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Abella Mayfair / Smooth Look Today

Sandi Aronson on Jan 21, 2017
THis product has made my face red and left the wrinkles looking very accentuated. I am very displeased with this product and want a full refund for the charges your company has taken from my account. I will tell all my friends through social media that you are a scam and not to even...

www.sigmabeauty.com / Bad service, order is missing

DoraWon on Jan 20, 2017
I bought a set of brushes and some cosmetics from www.sigmabeauty.com. My order was placed in November and it is already late January and still no sign of my order. Back in November they said that it will take 2-3 weeks to deliver to my address but unfortunately it took way longer than...

Abella Mayfair / This is the worst of the worst fraud/con job company

Rena Van Steele on Jan 19, 2017
I just about got conned by this company as I did fill out the information on the form but decided not to get involved as this could be a scam. I did not submit the form. However, apparently I somehow agreed to all the terms regardless of if I submitted the form prior to my filling out any...

Shoppers Drug Mart / Customer service

Kirsten Meng on Jan 18, 2017
Shoppers Drug MartI walked in at 5:20pm on January 18th. I was sick with flu, had a half an hour commute, and realized I may be on my period. So I rushed to the nearest Shoppers drug Mart. I talked to a lady working for the cosmetic section and asked if I could use the washroom to check if I had my period...

Abella Mayfair / Unauthorized credit card charges

Monkeyman2017 on Jan 18, 2017
January 18, 2017, finally got hold of someone with this company. They did send out a "Free Sample" (that is how it was advertised), I paid for the shipping. Received the Free Sample. Then a week or two later I was charged on my credit card for the product. The product is not worth what...

BellaVei / Bellavei - soleilglo paid but no order received

4Angry12 on Jan 18, 2017
BellaVei I purchased Bellavei products on the 01 /11/2016 that was advertised for R349.00 but when the transaction was done, I received an sms from my bank with a total of R2007.00 that was deducted. I immediately phoned (+27 87 550 2181) them and sent an e-mail (support@bellavei) to their support to...

Rodeo Cosmetics / Ocean mind body soul instant face lift

Liz cosier on Jan 18, 2017
Rodeo CosmeticsHi Tony, My wife Liz and I were in last week, we are from Australia, I am tall and wore I short black leather jacket . My wife and I have tried to apply the Ocean Body and Soul treatment ( before we fly back to Australia tomorrow) and although the applicator has been with us and in no...

Rapid Fulfillment / Skin tek mole & skin tag remover

Akaroa1 on Jan 17, 2017
Rapid FulfillmentI ordered this item once and it did not work. My initial order was on 28 nov 2016 and I was charged $77.09 for 2 jars when I only initially ordered 1 jar. I received a secondary charge on same day for $26.78 for I don't know what ? ? And now I have received another jar without ordering and...

Rapid Fulfillment , Inc. / Skin tek mole remover

LRMiserez on Jan 17, 2017
I ordered this only once, but Rapid Fulfillment continues to send and bill me for more jars, so far two more, that I have not ordered, nor do I want. The latest was received today, January 17, 2017. How do I get them to stop? I would also appreciate a refund for the two in-ordered jar...

Tarte / Amazing products, really bad customer service

RoseTee on Jan 16, 2017
I love tarte cosmetics, I love their products and the fact that they are vegan and cruelty free but their customer service is terrible. Calls go to answering machine, shipping takes forever considering the fact that I am in the same state and it takes about a week for me to receive my...

Abella Mayfair / 1 oz. Trial size of abella mayfair maximum moisture face cream

Cheryl Mann on Jan 16, 2017
On dec.22, 2016, I ordered, on line, a 1 oz. Trial size of abella mayfair maximum moisture cream. The shipping cost was $4.95 usd. I received the trial product. I also ordered and received a trial sample of abella mayfair 90 second rapid wrinkle control, with a shipping charge of $3.95...

Abella Mayfair / Cancellation of order

PaDa Dbdl on Jan 16, 2017
ÀWe are January 16, 2017 and I want to cancel my order and I wrote you a few minutes after my order this morning after I read the conditions. I asked a confirmation of my cancellation of order but I did not receive anything. Can you please confirm my cancellation order. Danielle...

Abella Mayfair / Abella mayfair products & beauty skin london products

C&D on Jan 16, 2017
In nov 2016 I signed up for a free trail of abella mayfair wrinkle cream, I thought for 4.95 s/h I would try it, along with another cream by beauty skin london for $5.44 s/h. When I received my credit card statement in december, I found they had charged me $122.36 for the abella mayfair...

Abelle Mayfair / Unauthorized credit card charges

Liliane Lukacs on Jan 16, 2017
I asked to have the free trial of their 24hr moisturized and their wrinkle cream and agreed to pay only the shipping charge. Well they charged me for the full price of the product and to boot they sent me a subsequent month and charged me full price again. I am in process of returning...

Lookfantastic / Horrible experience, order is missing

Mona on Jan 16, 2017
Hello, I would like to warn everyone about this terrible scam website LookFantastic. I highly recommend to stay far away from it and shop elsewhere. I bought a gift from LookFantastic and my original order was made on December 1 and according to their rep I was supposed to get my item...

Skin Tek / Moles removal cream

xxww on Jan 15, 2017
Have ordered once Skin Tek Mole Remover Cream, now without my authorisation they charged another month on the 24/12/2016 I received the cream but I don't want to be charged every month for more as I never asked for this. please cancel el pronto. Regards Elvira Reichmuth Apt 217 St...

Rapid Fulfillment / Skin tek

Deb Monea on Jan 15, 2017
I ordered this item once and it did not work, now I have received another jar without ordering. I would like all future orders stopped immediately and no further amounts debited from my credit card. Order number 359853 - Order date 12/24/2016, ship date 12/27/2016. Thank you for you immediate...

Abella Mayfair / 90 second wrinkle crap/moisturizer

Joanne Cote on Jan 15, 2017
My complaint mirrors every other complaint - received the free sample on 10 jan 2017 and then on 13 jan 2017 a charge of $134.62 appeared on my credit card. I have contacted my credit card company and am phoning tomorrow, 16 janary 2017 to the company. The credit card company has not...

Sally Beauty / Employee

lola801 on Jan 15, 2017
I worked at Sallys for two years and for those two years I have had 4 managers which were all young and not qualified to run a store, they will hire anyone off the streets when they are desperate. The first manger I had was young and hired her best friend moved her up to 40 hours when I...

Hydra Skin Sciences / Free trial for $4.95

marieange on Jan 14, 2017
I ordered a purported free trial of hydra skin sciences brio product. There was no mention of an auto ship program. I have been bombarded with product, and have no way to contact this company. They are charging my card hundreds of dollars each month and I need them to stop. I want to...
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