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Xbox Live / Charge $9.99 dollars twice on march 8 and 10 on the same month even canceled already

Long Yang on 2016-03-11
The first time I called Xbox live was on March 9th concerning the charged of $9.99 dollars from my account since January of 2016 because I didn't caught until now. I knew that I was xbox gold live member since 11/09/15. I talk with the xbox live operator for a little while about the charges they have made but never resolve anything other than I have to cancel all my account with them. They even e-mail me about my xbox live gold membership canceling on March 9th 2016. Okay, I was mad and angry because I'm not getting any resolve from them. They can have those three months charged of...


GEERT NEYT on 2014-11-18
Dear, Since several months my credit card account was taken in charge a 7€ montly amount description: "MSFT *OFFICE BILL.MS.NET IRL I cannot recall to ever have given permission for this Would it be possible to inform me about this? Thanks a lot in advance, Kind regards Geert Neyt geertneyt1@gmail.com

Xbox Live - Texas, Fort Worth / debiting my bank account without my permission

jon cie on 2014-07-02
Xbox live membership has been debiting my debit card without my permission, back in May the debited my account 7 times for $10.81 my bank kept stating that since it was a debit transaction they could not stop it so they provided me with another debit card and this was supposed to stop the merchant from debiting the account again. in june the randomly debited the account this time for a total of $165.34 throughout the month. I got a hold of my bank today again to complain again and they are attempting to resolve the issue. I just hope they dont attempt to debit my account again!

Xbox Live / Credit card

I placed my credit card on the XBOX Live on July 2013. I have been charge every week until I look at my account on December 16, 2013. Ranging from $1.61 to 64.96 so I reported the incident to one of the XBOX agents and his response was I can refund only $ 60.00 and change the password. The last six months my debit card was charged and this is all you can do? His response was technology is getting more advance then every before.

Xbox Live - England, Nottinghamshire / Illegal Credit Card charges?

titch2k6 on 2013-08-07
This morning, my son went to sign in on-line and had to go through Microsoft's security check process. I ended up having to change the account password to enable him to sign into his account and to check this was successful, I tried signing into his account on a PC. However, as part of this, as the parent in charge of his Family Live account, I had to provide Microsoft with proof that I was an adult. The only way for this, according to the site, was to give Microsoft my credit Card Details and they would charge me 50 Cents and donate a portion to charity. I was appalled. Firstly, are Microsoft...

Xbox Live - England, Kent, Lydd / Hacker

ChelseaBoyJordy on 2012-12-15
There Is A Man (age 15-18) On Xbox Live Who is getting my gamertag from someone and he is joining my chats with my friends and he is saying to me that i need to give him my Email address and password and personal details otherwise he will get me console baned, i told him that i dont want to but he keeps on saying it, he also said that he sent a gamer to my call of duty black ops 2 lobby and play in the same games as me for 20 minutes and then after that the player would tell him about how i did in the games. He said that if i do give him my details then he would send me a free xbox 360 with all the things i had before but i still said no. his gamer-tag is ApEx ii Shotzz

Xbox Live - Missouri / Unauthorized bank account withdrawels

kwolken on 2012-07-22
On May 31, 2012 and June 18, 2012 and June 21, 2012 U2 MSFT *Xboxlivebill.com WA fraudently withdrew $9.99 each time out of my personal checking account. I have never authorized anyone from this company to withdraw funds from my checking account, I have never purchased or ordered any product from this entity, I have never spoken with anyone from this entity. Each time they withdrew funds from my account it kicked in my overdraft protection charging me $36.00 each time totalling $137.97 that was taken from my account from this Xbox Live outfit with no authorization from me of any kind. I would...

Xbox Live - Florida / HACKED

Howrider on 2012-07-19
Been hacked and they took all of my points and Microsoft does nothing to stop this...It has been going on since JAN 2012...They are hacking threw FIFA 12...If you get his and all of your points are gone you have been hacked...If you want to buy something on LIVE just buy and use the points you need don't let points build up...Microsoft is doing nothing to stop this hack...I am getting a PS 3 and getting rid of the xbox...Microsoft will not refund my points so they can get lost...

Xbox Live / Passwords/resetting

Kai Huso on 2012-04-15
Somewhat recently set up a Gold subscription, soon afterwards found that the password for it and the Hotmail account is being denied, and now can not access my XBox Live account. I've tried everything I can think of to resolve this, but even the Hotmail password reset page is not functioning properly from my tablet nor my Windows 7 OS laptop. Complaints and Q&A processes for Microsoft in general don't seem to exist, ergo I am locked out of my Gold subscription and the Hotmail account connected to it.

Xbox Live - Washington, Redmond / Fraudulent Billing practices

Tracibeth on 2012-04-03
Beware of xbox live billing and security practices. In 2011 I cancelled xbox live after I was billed the annual fee on a dormant account (fees ach out of bank account without notice); cancellation made 4/14/11 (day after ach billing); Microsoft REFUSED to reimburse the billing as I called one day past the annual renewal date-even though they could see that the account had not been utilized for the past year (as our xbox was given away). 2/15/12 another annual fee taken out (2 months before the year was even up on a cancelled account!!). They maintain a new purchase was made -utilizing my...

Xbox Live / System tampering/ Cheating

GLITCHED MATRIX on 2012-03-07
Microsoft not responding to complaints dated back more than 1 year. I recorded this video today to provide proof of a modder and cheater who has been cheating to reach the top of the leaderboards and also freezing systems and harassing users online. Please File system tampering complaints against xRDSx E Saudia4. http://youtu.be/8TFvXptY0R8

Xbox Live - Indiana / Billing

JaniceD77 on 2012-02-18
I called to have my credit card removed from my account in October 2011 and was assured that this was done. Now I find a charge for a Zune Pass subscription that my boys signed up for without my knowledge using the same card that was supposed to be removed. The customer service rep. I spoke with tells me that the card is now removed (again) from the account and the recurring charge is removed. But the charge that already came through would not be reversed! Apparently MicroSoft can't get their service straight. I will tell everyone I know not to ever give out your financial information to...

Xbox Live - South Carolina / Billing scam, triplicate accounts

Abused Xbox customer on 2011-10-04
The Xbox auto answering system appears to be designed to make it extremely difficult to speak with someone, requiring any non xbox playing parent to have to have their child with them when calling - need gamer tag?? In addition, they may be manipulating children, shutting off their account, requiring the child to get the parent to open a new account - or offering $1 fees for new accounts, again incentivizing the children or unaware parents to open additional accounts. When the parent finds out they've been paying $50-$75/month for 3-5 accounts, but only 1 child, Xbox Customer Service say...

Xbox Live / billing/bill.ms.net

SharpTan on 2011-08-28
Hello! Yesterday (27.08) i updated my billing information in XBox Live account, to be correct I tried to bind a credit card with my XBox account, but everytime i tried to do that i got a message that please enter a correct credit card number. So to be honest, i was not even able to SAVE the page with my credit card information. WHY AM I BILLED FOR SOMETHING THAT I HAVE NOT AUTHORIZED TO USE! Even more I did not made any payments! Today I logged to my internet bank and reviewed my transactions made with credit card. There is see 6 payments from "billingill.ms.net" I do not have any...

Xbox Live - Florida / Removing Credit Card

Mortician on 2011-08-18
Background: Early in 2011 the Playstation online gaming network was hacked and out of service for several weeks; it was later reported over 70 million accounts had been compromised...including their credit card information. Because of the Playstation fiasco I made a note to remove my credit card number from the Xbox Live gaming network; I keep my credit card online with Xbox Live so my annual renewal is 'automatic'; also it makes buying new maps and such REALLY easy! First inconvenience: You CAN ADD the credit card number to Xbox Live through the Xbox 360; you CANNOT REMOVE the credit...

Xbox Live / corrupt bans

jack of halo on 2011-08-05
about the xbox live ban system. why do the incontinent become the ones who are suspended. ive been in a augment recently over xbox live and next thing i know im suspended from communications and he was sending me threats and strings of cusses and all i called him was another word for donkey if you catch my drift. but with all the people on the internet who become baned that cant be coincidence. if i pay a monthly fee and play an M rated game should i be in fear of having to worry about some troll losing and becoming butt hurt and file complaint me and spamming them left and right but i become...

Xbox Live - Oklahoma / Fraudulent charges

tabbye76 on 2011-06-10
Fraudulent charges of $174.90 was charged to my debit card 10 different times over 3 days by MICROSOFT *XBOX LIVE BILL.XBOX.COM WA. I have not authorized any of these charges and want all of them removed from my account immediately. Please respond to my email @ tabbye76@yahoo.com.

Xbox Live / Unauthorized Charges to Credit Card

Berta Haas on 2011-05-10
I recently noticed numerous charges to my credit card from Microsoft Zune that were not authorized by myself. I want them removed immediately.

Xbox Live / 1-month subscription??? HA!!

The joke's on me! on 2011-03-24
Do NOT ever give your credit card to XBOX LIVE! EVER. It does not matter if you sign up for a limited liability option (such as a one month subscription). Apparently there is something burried in their "terms and conditions" that you "agree to" when you click the button on your console/tv screen. (Oh, you didn't see the fine print? Ahhh too bad. Yes, it IS unfortunate, but that's the way we do it here at good ol' Microsoft folks.) They will continue to charge your account on a revolving subscription and they will NOT give any refunds. "Good will" does not seem to be a part of...

Xbox Live / Family Plan

Mama EC on 2011-03-18
They have this great family plan and if you want to save money its great. The year subscription are like $59.99 a year but with this plan its $99.99 for 4 accounts a year. While the price is awesome the plan it self is problems. The primary account is the only one wroth having. The other 3 account you can not do the following: 1. buy Microsoft points, 2. download certain kinds of content, 3. control your settings. Those are the top three issues. Now its good if the account belongs to a child, but what if it belongs to an adult. They need to have an option that give the primary a way to give...
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