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Lasvegasdistribution.com / Rip Off - Scam - Beware of Mey & Joyce

Reviewer65369 on 2016-02-11
Lasvegasdistribution.comMy wife told me about this company she found to have our door hangers delivered and we contacted them at their website. Their name is Mey & Joyce, they told us that they can do the job. They sent us a invoice and we paid it. They started our delivery and we had some issues at the start...

Tech-V Air Cool Engineering / Poor Air Con Servicing

Reviewer62996 on 2016-02-06
Recently, a team from Tech-V Air Cool Engineering came to service our air con as part of a yearly contract. Before the servicing, my living room FCU horizontal air swing motor was working fine. But after the serving, the swing motor no longer worked. When contacted, they simply said it wa...

Beaver Log Cabins NI lTD / THE CABIN ref Annette Hunter

Beaverlog Cabin NI Ltd on 2016-02-06
this lady did not buy a log cabin form this company she get it for beaver log cabin Ireland and this company is now closed she has it all over the net with my name as well under the law of 1997 she can not use my name on any site face book and all other site has removed she is using your site just for this

Standard Pacific Homes - Florida / driveway construction of new home in Ponte Vedra, Florida

Reviewer22177 on 2016-02-05
After discovery (1 year and two months) subsequent to the construction of the new home's driveway that the "chalking" tracked into the home daily originated from the defective driveway poor by Standard Pacific, I contacted Standard Pacific in order to initiate the process to have the...

Bensons for Beds / The delivery of bedroom furniture by CONSORT furniture

Pat Leyden on 2016-02-05
I purchased a bedroom suite (3 door narrow chest white, 3 x 2 drawer white and 2 door wardrobe white). My complaint is with regard to Consort delivery service. My order number is A6508010 customer number LEY3052766. I received my furniture middle of June. The delivery men broke the back of...

Hammerhead Construction Services / General Contractor - Home Remodeling & Renovation

Reviewer57903 on 2016-02-04
Retained this company to renovate a residence. One assistant showed up the first day with a hammer, screwdriver and a trailer dumpster (that was smaller than most large SUV's )to do the demolition while the owner took off elsewhere. Owner and assistant promised to return within two...

Advanced Flooring Inc. / Shower tile

Reviewer20568 on 2016-02-02
Hired these fools to install shower tile in new build. For several months been attemping to resolve issue but they are just playing games !vapor barrier was not installed, Cement backboard was not installed correctly (spacing was too big), no waterproofing membrane was applied (red guard...

Duratech Foundation Repair Company / Foundation stabilization/piers installed

NCNinTX on 2016-02-01
Contracted with DuraTech to install piers under our home to stabilize minor settling. Contractor promised that engineer drawings would be furnished (for resale purposes), a lifetime warranty would be issued, an follow up inspection and necessary adjustments in 90 days and that shrubbery...

Maronda Homes / Cheaply made, goofy and unsafe.

Lorrie Bensky Smith on 2016-01-30
Eight years ago, we bought a nine year old Marondaa built home. It's just one goofier made house, and that's the Remington Mystery House! 1. You can reach the teeny-tiny garage room (the one coming into the house) TWO light switches if you stretch your arms...BUT, the large adjoining Dining Room...

Joseph Emmanuel Prada (Prado) / Home Remodeling contsruction

Reviewer13866 on 2016-01-26
Joseph Emmanuel Prada (Prado)Buyers and skilled tradesmen for tile and Paint be aware!! Joseph Emmanuel Prada (Prado) is a scammer using Criaglist to find unsuspecting homeowners or laborers. Please be on the look out for him. He drives a BMW convertible and have been arrested several times for construction related...

Lowes (Home Improvement) / Roof Instalation

Reviewer92305 on 2016-01-25
I have more of a concern than a complaint. I am not complaining about Lowes personnel. I am concern about the contractor that Lowes hired to install my roof. My roof was considered as completed by roofer in Nov. 18. 2015, todays date is Jan. 25, 2016. I refused to sign a form stated that...

DR Horton / After contract signed on home builder unilaterally changed baseboard & door trim

Reviewer49967 on 2016-01-25
On Oct 26, 2015 I placed $1000 earnest money down to purchase a house to be built at 9936 Volterra Ave, Daphne, AL 36526. On Dec 8, 2015 I formally agreed to purchase the house listed above. My wife and I selected all the options and every thing was good. During this selection we were...

Aspect.co.uk / Plumbing

Reviewer98186 on 2016-01-23
Aspect failed to fix my drain pump. It broke again 5 minutes after the plumber left. I asked for the plumber to come back and repair. We were told we would have to pay if the cause was a new problem and not the same as before. The plumber arrived and didn't know why it wasn't working. He...

Lionel Boucher / Plombier Voleur! Lionel Boucher Plumber Riffoff - Montreal, Laval

Reviewer88046 on 2016-01-22
Ne pas appeler Lionel Boucher pour tout travaux de plomberie à Montréal, Laval et Rive-Sud! Son travail est très sale, il charge très coûteux, son travail est mal fait, je devais le rappeler trois fois pour fixer le même problème et il m'a chargé à chaque fois. Je étai...

Direct Connect Field Services / Field inspections

Thetruth01 on 2016-01-22
Skip and pam douglas are crooks! They will lie, steal cheat you out of money after work has already been completed any contractors beware!

Maguire Hughes Carpenter / They take your money and don't do the work

Reviewer18394 on 2016-01-21
These guys stopped by (I didn't call them, they just drove by I guess) and knocked on the door. They pointed out that my downspouts were not lined up correctly (which was true) and that the water was washing out my plant beds. They offered to re-align them and promised to go to the store...

Magic Window / Violation of township ordinance

howardisham on 2016-01-19
I am the president of the board of Timbermill Condos in Washington Twp. Representatives of Majic Windows have been repeatedly soliciting door to door in the Timbermill. They have been requested to leave on other occasions. I have personally been in contact with the township offices and at...

Gastonia Landscaping / Took money did not deliver service Breach of contract

Scammedbyscott on 2016-01-19
Hired Gastonia Landscaping beginning of April, Scott (William) Pruitt took a large deposit, told us project would be done by Memorial Day, and then he disappeared, late May ( after several phone calls, we even told him at this point he could return our money and we would move on) he came...

Saltcreek LANDSCAPING & Snow Removal / Saltcreek landscaping

Reviewer10040 on 2016-01-18
This company used to work for us until they smashed into 3 cars in our lot during the 2011 winter. After paying over $30, 000 for new trees and landscaping around our building 17 of the 20 trees planted died and withered to dust. When confronted about the situation they basically told u...

The Kiesel Company / Extensive delays in contract work. Breach of contract.

Reviewer11063 on 2016-01-18
Ater weeks of delays, we finally entered into a contract with this company to have a fuel tank removed from our back yard. The contract called for the work to be done no later than mid-October and both parties agreed. Company did not do the work until mid-December, two months after...
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