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Speeddate.com Complaints & Reviews

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Speeddate.com - England, East Midlands, Leicester - Perminder Shankar

Posted: 2015-07-11 by    Perminder Shankar
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I registered with Speedate.com I think in September 2014. I subscribed for 3 months and the charges quoted were £20.00. I have since realised from looking at my account which I rarely check because it is more like a savings account to me that they have charged me £31.99 in September and a separate charge of £0.99. In October they charged me the same, November it was £32.67, and since then in each month they have taken different amounts ranging from £31.00 to £35.00. This is fraud to me because I would not have subscribe to be charged these amounts and for almost...

Speeddate.com - Rip off

Posted: 2014-08-09 by    Skyhawk427
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
I went on Speed date once or twice out of curiosity and nothing more. I got a message that I had mail and if I paid 99 cents I could read the mail, there was no mail.This all happened sometime around May 2014 then on Aug.1, 2014 they hit my Government credit card for 155.40 within 47 minutes of my SSDI deposit. Not only did they steal the money they locked up my acct. and I couldn't access it. They either managed to change my password or made so many attempts to do so that they locked it up. I did my research and found they are owned by a company called IAC who owns 27 companies, one of them...

Speeddate.com - unauthorized charges

Posted: 2014-01-06 by    Alan hubert
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
I finally got thru on the phone with speed date .com. Apparently they got ahold of my personal info and credit information, and charged me for there service. They told me that they can't reverse the charge for 29.99 because its already charged and they don't give refunds. I could probably could understand that if I would have order it, but I didn't. The only way I found out was my girl friend was going threw my bank statements, checking for all the Xmas charges.. Which we are a couple and that's what we do. Now it raised a big red flag about the charge, not only about the money,...

Speeddate.com - Membership

Posted: 2013-12-11 by    Joy Suero
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I joined for just ONE MONTH and they automatically charged my checking account for 12 months!!! At $155.40...
I IMMEDIATELY THAT SAME SECOND CALLED THEM AND I SPOKE TO A "ROY" and I was livid !!! He said "I'm sorry it can not be reversed, however I will placed on the system NOT TO RENEW AFTER 12 months "...
So I get my bank statement dated 11-15-13
And it stated in print "RECURRING"...????
I work for this bank and "RECURRING" means it will continue to collect!!!
So the FUCKER ROY really didn't notate their records!!! Because otherwise
It would...

Speeddate.com - signed me up without my permission

Posted: 2013-03-15 by    privacy_infringed
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
My personal information - outdated information apparently taken from my Facebook page - appeared on Speeddate. I had to use the "forgot password/username" function to gain access in order to deactivate the account. Since I never signed up I think it's likely that the company did it in an attempt to have more user-generated content and to inflate their numbers. The first email I received from the company, to my knowledge, was when I deactivated the account. Not good....

Speeddate.com - Fraud

Posted: 2012-09-07 by    katearley
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 7 votes
scammer on the site who is preying on women. He is conning them out of money and possibly kidnapping them. He should be banned from the site. The name he uses is Garry James. Here is his written bio: "I was born in 1966, in Frankfurt Hospitals Located at 72 Stockhausen, Germany. i Graduated from Allgäu Gymnasium secondary school in Germany there i earn my first degree Certificate. After which i attended Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University, Frankfurt, Germany, there i Attained my Bachelor's degree. but during this time while i was in Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University.
I am major in...

Speeddate.com - Arizona, Scottsdale - Bots as Users, Site crashes and stops loading

Posted: 2012-05-02 by    David94Mustang
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
He is completely correct on this I wish I would have read the reviews first. This site is a huge scam. They have hot girls say they want to speed date with you, But wait as a new member you get this one free. but they girls never talk or even say hi. Even when you sign up same thing. Also the website crashes on me where it stops loading. At least ill have the last laugh. I used a credit card that has no funds on it and never will because its my flex health spending account from my last job. So I don't work there anymore. Its been at least 2 months not having the insurance and having the job....

Speeddate.com - North Carolina, Raleigh - Misuse of Identity

Posted: 2012-04-18 by    Sabre McCullers
Complaint Rating:  67 % with 3 votes
To Whom It May Concern,
I am Chis McCullers' wife, Sabre McCullers. My husband and I have found the use of his identity (including a photo) on a website called Speeddate.com, with a profile set up. The profile has a very old photo with some current information on my husband.
I would like to make a complaint on this company, and have the profile removed immediately because the profile was never created by either of us.
Sabre McCullers...

Speeddate.com - Probably the worst dating website out there

Posted: 2011-08-25 by    Indolayee
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
I signed up for a one-month...guess what? They billed me for a year. I said...what-the-hell, and tried it for about three months, off and on. It's one of the worst-rendered websites I've seen; probably the worst dating website out there. It's slow. It's clumsy. It's annoying. So on July 19, 2011 I wrote to cancel, but unfortunately, that was three days after my anniversary date and they auto-renewed me. When I called to ask for a refund, the CSM said that they were "unable of offer" a full refund. When I cordially suggested that SD remove its auto-renew feature, I was told...

Speeddate.com - Money taken out of credit card every month since April without my authorization $39.95

Posted: 2011-08-12 by    Biplob.dutta
Complaint Rating:  67 % with 3 votes
I have registered with Speeddate.com for a month for $39.95, just to try. In May I started traveling and never visited the site or the service. Today when I am back in the city, after checking my mail I realised they took 39.95 on 9th Aug.I called Citibank immediately and got to know that they are taking the money out every month since march. I have never agreed to renew my subscription or received any payment/renewal confirmation from the company. What a rip off! never realized that could happen to ME as well. Citibank wants to investigate but i am not very optimistic after speaking to the guy...

Speeddate.com - California, Millbrae - Bad Billing Practices

Posted: 2011-06-01 by    James Smith 2
Complaint Rating:  67 % with 3 votes
This site is a total scam. They lead you in with an offer of $15/month but then they charge you for a full year of service. Then they don't tell you that they wont refund anything until it's too late. They don't post their address or any information on the company because of their bad practices. This company should NOT be in business. The site is full of scammers and thieves. Stay away at all costs. It's not worth it....

Speeddate.com - This company took $190.40 out of my credit card!

Posted: 2011-04-19 by    luisiscool
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 2 votes
Well first off I enrolled in speeddate.com they told me that they would give me 30% off so only $15.00 or $15.95 a month. So I enrolled well guess what? I my visa credit card got charged $190.40! Because its the annual fee. I thought that I was only being charged monthly not yearly???????? And you all think thats it? No! here comes the worst part. Well I can't recieve emails from other people cause when I open emails it says that I need to be a premium subscriber and I called them and told them about my situation and guess what?? They said that I wasn't subscribed to their service because...

Speeddate.com - Fake friend requests and spam emails

Posted: 2011-04-15 by    Bultire
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 7 votes
This was the a terrible experience. A $10 trial ended up costing us $90. Customer services representatives was rude, nasty. Fake friend requests and spam emails. Received $190.00 charge out of nowhere!...

Speeddate.com - Please, just stay far away from them

Posted: 2011-04-08 by    Ivoncine
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 3 votes
Speed date kept sending sdeedates with men to email i went to sit to stop mails iam recently seperated i thought i would check it out ipurchased what said was a1 month subsription 29 or 39.00 which was ok i went on the site 3or4 times for a total of about an hour make long story short i i didn't like the site it was cattle being auctioned i found out something was when card was not accepted at atore so i checked my account and speed date had with drawn for a at premuim account they where done i had empty bankaccont at the 1st of the month iam disabled no money for bills food medicine cig they...

Speeddate.com - If you like any control over your dating experience, including when to start it, steer clear from this site

Posted: 2011-02-24 by    Usilla
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 3 votes
OMG THE most annoying website, bar none! I don't know if it's just because I'm too far on the introvert scale but I can't stand this. Any time you sign on to do anything, it a.) throws you right into the middle of a speed date and b.), won't let you cancel. There's a popup saying that it will let you cancel, but if any of the alleged cancellation links work I couldn't find them, and the largest button is, of course, "Find me another speed date!" They shoved me into a speed date when I had merely clicked the link to alter my email preferences and hadn't even...

Speeddate.com - Tennessee, Maryville - SCAM billing did not subscribe to it

Posted:    Camelag
Complaint Rating:  84 % with 25 votes
I did not subscribe to Speeddate.com. I have received my bank statement and have a charge on my checking account for a total of $65.97 on 7/07/10. I have incurred NSF of $36.00 and $10.00 overdraft fee as well. I did the 3 day trial for the .99 cents/day. Legally I do owe the $2.97 on (7/06/10) + $.99 (7/08/10) = $3.96. However, I was billed for 65.97 on 7/07/10, if I had subscribed, why would I do the .99 cent charge on 7/08/10. I am going to take legal action for this to be refunded to my checking account. I spoke a representative named Rochell who stated that if I did not cancel this, then after...

Speeddate.com - California - identity theft

Posted:    xtremek
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 6 votes
Be careful who you meet on speeddate.com There are plenty of young girls or pretending to be girls asking you to join a webcam site. Then they use your info to charge you card. They steal your identity etc.. Here are some names that i caught. HayleyCole 21 years old, Barbara02 23 years old. Just watch out for the young cute ones. Ask if they are cam girls and if they don't answer than most likely they are....

Speeddate.com - It is full of scammers (Mostly from Ghana and the UK) and they care nothing about their subscribers!!!

Posted:    jimrlong
Complaint Rating:  92 % with 13 votes
speeddate.com is a complete waste of money!!! They are a service connected with Facebook... It is full of scammers (Mostly from Ghana and the UK) and they care nothing about their subscribers!!!...

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