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State Farm / Claims department refuses to reopen claim from defective/faulty item replaced

leighgalo on 2016-04-27
December of 2015 My Nissan Murano car needed a transfer case replacement after a accident. To cut the story short, the claims department of State farm approved the claim. very unfamiliar with the process they said we can choose any shop to bring the car. We choose the Nissan Dealer because...

State Farm / Auto Insurance

lisasmith68 on 2016-04-25
State Farm Agent Amanda Blackburn in Leo, Indiana was instructed to lower my collision deducible. Instead, she lowered my comprehensive deductible. When a claim on my vehicle arose later, State Farm refused to honor the lower deductible even though there is a clear digital trail showing...

Direct Genera Insurance of Tn / Car Insurance

Glenn Palmer on 2016-04-24
Got in a wreck over a month ago. I have been a direct customer for many years. Still have not seen a quote to repair vehicle, and after 30 days they tell me its a total loss. They nickel and dime you on the payoff and wont pay the actual value of the car. Done with, and reporting to TN...

OUTsurance / Complaints department

Kim Young shim on 2016-04-22
Below content is the email i sent to supervisor of outsurance compaints department. Because one part to fix my car delay i asked alternative order. i received phone call from outsurance if it is original part i can order it So i did. when i called panel beater they said they can not use...

Indiana Farm Bureau / Claims department over 2 yrs to get car fixed

Sondra Hill on 2016-04-19
My Husband has been with FB 24 yrs I turned in a claim they sent me to get an estimate at one of there recommend body shops the estimate was sent to FB no one contacted them back, I call before I take my car to the scheduled appt they say no parts have been ordered because the hadn't...

Protective Asset Protection / GAP insurance

Heather Boller on 2016-04-17
We had a total loss GAP claim on Dec 25, 2015 and they shorted the amount by nearly $500 and they refuse to explain or give documentation HOW they came up with the numbers. first they tried to say we were 2 months behind which was not true, then they said its an 'internal document' here we...

Loancare Servicing Center Inc / Do not use all of these Private Money Lender here

Margret Buchan on 2016-04-17
Loancare Servicing Center IncDo not use all of these Private Money Lender here.They are located in Nigeria, Ghana, Turkey, France and Israel My name is Margret Buchan, I am from United State. Have you been looking for a loan?Do you need an urgent personal or business loan?contact Morris And Company Trust Fund Limited...

Geico / Insurance claim

Sabrina26 on 2016-04-13
I was involved in a accident with one of GEICO drivers The driver admitted to me and the police he was 100% at fault . the driver never called the accident in I did the night of geico never contacted me I contacted them today and they said they tried several times to contact him in haven't...

USAA / Auto insurance

Gregwakeel on 2016-04-13
Don't ever become a member or get in an accident with a member. My car was at a garage getting fixed and the day before I was to pick it up a usaa member hit another car and that car smashed into mine. First was the rudest person ever Eric carrol a real straight douche bag...

Progressive Insurance / Worthless Insurance - DO NOT BUY!!!

harry88keys on 2016-04-13
DO NOT BUY PROGRESSIVE INSURANCE for your RV, Boat, and possibly for any other vehicle. I had a full coverage “stated value” policy for over ten years. I paid extra (around $500 yearly) to cover the RV for a value of $19, 000. Then I had ONE claim this year due to a windstorm ripping off my...

XS Direct / Auto Insurance

Clay Platt on 2016-04-11
I bought a policy on January 20. Cancelled in April. Shockingly, XS charges a cancellation fee of 470 gbp. To me this is an unconscionable charge. They view it that even though I am selling my car, they can treat it as some kind of short term spot cover and recharge what they feel like. In...

Empower Insurance / Auto Insurance - NONexistent Customer Service

coasterfreek on 2016-04-11
Most WORTHLESS insurance company I have EVER dealt with! NO customer service of ANY kind! They may have cheap insurance, but if you are wanting an insurance company that is professional and has competent employees and actual customer service...GO SOMEPLACE ELSE!!! THIS IS NOT THAT KIND OF...

Ameriprise Auto Insurance / Auto Insurance

Rob1962 on 2016-04-10
I have been insured by Ameriprise since 2011. I recently submitted an insurance claim, as I was rear-ended by another vehicle. The other driver took responsibility. During the claim, it came to the adjuster's attention that I carry some tools for my work in my truck. Shortly after filing...

Fine Lines Auto Body / payment for repair on claim#92A939803B

RuslanJ on 2016-04-09
Claims representative Lexie Kroeger refuses to pay for repair that was made on this claim. The initial estimate was for 1985.83 and check for that was sent to a customer Shaine Harrison. While repairing the car additional damages were found and submitted in a total of $3308.85. The...

State Farm / Roadside Assistance

Evelyn Berrios on 2016-04-07
Fri 4/1 called road side assist. Waited over 5 hours for a tow truck to arrive. Paid $165 towing bill which I could submit for reimbursement. As of 4/7, I have been passed around like a hot potato. Apparently, there is no reimbursement recourse when I "chose" to go further than the nearest...

TechChoice, LLC/Enterprise Financial Group (EFG) / Automobile Warranty/ Service Contract

Jaguar2 on 2016-04-02
TechChoice, LLC/Enterprise Financial Group (EFG)I am requesting reimbursement in the amount of $3250 (plus $76 for rental) to which I paid to have the transmission replaced on the 2006 Hummer H2 on 20 January 2016. On 20 January 2016, while traveling to Jesup, GA, from Brunswick, GA, my Hummer started to stall and make grinding noise...

Van Huynh Auto insurance customer / auto insurance

vanhuynh on 2016-04-01
To Whom it may concern, On Mar 10 2016, I got a quote from Douglas Allan 4631 Whitman Lane SE, Suite E Lacey, WA, 98513-2201 (360) 486-0157 for auto insurance (below) I agreed and then paid $478.06 for a 6-month plan. I also dropped my then plan with Geico. The State Farm agent that...

Ally / Theft

Kelly Kilpatrick-Hardy on 2016-03-30
Purchased a Car from East Coast Auto on 7/31/2015 Gave the Salesman 3000.00 14 days Later I got a letter from Ally with a application number and told me my Loan was denied ...My Husband ...same application number mailed separate also a denial letter woke up either 12/4 to find no car when...

Geico / Auto accident claim

Amanda5569 on 2016-03-24
I've had Geico for multiple years. And have not had to file until recently. My vehicle was parked out front of my home and struck by a drunk driver. For a week I repeatedly called Geico so that I can start the process of having my car repaired or totaled out and reimbursed. I spoke with...

United Automobile Insurance Company (UAIC) / Claims & the level of service issues

Chynawhite on 2016-03-21
My car was involve in a hit and run accident ..I'm out $1300 rental cost which by the way my policy does not covers, car note $400 month which im still not using currently the auto body shop is holding my car hostage...United automobile by the way advise i owe $400 on top of my...
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