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Reelzhot.com / Scam

Arthemis2 on 2016-01-27
My credit card was charged y Reelzhot. I had never heard of this website and never used it. So I went to their website and found their phone number. So I contacted their customer support and explained the situation. Their rep asked my name and credit card number. I gave them my credit card number and my name. The rep told that they could not find my account. I said that I never had an account and that was the reason I called. He said that there it nothing he could do and disconnected. I called again and another rep said they could not help me without my credit card number and my name. After I...

Reelzhot.com / Invalid Credit Card Charge

Philly512 on 2014-04-09
Stay away from this site at all costs!!! They're sleazy, unscrupulous liars. It's all BS that your credit card won't be charged. That's a total lie. They even charge you to cancel the "free" membership. These scumbags should be shut down and put out of business. I hope everyone involved in this scam gets ripped off in the same way they rip others off.

Reelzhot.com / Inappropriate Charges

MalloryKnight on 2013-03-31
The Reelzhot website offered free movies and free membership, but requested card as proof of identity. At no time was I clearly made aware that monthly charges would begin unless I took specific action to cancel my FREE membership. Unfortunately, I did not watch my charges closely enough and did not recognize the $50.45 monthly charges until after the second charge. Now I am out $100.90 and maybe watched one "free" movie.

Reelzhot.com / Charged for &Free& Membership

MalloryKnight on 2013-03-31
The website offered free movies and free membership, but required a card number to verify identity. No where did they make it clear that monthly charges of $50.45 were to begin. I don't believe I even watched a movie at the site due to its poor interfaces. Unfortunately I did not notice it until after the second months charges I was scammed out of $100.90.

Reelzhot.com - England, Leicestershire, Leicester / Free membership is not free as you find out with your first credit card bill

Keith r g on 2013-03-13
This is nothing more than outright fraud. I was merely browsing and came across the website for "reelzhot.com". Having read the blurb which mentions only a free website i filled in the necessary information and thought no more about it until i received my credit card bill today. Sure enough there was a debit of £33.30 from pw reelzhot.com. Not recognising the company. I checked on the net to find it was the free site i'd looked at the previous month. As i made no such standing order; i can only assume they have made the s/order without my knowledge. I will visit my bank, first thing...

Reelzhot.com - South Australia / Charges to my Credit Card

lynn Shord on 2012-09-04
I have only just brought a iPad & was trying out a FREE !!! movie, there has now been two payments taken from or my credit card & I have not seen one movie. I want to know HOW! this site works & HOW I use it. If the company does not answer my questions then I will have no choice but to cancel my credit card. How can I get in contact with this company please? Lynn Shord

Reelzhot.com / There was no warning of membership fee until you see it on your credit card bill

Rioled on 2012-07-02
There was no warning of membership fee until you see it on your credit card bill. (may be somewhere in the middle of small print). When you visit the site: guess what! the first FAQ and its answer is as pasted below: We don't have long-term contracts or signup fees, however, all charges are non-refundable. Simply cancel your membership and you will not be charged in the future.

Reelzhot.com / They automatically set you up for a $50 a month renewal

Hozey on 2012-06-19
They offer a free 5 day membership to watch movies immediately. First they do not have every movie that comes up on their search. Secondly, they automatically set you up for a $50 a month renewal after the 5 days and if you want to cancel before that $50 charge kicks in they charge $.95. They say they need the credit card number to set up the free account in case you rent a movie beyond the free time. What a crock.
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