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UBI Payment Services Complaints & Reviews

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UBI Payment Services - letter that I am a garranteed winner of 5000 dollars

Posted: 2011-02-15 by    Bullrun
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 6 votes
I received a letter from UBI Payment Services, stating that I am a guaranteed winner of 5000 dollars, but didn't ask for any monies, but they want a photo ID, or something to identify you, so the money will be going to the rightful owner. I want these people to be prosecuted, they have no right to send this kind of letters to individuals and knowing it is a scam...

Thank you...

UBI Payment Services - Indiana, Columbus - DELIVERY OF 5000.00

Posted: 2011-02-14 by    rosemarie reed
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
i have several of these telling me i won and they are a payment service trying to deliver 5000.00 to me from joe ryan accounting dept i have heard of this same name used by a casino called all jackpots casino . if he is the same then he should hear this .. i want my winnings now please and thank u for UBI5 and UBI SPONSOR BY WINDSOR-MORGAN &PARKER p.o.Box4805 robin town centre old 4230 Australia i halegal papers to prove all my winnings . it would be nice to get paid and enjoy them . thank you joe for helping me not get my winnings...

UBI Payment Services - California, Taft - $5,000 release form/contest

Posted: 2011-01-14 by    Celia661
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 2 votes
I received a letter, from Australia, stating I was guaranteed to receive $5, 000 if I returned the release form attached at the bottom, I check this kind of mail on my computer because I had about 10 similar letters in November from Las Vegas stating I had won millions (I wish) its better to check and not lose the little I do have. thanks for this site it has been very helpful to me and people like me....

UBI Payment Services - Preying on trusting people

Posted: 2011-01-08 by    dalimic
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
UBI Payment Services is still at it. Mother-in-law received letter dated "December 21" stating she was a finalist in a contest of skill to win $5000.00US, and all she had to do was complete a puzzle. (maybe someone can help us with this one - Circle the correct answer 20+5= 25 21 23 ). She just knew she was a winner!!!
I have printed many of the other complaints to show her she isn't the only one. We are so thankful we we caught this one, and thankful to the others who have posted here. This will be turned over to the Post Master....

UBI Payment Services - Scam!!!

Posted:    MOMMASBOY8
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 5 votes
Nov, 20, 2009 i was recently caught up in the idea of replying to this mess. . . I ask my dad about it and he was unsure. . . So i immediately looked it up the net!! Lmao. . . A scam!!!. . . The thought of it. . . Did i mention im only 19yr old so to think the would try a child if he could. . . All the signs were there. Whom ever missed spelled my name, no number or email address and i never heard of a singapore???What a crazy world. . . Please beware!!!...

UBI Payment Services - fraud/identity theft

Posted:    Peny
Complaint Rating:  80 % with 5 votes
I received a leter saying I won 5, 000 and al i have to do is answer what 20 +5 is then sign and send back with an international stamp. This will get me in the tie breaker. Please look into this and post so others will not fall or it...

UBI Payment Services - fraudulent mailed letter

Posted:    erb
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 8 votes
THis letter came to be Oct 2 2009, stating I was guaranteed 5, 000.00 and after checking out this site, it has proved my intuition, SCAM, however being my husband said that if it were true, the would come with a certified letter or a courier asking for signature and receiving the check then and there.

So Hopefully you will seek and destroy this nasty scam/con artist company from destroying our nation of its humble lifestyles and ignorance we all have to these desperate times....

UBI Payment Services - Indiana, Gary - recieved letter stating i will recieve a check for 5000.00.

Posted:    samille
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 4 votes
note this to anyone who has recieved the same letter . it was deliivered from the Orchard Post Office P.O.Box 51, Singapore 912302...

UBI Payment Services - Queensland, Robina Town Centre - Guaranteed $5000 payment

Posted:    Georgia resident
Complaint Rating:  95 % with 22 votes
I received a letter today stating I was guaranteed to receive $5000.00 if I returned the release form as instructed. I requested me to sign it and comply with the official contest rules listed over. I did not get it until I read some infomation on the internet. I did not see the very light writing on the back of the page. You couldn't read it unless you were looking very closely. I live in Georgia. It seems this scam is all over the place now....

UBI Payment Services - SCAM!!

Posted:    spoonsinc
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 16 votes
This is definately a scam! I work for a bank and what this is called is phising (fishing) for information. What most likely will happen is you return the form showing some interest in the game. All who return the signature will recieve the "tie breaker" and you return that with more personal information and then 1 of these 2 things will happen; they send you that $5, 000 check which you will deposit in your bank acct and they will want you to return a portion of that back to them or they won't ask for any money but when they check goes through processing to come out of the fake acct they have...

UBI Payment Services - Massachusetts, Hampden - Mail Fraud

Posted:    UBI Payment Services
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 30 votes

I received a letter TODAY, June 1, 2009, from UBI Payment Services, PO Box 4805, Robina Town Centre QLD 4230, AUSTRALIA.

The letter states: Guaranteed Delivery Statement, Approved by Accounting Department, Statement Value of $5, 000.00 Check. "This is a very important statement. You are guaranteed to receive $5, 000.000 if you return the release form as instructed and fulfill the contest requirements. The Accounting Department has retained the services of a reputable courier to deliver the check for $5, 000.00. This is a contest with additional...

UBI Payment Services - Colorado, Commerce City - WINNING CONTEST LETTER DATED 5-28-09

Posted:    mistysmom101play@yahoo.com
Complaint Rating:  85 % with 26 votes

UBI Payment Services - New Jersey - I did not receive my $5,000.oo check.

Posted:    Hector
Complaint Rating:  96 % with 23 votes
I received a letter from UBI Payment Services, stating that I will receive $5, 000.00 if I return the release form and complete the contest requirments. This was back in late February and we're in the middle of April, and I still have not received my money! So, I did a search on the net to find the company to ask them what happened to my $5, 000.00! To my surprise I found that people have been scamed by this so called company! It was a real heart breaker because I've been suffering financially because of the recession the U.S.A. is experiencing, and the money would have come in handy....

UBI Payment Services - NEVER RECIEVED MY 5000 CHECK

Posted:    crystalball
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 9 votes

UBI Payment Services - Pennsylvania - Scam

Posted:    I HATE SCAMS
Complaint Rating:  96 % with 23 votes
I received a letter/release form from UBI Payment Services. The letter states the exact same as everyone elses in that I have won $5K and to sign to confirm authorization of delivery. The attached letter also states "this is a contest with additional tiebreakers to determine the winner". Obviously I can't authorize the check that I have won if others are doing the same. What a scam, thanks to the world wide web we can all communicate and let others know not to buy into this!...

UBI Payment Services - $5000 check

Posted:    niselace5
Complaint Rating:  95 % with 57 votes
I received a letter in the mail stating that I'm guaranteed to receive
a check for $5000 if I SIGN and return the bottom portion of the
letter with an answer to a 1st grade question ( 20 + 5= 25 21 23?).
Immediately, seeing that I have not entered such a contest nor given
them access to my HOME address...I knew it was a scam to get my
signature. This is absolutely HORRIBLE and against the law to try to
get people's signatures so it can be duplicated to steal/rob. My wish is that your company will track down the responsible party or parties

UBI Payment Services - California, Chico - letter asknig for signature saying that I have $5,000.00 pending

Posted:    michael johnson
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 4 votes
I have been recieving letters like this for about 2 months, I have been tempted over and over but I still get the same advice, if they ask to be sent money then it is most likely a scam, so I havent sent anybody any money and now all they want is my signature, whats up with that? I just want these people to stop sending me these letters, if I really did win something why not just send the prize or just take the "processing fee" out of it and send me the rest.SAVE A TREE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!...

UBI Payment Services - Pennsylvania, Philadelphia - contest winnings

Posted:    cliff of north philly
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 50 votes
It has come to my attention that i should inform any and all individuals that has received a letter from UBI Payment Services, informing any and everyone that you have won some monies in a contest drawing. This is not a Legit contest, nor is this a legit company, or program which they have tried to market themselves as; You will be taken for a long ride. They will aquire all or partial of your assets. And you, will look like a fool... Do not apply or respond to any e-mails, or correspondences from these people. If there is any Government agenceies out there reading this. Please feel free to contact...

UBI Payment Services - Australian Capital Territory, Robina Town Centre QLD 4230 - SCAM!

Posted:    wow
Complaint Rating:  84 % with 25 votes
I recieved a letter to recieve $ 5, 000.00. Only if I answered some 1st grade question. My thought right away was... SCAM !!!...

UBI Payment Services - official grand slam winner

Posted:    goldie magiera
Complaint Rating:  87 % with 45 votes
official grand slam winner Goldie Magiera has won a Grand slam. Dear Goldie Magiera- To decide who would recieve number allocations from our complete Guaranteed Winning Number Program we conducted a Grand Slam elimination contest. Congratulations-Goldie Magiera the official results show you have won a Grand Slam. To claim your Grand Slam number allocation return your form and $10 to Locked Bag 32, Bundall, QLD 4217 Australia.If I am not happy with the amount I win upon lodgement of my number allocation, my acceptance fee will be refunded. statement value $5, 000.00...

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