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Spark Energy Complaints & Reviews

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Spark Energy - Shady business practices, nonexistent client services

Posted: 2012-11-19 by    Zhivko
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I bought a house, and according to my purchase documentation I was with EDF. Months into it, I receive a letter from Sparks, I went to their web-site and at the time they had such an incredibly unprofessional web-site (they've improved it tremendously since then) with two pages of static info and copyrights from 2 years ago that I decided this is a hoax - I replied to their e-mail, got an automatic NOT DELIVERED reply and just disregarded the whole thing. Months later after more letters I realised they are a real energy company and I was indeed signed up with them. It took me literally half...
Complaint comments Comments Complaint country United Kingdom Complaint category Utility Services

Spark Energy - Teaser rate then double to triple bill

Posted: 2012-01-13 by    Bilper
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 2 votes
My consern is with the business practices of Spark Energy, Houston TX who is a supplier through Nipsco's alternate gas supplier program.

Specifically, Spark Energy's business practice is to quote new customers a competitive rate which is portrayed as a typical monthly rate, then charge double to three times Nipsco's rates after 2 months.

My eperience is summarized in the following narative:

Spark Energy telephone canvases a market offering 8% savings over Nipsco's price month to month on a variable rate. They say "Try it for 6...
Complaint comments Comments Complaint country United States Complaint category Products & Services

Spark Energy - Awful company

Posted: 2011-08-16 by    kurt91
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Moved into my new property in november 08 and was advised to go with spark by my letting agent lobster lettings so i did. i didnt get transfered over from the previous supplier for 4 months during this time i didnt know i was with eon.. so i got my profiled direct debit in feb 09 and was told id pay average of 40 pounds a month which as a disabled guy with kidney failure and sleep appnea thought was good . they took the payment out of 40 poundsand then told me id used 1000kwh in 1 month at a total of 150 pounds (plus the 40 id paid already) i live in a 1 bed flat and only use the tv and freeview...
Complaint comments Comments Complaint country United States Complaint category Products & Services

Spark Energy - Texas, Houston - Electric Supply Price

Posted: 2011-01-19 by    Sandi Baltimore,MD
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 7 votes
I was told by Sparks Energy that they would reduce my 1st two bills by 8% and then they would shop the market for the lowest price per kwh. They lied, my bill was not 8% less the 1st two months (it was less but not 8%) and then the 3rd month they charged me .1314 per kwhand BGE is .1003 per kwh!!! When I called their customer service they said there wasn't anything they would do, so I dropped them. However, I am still being billed by them for a month until BGE reads the meter again! I just shopped the market myself and switched to Dominion Retail which has a rate of .0919 per kwh until December...
Complaint comments Comments Complaint country United States, Texas, Houston Complaint category Other

Spark Energy - Texas, Houston - Billing

Posted:    Disgruntled Energy Customer
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 10 votes
I had to make payment arrangements for a bill during the summer that was more than twice my normal rate due to A/C problem. I called and made the arrangements with Crista Elda (832-200-3770) and she suggested that I make a payment of 50% of the bill of $763.56 ($381.78) on the normal due date and then make another payment of $381.78 a couple of weeks later, I agreed to the plan. Instead Spark debited my account for the full amount $763.56 on the due date. This caused me to have over $600 in overdraft charges and late fee charges. I have called over 15 time in the last three weeks to find out what...
Complaint comments Comments Complaint country United States, Texas, Houston Complaint category Utility Services


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