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Southeast Toyota Finance / Customer Service

superkel on 2016-05-24
I purchased my vehicle in November 2015. I set up auto payments. It did not withdraw the December payment, and SETF called me to let me know my December payment was late, on January 9 2016. I explained that the withdraw was submitted. They said they have no record of it. So, I paid the...

Geico / Car Insurance

Amber Marie on 2016-05-20
This is a lengthy, but yet huge issue and awful customer service on Geico's part! In November 2016 my fiance noticed his car insurance seemed to be higher than normal and called on it. Mind you nothing has changed, he is the only driver. When he called he was told "back in May 2015 you...

Nissan / Total Loss Payoff

Jessica Sennett on 2016-05-20
In February 2015 my Nissan Titan 2014 was totaled in a motor vehicle accident by the fault of another driver. I went all the proper routes of filing a claim with my insurance company and the insurance paid off the vehicle from the market analysis report. I cancelled my extended warranty a...

Fine Line Auto Body / Unprofessional staff and management

Ruslan10 on 2016-05-19
Fine Line Auto Body is a body shop, and we are here to work with and for people. We work with many different insurance companies, but Erie is one of the most unprofessional. People who work for Erie are very rude, they do not return phone calls. It is almost as they do not care anybody...

First Acceptance Insurance / Unwanted solicitation

Steve Kraemer on 2016-05-15
First Acceptance Insurance had stupidly high premiums on new cars, when I did research on insurance premiums. This company had the fkg NERVE to call me on Sunday at 11:30am, to solicit their insurance. I suggest everyone stay away from this company. Period.

Liberty Mutual / Automobile Insurance

Randy389 on 2016-05-13
My car was stuck by one insured by Liberty Mutual while parking at work. The other driver was high on drugs and left the scene. Lucky for me he was caught and arrested. My insurance company encouraged me to work directly with Liberty Mutual, big mistake on my part! After talking with them...

Freeway Insurance / Discriminating against my learning disorder

Nichole Gilbert on 2016-05-13
Hello my name is nichole gilbert and I tried to file a report with the Better Business Bureau, but it just wasn't allowing me and I've done several reviews about this company and I haven't gotten any phone calls, emails or any contact from the company and I'm trying to figure out how to go...

Geico / Their policy

Chinaski on 2016-05-13
I was hit (rammed) by a Geico insured drive and I believe that she and her mother are Geico employees. The driver did not brake or swerve. I was turning into a busy intersection at 5:00 p.m. and she ran the red light and hit my car knocking it 180% onto the curb and deploying my side and...

Geico / Claims

jaybrando on 2016-05-10
On April 19, 2016 My vehicle was vandalized in the middle of the night my fiancé noticed the damage the next morning and immediately contacted the state police in return I followed up by contacting Geico and submitting a claim to get the repairs done the following day we had a claims adjuster...

The Hartford / AARP / Hartford car insurance aarp bait & switch - beware-unethical

Anne Stevenson on 2016-05-08
Received by mail material that as an AARP member I could phone the Hartford Ins. Co and receive a discount on my car insurance. I switched to Hartford Ins. Co, 1 Griffin Rd. N. Windsor, Ct for my 2007 PT Cruiser and I also added a home owner policy that gave me an additional discount...

Geico General Insurance Company / Cancellation of Auto Insurance Policy # 4171-94-79-57

udo warmhold on 2016-05-06
Ref. Policy # 4171-94-79-57 Quogue, May 6th 2016 Dear Shaheen, Your silence does not solve our enormous hard ship, you (Geico) created!! For your information, we left the US on Sep. 30th 2015 to Europe and returned April 30th 2016 to the US. During this time, all our vehicles were garaged;...

Nationwide Insurance / Such unprofessional service

Meiyin Qin on 2016-05-04
Because of the agent's fault, I didn't get the quota as they promised. I got my bill increase $400 per year. They said I was missing some documentations they need and I got the bill later. I was trying to reach to the agent hardly to let him help me to take a look at the issue. I...

State Farm / Insurance with State Farm

Lyvon Morris on 2014-09-23
My brother had a stroke 8-3-2014, while he was in the hospital his truck insurance came due.He told me to go and cancel the insurance because he could not drive any more.I went to State Farm insurance office in Dublin Georgia to drop the policy.I was told i could not drop the policy...

AD Plumbing / Van insurance

i have been with my insurance company for 17 years never made a claim ? So my insurance is due for renewal so I go to the go compare website and chose not the cheapest company which was BE WISER so I fill out all my details stating I only have one years no claims bonus reason being the...

State Farm / Didn't do a good job with my son's claim

Ayesha W on 2016-04-30
State Farm didn't do a good job with my son's claim. He was in an accident on 2/14/2016. They took 2 and a half months close to 3 months to try to finalize it. What they did was SET ME UP! They said it didn't look like my son was at fault for the accident. And they wanted to...

State Farm / Claims department refuses to reopen claim from defective/faulty item replaced

leighgalo on 2016-04-27
December of 2015 My Nissan Murano car needed a transfer case replacement after a accident. To cut the story short, the claims department of State farm approved the claim. very unfamiliar with the process they said we can choose any shop to bring the car. We choose the Nissan Dealer because...

State Farm / Auto Insurance

lisasmith68 on 2016-04-25
State Farm Agent Amanda Blackburn in Leo, Indiana was instructed to lower my collision deducible. Instead, she lowered my comprehensive deductible. When a claim on my vehicle arose later, State Farm refused to honor the lower deductible even though there is a clear digital trail showing...

Direct Genera Insurance of Tn / Car Insurance

Glenn Palmer on 2016-04-24
Got in a wreck over a month ago. I have been a direct customer for many years. Still have not seen a quote to repair vehicle, and after 30 days they tell me its a total loss. They nickel and dime you on the payoff and wont pay the actual value of the car. Done with, and reporting to TN...

OUTsurance / Complaints department

Kim Young shim on 2016-04-22
Below content is the email i sent to supervisor of outsurance compaints department. Because one part to fix my car delay i asked alternative order. i received phone call from outsurance if it is original part i can order it So i did. when i called panel beater they said they can not use...

Indiana Farm Bureau / Claims department over 2 yrs to get car fixed

Sondra Hill on 2016-04-19
My Husband has been with FB 24 yrs I turned in a claim they sent me to get an estimate at one of there recommend body shops the estimate was sent to FB no one contacted them back, I call before I take my car to the scheduled appt they say no parts have been ordered because the hadn't...
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