US 94.31, reference number...

17028521787 Skin Look / Abella mayfair - rapid wrinkle control

Danielle Forget on Nov 24, 2016
At the end of October, I accepted a ONE FREE TRIAL of wrinkle control cream by paying ONLY SHIPPING AND HANDLING for the amount of 3.49 with my credit card. The first week of November (4 & 6), I've received 2 packages from P.O. Box 500, North York, ON M3J 0J8. When my credit card statement...

Rapid Fulfillment Inc. / Skintek

Arthur L Markham on Nov 22, 2016
I received an order I did not request. I purchased 1 on these item several weeks ago and received it OK. Now I have received another bottle of this without ordering I assume they charged my credit card. It appears to be one f those deals that if you buy one from them they automatically keep...

IT Cosmetics / False advertising

brdulaney on Nov 21, 2016
11/20/2016 I saw an ad on TV for IT Cosmetics that you could get an introductory kit for just $ 39.95! What an awesome deal, I thought!! Imagine my surprise when my card was charged $ 49.24. I called customer service and was even more surprised to be told that I had been charged tax on the...
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