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Morton Buildings, Inc. - Unsatisfied Consumers

Posted: 2015-08-29 by    Jeff @ mexico
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I worked for Morton Buildings for 25 years. I was fired 4 years ago. I can still say, they were and still are the most customer satifactory generated company out there. They care about giving every single customer their full moneys worth and then some. As far as the guy talking trash about overage...

Reliance Home Comfort - Water Heater Charge

Posted: 2015-08-26 by    Reviewer98215
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I had terrible issues with Reliance causing a basement flood costing me $6000 out of pocket for damage. I had a new water heater put in by National Home services. Had them for 5 years no complaints. Reliance bought them out, never received any notice so I returned the water heater and had bought...

New World Home Remodeling - GARY MELCHIORRE Con Man Home Remodeling Business

Posted: 2015-08-26 by    VICTIM COMPALINT
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Please see new update for Bad Contractor Gary Melchiorre in Texas. Again he has a new company name!
Gary Melchiorre continues to change his business name again to try and run from his bad reputation. Check out his criminal back...

Kris Myers - Fake landscaper/contractor

Posted: 2015-08-25 by    Kuhlster
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If you should run across a "landscaper" named Kris Myers 412-605-2707, RUN!

I contracted with him to reseed some patchy areas in my lawn and months later my lawn is balder than Michael Jordan. He was good about the first two visits, as he was anticipating more work from me.

Dirtcheaprc.com - Contractor ran with the money

Posted: 2015-08-23 by    Reviewer14318
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Dirtcheaprc.comNeeded some concrete work so I hired this company. They gave me a decent estimate and said they could 'knock it out' in a few days. Mr. Cassis came out with a contract. Paid a 1/3 upon signing. Then he laid down some 2x4's across the grass and piddled around for few hours. Said...

David Weekley Homes - A Company Who Doesn't Care

Posted: 2015-08-22 by    Reviewer16881
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I recently had a spec home built through David Weekley Homes in 2015 in Austin, Texas. There were many issues with the home, the build process, and the DW representatives we worked with. I will point out 3 major ones that had I known then what I know now I would have never gone with DW.

Ricky Nagel Fencing - Fence Construction Replacement Rip Off!

Posted: 2015-08-22 by    Karen Richards
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I would definitely NOT recommend Ricky Nagel Coastal Fencing, not to my family or friends. We had him replace an existing boundary fence recently, he quoted for the length of the fence then built the fence much shorter than quoted, didn’t put in an end post and left the rails exposed (the...

Green Umbrella - Stole my deposit

Posted: 2015-08-21 by    Reviewer15753
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I had a young woman come into my business telling me about Led lighting upgrade, she told me I can save money bla bla bla. I know Led lighting is efficient and can save me money in the long term and in this day and age who wouldn't want to spend less money on bills?
so I decided...

Bath Fitter - Wrong information

Posted: 2015-08-19 by    Reviewer27184
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I was told by Bath Fitters when I called to set up the appointment that they would do everything except the floor in my bathroom. When the Rep came out, he informed me that all they do is the tub/shower conversion to their method, and that is it. I wanted that, plus ceilings and walls done over....

Black Bear Sealcoat - Horrible job! Customer service even worse!

Posted: 2015-08-19 by    black terrible bear
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Sprayed a coat on my driveway- very uneven, puddles for days- stayed off the driveway for 4 days- repeatedly called. Finally they said to give it 30 days- now 90 days- won't return calls- over a month ago 2 men from black bear came out to look at it and said it needed to be redone- it was...

Shmokh Al Hamria Trading And contracting llc - subjective rejection

Posted: 2015-08-18 by    Ravindrankp
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Dear Sir,

We were part of petron on the ORPIC sohar works we were a painting contractor to carry out blasting and painting works for spools on the current job, we are being kicked out with out a email or a letter by petrofac for the following reasons.

1. our working...

Lowe's Home Improvement - Won't Install Our A/C Units

Posted: 2015-08-17 by    Reviewer18942
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July 30th we purchased 3 window a/c units for side opening windows & paid for the installation.

5 times we have been told our units would be installed: Aug 3, 5, 7, 10, 14. Every time the installer was a no show/no call.

Aug 8 the installer showed but did not have...

radhasoamiaircon - SOMEON CHANGE MY YAHOO EMAIL ID radhasoamiaircon@yahoo.com

Posted: 2015-08-14 by    Reviewer69202
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My account has been hacked, I cannot access my Yahoo personal or business email. It has almost been 4to 5 and when I go through the promts online to reset I can't because my account was hacked and they changed information. I cannot work and this is how I make a living. Yahoo should consider...

Ace Industrial Supplys - Bait and switch

Posted: 2015-08-14 by    Reviewer14745
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A salesman named Lamar called and said he had sent the wrong blades to a customer, and if I could help them out. I told him that I wasn't interested, but after begging me and saying how great the blades were he said, just try the blades for a year and if I wasn't satisfied they would...

Kect construction - Stole our money

Posted: 2015-08-12 by    wbott
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Donald Swartz order a product through his contractor John Penny. When it arrived he make the trucking firm wait two days to unload and than ripped us off for $9, 000. If you deal with Donald Swartz be very careful or you will be his next one he rips off. After speaking to him on the phone this...

Synergy Contracting Group - Money and unfinished work

Posted: 2015-08-12 by    dtarolla
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 1 votes
Synergy Contracting Group refuses to pay me the $638.07 owed to me and 2 other guy's from a job that was done on 12/18/14. The owners Jeffrey Vogt and Cody Douglas Vogt, told me that they refuse to pay me what's owed from a job that we've done 7 month's ago. Cody Vogt told...

Phoenix Construction Services - Fraud

Posted: 2015-08-11 by    Tomstrucks
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The owner gives false names, uses fake bids to drasticly lower real bids to get government contracts and skips with the money . He advertises he is a LLC but not registered with the state. His address is a apartment complex but not the actual apartment so you cant find him. He owes $187000.00...

Cleary Building Corp - No timeline and nonexistent customer service

Posted: 2015-08-05 by    KennethMartin80470
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Do not use Cleary Building Corp for your building! They are a terrible builder! I will NEVER use them again. Cleary put the "sham" in shamrock.

The following is a condensed list of problems I have had with Cleary:

Cleary Took about 1 year to complete my project...

Hang Em High Gutters Inc. - Gutter hanging off house . Installed incorrect

Posted: 2015-08-05 by    paddlefan
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Had gutters installed less then a year ago and the gutter is hanging off the house. The gutter is too long for the amount of roof area....

E & K of Denver - Asked for training (as advised by my Supervisor) and than was let go

Posted: 2015-08-03 by    Orchid41
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I was hired as an assistant in a position that I had no experience in. For the first two weeks my supervisor was too busy to train me, so I either trained with other departments and read a very short training manual about the responsibilities for my position. I was also thrown into posting payroll...

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