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Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Switzerland | Page 9

EasyJet / someone else took my baggage

fiona griffith on 2014-02-27
Did not realise I had someone else baggage. unfortunately there were 3 suitcases the same make and colour.Ihad gone to meet a friend as I had not seen for 17 years, so we were talking so muchthe night had gone quickly. when I arrived her appartment I realized I had someone else suitcase...

Gunvor Ltd Corp / Dishonest company, suspicious

Veder on 2014-02-27
I posted my resume on different websites, and after several weeks the representative from the company Gunvor Ltd Corp contacted me and offered to visit the interview. I had the interview via Internet. They promised to provide the check for necessary expenses, which would include the laptop...

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Hostelworld / no confirmation for bookings

surya shankar on 2013-11-07
I had a horrible experience with hosteworld site. I did not get any confirmation page with booking reference numbers while booking rooms in balmers hotel (interlaken) through the site www.balmers.com and neither did i get an email of the two bookings (715-78019557 and 715-78019484) done...

joybuycheap.com / Scam people and steal money.

WhistWanker on 2013-08-30
I made order from joybuycheap.com and only after I paid the money I realized that something was not right. I checked the site and discovered that it was very young. I don’t know if I ever get my order and I am afraid I will never get a refund. The owner of this site has a plenty of...

disc pool / no service

randompilot on 2013-08-08
I pay a fee of 14.95 for three months of service, this site has been down for the past six days and counting(disc pool) the company persistantly ignores complaints and seems to think that problems are fixed when they are not!!. they continually send that the problem was fixed when in fact...

BTA First Travel AG / unprofessionalism

kkukulka on 2013-08-02
Tickets to the US were purchased from this company. An employee of the company filled out the top part of the ESTA paperwork on the computer for the entry into the US. Unfortunately, this was not noticed until the immigration officer pointed it out at the Zurich airport. After much running...

Heba Finanz Holding / This company should be investigated by the police.

Piegato on 2013-07-30
I don't expect to get any money from Heba Finanz Holding. You lose any contact with them once they have your cash and still they stay in business. This company should be investigated by the police.

Orange Learning Group / They have nothing to do with my purchase

Net301 on 2013-07-30
I was in my online banking and was offered to fill on a survey and receive free goods at cost of postage. I accepted and filled in the survey. Then when I had printed the receipt for my $2.95 and got into my bank account, I have been charged $85.94 by Orange Learning Group who has nothing to do with my purchase.

United States Mission / Seeking Justice

Derek Asgarr on 2013-07-03
I was a whistle blower on someone who got fried. The remaining supervisors (not US citizens) vowed to get me on way or the other.For years I was treated badly by them. Eventually they came up with a plan to get me fired for sure. While they were planing word came to me that they were up to...
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