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Halstead Communications Complaints & Reviews

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Halstead Communications - Incompetent Employees

Posted: 2011-10-18 by    Uugh
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The installer was from the long Island, NY's office; he spent all two (2) hours on the phone during install. When it failed to pen out, he told e to burry my TV in my backyard. Yes, I kid you not. According to him that was the TV fault. Mind you, the TV may have lasted longer than he did. He got fired. An upstate tech was sent to my house; then fixed the problem. It had nothing to do with the TV.
The last straw was when I called him out on how incompetent he was, he walked out while the software was still being loaded on the receiver.
So much for ignorance and added to that unprofessionalism...

Halstead Communications - Breach of contract, non-payment

Posted: 2011-06-03 by    biggboii
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I have had the worst experience as a technician working for this company. They advertised for work in the Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania area on Craigslist. The rates they offered were very attractive and pretty much unheard of industry-wide. They tell you that you can come up to PA for 30 days, prove your abilities and then return to work for MobilPro (Halsted) in your state of residence. For anyone who doesn't know.. this industry doesn't pay it's technicians until 3 weeks out (3 weeks "in the hole"). Well, after getting to PA and working for almost 45 days I discover MobilPro has actually...

Halstead Communications - Connecticut - Nightmare for Service

Posted:    lace50
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This is the most unprofessional company I have ever dealt with. Their service Technicians are polite but have no knowledge of their jobs. The company never ever keeps an appointment. They always call and cancel during the time your tech should be at your home giving you service. I have had appointments from 8-12 (mornings) and they always call between 10:30 and 11:30 am and give a reason why they must reschedule your appointment. And today they sent out a Technician who had no idea of what he was supposed to do, I was only upgrading my box from regular satellite to HD /dvr box. I already have Directv...

Halstead Communications - Terrible service

Posted:    Randy
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Have tried to get DirecTV/Halstead service for over 3 weeks. After waiting 4 hours, they never showed. I called - they said I cancelled my appt. They rescheduled a week later. They showed in the rain and tech said wouldn't do the work but would come back the next day. Never did. After waiting on hold for 40 minutes, their phone system kicked me out. Got referred to 'case manager' who rescheduled me for today. Waited for hours, no one showed. Called to find out and was told my appt. isn't until next week. No one is 'authorized' to resolve this, not even the 'resolution...

Halstead Communications - Pennsylvania - worse service ever +

Posted:    tsb
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
I ordered Direct TV after being a Dish customer for years. Had heard how they really "take care" of their customers. Halstead Communications was sent for the installation. Old equipment from 8 years prior (a different tenant in the house used) was left, no phone lines run to recievers, would not take the time to program the remote controls, very rude installer stating he was in a hurry to "be somewhere else", 2 hours late for install time, no instructions on how to use direct tv and more... When I phoned Direct TV is was very difficult to get resolution on the problem, took several weeks to get...

Halstead Communications - Worst service ever

Posted:    Jeff
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I don't have enough time to tell you why I'm am so utterly aggravated with Halstead Comm (and with DirecTV for even doing business with them), but I can tell you Halstead Comm is the most unreliable and undependable company I ever been in contact with. Their technicians are rude, messy, slack and as unreliable as the company who hired them.

DirecTV may be cheaper, but service like this makes me want to stay with the more expensive Cablevision....

Halstead Communications - Bad service

Posted:    Tesla
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I have been a loyal DirectTV customer for almost five years. I recently purchased an HDTV and on December 22, 2006 ordered DirectTV HDVR service and received an installation date of January 27, 2007. My credit card was promptly charged on December 23. On January 27, a technician from Halstead Communications came to my house and informed me he did not have a ladder long enough to reach my roof (which is three stories up). In the years I have lived in my house, none of the various roofers, chimney sweeps, and two previous DirectTV installers who have had to go up to my roof ever had a problem with...

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