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Grand Canyon University / Service

Rachel Hargrave on Jan 14, 2017
Grand Canyon UniversityI have a professor by the name of Dr. Homburg and she is proclaiming I plagiarised a paper and DQS. I sited all and my paper came back 8% and she says it is 100% . She also said she emailed me and I checked all emails and nothing. After reading other post on here seems to be an ongoing...

Essaycorp.com / Fraud by essaycorp.com needassignmenthelp amicicorp.com all are same and doing fraud with students

Rehaaz Kapoor on Jan 10, 2017
Doing fraud and made a gang dwarka mod metro station, delhi. Mansi mane mittal from (Hyderabad) 011-655 444 08 Rajat mittal from (Madhya pradesh) 011-655 444 08 Ashwani kanojiya from (Dehradun) 9958812725 Najish from (Delhi) 9716475363 Vikas avnish from (Bihar) 8802694992 Neetu dhawaria...

Unisa / Admin/applications

lee31 on Jan 9, 2017
I am a first time applicant at unisa. I applied for admission for Bsc Hons in computer science in September. I still have not yet received the status of my application. I sent numerous emails and phoned many numbers but could not get through to anyone. After my final attempt being a failed...

University of South Africa [UNISA] / Examination results

Dricus Raath on Jan 7, 2017
Good afternoon, I am really disappointed with the standard of service I have been receiving from UNISA. There was an amount of R1 520.00 outstanding on my study fees. I made the payment of the outstanding amount on the 4th of January 2017 and expected that I would receive my exam...

Ektakkalra.com / Academic writing company from India

Allyson2016 on Jan 6, 2017
I passed but i didn't pay such a high price for anything less than a distinction. Hopeless company she says we don't refund. This proves the disability of this company. Just another hopeless company. They don't have time to include their rate or charges on their website. It i...

U.S Career Institute / Medical coding and billing specialist

Cassandra Carney on Jan 6, 2017
Do not take the course through us career institute!!! You will not be ready for the cpc test. I finished the course. Most of the course was learning the icd 9 coding, which changed to icd 10 8 months after I started the course. I asked about the change and was told that idc 10 was not that...

UCSI University / Student name

Student 34345 on Jan 4, 2017
Dear UCSI, I'm so disappointed on the way you decide on your student name for the student card. I have a Christian name on my IC and after 'your discussion', you just decide on removing the Christian name and just go on with my Chinese name. I understand that you have lack of space since...

Penn Foster / Grading and follow up

bwilli on Jan 3, 2017
I you are an independent learner than the program is for you. Problem is most brick and mortar colleges will not take your classes and transfer the credits. Another thing is there are loop holes you have to jump through in order to complete a single semester. To be specific I completed an...

Strayer University / Payment plan

BC4 on Jan 3, 2017
I am not allowed to take classes until I pay upfront. I told them I can make two payment first on the 7th of this month and 2nd on the 22nd of this month. But Strayer finance team is saying no, you have to pay upfront. This quarter is not my last quarter. I still have three more quarter...

University of Phoenix / Financial aid

VA Pianoman on Dec 30, 2016
I have been fighting with the university of phoenix for almost 3 months now. i attended for one week and withdrew before the 2nd week began. they are truly out to get money!!! the are a "for-profit" business and $'s are their bottom line. they lied on my fafsa when they made a "correction"...

Skyler Curry lives in Thousand Oaks, CA / Stop bullying me skyler curry!! I hate you!

sarahfreeman12 on Dec 26, 2016
Skyler Curry lives in Thousand Oaks, CAI was bullied pretty badly in University. Skyler Curry of Chaminade University would try to make me feel inferior in every way she knew how. For example, she would throw stuff at me constantly, flick me in the head, punch me, call me ugly and stupid, mock me and of course – tell me she would...

Skyler Curry lives in Thousand Oaks, CA. Attends college at Chaminade University of Honolulu, HI / Skyler Curry is the worst roommate!

lindamichael1 on Dec 24, 2016
Skyler Curry lives in Thousand Oaks, CA. Attends college at Chaminade University of Honolulu, HII lived in a house with the with Skyler Curry who attends college at Chaminade University of Honolulu, who owned it, my sister and another friend. Skyler the owner didn't have a job and asked us all to move in to help pay bills so her parents (that bought her the house) wouldn't...

www.dissertationdesire.com / Academic writing services from India

Ibrahim1980 on Dec 21, 2016
I got my three essays written from them in 3 to 4 months They worked hard for it I think but I didn't get any distinction. They have a problem with English language usage and application. I think the company would have done better with proper English knowledge. Poor language usage is reflected...

Ekta K. Kalra Writing Company / Academic writing help from India

Pinky1994 on Dec 21, 2016
I got my two essays written from her company. The English language was with grammatical mistakes. It was not a cheap source of getting the work done. She changed her charges for the papers on accounts for which she said that we need to pay higher amount to the writer. Why should I be...

Indian Dissertation Writers / Essay writing services from India

Priyanka1995 on Dec 21, 2016
I got my 4 essays with 24 hours deadline for each one done by them. They delivered on time. But I am not satisfied with their charges for urgent tasks. I think you should not charge more just because the student needs it urgently. A student doesn't earn any money and this the company...

Ekta K. Kalra Writing Company / Academic writing services in India

Harry1980 on Dec 20, 2016
Ekta got in total 7 essays written for my mba by her writing company. I got less than a distinction in all. She said, "i assure you we are working for a distinction". It would be definitely better this time. And every time she said that. She can write very convincing emails but the work...

Capella University / Financial aid

Carla1971 on Dec 20, 2016
After serving in the Marine Corps, I decided I wanted to help others and received my master's degree in Human Services. My goal was to receive my doctorate and start a nonprofit organization. The school that I received my bachelor's and master's degrees did not offer a doctorate in Human...

Blane Curry of Risk strategies / Is a pervert!

samantharichard1 on Dec 20, 2016
Blane Curry of Risk strategiesBlane Curry is the cheapest guy I have ever met in my life. I don't know how to start and write this about what I have been through in all these years just because of him. I was a young college Graduate student who has just completed her studies and was looking forward to working with...

Chaminade University of Honolulu, HI / Beware of skylar curry she has the dirtiest mouth!!

amandabrown123 on Dec 18, 2016
Chaminade University of Honolulu, HII attended chaminade university of honolulu with skylar curry who lives in thousand oaks, ca. Wwe both attended the same program at college. I always knew that she was a racist till the time I experienced it from her. I am from mexico and skylar along with her two other girl friends tried...

University of South Africa [UNISA] / Finance department just stole the money I was in credit with: 6800

SammyPikus on Dec 18, 2016
In the beginning of 2016, my company paid my tuition fees twice by accident. I have proof of this. They then decided to leave the money in credit in lieu of 2017's fees. The credit has been sitting there the whole year. Then in October Muzi Mamba sent me an e-mail to send proof of thi...
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