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Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Pennsylvania | Page 2

Xfinity / Nightmare!

Gong333 on 2016-02-03
I got a special offer from Xfinity for Internet and tv with free installation only for $70. I was so excited about that and immediately accepted the offer. They promised to call back but they never did. So I called them myself and spoke to their representative. The rep apologised for not...

Rite Aid / Customer Service at Pharmacy

LacyJo22 on 2016-02-02
This happened on January 30, 2016 at the Rite Aide on Queen Street in Chambersburg, PA. My boyfriend, myself, and our 2 children (ages 10 and 9) went to get his prescription for methadone filled. The Pharmacist, Nitial(?) was from the very beginning rude and out of control. She told my...

Penn Credit Corporation / Debt Collection

Kellyann Lynch on 2016-02-02
Not professional, unkind - all over a $25 bill I owed the hospital that was an incorrect charge. I had 6 surgeries in 7 months. I had breast cancer. I have multiple sclerosis. I asked to speak with a manager to explain that this charge should have been waived because I was told there would...

BB&T Bank / Money card

Reviewer27104 on 2016-01-30
I got approved for a prepaid money account. I had 80.00 in cash that I deposited. I looked online and it was available right away. However I went to withdraw 20.00 from their ATM and it stated were have difficulties I cant even go to Walmart and use the card for groceries because its all...

Ziegler Chiropractic / Chiropractic

John Blum on 2016-01-30
I was a patient under my insurance Atena and had a workers comp claim. Both times, Dean Kevin Ziegler charged my insurance for procedures he didn't do. I had a specialist that wanted me to get rehab. This character would not give me the rehab I needed and my recovery time was only...

McCreesh Tree Removal Warminster PA / Tree Removal Service

Reviewer14994 on 2016-01-29
McCreesh Tree Removal Service in Warminster PA is One Of The Worst Tree Services Around. Buyers Beware. They destroy property. Their workers are rude and they leave a humongous mess. Mccreesh Tree Warminster PA is undoubtedly the lousiest tree service around. If you want your property...

Penn Foster / Russell Day

Reviewer35503 on 2016-01-29
I agree with the other poster that Chairman Russell Day will send emails out threatening to lead to disciplinary action. In their student handbook they state: "Never misrepresent the school or its staff in any online social communities." And if you do so that's grounds for "disciplinary actions." If...

Lowes / 10% promotional coupon

Reviewer81192 on 2016-01-28
I took over 300 dollars worth of paint supplies to the checkout and when tried to use my 10 percent off coupon, the cashier said it scanned expired while it clearly had a date that it was still good. She said this is the second time today that this happened and needed a manager . The...

Ruby Tuesday / Waitress

Reviewer51708 on 2016-01-28
Today I was dinning at Ruby Tuesday, on Montage Mountain. While dinning there a waitress in a dark purple shirt, long dark hair, older woman, very petite, sat at a booth next to us clipping her finger nails. This womam should not be allowed to work in a restaurant. Because of thi...

PMC Property group / Lack - Missing Customer Service

Cas Sam on 2016-01-28
PMC Property Group only gets 1 start due to the totally and completely subzero lack of not only Customer Service but general knowledge, caring and manners. The entire team from Jim to Tricia to Marion to the corporate office clearly do not know how to return a phone call. First issue wa...
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