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JC Penney Complaints & Reviews

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JC Penney - Employment

Posted: 2014-12-22 by    UnemployedInTimeForChristmas
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I started my job at JC Penney exactly one week before Thanksgiving. Let me start out with this. They were VERY last minute in hiring me. I had put in my application in September. When I was interviewed, it was a group interview, and there was no second interview. I was hired the same day. I was given no formal training. Everything I learned I pretty much learned on my own, though my coworkers did help me out. When they decided to put me on computer courses, I learned nothing new. Third day in on the job, I happened to offend the scheduling manager over something VERY trivial (and I mean VERY trivial....

JC Penney - Wronful termination

Posted: 2014-06-17 by    Vinnnie
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I started working at JC Penney on 5/13/2014 to 6/13/2014 and I was let go last Friday basically for taking the bus and not able to do what the Manager Vince wanted, I felt very discriminated against my race and because I have a son. He call me to the office and very rudely told me he never would have hired he knew I could open and close, but I was doing both so I had no idea what he was talking about. Earlier that morning an employee that was there for 20 years quit without warning. That was no reason to yell at me and being so rude and condescending. A lot of people take the bus to work and work...

JC Penney - Florida, pensacola - Lied to

Posted: 2014-05-28 by    jenniandken
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
we were lied to over 3 times by jc penney! Terrible customer service! we ordered the mattress and box spring and bed frame on the 8th of may 2014, it was promised by the 14th of may 2014.on the 14th we waited all day didnt hear nothing from them, they were a no show and no call we had to call them around 4pm, then they say they had no idea what was going on and that it is now the 21 st to be delivered to us! then they tell us to call back so we did and they said they would comp our full bill.so the 21st was a no show again by them and no CALL at all! WE had to call them yet again late 330 to find...

JC Penney - not being credited for purchases

Posted: 2014-03-24 by    Marjorie Gholson
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I have ordered several times on JCP. But, have not gotten Ebates credit. It happens quite often and even when it's correct and goes through, the check payment does not reflect the correct percentage at the time of purchase. If you don't write it down at time of purchase, the percentage is different, if you get it at all. So far I have not received credit from Orvis, Macys, and JCP. Some times when you click on the tool bar and cash back is activated, once you get to the end, and complete purchase, you'd notice that you where no longer in an activated state, and don't get credit....

JC Penney - California, Northridge - Harrassment

Posted: 2013-05-30 by    jennybee
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 5 votes
I was hired into Sephora inside JCPenney back in October 2012 as a Holiday hire. I was told whoever performed the best would be kept permanant and would get the full time position which included better pay and benefits. Having no prior experience in cosmetics i was thrown into a fast paced environment that was under alot of pressure to meet a certain quota. JC Penney was supposed to train us before throwing us on the floor doing peoples make up and selling them skin care products which could potentially harm a clients skin when misinformed. luckily i did alot of research at home and was able to...

JC Penney - Wisconsin, Wausau - FIRED @JCP!

Posted: 2013-03-12 by    L1234
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I've worked for jcp for months, almost close to a year. Good sales specialist, got 1-2 icaps weekly, kind to customers, hard worker, (depends who I work with I usually do most of the work..registers, put clothes back, straighten, SPACING the racks!, fitting rooms, etc. while my coworkers just stood there and talk crap about every customer and the managers, ESP the coworkers). I asked off for a family emergency sat-mon because my grandpa is EXTREMELY ill. And they DECLINED it. I didn't show up to work because it was a family EMERGENCY. And they KNEW about it!! I come home from out of town...

JC Penney - Refund

Posted: 2013-01-17 by    Anonymous12345678901
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
I ordered a dining set on 11/22/2012 online at jcp.com. After the order was placed I received an email stating that the item was not available to be shipped till 01/06/2013. Based on this information, I called them to cancel so I can order another set that was in-stock as I needed the set immediately.
After almost daily emails and phone calls, I have yet to receive a refund of $1085. Emails and phone calls are scripted apologizing for the delay but no answer as to status of refund. Payment was in the form of a gift card and they can't send me a gift card in the mail. So extremely frustrating!...

JC Penney - Arkansas, Little Rock - Store management

Posted: 2012-12-17 by    Former jcp slave
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The management at the Shackleford location is inadequate. That is from the general manager-Teresa McGavran to the managers that fall under her. All of the managers, except for Sequentia Summons and Mr. Rick have nasty attitudes. They try to put on the impression that it is the employees with the attitudes, but it is them. These managers work in conjuction with each other. They make complaints against employees which results in their termination. There is no place to make a formal complaint against them. Employees at this location are severely overworked and underpaid. Training is not properly executed....

JC Penney - Ohio, Talmadge - GIft Card Loss

Posted: 2012-12-12 by    fdp1968
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DON'T ever buy JCP gift cards. If you accidently destroy them, your out of luck.
I had 3 - $100 gift cards. I accidently shredded them. I had the numbers and the pins. I asked for replacement cards. They take the info, cancel the numbers and the pins. then they say they won't replace the cards. Well with the numbers and the pins. I could use them for on-line shopping. So they won't replace the cards and deleted my numbers and pins. So now I have nothing and they were Christmas gifts to boot. Called them on several occasions, even got a local TV station involved. They say the...

JC Penney - Massachusetts - illegitimate practices

Posted: 2012-11-24 by    Gynger888
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I am being charged for a subscription which was marketed as having discount benefits through JC Penney. Not only am I not receiving any discount, I don't see that there is any service whatsoever for the charges I am being charged monthly on my credit card. I believe it is a scam and a way for the company to keep the credit limit high and to receive higher monthly premiums....

JC Penney - bad service

Posted: 2012-11-05 by    bj cool
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 1 votes
JC Penney at the Augusta Mall, is not a good company; they're always changing their stores to confuse customers, have different prices on the sales tags to cheat customers, & is constantly trying to find ways to mistreat loyal customers, and good employees. JC Penney frequently suffers from wrongful terminations of good employees or they quit due to discriminatory policies. The Managers at JC penney are often incompetent, and have the company has been exposed to robberies, endangering customers & employees.....

JC Penney - Georgia - lousy company

Posted: 2012-10-26 by    Carol Lisa Williams
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JC Penney is not a good company; they're always changing their stores to confuse customers, have different prices on one sales tag, and is constantly trying to find ways to cheat the customers or loyal shoppers; and the way the company mistreats their own employees who do a good job for them is worse!! Frequently wrongfully terminating good employees or forcing them to quit, to make room for more inexperienced & unprofessional workers, who often mistreat or harass the good & hard working associates that work there. The Managers at the JC Penney Augusta Mall are incompetent, and have recently...

JC Penney - Arizona, Chandler - Gift Card Use

Posted: 2012-10-16 by    RL Mann
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 2 votes
This is a SCAM to me!! Over a month ago, I ordered a product online with JC Penney. I have never ordered online with them before but I had 4 gift cards that I needed to use and I really wanted this product. Each card I had was for a total of $40.00 ea. The total of the order was for $52.89. There were 2 spaces for gift cards so I used 1 for $40.00 (cost of the product) and I used another for the balance of $12.89 (tax, shipping and handling). A couple of days later, I receive an email confirmation for the order. Everything looked okay so I was content (even if the item was on backorder). Days later,...

JC Penney - Louisiana, covington, LA - Fall

Posted: 2012-07-12 by    Kathy Marq.
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I was s hopping at JC Penney on April 4, 2012. I slipped and fell in a puddle of water on the floor near the checkout. I wrote a letter to the store manager about my fall and as of this date July 12, 2012, I have received no reply. I have been totally ignored. I did not ask for anything, but expected some kind of acknowledgement from JCP. I don't know what to do next....

JC Penney - Commissions and Layoffs

Posted: 2012-05-16 by    Yana Walton
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 4 votes
RAP is a membership organization of retail workers dedicated to improving opportunities in the industry, including helping retail workers with their career development, so if you are a JCP employee affected by layoffs or the elimination of your commissioned pay, contact us today at 646.490.5925 or email yana@retailactionproject.org

Check out the Retail Action Project's (RAP's) statement opposing the elimination of commissioned positions at JCP here: http://bit.ly/L17qbV

"JC Penney is following an alarming and misguided trend in the retail industry, in which...

JC Penney - I will never order or purchase anything from JC Penney again

Posted: 2012-05-06 by    Nubrake
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
I ordered a Rocker Recliner from JC Penney online. Basically spend 2 to 3 hours including being transfered twice, and put on hold, before I could get an estimated shipping date finally from Mindy. Besides the time it took for me to get the estimated shipping date, I was continually told by Casey as if I were stupid, and didn’t understand what she was repeatedly explaining to me, she still couldn’t tell me when the Rocker- recliner estimated to reach my house, and she refused to transfer to a manger. She kept repetitively telling me that the factory had 7 to 14 days to contact me.

JC Penney - Slip and fell

Posted: 2011-12-20 by    Beatriz
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I like to report that on October 17, 2011, I slipped and fell in your store located at Westfield Mall in 103rd or 49th Street, west of Hialeah Florida. I was offered to call for 911. At no given time was a report done. I fell in front of the purses and accessories department and also shoe section right across. I have been experiencing a lot of pain in my arms. I have to take medication to deal with the pain constantly. Also work all day on the computer this is part of my Job. Often I have to stop the pain is horrible. How will I be compensated for this from your institution? If no action is taken...

JC Penney - New Hampshire, Concord - same item 40% off for 14 mos

Posted: 2011-05-13 by    foote
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I had my bedroom and master bath redone in March of 2010. I was frequently looking around many stores looking for new accessories. In the Concord JC Penney, I found a wastebasket and towels that were just what I wanted. They were a bit pricey even at 40% off. I figured they would be reduced by my next visit, if no one else purchased them. Well, I returned, returned and returned with never a change i price..constantly on the 40% off shelf. I returned again, today, went to the towel and linen dept, checked the sale rack, alas!!!, the exact same towels and wastebasket still at 40% off. So it is over...

JC Penney - theft

Posted: 2011-04-17 by    Mary Moran
Complaint Rating:  50 % with 2 votes
I was falsely accused of stealing from JCPenny. I was escorted to a "security area." The staff then rifled through my purse, and helped themselves to my belongings, claiming that they must also be stolen. They "confiscated" (stole) four wristlets from Coach's "Poppy" line that JC Pennys does not even carry. "A Pepper phone case, " "a Pinky wristlet, " a "violette" wristlet and a "Pink Tartan wristlet."

They made no secret or attempt to hide the theft of my belongings openly. I am seeking to take legal action for the theft of my personal belongings. (Which I have receipts for.)...

JC Penney - Vermont, berlin - check not accepted

Posted: 2011-04-06 by    nancy parsons
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
I have tried to pay for purchases several times with this store via personal check both in the salon and in the store. Every time it is not accepted i then use mu debit/credit card which has my checking account information on the card and it goes through. I have tried calling the number they gave me to investigate why this happens with nothing but an automated services. I get NO explainaations as to why this happens. This is so time consuming for other customers that are waiting to check out behind me and it is embarassing to me. Why have a number to contact if it can't give you the reason...

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