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ABSA Bank / Cheque account closure

Hannes1168342 on Jan 15, 2017
22/01/2016 Acc nr 620 750 174 Account was supposed to have been closed by Jacques May Now everytime we get calls to say the account is in arrears We kept sending emails and even visited the bank. Until today they not yet resolved the issue. Please advise why this account has not been...

RHB Bank Berhad / Online banking and debit card services

Xerlente on Jan 15, 2017
Firstly its about the dreadful debit card services, I have had 3 failed attempts on a payment of rm 326. Resulted my friend had to pay with her public bank debit card on my behalf, and it cost us less than 5 mins to get it done. Finally after 10 minutes I received the otp code (To...

Maybank Taman Perling JB / Service

Dear Maybank, To whom it may concern. I am actually quiet shocked at the level of mentality coming from bank staff's.. Working in a bank with a good education background and somewhat high profession, u just don't except or expect this kind of behaviour... Your staff at Maybank Taman...

First National Bank [FNB] In Minnesota / Payment for the cost of opening an non-resident online bank account

Fau Tahud on Jan 14, 2017
First National Bank [FNB] In MinnesotaFirst National Bank 2457 Broadway Avenue, Slayton, MN 56172, United States of America. Staff Direct Phone: +1-507-858-8508. Dear FAUSTO H. TAHUD JR, Since you opted to open a non-resident online bank account with us to enable us remit the amount standing in the credit balance of the...

Capital One Services, Inc. / Credit card

davcer92 on Jan 14, 2017
Capital one protects counterfeiters, not their cardholders. What's in your wallet ? I had game of thrones dvds seasons 1&2. I ordered seasons 1-6 from ebay as I couldn't order just 3-6. The dvds would not play. They got to the warning screen and the disclaimer and froze up. Or they were...

Private individual / New account

Zaheera Walker on Jan 14, 2017
On 13th December I took all necessary documents to open an account for my minor son at ABSA Braamfontein. I spent nearly 2 hours at the branch and Mr H Masala assisted me with the process. He told me the account was finalised etc. and I could go to any branch to collect it. Please note my...

Money Network / Canceling my card/checks

pissedofflady2017 on Jan 14, 2017
I had a fraudulent charge on my account, which ended in me of course having to cancel my card. I have since gotten paid twice... I haven't received my replacement card. I don't have any of the checks, so basically I'm out of luck. Their 7 -10 days seems to be infinite. They suggested I ask...

Anthony Dejacques Barrister / Legal

Karl Reszt on Jan 14, 2017
Anthony Dejacques BarristerMr Dejacques along with Karl Sebers Barclays Seychelles did conspire to develop fraud me of 3 million euros via POS offline transfer conducted inside Mr Dejacques chambers in Victoria Seychelles December 2016. Mr Dejacques knowing mislead me and stated his Barclays Bank client Account...

Huntington Bank / Bad customer service

renae hopkins on Jan 13, 2017
I called customer service to inquire about my account. There were some concerns on my account. At first I was speaking with an agent until I asked to speak to a supervisor then she said they were busy and I could only speak with him. So I said thank you have a nice day. I then hung up and...

PNC / No more walk up service

Barbara Taylor on Jan 13, 2017
I have a complaint about the new banking process at the 1919 Pennsylvania Ave. NW Branch. I don't know why you all decide not to have at least 1 Teller at the window for quick service like simple a withdrawl and/or deposit. Most folks here at the George Washington University uses thi...

Homechoice / Service

Tha Bee on Jan 13, 2017
My agreement clearly states that payment date is on the 1st of each and everymonth. Home choice decides to go and debit my account on the 20th and on the 23rd of december. The bank charged me r300 for the debits. Can l kindly have my admin fee back will attach statement that shows that absa...

ABSA Bank / Bond

Monika77h on Jan 12, 2017
ABSA BankI am so hopeless. I have been with my payments in arrears which has caused my divorce and financial difficulty the few months I came to bank few time tried to talk to them I was decline every time, not surprised. I tried to even pay as we agreed with the lady from call center but she or...

BB&T Bank / Unethical behavior

Cheryl Dorsey on Jan 12, 2017
We have been working overseas and our pay has been deposited into a foreign account, therefore our business account went into a dormant status without notifying us. Since we assumed we still had access to our money, this December we transferred 13K from our other BBT account to thi...

Academy Bank / Online Banking Option A Joke

jaybee.digital on Jan 13, 2017
I have used Academy Bank for the past 5 years and am closing my account this weekend. Your team has arbitrarily removed my account access at any given time multiple times over the last 5 years with zero warning. This happened once again this morning, when I had a minor emergency and needed...

The National Commercial Bank / My cash was not deposited

Imran khan 407 on Jan 12, 2017
I hava deposited a sum of 7000 sar in ncb quick pay atm it took the amount in the cash box and was showing processing and later displayed a the message unable to process and atm card came out but cash did not came out. And after checking my balance it was showing nothing. My 7000 sar wa...

State Bank of India [SBI] / Payment not received

8a8a on Jan 11, 2017
Sir, on dated 27/12/2016 sbi bank branch bhudkalan (ynr) haryana 135106.Debit my a/c rs. 15000/- without any previous massage for me . I have gave an application against bank manager to mr. Sharma on dated 29/12/2016. They told me please wait for 10 days for refund amount. I send thi...

Money Network / My account

lace963 on Jan 11, 2017
Money NetworkMy job deposited money in to my account. i know exactly how they deposited. I saw that the bank took out $2.02 from my account. I called customer service what happened to the $2.02 im missing. The lady told me before the deposit was made my bank account was at -$2.02. When i go online it...

First Gulf Bank [FGB] / Re: fgb credit card no : 5236 4500 0655 5017

Vinparm on Jan 11, 2017
Dear Sir, This is related to my complaint with regard to insurance provided without my consent. Though I have highlighted my concern in writing to the bank, I have still not been responded by you or by your concerned department in clarifying and closing this issue. I least expected thi...

HDFC Bank / Debit card wrong pin entry

ha1 on Jan 11, 2017
I was trying use to Hdfc debit card in ATM machine and I typed the wrong pin code .And also typed the wrong pin in swiping machine, this happened more than thrice and hence my debit card seems to be blocked because I entered the wrong pin . I remember my correct pin code now as I checked the...

Bank of America / Online external transfer - no fee charge, false information by cc

dhanashree1 on Jan 11, 2017
Hi I am a new account holder in BOA, I wanted to transfer money from my BOA account to my wells fargo account. before transferring I just wanted to confirm there will be no fee charge for online transfer. on 01/09/2017 I called BOA customer care number and ask them how tomake transfer and...
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