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SupremePsychics - Fraudulent and Inaccurate/Fake Psychics

Posted: 2015-08-03   Dancer9999
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SupremePsychics is really a bad website and was established in April 2013. The psychics on there are fake and are just here for the money. They do not care for the clients and will make stuff up. The site also goes by a different name called ConsultPsychics.co.uk for those living in the United...

Fina Construction Group Inc - They left mess and the job hasn’t been finished

Posted: 2015-08-03   Guest21479
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WE hired the company Fina Construction Group Inc. They agreed to make some changes in our house and we paid them deposit. They came and told that they would buy some additional materials and tools. They came again on the next day and started to work. But after that we haven’t seen them,...

Elvira Landscaping - Their services cost me too much

Posted: 2015-08-03   cxjklhiou
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We hired the company Elvira Landscaping for the construction of our driveway. The rep immediately asked to provide deposit in amount of $5, 000 and told that such job would take 3 weeks in total. As well as we paid additional sums for the materials, and the rep asked for more and more. The sum...

HP Slate - I never receive my money for defected product that I sent

Posted: 2015-08-02   Nedia Romero
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I bought HP Slate 7 and it had a defect so I sent the HP Slate 7 back and I still not receive my money for returned tablet. I spoke to several HP consultant and I am very disappointed with how this has not been resolve. I sent tablet to Lorraine and I also spoke to manager Jennifer and several...

ATT - att double charged me restoring fees

Posted: 2015-08-02   enp27
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i was double charged restoral fee's after agent agreed he did he doesn't offer a refund

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Charter Spectrum e-mail - Spectrum e-mail bugs

Posted: 2015-08-01   Jon Fuhrman
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Last week I switched to the Charter Spectrum suite, which has a new e-mail implementation. It is TERRIBLE. There are numerous known bugs that are not being resolved. First, the contact list allows groups. My groups were converted over to the new system, but they came over UNPOPULATED -- they...

Mr. Tire - Vehicle

Posted: 2015-07-31   Lisa Groot Laisney
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I went into Mr. Tire in Winchester on Monday, July 27th, to get my Va state inspection. The tech at the counter said it would be about an hour, which is what I expected, since it is the last week in July.
After 2 hours, the tech came in and sat down with me and stated that I failed inspection,...

Global Tel Link - Line blocked

Posted: 2015-07-31   trimblem73
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As of july 30, 2015 our phone service with our loved ones was abruptly blocked with no forewarning. Global tel link is the phone provider outside of at&t to connect calls from county jails and state prisons. The manner in which a dispute was handled is unfair and a detriment to knowing the welfare...

Prada - Customer Service

Posted: 2015-07-31   Lmo13
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I purchased a Prada wallet in NY and my gold plate has rubbed off less than a year from the purchase date, I went to the Prada store in Union Square in San Francisco and spoke with Kenneth. Kenneth proceeded to tell me that he could send it in for repair but didnt think that the team would fix...

cookingclub membership - not receiving anything from them

Posted: 2015-07-31   SandyLu
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I joined the cookingclub as a lifetime member, paid in full, back in 2008 or before (?), at first I received the apron, the strainer/steamer pan, and the magazine, and supposedly I was eligible to test new products and kitchen gadgets. I never received anything further with the exception of...

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