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Astrology Readers Complaints

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Kasamba / Psychic Services

Helen L. on 2016-06-04
KasambaFrom May 9th to May 29th, I have been in dispute with Kasamba. My member id/ client number is 3017194. The service providers are committing fraudulent activities and do not need to be paid for ripping people off. I am trying to not allow bad, fake activities to continue such as their...

Psychic Readings By Tina / Psychic / astrology scam

Salinas28 on 2016-04-25
My daughter was scam and taken a lot of thousand of dollar from a psychic in this setting. She is a college student and work two job . She is on her fist year of college and graduated been the president of the honor society on her school . Hard to say but also trust everyone. On a trip to...

Bethea Jenner / Abusive emails, consumer scan

Brenda Haroutunian on 2016-03-17
Although I've unsubscribed from Bethea, I continue to receive hurtful emails on a daily basis suggesting that my life is doomed in so many ways, that a black halo follows me everywhere I go. Every day, I receive something that plays on my vulnerabilities with scary predictions about a...

Rajat Nayar Astrologer / Astrology Predictions

Reviewer53562 on 2016-02-03
I have consulted with a so famous Bollywood Astrologer Rajat Nayar few months back.His reviews on his website are so good that despite his hefty consultation fees of Rs.24000/-, we decided to consult him..no doubt he speaks so impressively on T.V that everyone wants to consult him. But i...

Kasamba / Psychic, "Soul Mechanic"

frontporchtalker1 on 2016-01-03
I've been receiving great readings from Kasamba for years (and before that, LIVEPERSON), but the reader, "Soul Mechanic, " is a blatant example of fraud. She'd done a couple of readings for me already, so when she offered me a deal I trusted her. I paid her $70 in advance...

Goldengirl Psychic / Paid $24.00 for one year and another $39 to be in The Inner Circle

Sue Skierkowski on 2016-01-03
I was told by Goldengirl Psychic that on or near the 3rd of Jan. 2016, I would be faced with a Life Changing situation. Well, today (3rd of Jan. 2016) has come and is almost over and I have not once hear from this so-called psychic!! I am trying to request a full refund of $24 + $39 =...

Tara-medium.com / Product not to my stadards

abckls on 2015-12-20
In the first email it described to give all thee multiple services yet it turned out they keep asking for more money for those other services this is not a true product to be bought and should be banned from the internet marketing population. I am unsatisfied customer this CO. has a poor...

real Astrologer / Anj

Anjali75 on 2015-12-12
main bhi apne kaam se kafi presan thi ..mujhse se sabhi ne paise liye or kise ne bhi kaam nhi kiya koi bolta h 3 dino me kaam ho jayega koi bolta h 24 ghnato me ho jayega.lekin kisi bhi kamine ne mera kaam nhi kiya sab paise ke bhukhe h... lekin fir bhi maine aapni manjil nhi chodi.ek din...

Aasha Pyschic Spiritualist / Payment Made but Services not Received

Reviewer79963 on 2015-12-01
I received forecasting / predictions mail from aasha saying about the future. I was adviced to process voucher of rs. 699. 00 for a booklet giving details . After sometime i received mail to process another voucher, and even asking again to pay for the same. They says if not satisfied...

Aasha Pyschic Spiritualist / Asked for a refund and heard nothing back

Reviewer69529 on 2015-11-28
I received email after email from Aasha in August and September informing me how she would help me turn my life around improve my self confidence even how to help me increase my wealth and health for a small fee £39.00. Eventually she convinced me to believe she was a true and trustworthy lady...

Tara-medium.com / Payed my fee nothing in return

Mandy Scott on 2015-11-23
Its disgusting how people can get away with this i paid my money for my reading and lucky numbers, in return i received an email stating she wanted $14.95 to give me more info. Its so bad that people like her can play with people feelings and emotions, i didn't expect to be a...

Betheasignmyhealthwealthandhappiness.com / Unsolicited emails

Reviewer71302 on 2015-11-04
This Bethea site keeps emailing me. I have tried unsuccessfully MANY times to" opt out click here" but it does not work. I have also tried to connect to the website which "cannot be found." I have pasted the opt out message here since I am unable to upload or drop below. If...

Drtifa.com / Fake spiritual healer

Reviewer49985 on 2015-10-15
Hi all    Be carecareful with man called dr tifa.tifa . his website is drtifa.com and his number is +27632671210. When I went with my problem he asked me for photo and then he contact me and said me that it can be solved and will cost me 450 USD. couple of days after sending money when I asked...

Kuan Enterprises / Spiritual Services

Nikkisixx on 2015-09-20
Sixto Novaton claims to be a Babalawo from Jacksonville Florida. He travels to you to help resolve spiritual problems you may have or perform spiritual house cleansings. I paid for this fraud to fly to my home and pay for his hotel stay and drive and pick him up from the airport and hotel...

Aasha Pyschic and spiritualist / She is not real ? Scam

Reviewer91938 on 2015-09-18
I have ordered a prediction from her but it was computer generated that you can get free of cost online. If you click her link everytime computer generate a new prediction. I have requested refund . I paid £39. Please be careful before sending any money . She goes to hospital everyday and get her life back. She makes story like this . Be aware.

Numerology.com / Unable to open it.

Andrea Tucker on 2015-09-13
Paid for a reading on Sept 11. Have been unable to open it. Message multiple times said something about being unable to read the file source. Just wanting to determine a way to open it. It informed me for assistance to use a couple of sites but neither worked. When I went on...

mysticalforums.freeforums.net -another scam site / SCAMMER HOPE Trying to get addresses to LIE about others on SPSVIEWFORUM.COM

Reviewer35753 on 2015-09-04
Hope of SPS Reviews Forum is at it again. In her shill promoting of just YAYA Maria she has opened up another forum to try to obtain addresses to slam others on her trash and bash forum. There is a clear picture of her on The thread below. Tired of the way this scammer talks about not just...

Pallavi Chhelavda / Pallavi Chhelavda is a Fraud

Dharmasatya on 2015-08-07
I had called Pallavi Chhelavda sometime last year because I was going through some personal problems. Nothing was working in our favour. We were both having problems with our jobs, daily fights between us, kids are not keeping well. My family said they know that our birth charts say...

Natalia Lapina / Sonia Bustillo Patti /Angela Lopresti / Psychic Scam

Jonathan asap on 2015-07-11
Natalia Lapina / Sonia Bustillo Patti /Angela LoprestiRosita Sajn, Sonia Patti Bustillo and Angela Lopresti are part of a Coven orginization here in Montréal they claim to be the most power full witches in Montréal and can put Evil Spells on People for a Price.. these people are evil and dangerous they stalk you for money.

true guruji / true guruji

nandita saini on 2015-05-21
hello guyzz m soo glad dat i hve found true guru ji i have wasted many more money nd also time .but all are not same becoz guyzzz aaj mein prouidly se kethi hu jinhone mer kaam nhi krke dikhaya vo guru ji ne karke dikhaya. dts y i m very glad thankyou oo much guru ji ur rate i very...
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